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    by cedwards105 on Yesterday at 04:11 PM
    Awake until about 5:00am. Two cups of coffee in the evening, trying to get ready for a meeting and a presentation today. Worked in the lab until at least 2:00am. Up again after 9:00am.

    Not much time to write this morning. Just some notes, hopefully I will fill them in later.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Working in the lab

    I am working in the lab. Somebody stops in. They point out a candle thing. Has to do with a vent/tunnel. In case of emergency, can crawl through there.

    National Park

    Walking with a dog (or dogs). Cop, I think. Dogs seem to smell something. Cops looking for something. But they looked where the dogs smell something already.

    To national park. Railroad tracks. Dog senses train coming. Dad goes down one path, I decide to join him. A-- and M-- go on another path. Mom goes somewhere. We make it across tracks before train comes.


    A girl is going on a "date" with her cousin. Not really a date. I don't know why they call it that.


    by cedwards105 on 11-29-2021 at 04:13 PM
    I had a decent night's sleep last night. I hadn't been sleeping well for a while, which might have been contributing to my boring dreams. Last night's dreams were a little more engaging. At least, I felt more engaged.

    Bedtime around midnight or so, 1.5mg of melatonin.

    It may have been a mistake to look at my phone before journalling. I seem to have forgotten some details. Maybe they will occur to me throughout the day.

    __________________________________________________ ________________________


    There is some kind of rack - rows of spices are hanging on it. The spices are also people. When one pulls a lever at the side, the spices lower a notch. The lever is pulled as a repercussion for something - it's a prison of some sort. Some of the spices are nearing the bottom. What happens then? That doesn't seem to have been figured out yet. Do they let people go? Or are they executed?

    Spider fragment

    There is a spider... Was this also the dream with vampires?


    A vampire woman. Maybe two of them. A guy also. I walk down a hall, there is a door on the left. I enter the room. I think there is a picture on the wall of some interest.

    Interesting fragments

    There is a group of us. Some kind of an adventure. Going upstairs. We need to sneak past some people. I think that works. Something about blood samples?...

    Something else about a girl. They put some balloon like things on her head...

    Archaeology and seminar

    Doing archaeology amidst a wooden platform, like a porch. I dig down, gathering dirt. There is brown broken glass, and some metal pieces related to a fireplace. Further down, I end up in a room with fireplace tools.

    There is also a seminar going on. It is packed, and it's hard to find a seat. I sit down at the right side of the room. I notice at least one girl is still wandering around, but she eventually sits down.

    There is a board, with a bunch of notecard-like things on it. Part of the board is covered by a dark, semitransparent cover. This is to be removed as the talk progresses. The guy is talking about somebody named "Ron Trzcinski". To me, the person talking sounds like Ron Trzcinski from The Original Mattress Factory.

    At some point I realize that I left the hole I was working in uncovered. That doesn't seem safe. I go out to try and find something to mark it with so nobody steps/falls into it and gets hurt. I go into a trailer, or shed, or something, and find some "Wet Floor" signs. I go back out to the archaeological site/deck. There are some people doing construction there. I set up one of the signs over top of a hole. The other sign seems to have turned into a table or something. That still works, so I put it over top of another partially-filled hole.

    Someone mentions that they are giving gifts to people associated with my friend A--. I have been in a small group with him, so I go back up to the seminar room to try and get a prize. I vaguely remember something about balloons. There is also a table with some books on it, one of which is labelled "semi-nudes".

    Cleaning up

    We are moving a bunch of things. This might have been part of the seminar dream, I'm not sure. We are, at one point, in a large barn-like structure. Some women are pushing posts suspended from the ceiling down a track, trying to remove them I think. I feel a little annoyed, because it seems like they are trying to show off how strong they are. I look for something heavy to do myself.

    One of the heavy things involves loading a riding mower in the back of a truck (I think). There are a couple of piles of junk like this...

    ...There is also a collection of wooden slats. These go with other wooden objects that they fit into...

    I think my friend A.V. from my old Church is there. Or maybe she was at the seminar.

    Riding in a car

    I'm in a car. I think my Mom is driving. Although it seems to me that she is on the right side of the car (which is unusual because this is the USA). Anyway, we are driving south toward my old workplace (a common motif). We are going to St. Clairsville, and I think to myself (or say out loud) that I like that town. I seem to enjoy being there, and I feel as though there is some cognizance of the fact that I was complaining yesterday evening about having the same dreams over and over - this being one of them. Not being lucid, it was as though I was thinking to myself "this isn't so bad".

