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    1. Comp nights 11 and 12

      by , 03-14-2023 at 05:43 AM

      Fragment 1 [+0.5]

      I was in my apartment, I think. I try to turn on the light, but it wouldn’t turn on. This is unsettling, but I also remember that this is a dream sign. I think I do a reality check, but I don’t remember what happened after that.


      1:00am bedtime. 10 drops of wormwood tincture (half dose) about 11:30pm.

      Awake by 9:30am. Took the following notes:

      Preparing for exam, moving, driving through plaza, someone’s family died but doesn’t care, other guy remembers his own daughter and dancing with her, building electronic device, using  symbol for “about”. (Moving -> getting things out of cupboard)

      Hobbits, a book, swimming pool, lemon in swimming pool,

      Riddles, “hoodwinking” based on someone’s name.

      Fragment 1 [+0.5]

      I don’t remember too much about preparing for the exam. It involved making some kind of electronic device, and using the  symbol as a representation for the word “about”.

      Fragment 2 [+0.5]

      We are moving, or helping my grandmother move. Part of this process involves taking things out of a cupboard. My grandmother doesn’t seem happy with the way I’m working, which isn’t like her...something about driving through a plaza and then onto a road that intersects with the road my grandparents used to live on...

      Fragment 3 [+0.5]

      People are standing in line for something. While they are there, one guy finds out that his family has been killed. At first, I think he pretends to be shocked and grieved. But then he kind of shrugs it off because he is estranged from them anyway. Another guy that is standing with him starts thinking about his own daughter. It becomes a kind of cutscene, in which they are dancing together. The imagery becomes cartoonish as they do so.

      Hobbits [+1]

      Two Hobbits. I might be one of them. Or maybe I’m just with them. There is a book involved. There is something important about the book, I think. I go into someone’s house to see the book, maybe? Then we go on an adventure. This involves climbing down a hill, and a fighting scene. I have two short swords or daggers that I am fighting with, one in each hand. I think I’m borrowing one of them. [This might have been the same dream, and maybe earlier on:] going from one place to another. To do so, we jump into a swimming pool. I find this to be exciting. We cross to the other side of the pool where something happens (maybe this is where the Hobbit adventure happened, but I’m not sure). At one point, I think it might be fun to throw a lemon into the pool. I think about throwing several in, but decide on just the one.

      Fragment 4 [+0.5]

      Something about telling riddles. It seems that if you are really good at it, or able to trick someone else, this is called by a name I don’t quite remember, also known as “Hoodwinking”. The word, it seems, is based on someone’s name, someone who was good at tricking people I think.

      Took a nap in the afternoon. Had the following dreams:

      Fragment 5 [+0.5]

      Something about British Columbia. Something about stars set in a blue background, I think. It seems to be a murder mystery (at least that’s what I wrote in my notebook). Something about how the US was glad to give British Columbia to Canada. It might have been a part of the state of Washington at one point in time. Someone says this in a belittling way, referring (I think) to the conservative leaning of the people that live there. The person talking is a liberal.

      Fragment 6 [+0.5]

      Christopher Robin gathers together a bunch of stuffed animals (representing Winnie the Pooh and friends) and jumps into a kind of square portal in the floor that takes him to the 100 Acre Wood.
      Tags: maps, violence, water
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    2. Comp nights 8,9,and10

      by , 03-12-2023 at 05:12 AM

      Notes from last night: Hotel, pizza, a bunch of people on the bed while couch has empty spots, 7 of 9, VLDL on sports field, watching sports game, participating in sport while on roller cart, someone died, got sympathy card

      Not sure if this was all one dream [+1]

      I was staying in a hotel. I think we were on vacation. Not sure who was with me, exactly. Someone got the hotel to put a pizza dispenser in their room. The pizza was pretty good. A bunch of people come over to one of the rooms, and a few of them pile onto the bed while only a couple of people sit on the couch. Something about “why doesn’t someone move to the couch?” There seems to be a guy there people don’t like, or are annoyed with, or something.

      Seven of Nine does something involving a bath tub – filling it with dirt or something.

      The acting group Viva la Dirt League is on a sports field. I discuss them with my Uncle, I think. A sports game starts taking place, while I go inside (the hotel?). Then I go back out. There is a lot of water around.

      I walk up toward the university campus. There are some people playing a sport that is like soccer but with a volleyball. I am on a small roller cart, and I catch the ball at one point. Also, it seems to be here that I’m simultaneously in a Church service. Someone has died, and the service mentions them. Meanwhile someone hands me a sort of a sympathy card. I didn’t really know the person too well though.


      1:02am – bedtime

      3:56am – WBTB [+2]

      Took the following notes by hand:

      “Lurkers-type war, bike lock; going somewhere, finding reading material, packing, trying to make a movie with a “robot” Servalan, having trouble with arm pistons. Trials in lab. Kneeling for crown.”

      To elaborate:

      I don’t remember much about the Lurkers-type war (Lurkers.io is a browser game that I have become kind of addicted to).

      Fragment 1 [+0.5)

      ...I think I was trying to lock my car to something using a bike lock...

      Fragment 2 [+0.5]

      We are getting ready to go somewhere. I don’t think we will be gone overnight, but for some reason I want to pack my luggage anyway. It will be a longish ride, so I also want to find something to read. I look browse some magazines...

      Fragment 3 [+0.5]

      I was trying to make some kind of movie using a robotic imitation of the character Servalan from the TV show Blakes 7. The arms, or at least the hands, were made of pistons, and I was having trouble getting them to do what I wanted them to do...[Servalan seems to be a dream sign. I watched this show over a year ago, and I don’t think I dream much about the other characters anymore. But Servalan keeps popping up.]

      Why Lucid Dreaming-servalan.jpg

      Fragment 4 [+0.5]

      Doing some trials in the lab, which involved running around a table. I feel that I should have been completing a circuit of the table and ending in the same spot, but I don’t end exactly where I want to. This might be acceptable though...[maybe the same dream:] kneeling for a crown...

      4:13- back to bed

      9:56 – awake. Took the following notes by hand:

      “Man drowned in [nearby lake name] while being chased. Body not recovered. I look at lake. See guy laying near opposite bank. They say he was used to the cold or something. Is that the guy? Up into a cave.

      “Sleepover at Uncle D-‘s

      “Getting gas, making rhymes.”

      To elaborate:

      Man in lake, cave [+1]

      Someone was being chased, I think by the police, and ended up going into the lake. He presumably drowned, although they never found the body. I am walking along, looking at the lake a little unsettled wondering if I will see the body. Looking across the lake to the opposite bank, I see a man lying in a sort of concrete trough. He is living, and looks like a homeless man. I get the idea (maybe from people nearby) that he is used to being out in the elements. I think it’s possible this could be the guy that was being chased. Then I start going into a small, nearby cave. It’s dark in there, and I end up leaving.

      Fragment 5 [+0.5]

      I am at my Uncle’s house. I am spending the night there, along with some other relatives.

      Fragment 6 [+0.5]

      Riding in a car with my dad. We stop to get gas. I think I am going to be pumping the gas. I make up a rhyme about pumping gas. Then I make up another. I don’t remember much of the rhymes, except that the second one was something like “now it’s time for me, to pump some gas for thee”, maybe. I used the word “thee” anyway, to rhyme. I feel almost like they were limericks, though.


