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    1. Long exploration

      by , 04-22-2024 at 07:14 PM
      I was waiting for the shower(I let my wife to go there first) It was about 11:30... so I laid down on the carpet to relax a bit. I went through the routine muscular relaxation (weight and warmth) when I started to feel pressure waves pressing onto my body and during each I felt as if the spiritual body rocked a bit off the physical body... The fleeting thought flashed through my empty mind. "Great! The OBE separation is close!" I continued with relaxation but started to concentrate on increasing the movements of spiritual body. It was slow work... but then I have felt something catching my spiritual leg and starting to yank it to side. It didn't feel polite, it felt dark, oppressive. I considered what was happening and decided to do nothing about it- it could help me to get out of body faster!

      Finally, the last yank came and it has torn me forcibly out of the body... I found myself hanging naked, with head downward, left leg up into sky position. What was holding me? It looked as if there were nearly blacks clouds close to ground(base at ~50meters?) and from them something like nearly black slowly coiling "tornado" was reaching down to my leg... slowly creeping slowly down my left leg. It had something like orange glowing veins inside, which contrasted with nearly black "body". It really felt malicious... and I decided to get myself free. I concentrated... and dissolved all the maliciousness with flash of my aura.
      That dropped me down to ground... it was freefall. The ground was... as if somebody mixed half of dirt with second half made of paper and plastics... It was as if somebody tried to cover the dumping ground. I looked around, and I saw that it was reaching from horizon to horizon... I saw vehicle tracks pressed on the ground so I started to walk alongside them to get to some place with people.
      Close by I have seen torn out hand laying on the ground. About 1.5m tall crow landed there and started to peck and eat it. It was very large crow, easily 5 times bigger than normal. And it looked on me with one eye as it feed itself... was it looking on me... hungrily? I felt (and I really was) naked under that one eyed gaze. I squashed the flash of thought- it isn't good to think in this way in astral I berated myself. I balanced my mind and reinforced the independent observer state. And I walked further and away from that enormous crow.
      A few tens of meters I saw a few dead bodies... and large number of gigantic crows was landing on them to feed themselves. I felt again a bit unsecure, but I again concentrated on the independent observer state. And I walked... closer to them as the road went that way, and then away... and then, it felt as if the walk is too slow, so I laid into air and flew about 1-1.5meters over the ground.
      After a while I went over the ridge and saw, that about 0.5km down the hill there is someone walking. So I steered toward the person. It was young woman in light sundress and with light brown, long, wavy hair down to the waist. As I flew around her I caught her into embrace and we rotated in air a few pirouettes till I pushed her up to sit on my stomach. Hmmmm... I thought- I'm flying inverted... and I can't see what is in front of us. I told that to the girl sitting on me. And she took hold of my legs, each leg with one hand and told me: "I will steer, you fly." And after a few seconds she added: "You are flying too slowly, GO FASTER!" I tried but everything dissolved into white nothingness.

      After a few minutes of floating in the white nothingness The surrounding coalesced into nightly environment. I was standing on the terrace of some unknown house and observed two men in black coats which reached down bellow their knees. They had also big black fedoras, black neckties and white shirts under the coats. They looked as if they were on a mission, looking for someone.
      From the house a young man ran out. He looked on me... then looked where I was looking and he saw those two men. Immediately, he turned, jumped down from terrace on opposite side(in relation to those two men) and ran vanishing into darkness. Those two came to me and asked me: "Did you see a man?" I told them: "No". And the scene reset itself.
      I was again looking on those two men walking toward me. And again, a man ran out of house... as he looked on me, I told him: "Two men are coming, they are looking for you." He looked on those two, turned, jumped down the terrace and ran vanishing into darkness. Those two came to me and asked me: "Did you see a man?" I told them: "No". And the scene reset itself.
      This repeated 2-3 times more and then, after reset, I found myself in house. It was empty inside. No people, no furniture. So I went out of the house... onto terrace. There was a man standing. He told me: "Two men are coming and they are looking for you!" I have looked in indicated direction and I saw two men in long black coats, black fedoras, black neckties, white shirts... And decided to wait for them. And the man who told me that swore something juicy turned, jumped down the terrace and vanished into darkness. The two men came to me and asked me: "Did you see a man?" I told them: "No". And the scene turned into white nothingness...

