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    Thread: Am I Astral Projecting?

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      Am I Astral Projecting?

      Last night I couldn't sleep and became over-tired, usually if my sleep pattern gets messed up, it highers the chances that I'll get sleep paralysis or whatever. I ended up falling asleep and "woke up" to the feeling that I was in that "place". I'm not sure if I was having sleep paralysis because I didn't try to move, actually I was just scared because I knew that this is when I can feel the presence. Instead of waiting to find out I could feel my body floating and decided to move out of myself, which was a lot easier then I expected. The past few times this has happened I've moved out of my body so I can fly away but this time I came out of myself and instantly heard this voice say "Hi". I believe I keep my eyes closed because I don't think I could see anything at this point but I ended up floating in an upright position at the end of my bed and this man or thing was directly in-front of me. I could feel him there and decided to try opening my eyes, which resulted in seeing only some of his bottom half. I believe I closed my eyes again and I started to pray but then I felt their arms wrapping around my torso and the pain of him pressing his hands into my spine... it did hurt a bit, just very uncomfortable and something that you want to stop. After that I ended up waking up and fell back asleep only to have a nightmare. :/
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      Sounds like hypnogogia.

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