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      Weird experiences.

      All my life i have had "troubles" with night terrors, at least i think that is the right term. I remember asking my mother about it a couple of years ago, as it seemed like it suddenly came back to me from being suppressed. Which is a bit weird since i have been having from time to time all through my life, and according to my mom almost every night when i was really young. The night terrors have been weird, but i can only recall so little of them as they tend to be suppressed heavily especially by younger individuals. What i know, is that there is a recurring theme of the world ending in a highly abstract way.

      What i wanted to tell about, and get some opinions on is another parasomnia phenomenon which i experience quite often. And that is waking dreaming, but not in the way of being awake in the dream but the other way around.
      I often wake in a place i have never been, see someone or something in my room. This can be things like small animals, birds or insects, or the little more scary stuff like black figures or a small gnomish thing.

      I know for a fact that i do not have sleep paralysis during these experiences (and have never experienced paralysis) and that i am in fact awake, as the visions fade as some time pass by and i stay awake. What separates this from the night terror is the duration, the fact that i'm not scared out of my mind, and that i actually can recall this almost perfectly. Have anyone experienced something similar or can help me shed some light on this whole ordeal?

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      I used to have nightmares every night when I was a child, and the stress of those nightmares and the imagery would make me hallucinate monsters while awake, so that's one possibility of why you were having that happen to you.

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      Google hypnogogia and it's opposite.

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