      Only slept for about 3 hours last night. I don’t remember much dreaming, although it seems like I was dreaming about circuitry and/or coding.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Comp night 7

      by , 03-09-2023 at 07:14 PM

      12:08 – bedtime, 50mg vitamin b6

      1:55 – WBTB (failed) [+2]

      3:15 –

      (from notes) Tom and Einstein. Excrement.

      I don’t recall what the Tom and Einstein dream was. I remember a dream in which there was a bucket of feces. I might have been adding to it with my own. [One remembered fragment – 0.5 points]

      4:58 –

      (from notes) Looking for private (?) bathroom; Princess in trouble, broken slide, baby crying, “zombies”, “zombie” dogs

      The Princess and the Zombies [+1]

      This might have all been one dream, but I’m having trouble remembering - There was a dream in which I was in a large building. I was looking for a bathroom, possibly one that had some privacy. Or else I was trying to hide from someone or something. Not sure if it was the same dream, but at one point I went to a “Dad’s bathroom”, which seemed to be a sort of comedic take on bathrooms. Some kinds of silly decorations.

      There was a princess in a room (might have been the same dream as above). I forget exactly what was going on. She got in trouble for something.

      There was a slide that had a large crack on one side. I think it was my nephew, but much younger, that cried when he saw this. I held him and tried to soothe him.

      I think the “zombies” were more like an army. This might have been related to the princess. They might have been her army, but then they might have been going to arrest her. I don’t quite remember the zombie dogs.

      8:45 –

      (from notes) Elevator up to chase someone (lucid?), trains shut down. Cattle, woman protecting us, kissing, taking dog to vet(?), buckets of water and gold pan in my room, Dad gives me something, trying to draw

      Fragment 2 [+0.5]

      I was taking an elevator up to chase someone. I had the feeling that I was lucid at some point, but I don’t have enough recall to count it as a lucid dream...

      Trains, cattle, and dogs [+1]

      The trains were shut down. I was with someone, commenting on how much of a problem that could be. For one thing, there were all those businesses that count on the trains. And what about the people that commute by train? Now they’re stuck. We go into a cattle barn. It seems that we are riding on some kind of open vehicle now. A woman is hanging off the side, acting as a guard of some kind. She is supposed to be defending us from cattle, I think. It seems to me that she wasn’t doing that great of a job, and as we go along I see pictures of anime superheroes. Eventually we get where we were going. The woman (?) and I kiss. Meanwhile, the maintenance guys get a piece of equipment and take it with them with a “let’s get back to work” attitude that I think is funny because it seems that we just survived a big crisis...I’m walking a dog, going to a vet. They are trying to make us line up the dogs properly. I take mine back to its proper spot.

      Fragment 3 [+0.5]

      ...I seem to be standing on or near a bucket of water, on a set of stairs. There is a gold pan too, I guess. Something about trying to move the bucket without spilling the water...My Dad gives me a round piece of something that looks like a cross between jewelry and a coin...Trying to draw. In a class maybe? Someone seems to be having trouble, and me too...Not sure if these were different fragments.
    4. Competition night 6

      by , 03-08-2023 at 04:47 AM
      Fragment 1 [+0.5]

      ...A couple is dancing together in a room to some music...

      Fragment 2 [+0.5]

      ...Couples are meeting their demise in different ways. It’s almost like a romantic thing, or something. One elderly-ish couple (probably 70s or so) are sitting in a car together almost laughing as a train-like thing comes up behind them. The feeling is like that “Final Destination” movie, I think, but more like a romantic comedy...

      Fragment 3 [+0.5]

      ...Walking out to the parking lot. It’s dark. We (a friend and myself) are going to our cars...

      Holly and the Chimp [+1]

      “Holly”, who is supposedly a relative, shows up. She has shortish hair, and is fairly attractive. I go somewhere, and come back with two stuffed animals. On the way, I start to go into a room where someone is showing a koala bear and a chimpanzee (or closely related species) to a class. I was going to cut through that room on my way back up, but decide to go a different way. I’m headed back up to a lab now, and talking to one of the stuffed animals that I’m carrying. When I get back up to where I was going, my family is headed somewhere. To eat, I think. I hope to catch up with them so I can eat with them...

      Fragment 4 [+0.5]

      There is a Church service going on on the campus of the university. I walk through on my way somewhere, and see Michael Palin talking to the pastor. At some point I stop and listen to the pastor talking. They have set up chairs inside a tent, and I think it’s interesting how different this part of the campus looks now. Later I mention to someone that I saw Michael Palin.
    5. Comp nights 4 and 5

      by , 03-07-2023 at 04:04 AM

      Old Job and Zombies [+1]

      Back to the old job at the hospital. I am gathering items, including a heparin IV and another IV bag. There are also a couple of things that we are looking for, not sure if we have them or not. I think about how I have been here for 8 years (in the dream). Dividing up the labels that print out for filling...Zombies come at night. It’s as though I watch this on TV. A guy spends the night in a car or truck. Lots of carnage around. The windows of the vehicle become streaked with blood. I hide my eyes while this is going on. It seems like I become the person in the movie. I wonder, what if we stayed in the water tower this next night? That seems like a safer place. We get into a vehicle, and now there are several of us. A siren starts going off, which warns us that Japan has built a nuclear bomb, or something. I get the idea that they are going to nuke the zombies, and if we can survive it will be a lot safer out. I have to do something with two telephones.

      Fragment 1 [+0.5]

      ...Something about identical twins at a gas station. Middle aged guys with curly-ish hair. It turns out that there are actually three of them – identical triplets...

      Fragment 2 [+0.5]

      ...Getting coffee at a gas station. I decide to give a tip to the clerk, putting money in the tip jar at the counter...

      Fragment 3 [+0.5]

      ...A play with a Grinch-like character...Machine with rotating parts...A Bible school-like event, which involves a toothbrush. This is going on in a basement, and I might be trying to brush my teeth in a nearby bathroom...

      Fragment 4 [+0.5]

      There is a dog that runs out onto the highway. Someone is trying to call it back with a dog whistle.


      Fragment 1 [+0.5]

      I stop at a gas station. I would like to get something to drink, but the cups that are provided with the water seem to be dirty. One has a tea bag or two in it...There are people swimming in heated pools down town...My friend R...
    6. Spring Competition Night 3

      by , 03-05-2023 at 04:08 AM

      Woke up at around 6:11 and did a WBTB [+ 2 points] . Recorded the following dreams:

      Music, Ricky, and Lucy [+1]

      I’m going up a set of stairs, whistling “The Lightning Tree”, or trying to. I come across my friend K from the lab, and we race to see who can get to the top of the steps first. She wants to get a good view of something. When we get there, there is a musical performance going on. Some kind of politician is playing, I think. The “Superintendent”, or something. It is also very windy. The wind is blowing so hard that a backdrop is wanting to blow over. I mess with it, and reinforce it with a nearby rope and piece of something. On the other side, I think, there is a dog house type thing. Someone might be living in it...Ricky Ricardo is lighting a candle to start a fire. It is Ricky and Lucy’s wedding night. They have a kerosene heater or something. Lucy is delighted to find out that Ricky is cheap – apparently they are saving money with this candle, or something.

