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    Other Side DILD

    by Yumnش on 03-09-2019 at 10:18 AM
    Dreams starts off with me having problems with my family. I felt something was off with myself as my head felt unusually active. And I felt unreasonably angry, I was arguing with my father and with my brother which escalated in to fight with him. As this happens I felt even more distraught and my head began to vibrate intensely. It got to the point that my entire body felt numb and weightless and I began to float upwards off the ground in a horizontal position about a few inches off the ground.

    I remember screaming and making random sounds that I could not control. I look at the wall and could only see words that were affiliated with the bible. It said something about God and saw many symbols of satan. I then feel body back on the floor, I was standing. Every word that came out of my mouth was unintelligible. I sounded distorted and focus my intention on my brother. I had pick him up and hang him outside attempting to murder him by throwing him outside the window. My father and some other person that I have no knowledge of yelled for me to stop. I somehow gain enough control to violently toss my brother back on the room floor. My family look at me in confusion and my brother began to speak by saying he would never forgive me. I couldn't completely tell what was going on but was then finding myself leaving the house away from them.

    I then eventually after the dream change began to show great signs of lucidity. I knew now that I had been dreaming but was still somewhat receptive to the feeling of fear. I went back to the old home I grew up in. I wanted to make sure that I had dreamt this and that it didn't happen in real life. I went to the old mirror and did the palm rc. Where my finger should go through my palm. I didn't several times while looking in the mirror but it wouldn't work. I began to feel sick to stomach. I knew that I was dreaming and that the dream must've not been working for the rc. I decided to wake up.
    lucid , nightmare

    Church DILD

    by Yumnش on 03-08-2019 at 10:18 AM
    I'm at church and there's a couple of people lying on the floor around me. It seems to be night, I decided to get up and open the church door as I believe I heard someone approaching near me. I hear it again coming closer to me from the woods. I begin to run on a trail not far from me. I then hear the person that sounds like a man yell randomly. I become lucid and jump which always somehow makes me jump and stay in the air for a long period of time covering a lot of ground and distance. As I finish two jumps that seem to put a massive distance between me and where I was previously. I still could hear the man voice not far behind me.

    I did not find this amusing and observe my environment which seem to be with inside a city. I decided the logical answer to fix this situation is to simply wake up as I have work to go to soon and knew I was oversleeping. I wake up.

    PlayGround DILD

    by Yumnش on 02-17-2019 at 03:20 AM
    Currently at an abandon facility where I met up with a co-worker and observe the area. I notice a playground not too far away and decide that me and her should check it out. There was a button to press to make the playground become active. I press it without realizing that she was on it nor did I realize it would spin that fast. I first start panicking ad looking for where the screams were coming from. But then it finally hit me that I should turn the machine off first and then search for her.

    As I did this and climb up one of the ladders, I see her hurt and bruised as the side she was on began to fall down. I ran to the edge and had my hand out so that I could pull her up. I made it in time as the other side fell down. I became lucid once realizing this and said that was a close one. My co-worker thank me and I decide to wake up.
    lucid , non-lucid

    What's Real DILD

    by Yumnش on 01-25-2019 at 09:16 AM
    Dream starts out with some anime characters fighting and meeting up in some odd looking land. But then things started zooming up and I was no longer in third person. I found myself in a room that look like a restroom yet unfamiliar to me. That's when thing started looking more and more real and I became lucid. I look in the mirror and was pondering the realization that I was dreaming. As I am doing this I eventually start to wake up from thinking about it too much.

    Expected Visitor DILD

    by Yumnش on 01-15-2019 at 03:31 PM
    I am in a building and notice the lights were completely off. As I am walking I become lucid and notice a person with in the darkness. I go to them and realize this was someone I had been expecting to see from yesterday. We begin talking and ended up showing me around the place. I wake up