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    Thread: Sleep Paralysis during WILD - When to give up?

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      Sleep Paralysis during WILD - When to give up?

      I've practicing at least every other day about an hour - 1.5 hours. They have not been at ideal times - low motivation to get up at 6 a.m or wake up at 3 a.m. which I've let fear of the dark and stillness stop me in a few cases. But i believe practice is practice...

      Today I slept like 10 hours haha (i'm pregnant and so so tired lately) I also wanted to shake off a horrible nightmare about losing the baby ugh! Had a nice sexual dream XD that definitely cleared things up and put me in a better mood.

      So I relaxed around 11:30 a.m - within 20 minutes i believe I started getting the vibrations. Like always, starts at the fingertips and later feet and legs. I tried several techniques to relax even deeper to get full body vibrations. One that helped vibrate my entire face and head was relaxing my face to the point where it felt like my skin was sliding off my bones (best way i can explain it) and not moving my eyes at all, they fell into position looking downwards. It worked! STILL... nothing on my chest and belly. I've never had vibrations there and don't know how to relax my chest, it feels uneasy and stiff from breathing.

      *** I feel lots of poking and jerking all over. It feels like my body is doing it though... disappointing since i practically beg for help from my guides. Would love to know more!

      My body was extremely heavy and i felt a distant ache. This went on for a long time. I tried different techniques to get out of the body - rope, clapping my hands, reaching for something, rolling over, going back to the images and looking at upwards towards my third eye... no images at all, i rarely get them.

      I felt the hours pass by- I decided to give up by try something different. So i slowly opened and closed my eyes a few times. I said to myself how funny it feels like i can't move but i'm sure i can... and then i tried... and NOTHING! I was glued to the bed with my eyes wide open and fully awake! That went on for two minutes trying to lift my limbs up. I closed my eyes and meditated for a few minutes and my body was still vibrating. I opened my eyes looked around.. hoping to see shadow people like i've read... nothing. I forced my arms up with all the strength i had and slowly pulled my body away. I'd like to mention i wasn't scared and haven't been scared yet while i'm trying to WILD, always in the most relaxed state i can be.

      It was now 1:30 .. oops!

      So when to give up? I could have gone for a couple more hours i think lol. Would love input on this experience and advice on what i should try next. I'm definitely going to do it at a more appropriate time for starters.

      Thanks for reading! You are all I got folks
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      Have you tried Wild backwards its coined as the indirect technique. You simply set an intention to lucid dream immediately upon awakening, as the brain is mostly in theta ( for a few sec.) which is where dreams occur. It's easier to work from a theta state as opposed to working towards it. (beta to theta). This is one of my tried and true methods give it shot. Gd luck. -namaste
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      "when you fall unconscious, what your mind expresses is a dream.
      When you are aware, what your mind expresses is creativity. It creates your life.
      When you are in a higher state of consciousness, it not only creates the life of whatever you want, but also on whom ever you want". -LifeBlissFoundation

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      i think an hour is a good cutoff point. go longer than that and you are just making yourself miserable and tired. just keep trying and find from experience your own "right time" to do this. there is really no best answer this is a really personal endeavor

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      I would recommend to use concentration and relaxation in non-forced way.

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