      Fragment [+0.5]

      ...In a house with a lot of dogs. I’m trying to go through some doors without letting the dogs out of the house...

      The rough side of town [+1]

      Talking to a weird man standing behind a bush. Something about parking. The area seems a bit dangerous to me. The guy we are talking to seems shady. Fortunately, a car drives up that belongs to a company that I have done business with (an insurance company or something). They give me a ride, since I did business with them, although they want to check my credentials. The car has heavily tinted windows, so it’s a nice place to hide in while driving away. As we drive away, we see that police cars are showing up. The Amish in the area are moving to the edge of the neighborhood, apparently to avoid whatever situation might arise. We continue on our way out of there, on foot now. We come to a golf course with some kind of earthworks on it I think. It is in a somewhat intricate shape, including a chili pepper.

      Fragment 2 [+0.5]

      Someone is trying to mimic fighting reptiles with robots. I wonder if the robots (or one of them, at least) can learn how to bite. They are learning through a neural net or some type of AI. The robots turn into a fly and a melon. The fly flies around looking for the melon. The melon extends some kind of tube and moves around somehow. The fly shows off how it can look at things – like a car.

      Fragment 3 [+0.5]

      A man at church wants 15 cents. My grandmother doesn’t think we should give him anything. Apparently they gave him money “last time” and they don’t want to keep on giving him money. I find a dime in the front seat of the car, and also have some pennies. I wonder if I should give the guy the money. I think about going back into the building, but I’m in the car as we leave the parking lot. I think about suggesting that we stop so I can go back inside, but my grandfather, who is driving, is talking and I don’t want to interrupt him.

      Fragment 4 [+0.5]

      ...At a restaurant place to get food...

      Fragment 6 [+0.5]

      ...The poinsettia in my apartment looks healthy. I give the other plants some water. I look for the bottle that I use to water plants...

      Fragment 7 [+0.5]

      ...At my grandparents’ house. TV entertainment is not what it used to be. I think about getting some snacks...

      Back to bed around 6:35.

      Awake at 9:37

      Play and Water Danger [+1]

      Helping with a play. I’m doing music/technical stuff. At one point I think I’m playing music, or doing something along with the music, that involves tossing carrots around. There is a scene in which people bring a dead baby to Moses (?) to be brought back to life. They slide the dead baby prop under a table to me, which I then take and hide, while they bring out a live baby...I seem to be at Lakeside, a family vacation spot. The play is not over yet, but my part is done I guess and I can leave. As I go, they want me to sign a book. It also comes up that I had something to do with security, because I was trying to get into the town during the season (you have to pay to get in during the season) and was stopped at the gate. They then tell me about someone that either had a big parade float or were in a brawl that stretched across town.

      Down at the lake, there are some people swimming. A family with a couple of kids. There is a small whirlpool in the water nearby. They don’t think it is very dangerous, but it worries me a little. Kids keep drifting toward the whirlpool and into it, and have to be kept out of it. I realize that this is a dreamsign, and do a reality check. But I don’t get lucid, apparently. I, or someone else, wonders why there isn’t technology to rescue people when they go underwater. I then go up onto the pier. I see a woman rising to the surface of the water and clinging onto a part of the pier’s foundation below me. I signal to her that I see her, and then clamber down to her to try and rescue her. I seem to be too late, however. She lets go or loses her grip on the pier and slips into the water. But she gives me a thumbs-up as she sinks, as though she appreciated the attempt. I stand there, wondering if I should dive in and try to find her. The water is dark and murky, and I’m afraid to go in. But I do (and I seem to kind of half realize this is a dream or something like it). I let myself sink down to the bottom of the water and feel around, but I don’t feel the woman.

      Interesting about the woman. In the dream, I thought she had gone underwater and was resurfacing and clinging to the pier trying to stay up. I kind of wonder if this was another appearance of a Subaquatic woman though. She didn't seem too upset when she went back under, and I didn't find her when I dove in myself.

      Migraines and Money [+1]

      Talking with my mother about my nephew. In the dream, he has some kind of disorder (that has to do with his knee or leg?) that can be taken care of if someone who used to have migraines but is now better donates something (like plasma). My mother has migraines, but she still gets them so she can’t donate. I mention that my grandmother used to. My mother says something about how she doesn’t think my grandmother will donate because she doesn’t like someone...I look for money, and dig up a decent amount either from my pockets or the back of a car, or something. My grandmother comes along and gives me some money as well...driving into a park(?). I look for a place to turn around, rolling down my window to say goodbye to whomever I was with (my dad and some other people?) as I leave...Looking around Nairobi, I think. I notice how there is a slum in a kind of low-lying area, but nice buildings around. If you look at the cityscape at a certain angle, you don’t see the slum. Someone seems to find a nearby house amusing in some way. I think it’s kind of a nice house.
    7. Spring Competition Night 2

      by , 03-04-2023 at 05:47 AM

      Treasure hunting [+1]

      ...Going down a river. I, or we, come across a couple of people trying to fish something out of the water with a stick. At first I think someone has gone under and they are trying to give him something to hold onto. I think about diving underwater to try and rescue him, but then it appears that they are actually trying to fish something out that they found in the riverbed. I think I try to help, and feel what feels like a small log or something stuck down there. The people have a metal detector, and are searching along the river and riverbank. Then the go somewhere upstream. I look around where they were looking, and amidst the debris along the riverbank I find some coins. It seems to be silver change (like nickels or quarters perhaps), but as I look I find at least one-dollar coin. But then I realize it is Sunday, and I think this is too much like working on the Sabbath and I shouldn’t keep what I have found. I find a container to put the coins in, which turns into a mug. I hang the mug up on a peg or a rack of other mugs, with the intention of coming back for it later. I wonder if anyone will come across it in the meantime...

      ...(this might have been the same dream, or it might have been a fragment. I’ll count it as part of the same dream for the competition.) Continuing along our way, I see boats in water nearby. We can see emergency lights near one or two of them. Upon closer inspection, I see that at least one of the boats has a fire going in the bow...

      Fragments [+1.5]

      ...We are at someone’s house. There are a couple of different types of cake there. One is lemon, and I think there are one or two other kinds. At least one is layered, with frosting in the middle. I decide that one looks good...(Maybe the same dream?) Something about my niece...(again, not sure if the following was the same dream) I want to go somewhere. It might have been in Florida, but it was an archaeological dig that I wanted to participate in. The people that I am with are taking a long time though, and I don’t know if we will be done in time for me to go today. I think the dig might be going on for a few days though...(again, the next part might have been the same dream) in a Church service. I sit on the right end of a pew in the back of the sanctuary. After the service, people stand around talking (which might be what was going on in the part above where I wanted to leave). There is a woman with very tall platform shoes...

      ...There is a “party” going on downstairs. Maybe not really a party, but it is kind of loud. I crawl up a set of bunkbeds, and along the top, to reach an upper floor of the building. I want to go up and see if it is still loud upstairs. When I get up, it seems much quieter...

