EEG Researchers for the last few decades have discover different brainwaves outside the four main known frequencies. I'll state out the ones that spike my interest.
100 (HZ) Hyper Gamma that is quoted to strain the limits of the EEG. Next is 200(HZ) Lambda, which the researchers state as truly extraordinary. The thing I find interesting is when they state these ultra high frequencies are almost exactly the same to another newly discovered wave all the way at the other end of the scale. This one is known as the Epsilon wave occupying the lowest possible range below Delta, it exhibits an incredibly slow, long waveform. Dr.Jeffery Thompson speculates that the abilities associated with the two extremes of the frequency scale coincide because the frenetic Hyper Gamma and Lambda waves are actually riding on an underlying Epsilon wave. Basically meaning the three wave forms are connected with one another despite Hyper Gamma and Lambda both having a faster frequency than Epsilon while Epsilon has a much larger amplitude than Hyper Gamma and Lambda which wouldn't seem present at first. They state advance yogis and Tibetan monks use this combination with the three waves to benefit themselves going back and forth from the largest frequency to largest amplitude. I can not say this is substantial or if any of these different brainwaves have been proven to be active with in the participants for this EEG research.

However I do not find it impossible for an individual neural oscillation to be a fast or extremely slow brainwave. I also wouldn't be surprise if it is true that there really is a connection between those three specific waves. Here's my conclusion on why.
When I observe theta waves during non lucid dreams I have a hunch that it most likely could be directly connected to Gamma brainwaves. I find it odd how strange it is that all of you have to do is use enough logic in a dream to obtain Gamma brainwaves and if you do become very coherent why swap instantly to Gamma brainwaves rather than Beta brainwaves in a dream?
Also, the memory recall upon awakening from a dream and while in a dream I suspect intertwine with the connection between Gamma brainwaves and Theta brainwaves. I suspect the more a person can recall in a dream is more align with Gamma brainwaves than Theta during the dream. While someone who is experiencing many fragments and finding themselves not reacting to things that they would find odd in real life is experiencing more Theta than Gamma in the dream. Given a person who becomes lucid during their dream has the option to go back in to a non lucid dream enhances the connection between Theta brainwaves to Gamma brainwaves. I also see this same connection with Beta brainwaves to Alpha brainwaves. One can drift back and forth from each state while awake. However when someone goes from Alpha to Theta their seems to be no connection of going back forth since the person loses consciousness entirely beyond their will.

So does this seem correct about their being connections toward specific brainwaves or am I rationalizing all of this incorrectly?