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      Experiences with Time Dilation\ full lifetime of choice?

      I dont believe in "reality shifting" . I dont even consider the tiktok version a thing, but I studied some actual papers on Everettian Multiverse and it didnt convince me. Im more of a QLC guy. go roger penrose!
      Anyways, I still want to experience full-length lifetimes where I do stuff thats impossible in this waking life. being a mongolian warrior, or a kpop idol or whatever.
      Is it possible to get a full life in one dream? Will I need to spin every 10 minutes to stabilize the dream? does the sleep deprivation+ pink noise method work?
      I happily accept any positive input on this.
      Really I have some motor disability IRL.Im not a slob; I train and also work and study...but Im very interested in the dream-life because waking life presents some limitations for me.

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      To be honest with you I'm not really sure I believe in time dilation in the way you're talking about. In Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming LaBerge suggests people could feel like they spend a longer time in a dream than passes in real life because your brain fills in the blanks where time should have passed. For example, if one dream scene is in the morning and one is at night your brain automatically assumes a day has passed, much like scene changes in a play or film.

      All that being said I have heard accounts from other people that Mugwort can cause time dilation. If you are going to use something like Mugwort or any other herb/supplement though please do your own research before using it. Outside of that the only people I've really heard claim to be able to utilize time dilation are very experienced lucid dreamers (according to themselves) who can get lucid practically every night (again, according to themselves).

      Either way I wish you luck with your endeavors! Please let us know if you have any progress

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