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      Today, 04:41 AM
      Was in a basketball court inside a school. I ended up growing from my original height to above 7 feet tall and had trouble as I left the court with...
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    Taller DILD

    by Yumnش on Today at 04:41 AM
    Was in a basketball court inside a school. I ended up growing from my original height to above 7 feet tall and had trouble as I left the court with my head touching the roof of the hallways. I went around looking for help until I saw my mother sitting on a chair taking a phone call. As I am rushing to her I become lucid and wanted to tell her that I'm in a dream and that for some reason I still needed her help to return back to my original height.

    She kept ignoring me on her phone so I grabbed it and told her that I am in a dream and that I need help. She looked at me with a confused and irritated expression before telling me to go away. I lost my lucidity afterwards.

    Family Gathering DILD

    by Yumnش on 05-16-2022 at 12:22 PM
    I was walking in to a restaurant and walk up to the counter. The cashier asked me what I would like and I told her I needed to use the restroom and to know where it was located. She pointed to my right and I thanked her. As I am making my way to the restroom I overhear two employees in a conversation. One had said she was in a terrible accident and said if it were okay to receive extra money on her paycheck to help pay it off.

    The manager told her it would be fine and that she was hope things will get better for her. This made me smile as I open the door to use it. The dream scene then change with me waking up in my father room back in my old townhouse home. I got up and notice my father walking. He ask me what was wrong and I told him I want to check on my other family members. I began walking to the living room and making my way upstairs.

    As I did I started to realize I shouldn't be here and that it's strange that I have awoken here. This feeling, I knew now I was lucid dreaming and made my way fully up the stairs to see my family. I open my brother's room and observe all the stuff inside. I had pick an item off his desk and said looks like my brother has done a lot in this dream. I look outside through the window and could see it was night time with a cartoon looking sky with stars.

    It was a nice view as I turn my attention to seeing who else was here. Once I turned around, I saw my half brother and my grandma standing in the corner. I high five both of them and greeted them. I then saw my brother and an unknown woman next to him and greeted both of them with a double high five with our hands. That's when i went to my mother room and check on her. I could see she was resting and notice I came in.

    I told her hello and that it was great to see her. She ask me how I was doing and I made brief conversation while reminding myself at times it's a dream. She ask me what did I mean by that but I would only tell that I have to leave soon. As I said my goodbye I went down the stairs to speak out my intention to speak to a friend who had passed away not too long ago.

    I told him I don't know much but if it's possible you can always visit me here and that we could talk about anything. Wished him well and while walking outside to see that it had become daylight. I woke up not too long afterwards.
    lucid , false awakening

    No Fear DILD+OBE

    by Yumnش on 04-25-2022 at 05:49 PM
    I was in my car checking my phone to see when it would be 1:30 pm to meet up with a group function I was in. I was trying to lower the volume on my phone and noticed it was acting weird. It would go to video's I never click on before and play music on its own. I decided to ignore it and got out of my car once it was 1:30. Outside appeared to be very cloudy as I made my way to the store.

    While in the store I was checking certain items out when two people catch my attention. They seem familiar to me in this dream as I do not know them in waking life. They came closer to me to check out the items. Both were quite tall with blonde hair and the taller one was wearing glasses. If I had to make a guess I'd say they are from Irish descent. The taller one and I made eye contact as if we understood this was not our first encounter.

    After that they went in to a different section of the supermarket. I started thinking to myself something feels strange. That's when a Youtuber I watch came behind and was staring at me as well. Didn't say anything but just stared and then walk away. That's when I knew something is wrong here and gave my vision a full view of what I was surrounded by. At the front of the supermarket was a man outside unable to get in to the store.

    His eyes were complete black as if he was possess with something. I look to him as he begin to say something bad is going to happen and that you need to leave the store. At first seeing him made me feel slightly anxious but it started to all click to me as I began to open the door.

    He then lunge at me as soon as the opportunity arrived and I caught his hand and smile. I could feel fear emitting from him as the feeling of lucidity grew more and more from with in me. It felt as if I transfer the feeling I had to him. I pick him up with one arm and started running with him through the door. As I am running with him in my hand , I tell him I am one with everything here and that anything I believe I can do will happen.