      ...Watching a trailer for an upcoming movie, perhaps an Indiana Jones movie. In this movie, there are Asian people, who might be supposed to be the antagonists. I get the idea that somebody thinks the movie is racist, because of the way that they portray the Asian people. I don’t agree, but I also feel a bit awkward because I am watching the trailer while I am with some people of Asian ethnicity. Something about going into a bathroom (?)...
    8. Spring Competition Night 1

      by , 03-03-2023 at 05:05 AM

      Going to Class

      On my way to class. It is a class for which I am a teaching assistant. I am with someone else, and we seem to be running a little late. My companion takes a nearby elevator to the 8th floor, which is where the class is. I seem to be a little delayed for some reason, and the elevator doors close before I can get in. I spend a bit of time either trying to get back into this elevator or into another one. I find an elevator control panel which seems to just be attached to a wall with no elevator around, but when I press a button the floor nearby starts rising. It turns out that corner of the hallway was an elevator. I get into it, and somehow end up rolling onto my side or my back. The elevator lifts into the air, and turns over to deposit me standing upright in some kind of receiving pod a few floors up.

      ...At some point I’m trying to control where the elevator goes, as though it were a lucid dream (but I don’t know if I was lucid). I might be trying to get to class here. I can imagine a door opening to one side, and leading to a hallway, then on the opposite side leading to another hallway. Then the front and back of the elevator...

      ...I make it to the classroom. My fellow TA is there. The students seem to be getting a little restless, and class has not started. I wander around a bit, and class still isn’t starting. At least one student starts doing some homework. Then I start thinking that perhaps I was supposed to be teaching the class. Oops...

      Danger, gun, spaceship

      Walking back from somewhere at night. It is kind of sketchy in the neighborhood where I am walking. There are some people nearby that appear to be fighting, or something. They are in a lot off to the right of the road where it appears that a building has been demolished. I keep walking, going around a bend to the left. It is still kind of scary-looking now, but I have a gun with me. I tuck the gun into the back of my waistband, and under a shirt or jacket so nobody can see it. As I continue on my way, I see a construction worker, or something like that. I come across a factory that is open, and people are working. I go inside, since it feels a bit safer.

      I have a little apartment where I spend the night. I fear that people are out to get me, but I have my gun and it makes me feel a little bit safer. When I have the gun nearby or in my hand, I am able to relax enough to sleep.

      I seem to be on the starship Andromeda. On the Andromeda, part of the preferred reading appears to be the Bible. I see at least one Bible. Also, there is a room there where it seems safe. It’s like the captain’s office or something. The trouble is that it has an alarm system that keeps going off, and possibly making a loud noise. In addition to the noise, it sprays stuff around the inside of a room. Someone else has taken this room before I could get to it, but I think they put me in another one just like it. It is supposed to be a preferred room because it is so safe (it still seems to be the theme of someone trying to get me). I find a room off of the main room that is a little quieter and where I won’t get sprayed with stuff.

      ...Something about people being held, possibly as prisoners. Or possibly as medical patients. Anyway, I go somewhere, and when I come back some ruffian-types have killed them. The ruffians were crew members, or something. It seems like they thought they had the legal authority to kill these people, but it would have been merciful to let them go and the killing was needless. I think I liked at least one of them personally. There might have been another set of these people though...

      ...This might have been related to my brother’s mushrooms. In waking life, he is growing mushrooms in his basement. In the dream, he ate three, but one of them was toxic. That seems to have been the way with these mushrooms – about two out of three with be toxic. Or something. His son might have gotten sick from one...


      ...People toward the end of a peninsula-like ridge. Maybe fighting? They come back toward us where we can see them... ...(maybe the same dream, but I don’t know) a corner of the property that I have visited before [it seems like I have dreamed about this location previously].

      ...Driving down to a church that I used to attend. There is some function going on there. Family is with me, I think. I’m thinking about which Sunday school class they will attend...Leaving church, I think we’re planning to go to where my Grandmother used to live. I think it would be nice if I could stay there at least one night, but then I remember that my Mother and I came together so it would be hard to get back without her having to come and pick me up...We stop at a store (if this is the same dream).
    9. Dream Guide!

      by , 02-27-2023 at 04:30 PM
      I wrote this during the night, so I mostly just recorded the lucid part in detail. I might elaborate more on the non-lucid later. The child-man-ape things were rather creepy, and might be worth sharing.

      Up kind of late. It’s about 1:00 now. I took about 2mg of melatonin a bit ago.


      WBTB, read some scripture, went to the bathroom, tried a bit of meditation.


      Dream Guide (Lucid)

      Apes, and those four child-man-ape things. They want to attack me, bite me with their teeth. A monument that I think is not well constructed. Trying to sleep in the monument, then worrying about the cops waking me up. Guitar dog. Machine, which is my friend. It takes off down the road, and wrecks. I worry about someone or something being hurt. I go to see, and find that a couple of little animals seem to have been wounded. I feel it’s my responsibility to shoot them.
      ...I decide to hold off on shooting the animals until I look up whether or not they feel pain. Heading back out of the barn, I decide that I should do a RC for some reason. I do a nose pinch, and can still breathe. I’m dreaming! I think about how this is worth 10 points (possibly forgetting that the competition hasn’t started yet), and then think I should work on a task. What task? At first I think I try to find a place – I don’t remember what exactly. Having a bit of trouble finding it, and then I decide to try to find my dream guide. I start asking for the guide, or possibly saying something like “the guide is around the next corner”. Now I’m no longer in the barn, but in a larger building. I see someone up ahead. There is a short, but wide, flight of stairs leading to a corridor that runs perpendicular, and this is where the man is. I start chasing after him (there is something for a moment or two where there is someone else with him but I don’t know what becomes of the other guy) and catch up to him. He is a somewhat heavyset man, with a somewhat thin, sandy-colored beard. He is wearing some kind of shirt or jacket, I think, with words on the back. He has a kind of archaeologist feel to him, a bit of a cross between a couple of archaeologists I know in waking life and “Nigel” from the Jumanji movie.

      “Are you my dream guide?” I ask.

      “Yes, I guess so,” he replies.

      My memory is a bit fuzzy here, and I might lose lucidity for a bit. I have a couple of business cards that I try to fish out of my pocket and give to him. He is looking for a site to do some archaeological work, and seems interested in a place where I worked once. I seem to regain some lucidity, I think I want the guide to teach me something. He responds by pushing me down a set of stairs. I get the feeling that there is something he wants me to learn on my own, and at this point he isn’t going to help me (at least in a micro-managing sort of way). I remember thinking that he got me out of somewhere (a backrooms type situation, or something).

      Now I’m in a basement area. I seem to lose lucidity again. Someone is messing with an explosive – there is some chemical that makes people do weird things. I try to hide (with someone else?) while he sets off the explosive. Then there is something about going back in time, or trying again, to stop him. The solution is not to do something with the match as the man tries to light it. This makes him try to light it with a match that isn’t working as well (otherwise he would just start rubbing the now wood with his hand until it caught fire). Then I am able to stop him, although I think his hand and arm now look like a glowing, charred piece of wood. There is a large freezer nearby, and we go in. There is some conversation about whether or not I remember smells and such (maybe – the memory is kind of fuzzy). He seems to be hallucinating. He is also a reflection in a large mirror now, and is naked. I take the mirror out of the freezer, and out to where the burning stuff was. I think maybe the transition from the cold to the heat might cause the glass to crack, which it does. I think I drop the mirror. It falls backwards to the ground, and shatters. I worry that this might have been the only way to access my dream guide, but someone nearby says something about that not being the case.

