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      Weird experience

      Yesterday night I was trying to fall asleep and I was very relaxed. I didn't even attempt to have an OBE, but I felt like parts of my body were out. It was a really weird feeling because I couldn't feel my legs. But suddenly I felt that someone pushed me hard on my back, and I could feel my legs again. I turned around and no one was there. It freaked me out a bit. Is this normal when trying to have an OBE? Or when it just happens? Thanks in advance

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      Yes this is a normal thing I've had beings push me out of my bed as you described, they have pulled me into my bed, lol even yanked me completely out of my room and tried to take me out of earths atmosphere and of course the classic sleep paralysis experience where I see shadows move about my room while I'm pinned to the bed. These things do happen but are overcome with experience and expectation. When I got to a level of inducing lucidity when I wanted to I could plan and adjust for these things as they arose. Your doing a great job by the way. - namaste
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      "when you fall unconscious, what your mind expresses is a dream.
      When you are aware, what your mind expresses is creativity. It creates your life.
      When you are in a higher state of consciousness, it not only creates the life of whatever you want, but also on whom ever you want". -LifeBlissFoundation

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      I didn't have anything so significant as you had. I go out, I observe, walk around, fly, experiment, help if there is need and at the end I'm pulled back into my body even if I don't want. the Pull back to body is stemming from myself. I simply lose concentration after tens of minutes or even hours of experience. And concentration is necessary for being out of body.

      Feeling(or not feeling) the body is because you are in sleep paralysis. Your body is asleep, yet your consciousness is bright. It feels like freedom The higher dimension you manage to get the deeper the freedom and peace is felt...

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