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    Thread: could someone give me tips on how to stay calm and start dreaming once i enter sleep paralysis?

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      could someone give me tips on how to stay calm and start dreaming once i enter sleep paralysis?

      so i have recently gotten into wanting to lucid dream, i have done reality checks
      Reality Checks
      in waking life for about a week and a half but have not been able to do it in my dreams yet. i have also written about 5dreams in my dj but have still not been able to become lucid that way. so the past 2 days i have tried to do the WILD technique, i conciously go into sleep paralysis but once i realize im concious i hear a loud buzzing sound and my heart start racing incrdibly fast (or so i think). at this point my body wakes up, not sure if its from excitement or from being scared. can somebody give me tips as far as being able to stay calm at this state and wait for the dream to come as i know i am very close by this point because one of these times i had the false awakening but once i realize im dreaming everything shakes and i wake up immediatly. tips please!

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      I am afraid you have to get used to the feeling, and just try over and over. You'll nail it one day! This isn't something which is learned in just a day for most people. Meditating is a way though, to make you more familiar with sensations in your body, and is a way to practice relaxation.

      Keep on trying! And dreaming Good luck.
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