      Elaboration on the Child-Man-Apes

      There were some people, possibly scientists. Actually, Charles Darwin might have been there. I get the idea that they may have been discussing evolution. They were going to do some test with an ape, involving it putting boards/shingles up against the wall of a cabin. I seem to be involved in some way. I think the ape attacks me. It is as though I've done something wrong, and as a consequence I'm now under attack not only by the ape, but by four creatures. These creatures look like a cross between large children, or sickly adults, and chimpanzees. They come after me, trying to bite at me. I seem to recall the thought of their teeth biting me was specifically repulsive. I think I go hide somewhere, also trying to sleep, possibly. But there is still that creepy thought that the creatures will find me. This might be where I come across the guitar dog - which is a sort of cross between a guitar and a dog. I really like this dog, and lay there petting it. It has some weird gelatinous thing lining the outside of its stomach. This eventually becomes a machine, I think, about the size of an automobile and with a couple doll-like pieces. I treat this like it is living. When I turn around and go back to where I had been laying, it moves away on its own and starts off down the street. I chase after, worrying that it might hurt someone. It does, in fact, wreck. When I show up to the scene, it appears that it has injured some small deer or rabbit-like things. I feel responsible for putting them out of their misery, and have a shotgun with me. I don't want to, but I feel like I should put them down. I try to catch, them, and go into a barn looking for them. This leads into the dream above...

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    10. Pearl Divers

      by , 02-01-2023 at 05:54 PM
      Another subaquatic dream last night. I was underwater, and there were a bunch of women nearby returning from a pearl diving expedition, I think. In other words, they had been underwater for quite a while looking for pearls. On their way back to the surface they were singing. I could hear their singing, and reflected on the ability of sound to travel underwater. I think I followed them back to the surface, and then felt like I wanted to be able to join them in their underwater exploits. Apparently these women weren't fully subaquatic, because they had to come to the surface. They had learned to hold their breath for long periods of time though, and/or to build up amazing lung capacity, to the point where they could be underwater for a while and still be able to sing. I decided I wanted to do this too, and started practicing holding my breath and going under water.

      I also dreamed about whales, and a boat on a body of water with large waves. I think I read somewhere about water symbolizing the subconscious, and I suppose it is possible that these attempts to join the subaquatic people are representative of my desire to lucid dream. I also have been planning to learn to SCUBA dive, which might be part of it as well. Honestly, I like to hope that the "Subaquatics", as I have come to call them, are part of a persistent realm.
    11. Descending into the subaquatic realm

      by , 01-25-2023 at 05:22 PM
      I had just typed this entry, but lost what I wrote. I don't have a lot of time, but I feel like this dream is worth recording so here I go again. This is just a part of the dream, I think, and I have approximated the dialogue as best as I can remember:

      The subaquatic people take their seats in their vessel. They are seated around the outside perimeter of a circle, facing inward toward each other. Someone, a main character of the dream, is offered the chance to join them. In the end, he refuses, because it would mean becoming one of them and living underwater for the rest of his life. One of the people, a lady I think, looks at me and says:

      "This one might join us."

      I think about this. The scene has the bittersweet feeling to it that happens sometimes at the end of a story where people have come to love one another but now for some reason have to part. But I think to myself that maybe I actually could go with them.

      "What about my family?" I ask. "Would I ever be able to see them again?"

      It is explained that although I will become subaquatic like them, I could still visit the surface world wearing a type of 'diving' apparatus. So, I decide to join them.

      The vessel starts to descend into the water. There is a somewhat maniacal seeming captain, who, I think, expects me to drown. The rest of the people are cheering me on, seemingly happy at my 'rebellion'. I have been promised an oxygen tank, but in the meantime I have to hold my breath. It might be a long time of not breathing, and I count the seconds as I hold my nose closed. I get up to somewhere around 30 seconds, I think. Then I either wake up, or dream that I wake up, wondering if I have been holding my breath all this time.

      Side note: I had a dream in October of last year with a similar theme. A subaquatic woman wanted me to join her, possibly making me subaquatic as well. In that dream it seemed like it was supposed to be frightening, but I wasn't frightened. I felt an attraction to the woman, and thought that it might be worth the transformation.
    12. Flying backwards lucid

      by , 01-23-2023 at 03:27 AM
      I have taken a little hiatus from dream work, having a lot of things to do and also starting to get a bit lazy. I did have a lucid dream the other night. There was more to the dream, but here is the lucid part:

      I realize that I am dreaming. I'm standing on a raised walkway above a watery area. I decide to jump out a nearby opening, either to fly or just to fling myself out for fun. I fall into the frozen water below, which isn't very cold. I try to levitate, and I might end up asking the guy that was in the dream with me to help me. I think he might help, and I float into the air. Then I make myself zoom backwards, really fast. It's like zooming out on a picture, or flying really fast. I fly a little ways, thinking that this is the farthest I have ever flown in a lucid dream (or something like that). I think I try to land at some point, angling my trajectory down toward the ground. Instead, I start going down a slope. Now I'm flying over a green, lush, mountainous terrain. I start wondering to myself if I should try to find the persistent realm I have been working on, but decide to stick to what is going on now since sometimes it seems to destabilize things if I try to change course without planning ahead. But it seems that I make the decision too late, and I start to lose the dream (or things fade away, at least).
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    13. Quest for a Persistent Realm, chapter 1

      by , 12-18-2022 at 08:54 PM
      I have been dabbling with trying to build or find a persistent realm for a while now. I have visited worlds that either I or others have "invented" (or not, depending on your theory about that kind of thing). I suspect that these might be persistent realms, and returning to one of these might be an obvious route to find a PR. I'm also thinking of focusing on finding locations that I would like to revisit.

      Last night I decided that I would observe my dreams and see if there were any locations that might make a nice PR. I proceeded to dream about a series of rather nasty places. A world where people have virtually unlimited access to their favorite food - but no willpower so that they pretty much can't help but eat until they explode. A world where prisoners are kept naked and abused by the authorities. A "doctor's office" that looked more like a medieval torture chamber (nicknamed "the Spider Lab" - didn't stick around to find out why)...I think I'll keep looking.
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      side notes
    14. Winter Competition 12.13.2022-12.15.2022

      by , 12-16-2022 at 10:48 PM
      Catching up a bit here.


      Some Fragments:

      (1) Crossing the street at my current University. I think that the light has changed so that I can cross, and lots of students are doing so. As we walk across the street, a car comes along at a fairly high rate of speed and goes through the intersection. “Nice stop!” I yell sarcastically. One of the students says to me “dude, he had a green light” (or something like that). I look up at the lights, and sure enough the light is green. I thought for sure it was red when I looked at it before. I wonder how this could be. Why did I think the light was red when it was actually green?