      After a few minutes of floating in the nothingness I felt as if I was coming back into my body. I was back in my living room, but I had problems to move. So I started to stretch my body slowly till I could stand up. Everything looked realistic, so I thought I'm back in my body... up till I came to sofa and saw my long deceased father. "Ah" I told him "Hello. I thought I'm back from astral, but seeing you here I see I'm still in. Do you want to send some message to my mother?" And he told me: "Everything is as it is." I nodded and told him: "Yes. I know. But don't you have something you want to tell my mother?" And he repeated himself: "Everything is as it is."

      And I found myself back on the carpet, definitely in my body.

      The whole experience lasted 20 minutes, from time when I started to relax to time when I got back to my body.
      Subjectively I experienced 1-1.5 hours in astral. Longest part being that dumping ground trip.

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    2. Lost to distant city

      by , 04-22-2024 at 04:46 PM
      I have enter the astral close to subway in Trencin city. That is close to place where my friends works in her pharmacy. I went there through the passage, but As I was leaving it, instead of street where the pharmacy is, I found myself in Prague on Vaclav's Square. I was a bit off due to this, but it wouldn't be first time I got lost and found myself somewhere where I don't want to be at the moment.
      Making most of it, I went on exploring. I have chosen an Hotel and entered it. On the first floor I have found waitresses and cooks making food for some relatively large group of people. It tasted quite good I have found. They didn't like I was there...
      I wasn't deterred by that and went on second floor. The same situation was happening there, just like on first floor. So... I tried to get on third floor. But there on stairs, there was a young pair making love. The man was fully clothed in black suit. The woman was completely naked, really pale with nearly white hairs- only on head, anywhere else she had no hairs... She was really nice looking They were quite passionate about what they were doing... and I didn't feel like to intrude, so I turned away and went back to second floor. I was exploring it a few more minutes up until I lost the consciousness to dreamless sleep.

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    3. Gothic cloister

      by , 04-22-2024 at 04:31 PM
      I entered the astral close to Vah river about 3 kilometers from my house. I was levitating about half meter over bicycle path... and I started to move slowly toward my home. As I got from behind the hill I saw the cloister Skalka, an old, half in ruins, cloister just like it exist in reality... but as I was moving slowly toward my home, the cloister started to grow replacing the hill alongside the road. The new buildings were looking gothic, made of dark grey to black stone.
      Adventurers hall-image.jpg
      As I flew slowly, the buildings grew bigger and bigger, and they became more and more light looking, the stonework was intricate, with very thin stone arches... and with large mosaic windows. At the end of the now completely by cloister replaced hill I lost consciousness to deep sleep.

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    4. Sketchy WILD

      by , 09-04-2021 at 12:40 AM
      I was laying down in deep relaxation as I was observing wave after wave of jingling sounds coming through my head... and I found myself fling over the country.

      It was dark and everything was grainy. I kept flying. I wanted to fly to my house, to find known point of space. Instead I was flying into more alien looking country. Therefore I forced reset of the dream. At that moment I found myself over my village. I have chosen the way toward my house... and I became lost again. Again I forced reset. It helped a bit, I was close to my house, but then I again got lost as the known country faded into alien one. I have surrendered after that.

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    5. OBE: darkness

      by , 05-25-2020 at 07:15 PM
      Today, when I left the body, I found myself in darkness. The feeling was still great since I managed to relax to greater extent than usually. The separation itself was felt as if I sublimed slowly out of body and condensed next to bed. Immediately, I went away. When I was about 5 meters from the body, I stopped to feel connections to it, which improved quality of vision. I made myself to see in darkness. I didn't observe nothing interesting for some time. After about 10 subjective minutes of my house exploration, I came to doors around which the light radiated. As if someone was behind them. I went through the doors and saw a group of beings looking as if they were animated using bright colours which also radiated that light... think of Simpsons but with more details. Those beings felt wrong... and I felt something like: I should fear them. Having none of that, I went to those beings. They saw me, darkened and changed to dark grey color scale. And they started to move toward me. I didn't stop and relaxed my mind. They vanished.
      I explored further. The surrounding changed... it looked as if I walked on long bridge without any support, and there was absolute darkness around it. The material of the bridge was metallic, shining and black. The walkway was covered by firm metal grating made of wire... There were side cuts branching from the infinite bridge... but I was unable to take a turn and try to go sidewise. Even when I turned to one of side cuts, I still somehow walked on the main bridge. I continued to walk for some time... till I lost consciousness.