    I then punch a truck side door as it was in our way. I then jump high up in the air in to the forest. With him still in my hands I look to find a place to meditate as I wanted to progress with my development. Then a bear suddenly comes and attacks me from behind. I told myself again there is no threat, this bear is not capable of causing me harm. Although the pain started to disappear , the bear did succeed in causing me enough distraction to let go of the man and to make me attempt to fly in the air.

    It didn't work and I was floating mid air for a few seconds before dropping back to grassy fields. It was nighttime outside so I had a hard time seeing where the bear was but I could feel it was near. That's when I decided now is the right time to do meditation. As I sat down I could hear the bear get closer and attack me again but not too long everything in the environment broke down and I was in a darkness alone with only my awareness.

    After 10 seconds of meditating, I felt a different feeling beginning to happen. Enough to make me try to open my eyes but it wasn't working. That's when I felt my body detach from something and was feeling weightless. The same chocking feeling in my neck occur as I struggle to breathe. As I move my body I felt nothing attach to it, I stayed calm and soon the grip around my neck disappeared.

    That's when I could feel myself reattaching to my body with no success. I began to worry if I could ever get back in my body because it was taking too long. But once I was fully relax in my mind it happen. I felt a strong pull and felt myself moved up with in my body and then I woke up. I saw my father talking to my mother on the phone as he seemed busy.
    I look at my hand to confirm if I was awake or not but then I woke up again.

    Updated 04-25-2022 at 05:57 PM by Yumnش

    lucid , false awakening

    Downtown DILD

    by Yumnش on 04-23-2022 at 05:20 AM
    I was sitting on the sidewalk with a guy eating Chinese food. He was sitting in a chair. I look at him and we share a common nod. Before I begin to day dream which led me to different dream scenarios before I came out of it and was back on the sidewalk sitting with the same guy.

    I started thinking it's strange to be day dreaming on the sidewalk and now that I think of it not only did the day dream felt very real but I was somewhere else and was shock to be back here. I then realize I was dreaming as it didn't add up why I would be at the sidewalk eating with a random guy. I turn my attention to him and he gave me the same chilled smile. I fist bump him and we both look in to the distance eating Chinese food.

    I started sensing something was off as it suddenly became night time instead of the evening. Immediately a guy drive in a car stop near us and started shooting everywhere. The guy in the chair and I knew this was bad and attempted to flee the scene as soon possible. I could hear the bullets coming closer to me so I figure this will probably wake me up for sure. I then wake up and said I had a lucid dream.

    For some reason though I thought I had two lucid dreams before I then woke up again to a false awakening,
    lucid , false awakening

    Magical Bus DILD

    by Yumnش on 04-20-2022 at 04:33 AM
    Dream started on a bus , I was accompanied along with my girlfriend returning back home as the day was soon to be over. There was a boy who was seated in front of us who seemed to misbehave often. In this dream I had a false memory of being on the bus with him before where he would make frequent problems for other people. As we were seated behind him, he turned around and said something offensive and began throwing trash around the area we were in.

    This caused my partner to become furious with the idea that he had no manners but I told her to let it go and that it didn't matter. He and another boy that is seated not too far from him do this for attention. Afterwards we got off the bus and I found myself in search for my phone as I felt a strong urge that I have misplace it.

    I eventually see it on the ground only for it to disappear in front of my eyes when I tried to pick it up. I started becoming confuse and question what was going on. I look to the sky and yelled where am I? As I look to the sky for a few seconds it began to change to a massive ceiling and made me feel like I was an ant staring back.

    I smiled and said I'm dreaming. I then put my vision back in front of me to see the dream environment change to an unknown home. Looks more like a hotel room. I saw the bed with 8 pillows lining down the whole blanket and bed. The color of the pillows was a sharp dark forest green. It somehow was lifelike and looked very vivid and magical. I admire it for a moment as the colors seem to stare back at me before I decided I wanted to see more of the environment.

    I then saw an office and people working left and right on screens. I tried to talk to some of people but most weren't interested in conversation. As I finally found someone to talk to I ended up losing lucidity due to the conversation and woke up soon after.