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    Anxiety DILD

    by Yumnش on 06-27-2020 at 05:37 AM
    I found myself at an apartment or house that I didn't recognize. My father , mother and brother were with me and a few others I did not know. I became lucid when I realize I no longer had a room and yet found myself in one. I could see at my laptop where some of my anxiety was coming from. I tried several times to phase through the window. It did not work.

    I then went downstairs and went through the door. I am now at my old town house walking. It was a nice sunny day and I decided to walk and ask myself, why am I having a lot of anxiety or nervousness. The inability to relax. However as I spoke to the sky no one answer me back.

    It was then I felt my lucidity slip me and I went in to non lucid.

    Bad Nightmare DILD

    by Yumnش on 06-18-2020 at 02:55 AM
    Haven't been having the best kind of dreams lately. Woke myself up from this one.
    lucid , nightmare

    Feeling Lost DILD

    by Yumnش on 03-26-2020 at 12:26 AM
    I found myself falling through the dark. I was lucid and saw that I enter a different world where it was like I was trapped in a huge black square. The bottom of it was a shiny rainbow color platform that kept going up and down like a huge ocean only the ripple effects was so intense. Inside this square, I could heavy vibrations and a lot of different kinds of energy. I continue bouncing up and down and feeling the pressure of it all.

    It was soothing for the most part. Then all of sudden I was gone from there and in a mall. I flew around there and bump in to a guy who was holding a lot of rice. It all fell to the floor and he quickly tried picking up as I apologize. He said it wasn't a problem and I continue in till I saw a woman who waved at me and told me about the area. I then found myself in embarrass when my pants just magically disappeared.

    I look around for some reason I became calm cause yea I'm dreaming. I then went to sit a table to wait for an order that I knew was coming. A lot of people came to my table all of a sudden and sat next to me. For some reason I lost lucidity here.

    Losing Consciousness 2 DILDS

    by Yumnش on 03-24-2020 at 12:22 AM
    I had just finish dreaming and knew I needed to wake up soon. I wasn't lucid and I thought that I had woken up, I could see my phone app screen appear in to my line of vision. Showing the stock market going down and that I was losing money despite the fact that it was all filled with green lines everywhere. I began trying to focus realizing i was in a dream and then I had a false awakening. I was again going through the same scenario and I became lucid, struggling to fully wake myself up as I knew I needed to return to waking life. Eventually I did finally woke up.
    lucid , false awakening

    Puppy with a Hill BB+WBTB+DILD

    by Yumnش on 02-18-2020 at 03:54 AM
    I'm not exactly sure how or why, but after spending time with my brother at the old apartment I became lucid. I told him that I knew this was a dream and that I was leaving soon. He told me I can go ahead and do what I want. I smile and began to phase through the door. As I did I had some trouble getting through it and decided to rip the entire door with my two hands.
    After that I began walking on the grassy fields of the night and found this little corner filled with antics.

    I wanted to create a person as I saw no one in my lucid dream. I tried to look for someone but still found no one. I then place my hand on one of the objects and try to see if I could form a human being from it. I concentrated but it was to no avail. I then tried multiple techniques to imagine a person was behind me or cause them to magically appear before me. Still nothing happen. I then began climbing up some of the higher things in the corner to my surprise I found a puppy on the very top.

    It look very cute and friendly, so I made my way towards it as I wanted to pet him or her. However the puppy began to move away from me and landed to the grass. I then notice the dream beginning to change and I made it my focus to hold on. Once it change I knew I was still lucid but at some point just how I gained it I had lost it.

    Updated 02-18-2020 at 03:58 AM by Yumnش