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    6. Dead and avoiding it by changing the timeline.

      by , 05-13-2020 at 10:05 AM
      I have died for some reason... because of something like over stressing. I tried to return to my dead body, but it was impossible. The body was brought to my house. I was there and waited what would happen. Nobody could register me.
      Then two priests came. It looked as if they felt my vicinity(they got nervous), even if they didn't see me. So I tried to touch them. They felt it and it looked like they feared the touch. One of them took holy water and started to follow me and tried to sprinkle the water into place I was present. At first I evaded the water... but then I told myself... what the heck, let them sprinkle me and lets see what it will do. It did nothing. I didn't feel it.
      After some time there was pulling feeling and my spirit was pulled and squeezed like through funel back in time... and I found myself in the bed. I followed the advice and was calm (I didn't stress myself like in first time). In the point of time when I had to die, I felt like I'm going to be separated from the body, but it didn't happen at the end.
    7. OBE: Unable to return

      by , 05-06-2020 at 10:07 AM
      I was very tired when I went to sleep today, still, I made the OBE in about 15 minutes after I laid to bed.
      There was darkness, but I saw my surroundings. Nothing was out of normal. I was feeling tired even in OBE, still I held my consciousness concentrated on searching of something new. I didn't find anything out of ordinary anywhere I went. I drifted slowly through air... After few tens of minutes I decided to return to my body and go to sleep. Only... My body didn't hold me inside... I kept drifting out of it. I was unable to connect to it. I tried to reconnect to body approximately three times. I found it interesting... there was no fear, I was just feeling mentally tired. So I let it be and loosened the concentration on existence there... this caused slip into unconsciousness after a few minutes. I have woken up morning as usually, inside of body.
    8. Very long WILD

      by , 05-05-2020 at 01:28 PM
      I had very long WILD today. I went to bed at 0:45AM and entered LD directly via flashes of the images. I remember only a little from this LD... It lasted for very long. It was basicaly travelling and exploring everything I saw.
      It started on meadow lit by the Sun. I was there with my second brother. I told him that we are dreaming together. He was looking skeptic, but he was still conscious enough to not look like dream zombie. Firstly we walked for tens of minutes through wood, then we came out to some old settlement. The houses were in bad shape. Old and decaying. I went from one house to other, exploring what was inside. My brother didn't want to do that, but he followed me nevertheless. Insides of houses was predominantly made of old wood. Everything was covered with thick layer of dust. Spider nets were everywhere. I tried to find someone, anyone there- I found nobody. After what felt like hours, I looked on my brother- he had vacant look in his face. His eyes were dark without white around pupils. He just stood there. Like dream zombie could. I asked him what was happening with him.
      He just told me: You don't belong here.
      I tried to wake him out... to no avail. So I said: I'm going to find my soulmate, there is nothing of interest here.
      On that he reacted: Again? Stop doing that. She deserves what she has got.
      Nobody deserves the suffering, even if it is reaction on something. She needs help. And I need her help. I retorted while I started to levitate. I flew to entrance and outside- my brother didn't follow, he just stood where he was.
      I flew for long time, searching. I didn't manage to find her.
      I have exited the LD at about 3:32am. Reentering the LD wasn't successful.
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    9. Buzzing black filaments

      by , 03-11-2020 at 08:46 PM
      I had a bit problems to get away from my body, I guess, my concentration wasn't great today. But after a few tries I managed.
      Once I stood in dark bedroom, I have heard strange buzzing sound... So I followed it to the source. I got to bedroom of my older daughters... And over the second oldest sleeping body I saw something like black filaments, about 5cm wide, and moving a bit. The strange loud buzzing was emanating from them. I put my hands on them and pulled them with a bit difficulty away. The buzzing sound got louder at first and then it ceased... And filaments dissipated and I found myself back in my body.
      Immediately I went out of body again and walked back to my daughter bed. There were no filaments anymore. I put my hands on and then into my daughter body, trying to pull her out of body, but I didn't manage that.
      So, i went out of house through closed balcony doors(I wasn't able to open those doors, as usually..) I had fallen down from first floor height and walked without thinking about that concentrated on here and now...
    10. Serial OBE: Lost, lost again and again.