      (2) One of my colleagues is testing a new machine. Kind of like a rocket, but it only goes for a couple of yards before hitting a wall and crash landing. She gets into this thing and rides it a couple of times. It is kind of the routine – she gets into the rocket, blasts off, crashes, and gets hurt. People rush to tear open the rocket and get her out. This time, she does her crash land thing, and I rush forward before anyone else to get her out. I find myself more attracted to her than usual in this dream.

      (3) At a hotel, much like a place we used to visit when I was a teenager. Dad is there. He says something about going to the “Frog Pub” or “Frog Bar”, or “Frog’s Nest” or something like that. This is a bar/café located above the swimming pool.


      Hotel Brutale

      This starts almost like watching a movie. I see some people outside in a place that would remind you of an old American Western movie. They are dressed in denim-type clothes, looking like their working on a ranch or something. The scene here is kind of like the opening scene to the Follyfoot TV show. The focus shifts to three people, which I think at first are men and women (which causes me annoyance in the dream) but then it turns out to just be women (which is less annoying to me). There are men around too though (it seems better to me that they are in separate groups – more authentic or something). This seems to be some kind of inn or bar, or bed/breakfast type place out west. Maybe a ranch.

      Another guy shows up. He is being chased by someone. It appears that he had been staying at another hotel, and while he was there he ran into some trouble. Actually, he wasn’t even sure if he was the one in trouble. Someone else had been staying at the hotel with the same name. A Bounty Hunter type guy showed up looking for one of them. So this guy just decided to go on the run. Anyway, he ends up at this current ranch/hotel place. But he finds out that this Bounty Hunter is going to come to the hotel at some point.

      There are some things going on out back, I think. I’m trying to convince the guy not to wait around and take chances with the bounty hunter. He doesn’t want to leave though.

      Then a big long car drives up. It’s like a long brown convertible, but more like the length of a limousine. There are two women in the backseat (or the second or third row of seats). They are large – tall and strongly built. One, or both, is blonde. They are fairly attractive, actually, though quite intimidating. They are either bodyguards, or there are other bodyguards in the car. In the front passenger’s seat sits the Bounty Hunter. He is playing some music on the radio – soft, low, with an older country/western vibe to it. The sort of music that a self-confident bounty hunter type might play as his background music. The Bounty Hunter is sitting in the passenger’s seat, but leaning across and turning the steering wheel. It’s like he thinks he should be the passenger, but is acting as his own chauffer. He even does some odd thing with his door when he gets out as though he were opening the door for himself.

      The two large women get out, and I see how large the Bounty Hunter is. He is probably at least 7 feet tall, maybe 8 feet. Strongly built, like the women. I think he’s wearing some kind of long, dark coat. He looks at the guy who had been running and makes some remark about having seen him at the other hotel. Then he goes in and talks to the ranch/hotel owner.

      Back to the guy that thinks he might be running from the Bounty Hunter. I don’t quite remember what happened, but somehow he starts fighting. I think he’s joined by at least one other person. Something about a tower, knocking the tower over. Then he jumps into a car and starts running into people. He drives around to the front of the place and runs into a man carrying a camera or survey equipment, or something. He really gets violent. He narrates “I saw a man on his way to the blood bank. I extracted a donation.” He runs over this guy and green blood is smeared in a big trail behind the car. The guy is killed.

      At some point, the original owners of the ranch/hotel decide to leave, I think. This other guy, and his buddies, take over. By now, it seems that their focus has been to take over this ranch all along. They had a plan to turn it into a jungle themed hotel. It almost seems that this guy’s obsession with the jungle theme was so strong that making this place into the jungle themed hotel was his main reason for taking over. I think there is some disagreement between him and his companions though. I think there was also something about the hotel being in an exceptionally desirable location, because it was close to a bunch of stores (there was a scene with a strip of stores, almost in wild west town fashion but they are more like modern shopping plaza stores.

      By the end, the hotel has become a fight club. This whole thing might even have been a movie called “The Fight Club”. The man who had originally been on the run is big and muscular, and is in a ring fighting with another guy. Large, muscular men fill the stands around. I still don’t like the fact that they were so violent and took over the hotel, but at least it wasn’t just some greedy guy murdering people. In other words, these guys are kind of savage and brutal, and you might have expected this sort of behavior from them.

      Kayaking Adventure

      Kayaking down a river. I think I’m trying to recreate a famous journey – quite possibly from the Lord of the Rings (Fellowship of the Rings). It is a nice location. Peaceful and beautiful. But whoever is in charge of the area – the park service or something – has decided to put up speakers along the sides of the river and play music for visitors. They are playing some annoying country music. It kind of throws off the atmosphere, and I’m not too happy about it.

      At some point I think the river goes underground. There is a housing development, or some kind of urbanization, for which they have covered part of the river. I pull out the kayak and make my way to where I can get back to the river. Now I’m driving. I come across a small road/path to my left, but it isn’t connected to the road where I am and I don’t know if it’s supposed to be for driving on or if it’s a walking trail. Anyway, I eventually find a parking lot next to the water, and what appears to be a boat ramp. By now it’s raining pretty heavily. But I’m there for an adventure, and I don’t really mind the rain.


      Looking through a church photo album. As we flip the pages, it seems like the people in the pictures are laying in beds. The further we go in the album, the more the beds start to resemble coffins. Then it turns out that they are coffins. Then the people are dead, and instead of looking at pictures we seem to be looking at corpses in open coffins (this is not very creepy in the dream – it’s more like visiting a cemetery). The corpses become older and older, until we are looking at a skeleton(s). Above one of the skeletons there are some words written, including the word “haunted”, possibly repeated multiple times. One of the skeletons has some object laying on it, which has lights in it. Another skeleton has something similar, shaped like a flower pot (unless this is the same skeleton). The flower pot is vibrating. It was originally held in place by something, but whatever this was holding it in place is broken and the pot is moving around and looks like it’s going to fall off of the coffin. Somebody is with me, and while I hold the pot in place I ask them to get me some zip ties. I try to zip tie this thing in place, but the zip ties break. In the dream, zip ties are also called something like “Indestructibles”. I comment on how these aren’t very indestructible...

      ...The coffins are in a basement, and there is something about wondering if plants will grow here. But there are a line of windows nearby, so there might still be plenty of light...

      Fragments, so far:

      (1) Some AI program – like a chatbot/artificial personality AI companion. I think I’m choosing one. There is at least one program that is a female and has a nice voice. I’m kind of leaning toward choosing this one. There is something about lewd imagery though, and I don’t know about this.

      (2) Sitting on a couch, next to my Mom or Dad, I think. They’re on a couch behind mine, and I’m playing some rock music on my laptop and doing something at the same time, like typing the lyrics. Then I think that maybe I don’t want to be playing the music so loud (or at all) next to them.

      (3) People sitting in empty Little Caesar’s pizza boxes.

      (4) At my former workplace (a hospital pharmacy). I am filling orders, and one of my former coworkers is checking them. I wasn’t sure if she was a pharmacist in the dream, and if she had the authority to check my work. This is one of those cases where I’m hoping that I have overcome my OCD enough to be able to do this work efficiently.

      (5) Something about millennials having difficulty pronouncing certain words, or certain combinations of words.


