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    Thread: Shared (lucid) dreaming experiment

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      Shared (lucid) dreaming experiment

      Hello, i'm new to the forum.
      I know that you will probably ignore this but I came with and idea to make an experiment about shared dreaming.
      Personally I don't think that this is possible, but why not try to test something?
      This is the plan:
      -People wanting to participate(for the first time I'd say up to ten people) would reply with agreement in this thread.
      -I would split these people in two groups A and B
      -Each group would have dreaming pairs
      -In group A, I would send private message to one dreamer of each pair containing a NUMBER, and they would have to tell it to their dreammate
      -In group B everything is same but I would give them a word
      -We would have to trust each other, so group members shouldn't cheat and send that number or word to their pair.
      Since somebody will probably not get lucid one night, I suggest doing it 4 nights in a row.
      Participants would send me results next day.
      So what do you think?
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      Hi and welcome to the forum!

      I will move your thread to the Beyond Dreaming forum for more relevant audience. If you look around there, you may even find a similar thread and see if you can join them. Good luck and happy dreams.

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      I could try, I am not sure whether it's possible but I believe it's a good way to check it
      I think it is possible - I know a medium who "sent" me a dream, I didn't even ask him for that, next day he asked me if I dreamt about this particular thing and I was shocked because I did dream about it indeed.
      But could have been an unlikely coincidence.
      If you don't find enough people, I figure we could try on our own, just the two of us ?
      How do you know that this is not a dream ?

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