      by , 09-06-2019 at 10:32 PM
      I left my body and immediately took a flight through window into night, to visit my soulmate. After about 2 kilometers of following the road about 20 meters above ground I got lost. The road took unexpected turn and went into a forest and up to very, but very tall hill. Obviously I didn't want to go there so I flew back till I reached the known place... and took direction to my soulmate again. And again the road took unexpected turn and I was again flying up the tall hill. It is not first time I ended there... in fact It had become regular problem in past two years... After a few retraces of my flight I got into point where I was unable to return to known place.
      So I forcibly returned into my body. And restarted OBE. And took a flight to my soulmate again. To no avail... I again and again lost myself and was flying up the very tall unknown hill. After a few retraces of my flight I was again forced to return to my body and to leave it again to reset the surrounding.
      I was flying again. This time I tried to apply the visualisation of my memories carefully... I pictured the road... I pictured the goal(there is characteristic rocky hill close to place where she lives)... I even saw it in that OBE. And I got again lost to that unknown hill place. I repeatedly tried to fly there, then to walk there... It was persistent. The surrounding changed in between the steps. It was frustrating. Yet I kept to repeat the attempt to get to her home. It took about 3 subjective hours till I was so tired that I lost consciousness and fell asleep.

      This had became an obsession for a few months now to me. Due to impossibility to reach that place I feel driven to find the way to that place.
      That unknown place is very familiar to me in the astral. I get lost to that place often.

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    11. Long OBE

      by , 08-23-2019 at 12:08 AM
      I have stood out of my body and started to walk through my dark house. It was empty. I went to balcony, directly through the closed doors. There I levitated up on the railing. And then I jumped to fly away- I started to fall and somehow I returned back to the balcony. Standing on the railing I concentrated and jumped again. And I flew through the night. Everything was dark, yet I saw everything clearly. I was looking for somebody, anybody- to no avail the village was completely empty. I was walking from house to house disregarding walls. Nobody there. I decided to look for my friend, but got somehow lost in surrounding I didn't (and don't) recognize. A few times I felt to be sucked back to my body but I resisted that force. I didn't want to return so soon. I was walking through nature for subjective hours till I lost consciousness and asleep.

      It was quite dull OBE, yet I like it even so, therefore I tried to stay there.
      I'm getting lost into unknown environment quite often.
      I need to train concentration much more.

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    12. Interstellar travel

      by , 08-04-2019 at 09:58 PM
      I entered the dream after short relaxation and concentration... I found myself on sun lighted meadow in between green hills. Seeing nothing interesting nearby, I looked up into deep blue sky with a few clouds... And I decided to experience a spaceflight.
      I accelerated directly up to the sky and for a while I flew up... the sky got very dark... but I lost concentration and found myself slowly descending, unable to rise the height. So I concentrated again while getting more into unattached observer state. Immediately I accelerated out of the atmosphere and in a few seconds I passed the moon in close distance. Soon my acceleration brought me over speed of light and streaks of star light were getting longer and longer. A HUD appeared in my view and it showed some information about close star systems. One of them had 4 habitable bodies. I decelerated when I was close. There were two habitable planets and two large, slowly rotating spacestations.
      I flew into one spacestation phasing through closed airlock. I got interesting view on the inside of cylinder where normally looking country was curving around insides of it. Just like O'Neill cylinder is described often. But there was nobody inside, no animals, only grass, trees, water... And some houses. I went inside of one house- it too was empty. Fully equipped modern house. I found food storage there. Sorted fresh fruits were there. I took one big plum(double size as common plum) and I had eaten it. It had very interesting flavour... Partially like plum, to lesser extend like apple an orange. I wanted to try different plum but I found myself in the bed at once. My wife laid next to me waking me up in the process.

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    13. Travel through darkness and light

      by , 06-20-2019 at 06:24 AM
      After some time of mindlessness (concentration on nothing) my consciousness started to expand... I felt buzzing sound in my head. And my consciousness slowly shifted out of body. And I walked. It was pitch black place... I felt myself to move but I had no reference points to tell that I'm really moving.
      I came into light room. A few young women were chatting on one side of the room. I thought that I will come to them to hear what they're talking, but I was unable to steer to them. I was unable to stop walking. I had not enough will to do that. I walked straight to the wall and through it.
      I was in darkness again. I heard mumbling, talking.... In that darkness... So I was trying to go toward the sound. the sound was going louder, louder, louder .. fainter. So I reoriented myself and again tried to walk toward the sound again.
      After a few tries I got to lighted room with a few non moving women and men. I was walking straight again... Into wall. And I got stuck with head inside the wall. I thought that it was interesting and that to unstuck myself I have to walk backward... So I rotated my body and reversed into wall and through it without problem.
      I was again in darkness. I wanted to meet someone interesting. Even scary ghost would be interesting. I thought that being in darkness and thinking on such topics would materialize something. Then I heard some deep rumbling. Ach something is coming, I thought. And I cleared my mind. Nothing came... I waited for some time
      Then I walked again. I got again into lighted room. It was empty. I walked to window and through it. The glass was trailing as if it was transparent membrane. It didn't allow me to come through. Then it burst into bubbles and I was outside, in the nature.
      There was nothing but meadow behind me. It was night, lighted by big Moon. A diffuse ghost like figure made of tiny light particles was walking by my side. She looked like my soulmate. Then she dispersed. Then she condensed in front of me... And again dispersed. And I was walking forward tirelessly.