      Took about 0.75mg of melatonin to help me sleep. Was awake until at least 1:00am, possibly past 1:30. Around this time I took 4mg of galantamine. Awake by 9:00 or so. I think most, or all of the following occurred in the last hour of sleep, kind of dozing before I was expecting my alarm to go off. It might also be related to note that I have been cutting back on caffeine, with one extra cup of tea this evening while out with some friends.

      Space tribe, ring, woman, watery trouble

      Some planet, I think. There is a native tribe. One of the tribesmen has a tattoo on his chest. He is standing so that he is seen in profile, and the tattoo looks like a big V shape in parallel lines. Someone is talking with the chief. Apparently the tribe wants to get control of a piece of land or a moon or planet, or something. This is a big issue with the tribe. At one point, the tribesman with the tattoo turns to face us and what looked like a bunch of lines from the side turns out to be words. The tattoo refers to the tribe’s desire to possess the piece of property and is simply the phrase: “I want iiiiiiiit!!”

      There is a woman with a ring. This seems to be a movie or TV show, perhaps, or perhaps I was vaguely aware that it was a dream. Anyway, I reach out and take ring somehow. It seems to be made of red gemstone, with some other bits to it. When I take it into my world though, it kind of falls into fragments. I think to myself at some point that this is, or might be, Dreamstone. That’s a possibility, although I thought Dreamstone was blue. I put it on a stand next to where I am laying.

      There is some hero-type guy. He comes across a big pit, which somehow fills with water. Now it looks like a big underground swimming pool. He has some discussion with the woman, and picks her up and throws her into the flooded area. It seems like he had some reason for doing this, but she is not familiar with swimming and sinks to the bottom of the pit. She appears to be in a lot of distress, and either I or the man jump in to save her. It occurs to me, however, that these people were living in a place with no oxygen but could breathe just fine. She is probably just pretending to drown. But while we are on our way to rescue her, hands reach out from a flooded stairwell and grab her, pulling her downwards. It seems that the hands belong to another woman – or possibly this woman herself. The woman is different somehow, it’s like she can project herself into separate places, so that the woman we had been dealing with was actually a projection of the woman that then reached out and grabbed her. Anyway, we’re trying to keep her from being pulled down into the stairwell, but not succeeding. We also will be running out of air soon, since we have to hold our breath to swim down there.

      The no fish era

      We are watching a film clip of a reconstruction of that past called the “no fish era”. This is supposed to be a time before fish, and it looks like water with a bunch of mold growing in it. The camera is moving underwater, following some swimming creatures that look like fish to me. Someone tells me that they aren’t really fish yet, but some proto-fish called “cichlids” (which is a bit ironic since cichlids are a type of fish in waking life). We follow a school of these, and then come across a really big one. Something about these “fish” is that they look like they are living skeletons. As we look at this big one, I think it become a big boat. But it’s also a living organism, about the size of a parking garage. It has developed a strategy to protect other fish. What happens is that birds try to attack the fish. But they fly into the boat/fish instead. This kills at least some of them. Meanwhile, other birds get trapped there, which become a target for the bigger birds, acting somewhat like bait. We see one animal (kind of looking like a dog, but might be a bird) taking care of another bird/dog thing.

      I’m on this boat/fish with another guy. There are puddles of water around. He keeps pushing dirty water with his hand, and remarks on how he shouldn’t be doing so. Something about people throwing up, possibly causing these puddles. Then I notice people around that are seasick and vomiting.

      Halloween Party (Lucid)

      I am walking around a dormitory in a shark suit. At first I just have the suit kind of draped over me, not really wearing it, but then I see some other people dressed in fish and/or shark suits. I think this is kind of funny, so I try to put on my shark suit more properly. It appears that there is some kind of Halloween party going on. There are different areas set up with different activities. In one area, it looks like there are a bunch of things for sale, like a junk store. One room has been arranged into a fake pagan temple, and someone comes along mentioning that they were “kissing” someone in there. As I look at the junk store items, I suspect that I’m dreaming. I do a nose pinch, and after some patience I eventually find that I can breathe and become lucid. Things are fairly stable, though a bit difficult to remember now. My cousin comes along, and I try to get him to help me. We walk together, and I pick up something and carry it. It’s as though I’m helping him do something, to keep myself oriented. As we walk and talk, I explain some of my difficulty to him, and as I do so things stabilize. We go down to an elevator, and walk inside. Since elevators are a dream sign, I think to myself that I should do a reality check. But I already know I’m dreaming, so I wonder to myself if there is much point in doing a reality check when I encounter a dream sign in a lucid dream. As the door opens up, I remember that I should be trying to score some points. I try to summon Sensei as the door opens. It doesn’t work. Instead, we are entering a really nice looking hotel-like place. Or maybe a spaceship. It has a kind of Jules Verne/Nautilus vibe. Wooden walls, and such. But then I think that I should try to find the dream base library, and in trying to change things I lose the dream. Things fade to the point where I can just see a bit of the hotel/ship thing. I maintain focus on this, but don’t remember what happened after that. I remember at some point either thinking to myself or dreaming that I was telling someone that I should have just explored the dream as it was because it looked pretty nice.

      Parallel world, asking DC for advice, out with a bang (lucid)

      There is a portal into another universe. It is quite small, and involved opening a little door behind which is the portal. We look in, but don’t see anything beyond a kind of haze or screen. I stick something into it to feel around. It feels semi-solid in there, like a big mass of gritty gelatin. It seems unsafe to go in there, since we don’t even know if we could breathe. We close the (small) door and open it again, and this time we can see inside. There is a black and white tile floor, and a sign on the back of the wall that says “Speakeasy”. This time we go inside. Even though the door is tiny, we find that we can just “enter” through it by trying to do so. When we get inside, we find that we are now very small ourselves. The furniture nearby is big compared to us. Someone (the proprietor?) comes to greet us. He seems large too, or maybe small, but somehow is close in size to the furniture (or maybe he’s close to our size? I don’t remember exactly what was happening here). We ask him how we get out, and he says “back the way you came”, opening the door to show us. But when he opens the door, it just leads out into a hallway, as though the portal were in a different dimension and the coordinates of the room are part of a different system. Are we trapped? But the man kind of laughs, this apparently being kind of a joke. You can get back to our universe from here, he explains. If we go out the door we came in and go to the left, it is a quicker way but “there are guns”. If we go out the door and go to the right, it is a longer but a safer route.

      Somewhere along the way I become lucid again. I look around, and see rows of junk store stuff for sale. Some of it is red, like it’s Valentine’s Day themed. Looking back to the bar, a door opens in hallway behind the bar, and a guy steps out. He looks like Sorrell Booke (the guy who played Boss Hogg on the Dukes of Hazzard), but wearing a dress and a wig. I think this is pretty funny, so I point him out to someone with me and turn away laughing. There also seems to be another person, possibly a woman, who is now bald. I think Booke’s wig came from her, which is why she’s now missing her hair.

      I see a guy with a bunch of straws in his mouth. Remembering the competition again, I ask him for advice.

      “Can you give me some advice?”

