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    Thread: control over speech while dreaming?

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      control over speech while dreaming?

      New to this page but last night I was very frightened--in a good/bad sort of way. I have always just been a lucid dreamer. The past several nights have been rather odd because I have been able to fully control the direction of my dream (whereas typically there are aspects of a dream I cannot control). Last night I traveled to my sisters brain (thoughts and feelings) she is a person who holds lots of anger and fear (from an abusive stalker boyfriend) anyways, while in her brain, I felt all of the fear and hurt she felt and it spun me out of control with fear. Since I knew I was dreaming but couldn't wake myself up because her fear immobilized me in my dream, I was able to make myself speak and say "WAKE ME UP" to my husband who clearly understood me and woke me up but was really freaked out because I was able to control my speech in my sleep. this is new to me and to be honest really blew me away not to mention the fact that I feel like I truly was in my sisters subconscious. anyone out there relate? I need someone who understands me....

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      Normally, voluntary use of our muscles is not possible during dreams due to a process known as REM atonia. Because speaking out loud involves the voluntary use of muscles, we normally cannot speak out loud during dreams. However, there are instances where this REM atonia process malfunctions, which allows the potential to have voluntary use of muscles during dreams. This is known as REM behavior disorder. This disorder isn't anything to worry about unless it becomes a persistent problem.
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      The atonia can sometimes be weaker on Minor muscle groups such as the mouth, fingers and toes.

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      I confirm what dolphin said. There have been times I was able to speak to my SO during REM atonia. Sometimes it's incomprehensible mumble. Nothing to worry about unless you are concerned about saying stuff from dreams out loud. Usually if you are able to vocalize during REM atonia, you'll wake up soon enough. It's very unlikely you'll go through a whole dream vocalizing everything you say in your dreams.

      As for entering into another person's subconscious. I don't have any problem with the concept, but the scientific community doesn't agree that we can connect such a way non-physically. It would be even suggested that you may have experienced your understanding of your sister's emotional state and not her actual emotional state itself. However, as an empath, intuitive channel, and based on my own shared dreaming experiences with my SO I'll say that it is possible.

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