      I was listening yesterday this music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q02vovRNwFQ I heard parts of it through this experience.

      Rob Dougan- Nothing at all
      I want to be still
      I want to walk into your grave
      where I can shelter in peace
      until all our cares have blown away

      let the whole world fall away
      and fall into my arms
      stay with me
      I don't know how long we've got left
      and so I'm asking you
      to forgive me

      I learn as I go
      to float far away
      into silence
      and just watch your face
      and find some kind of grace
      in that quiet bliss

      can I stay and say nothing at all, at all

      where will we go when we get old
      when the bustle and the noise
      get too frightning
      when each and every angry word
      is banished to the past
      that when I think

      we'll learn as we go
      to float far away
      into silence
      and I'll watch your face
      and read of patience and grace
      in each line there

      work each day
      all for nothing at all, at all
      and the few words I say
      they mean nothing at all at all

      will you walk into the grave with me
      will you leave this empty world
      soft and wistfull
      to sink into the dark, dark earth
      and never reappear would be blissful

      to float far away
      into eternal space
      and God's silence
      where I'll watch your face
      and find patience and grace
      in each line there

      drift away into nothing at all at all
      find the grace to be nothing at all at all
      fade away and end up nothing at all
      at all at all at all

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    14. Short meeting

      by , 06-06-2019 at 10:47 PM
      In this WILD I flew for about 15 seconds through dark tunnel into room which had mirrors all around. When I got into room a lonely woman stood close to one mirror. She didn't have any reflections in mirrors, nor I had reflections... I looked behind myself and there was also mirror... It looked like I got there through that mirror, without sensing it.
      I turned my attention back to that woman. She was tall, in simple dark clothes which were made from one piece of cloth... With dark about 5cm wide belt around her slim waist. She had brown hair and looked familiar from behind... As I was closing the distance she slowly turned... the clothes had deep cleavage... And I focused on her face... It was my soulmate... She smiled and waved her hand on me... and then everything pixelated into nothingness. Pity.

      The experience lasted for little more than one minute.

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    15. Obe: Runespace

      by , 05-31-2019 at 10:02 AM
      After my relaxation and concentration training routine I fell into thoughtless state where only my consciousness remained. And I observed my mind. And I observed my body because I still felt it a little. I slowed my frequency of breathing further and further lengthening the time when I was exhaled... After some time I felt my consciousness to clear even more, to become light and bright... And I still only observed everything, I didn't try to separate from body.

      I maintained this state for immeasurable long time exploring the feeling of that state. My consciousness felt very fresh despite I felt very tired when I went to "sleep" at 00:30. And then, something strange happened, something which never happened to me: I felt as if my consciousness sublimed from my body and I stopped to feel the body. It wasn't like normal leaving the body, it was as if I left the body like some kind of vapor. I didn't loose consciousness as I became vapor like....

      And when it became whole again I had spherical field of vision... I was in space lighted inhomogeneously by weak violet light. There were points of light like stars... around quite a few of them there were rings made of violet ribbons. There were also ribbons connecting space between the stars with similar width as those ring like ribbons. As I observed those ribbons I became aware that it is not all what I can see. My vision cleared more... the space contained dull dust clouds which was forming those light inhomogeneities I saw in space at start... and those ribbons had shiny sides and dull center. In dull centers of ribbons something like runes shined... On each corner or crossing of the light line which formed rune there was point of bright light shining... And those runes moved, flowed inside confine of ribbons, sometimes mutating into something new... and I observed this for some time...

      And then I was back in my body, feeling that I'm breathing in- that was probably what distracted my vision... I didn't manage to get back and after some time I lost consciousness and I fell asleep.

      This experience was somewhat similar to projection into budhic dimension. The difference was that the space didn't feel to be overflowed by love. This space was completely neutral, careless, and very serene.

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