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    B6b12 1 dild

    by Yumnش on 05-02-2021 at 02:25 AM
    Was driving my car through a parking lot and park it to meet someone. Next to me on my left side was a woman in a jeep who seem like she was frustrated. I decided to not look her way and check my watch to see why the person was taking so long. Then out of no where the woman in the jeep got out of her car and hop in my passenger side. I gave her a weird look and she seemed still irritated.

    I began questioning myself on why was I waiting on someone to begin with? Nothing made any sense and it was then that I became lucid. The scene change and I found myself in my previous town home living room. I practice telekinesis on my father front room door. I found it interesting how my thoughts could physically move the door on command.

    I went in my father room and stare at the ceiling , there was no lights on. I then remember that if you stare in a dream too long you will wake up and it was too late. I had awaken.

    Updated 05-02-2021 at 02:31 AM by Yumnش


    Air Shopping DILD

    by Yumnش on 04-21-2021 at 12:29 AM
    Started with me running near a couple of grocery stores, I began to feel more aware and told myself before running to the store that I am probably going to regret this.
    I can sense a bad feeling coming from the store.

    I ran inside and started zipping by so many people. I began to fly like superman inside the store as cashiers and customers look at me like I was nuts. I was lucid now and enjoy flying throughout the building in till I got stop by two guys who identify as cops.

    I allow them to search me and they told me they found a gun on me. Confuse and panic I told them it's not mine and that this must be some kind of mistake. They didn't care and grab me by arms and said " you're coming to the station, we have a murder investigation around this area "

    I thought about how many times I didn't want to be wrongfully accused and go to prison for the rest of my life so I tried to run and I was slow for some reason and they caught me and started beating me in till I lost awareness.

    Deep Thoughts 3 Dilds

    by Yumnش on 04-13-2021 at 01:31 AM
    Found myself getting out of bed and walking to the door as I could hear someone knocking. I check the peep hole and see no one. Once I open the door there was two men with construction apparel with something in their hands.

    I tried to shut the door on them and eventually succeeded. Only for one of them to saw the door down with unusual ease. I began running to the window and thought "oh well, rather a few broken bones than to die"

    I jump out the window and hit the ground hard. I was stunned to find out I had taken no damage. I then became lucid and started running fast, I could see I was in a different country. I could sense the two men as they were harassing another person who was living in the apartment complex.

    I then found myself waking up in my bed. I assume I lost my lucidity and began to start my day. As I went to put my shirt on there was a knock on the front door. I immediately felt tense, I felt a feeling of familiarity.

    I went to the door in the same motion I did in the dream. I check the peep hole and again saw no one. The door open by itself and I said "No! Deja Vu" I became lucid again and got tired of this and decided I wanted to wake up.

    I wasn't much a fan for false awakenings and this would usually kill my excitement for LD's. I close my eyes and jump out the window with the intent to wake up. I felt my body hit the concrete and then my consciousness disappeared.

    I then woke up in my bed , feeling paranoid.
    "Am I awake?" I told my self. I look around and I could sense the environment. I knew I was still in a dream. I began to worry why I couldn't wake up. I knew my physical body was very exhausted from yesterday so may be I am in deeper sleep than I thought.

    But at this point all I wanted was to wake up. I jump out the window one more time and kept saying wake up. I spin and went to the ground. It was difficult to open my eyes, but I woke up.
    lucid , false awakening

    Walking Along DILD

    by Yumnش on 03-25-2021 at 03:52 PM
    Got up from my bed and immediately realize I felt very lightheaded and felt dream like. I knew I was dreaming and began to open the front door in the room. I went downstairs and phase through the wall near the door.

    I could see it was morning as the sky was starting to lit up. As I was making my way up the road this car I presume a Toyota was racing towards my way. I move to the sidewalk to evade the driver as he plunges in to a nearby apartment wrecking the car.

    I look back it and thought how random and continue my walk. That's when I see 2 white puppies and a big orange dog with leashes. I nod as I walk pass the owner and pet one of the puppies.

    I smile and thought to myself "Nice Addition" to my dreams as I recently started thinking about getting own pet someday. That's when I notice a person on the floor in need of help. I went up to her and saw one of the puppies running to her as well.

    Another person came and seem as though he called an ambulance. She got taken to the hospital as the dream scene changed to me at Domino's pizza. I haven't work here in forever I thought to myself.

    I look around observing the workers attend to customers. I ask one if I knew her before but she simply look at me and shrug. My dream ended soon after.

    Space in my cell 1 DILD

    by Yumnش on 02-27-2021 at 12:04 AM
    I was in a prison and I began to look back and forth in my environment. Questioning am I really here? I look at my hands staring at them. Asking the palms of my hand are they really mine? Am I a prisoner? I looked at the stone brick walls and realize the truth.

    The prison cell walls and the floor underneath me vanish in to a black vortex. I knew now I was dreaming. Feeling free, I jump down in the vortex and found myself in space seeing stars all around. At some point through this, my awareness fades.