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    Autumn Comp 2023 - Night 13

    by cedwards105 on 09-14-2023 at 03:54 PM
    Public Restroom (lucid):

    In a public restroom. Someone comes in doing something that I find annoying Ė snorting and spitting, or something. Maybe eating and chewing loudly. Anyway, he goes into the stall next to me. Meanwhile, Iím trying to get the door of my stall to shut properly, and having trouble doing so. I exit the stall, and as I go to wash my hands I see that the walls of the stalls are so short that you can see over them. This reminds me of something that I would dream about, and I also notice that it looks like a woman is in one of the stalls and there is in fact an elderly lady sitting on a toilet out in the open. This is also a dream sign. I look at my hand and count my fingers. There are 7. Finally, Iím lucid! ďIím lucid!Ē I say to myself. The dream starts to fade a little, but then comes back. I remember my 3-step task. The first step is to stabilize. ďStabilize for points!Ē I say to myself a time or two. I feel a wall to help me stabilize. Now on to the second task, which is to try to summon the AI dream assistant OASys. I call out for OASys a couple of times, and head for the door of the restroom. I feel a bit apprehensive about opening the door, as I seem to have had trouble with leaving rooms this way in the past. Indeed, as I try to open the door, I lose the dream.

    Book Poker

    In some kind of fancy building. Doing something with cards Ė I think playing a game of poker with myself. I pretend that there is another person with me. I get what I think is a winning hand, and my opponent owes me $1800. But then we see his cards, and he has a set of cards with pictures of some kind of leather-bound books. This means that I owe him some large amount of money.

    Apple Baseball

    I am in a small group of people playing baseball (or maybe just catch) with apples. I keep missing when the apple is thrown at me, although I do fine catching the apple when we arenít actually playing. A whole bunch of people show up and I get separated from the group I was playing with. I make my way back to them. Meanwhile, I notice one person throwing an apple at someone elseís head.

    Not Too Funny Bunny

    There is some kind of show going on. A woman is doing something with toy rabbits, placing one animal on top of another. She is trying to be funny, but she isnít really. People in the audience chuckle a little bit, but there isnít a lot of laughter.

    Wool Socks and Family Vacation Discussion

    Talking with my niece. She is wearing thick wool socks, which means something (I forget what). I put on a pair of thick wool socks also. She points this out. Then there is some discussion about taking a family trip to Chicago. Mom says that isnít going to happen, but it seems almost as though I have promised that there would be one.

    Mom's Friend

    Talking with Mom about one of her friends, who I thought was the pastor of a local church. It turns out that he was just there to fill in for the usual pastor. I try to remember who exactly it was, and Mom tells me that he has since died. This surprises me, because he wasnít very old. Then she says that most of her friends from high school have died. This concerns me.

    Office Neighbor Fragment

    Someone is moving into the office next to me. My Uncle, I think.


    by cedwards105 on 08-20-2023 at 05:17 PM
    On the street doing something. There is a shootout. People get killed. Some chasing going on? Later, there are monuments on the street where people had been killed...On a train. My friend M- is there. My mother thinks she has caught M trying to con me, and is being spiteful toward her. I get off of the train somewhere, then realize I left a bag on board. I retrieve my bag.

    Something going on at Church?

    Back to it

    by cedwards105 on 08-19-2023 at 06:48 PM
    I got derailed from my normal routine (such as it was) recently, and hope to now get back to journalling. Some things from past weeks:

    - Driving on that road to the south that I dream that I'm driving on now and then

    - Pond, property behind my grandparents' old house (I think)

    - Tea (Christmas?)

    Hmm, hopefully I remember more soon.

    Competition Night 11

    by cedwards105 on 06-12-2023 at 04:00 PM

    Pixie, Pixels, and Lucidity (Lucid)

    There is something going on where we are shooting bows and arrows. Someone (my Dad?) shoots a target from a long distance away. I try to do the same... There is something somewhere about a doll that looks like an attractive ďpixie-typeĒ girl. Someone wonders who she is, and she turns out to be someone elseís sister...Hanging out with Kane Pixels. In the dream, he is my friend. I think there is some girl with us. We are talking about liminal places, and the girl opens a portal into another world. I think we were also talking about writing (I donít remember what exactly, but thatís what my notes say Ė if Iím reading them properly. My handwriting is a bit messy again here). We go back outside to the parking lot, and Kane is looking for his truck, I think. This might remind me of one of my dreamsigns: looking for my truck. I count the fingers on my left hand as a reality check. At first I get 6 or 7. As I keep looking, I see a bunch of fingers on my left hand. I become lucid! I decide to look for some Dreamstone. I look around, and see a rock on the ground. It doesnít look like Dreamstone, but it is a stone, so I try eating it to see if it will do anything for my dreaming. I put it in my mouth, but am unable to chew it. The dream seemed fairly stable, but I think I lose it as we approach the vehicle we were headed towards.

    This might have been part of the same dream too, but Iím not certain:

    Something about being in an underground zoo-like place. There are cats and dogs in enclosures, and if you look at the back of a couple of the enclosures you can see a curving stairway that goes up somewhere. I wonder where these stairs go. On the way out, we go up another set of stairs. There are some kittens next to the door, and I pet them.

    Technical Difficulties

    Someone has a kind of remote-control device. It raises and lowers a platform, and I think is somehow useful in research. He gives it to me while he goes somewhere, but doesnít really explain how to use it. I go to my cousin and try to get him to explain it to me, but he doesnít seem to pay attention to me. I follow him a while, and eventually give up. I also carry some condiment from one place to another. Now Iím in charge of playing music for some event, and this remote-control device is how the music is played. I mess around with it trying to see how it works. Meanwhile, a girl shows up and requests a song. I tell her Iím having trouble playing music, but I will try to play it for her. I finally find the buttons to press that will bring up a place where I can enter a URL to stream music. I try to enter Spotify, but when I try typing it in, it brings up something else instead.

    Competition Night 10

    by cedwards105 on 06-12-2023 at 03:05 AM

    Mostly fragments from last night. I took some diphenhydramine (the generic form of Benadryl) to help me sleep and to take care of some allergies. I seemed to be rather knocked out, although Iíve done that before and still had decent dream time.


    (1) At a church. I want to avoid someone (maybe one of the pastors?). My cousin is another pastor at this church, and as I go around the building to one of the doors people start coming out, including my cousin. We greet each other. He has some beard or something going down to his chest...

    (2) Back at the house we lived in several years ago. I look out the window and see my nephew (who is 8) drive in in a red SUV. He gets to the corner of the house where the driveway turns to go behind the house, but gets stuck. I stand there watching while he gets out and tries to push the vehicle by himself. Then I think maybe I should at least try to help. We push the car into a garage that is now next to the car...

    (3) Something about a little girl falling down. Maybe hitting her head on the wall. I think I try to comfort her, or keep her from crying...

    (4) Something about tinkering inside of a computer. There are brackets to hold wires in place. I feel as though Servalan shows up around here somewhere...

    (5) My mother and perhaps other family member(s) are visiting the lab I work in. My mother says something about how it doesnít appear that my robot is very complex...

    (6) In a library. I go looking for a book. I might also feel a bit creeped out for some reason, as though Iím thinking of scary things and find myself there alone. I come across a service desk and some other people...