    We get off at an exit, and turn right around to get back on the road north. There is a lot of construction going on around us.

    Updated Yesterday at 01:30 AM by cedwards105



    by cedwards105 on 11-28-2021 at 11:17 PM
    OK, let's try this again...

    Edit: I think I will start including more waking thoughts here, as they relate to dreaming/lucidity. Readers may skip this part if they find it boring (not that you need my permission anyway!)

    I'm trying to get back into lucid dreaming. I just posted a message in the forums asking for help getting into shared dreaming. I consider myself an open-minded skeptic when it comes to that sort of thing. I don't know if I have seen enough evidence that it's real, but I would kind of like to. Either way, it seems like a good way to get back to work on my lucidity.

    On that note, I realize that I have difficulty maintaining self-discipline and even interest in lucid dreaming for long periods of time. This might be due to various factors. For one, I become discouraged when my lucid experiences are short, or seemingly boring. Also, I find the journey of learning to lucid dreaming and dream exploration to be lonely. I will be thinking about lucidity, mulling it over in my mind (I ruminate a lot), and start to feel that the dreamworld is a lonely place. I also start to feel unmotivated and wonder: What good does it do anyone? If my actions don't matter, what's the point?

    But then I read dream journals of more proficient oneironauts, and long for the epic adventures and inspiring interactions that they have in their dreams. My dreams seem so mundane. And so lonely.

    Enough of that...

    I spent some time this evening reading Man of Shred's dream journal. I was particularly intrigued with the Jamie dreams, and the waking-life story that surrounds them. I feel for those two. I really hope things turn out well.

    __________________________________________________ ______

    Dream Updates:

    I have fallen out of the routine of dream journalling. Here are some things I remember from recent dreams (not necessarily last night):

    Archaeological site

    Archaeological site...I'm assigned a place to work at the top of a large pyramidal mound. I'm a dit disappointed because that means I'll be working with really old stuff before this area developed a lot of culture that I find interesting (I don't know why the old stuff is at the top, seems to conflict with the Law of Superposition)...Someone takes a shower, we do something that we try to hide before they get done...

    Old elevator

    I think that I have dreamed about this more than once. It's an old elevator, almost what might be thought of as the ruins of an old elevator. There is a floor at the top with some old museum-like things. You can go down. I have a feeling that it is related to Quaker Square somehow.

    Other recurring motifs

    A large building, or set of buildings...you go upstairs and there is a hallway to another business...

    Roadside places where we stop for food...

    Going back to one of the old colleges...


    Paths behind my grandparents' old house...buildings off to the north (is that the right direction?)...

    Updated 11-29-2021 at 02:17 AM by cedwards105



    by cedwards105 on 07-26-2020 at 10:27 PM
    Something about going somewhere on a boat. I am trying to decide on a room for the trip. I see that they have a deck for scuba diving, and think that would be a neat place to stay. They apparently have sleeping quarters here. When I look more closely, I see that instead of rooms we have chambers in which we have to stand Ė kind of like some stasis chamber in a sci-fi show. It doesnít look very comfortable in real life. I then start to wonder if I will get seasick. Iím already beginning to feel a little bit queasy.

    7/24/20 - 7/25/20

    by cedwards105 on 07-26-2020 at 06:30 AM
    I donít remember much from the last two nights. A fragment or two, and one near lucid:

    Buying Food (fragment)

    ÖI am in a cafeteria-type place buying food. I think it might be chicken. I put a piece of something on my plateÖ

    Rikerís Lucid Dream

    I am in a bathroom. I try to turn on a light, but it wonít turn on. I try another light or two, but they donít turn on either. Then I remember that I sometimes dream that Iím trying to turn lights on, but they wonít turn on. I do a nose pinch RC, and find that I can breathe. However, I somehow get the impression that this is Rikerís lucid dream (Riker from Star Trek TNG). Not mine, apparently?

    I donít know if I was lucid but not thinking clearly, or if I wasnít lucid. I donít know exactly what it meant that it was Rikerís dream. That I was a DC in the dream? Or that I was actually Riker dreaming that I was someone else? Either scenario would be interesting.

    Updated 07-26-2020 at 06:34 AM by cedwards105