      His reply started something like this: “Don’t rob a bank when you feel like you want to be connected to the world,” but continued on for some time. It’s one of those things where at first it felt like I was making him say words, but after the first bit he seemed to be talking on his own. I follow him out a door, and then I think about asking him to tell me a short story. I don’t remember if this happened though. I might have decided that that would take too much time. At some point we’re being ushered out of the room by someone, who is helping us escape unnoticed. People are supposed to wear brown fedoras to blend in, which I am already doing.

      We go down some stairs. These are leading into a large, open area, kind of like a mall. I remember that my third task of the three tasks was to put my hand through something solid. Even though I realize that these had to be done in order and I hadn’t done #2 yet (advanced flying) I see if I could easily put my hand through the wall anyway. I try pushing against it, but my hand doesn’t go through. I feel tile though – the wall is covered with those small mosaic-like tiles (greenish in color, I think). Then I go down the steps.

      I’m in the bigger, mall-like area now. I think that I should try the advanced flying – my plan has been to fly to the moon. I climb a low wall to give myself a boost. As I look up, I see that I’m in a place with a fairly high roof, and possibly a couple of stories. I might be in an open part, which goes straight up to the roof, but I think there are several pieces of architecture in my way. Anyway, I try to fly but am not having great success.

      As I continue along, there are some people off to my left taking about having a choice of wearing a clown suit or pastor suit. The general idea is that neither would be fun, since the pastor has to do things like get made fun of. There is a weird thing going on with the back of people’s scalps being clipped to things. Looks painful. I keep going upstairs, and come across a small room. Here I find an interesting control. It looks like it has something to do with missiles, or space, or something. Like someone had been working on an advance school project? To my right is a strange lever. Since it’s a dream I decide to play with it, even though I don’t know what it will do. There is a roaring noise, like it has launched something. I think it’s a missile at first, aimed down at the ground just outside. However, it turns out that it is a rocket ship. I have just started the engines, I think. “This is my ticket to the moon!” I think, remembering something in the tasks about using an object to fly (although I’m not sure that a rocket ship would count, now that I’m awake). The control I’m working with is a kind of remote control. I launch the rocket into the air, hoping that the dream mechanics will make me associate myself with the rocket enough that I will follow it. My viewpoint does seem to follow the rocket as it goes, while I still maintain control of the lever. I have to work a lot to keep it angled up into the air and going straight. I also seem to be having trouble making a lot of progress. Eventually it crashes, and I try to fly on my own.


      (1) Looking at the clock and resetting the alarm

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    15. Winter Competition 12.12.2022

      by , 12-13-2022 at 06:00 AM

      Familiar location, walking, and Dr. Loveless (or is it?)

      Walking through the parking lot of a grocery store in the town where my Grandparents used to live. There is a strange car parked in the parking lot, with beetle-like horns in the front and a big spiky tail in the back. My nephew is almost hit with this car, or else almost walks into it. We walk to the other side of the parking lot and down the hill a bit. The hillside in front of the store is partially grown up, and partially covered with daisies. I think it might have been in the process of being mowed. It seems to be the hillside, but in the past. There is a clue to how long ago this was in the fact that my second cousin, who is in his 20s now, was younger at this time.

      Across the street from this hillside is a body of water, like a small lake. As I look at the road going between the hillside and the lake, I realize that this looks like I location that I dreamed about recently and wonder if this might have been what inspired that dream. There is also a little park with trees across the street. It seems that there used to be a small fair, or open-air market, or such there.

      We walk along a nearby path. There is a large drain at the edge of the water. There is also a place where the path seems to cross over the water a little. There is trash in the water, and I think I might even add to the trash by throwing something else in. My parents walk ahead for a little distance, and then come back. They are concerned about someone up ahead. As we walk farther, we find that there is a weird little kid, or small man, with some strange shooting device. There is a bridge going across some water, and he sits under this bridge with his gun aimed at us. Then he starts shooting tennis balls at some kids in a boat race. It hits them in the face and think causes some swelling, but they don’t seem to be too badly hurt.

      On closer inspection, we find that this strange little kid is actually a midget. He doesn’t look too familiar, but we suspect that it might be Dr. Loveless from The Wild Wild West. By now this might actually be an episode of that show. There is something about a woman giving directions over a cell phone...
      ...A snippet of a memory about someone being taped down on the roof of something (a train or truck, maybe) and someone else being taped on top of them...

      Trash, robots, and tomatoes

      I wake up beside a trash incinerator. From where I am laying (outside) I can see murals painted on the buildings nearby. There is the phrase “all things to all men” in my mind, referring to a woman who was an actress. There is a painting I’m looking at that is supposed to have something to do with womens’ health. It is a big circle, kind of like a government logo or something, which has a big cloud (which looks like a dark cloud of pollution) and one or two other things. I wonder what these things might mean. Then I get up. Mom is nearby. I say hi to her. There is a trash theme at this point, and I see what looks at first like a man made of trash. He turns out to be a trash robot. I think there might be another one nearby, possibly serving my mother in some way. I think something about how robots are becoming common now.

      There is a website that has to do with robots. Possibly something where I’m just looking at pictures of robots, but then it seems to become a familiar AI companion site or something. But then I’m walking into a Lego robot store. There is a little Lego robot attacking a button on the cuff of my right sleeve, like a playful dog might do. It chomps on it and gnaws at it. I walk into another room where my mother is doing something. Then it seems that this robot is indicating a place on one of my knuckles where there is a small injury – kind of like a cut. There is now another girl with us. We decide that I need to go to the doctor to have this injury looked at, although I’m kind of embarrassed to seem weak in front of this girl. My brother shows up now, too. There is something about weeds. There are a lot of weeds where we are, and we start blaming each other for letting the weeds grow up. He had mowed there earlier on, and then I mowed later. Meanwhile, we are cleaning up tomato plants. The injury is now more like an open wound, and is in my leg instead of on my knuckle. We start throwing tomatoes at each other. At one point some tomato stuff gets smeared into the wound.

      Doctors, dogs, and the TARDIS

      Someone comes walking into a room. He seems to be familiar, and on closer inspection we find that it is the 5th Doctor from the original Dr. Who series. He has kind of scruffy facial hair though, and seems to have a false nose. At least one other Doctor, and possibly more, show up, from different regenerations. Each of them has a dog with them. I go up to one of them – an earlier Doctor with an earlier dog companion. I start petting the dog, wondering if it still remembers me after all this time. I might be one of the Doctors myself. There is an interaction between two of the Doctors – an older one and a newer one. The newer one wants the older one to do something for him. It seems that the older Doctor is reluctant to do whatever it is. The newer Doctor decides to put some pressure on the older and starts messing with his TARDIS. This involves pulling out some wires and messing with a strange beam (like a weaving beam). The result is that the older Doctor, who had a deep base voice, now has a high pitched voice. The older Doctor gives in (or at least acts like he does), but makes the newer Doctor reset his voice first. The newer Doctor complies, although at first he overshoots and makes the voice too low. But in the end he fixes the older Doctor’s voice.

      University Lucid

      Walking along a sidewalk near my undergraduate university. Waiting for the light to change so that I can cross the street. There are some other students around. I walk into the student center building, and when I’m there it occurs to me that I’m dreaming. I do a nose pinch RC to be sure, and can still breathe. There are some beams set into the ceiling at regular intervals, and I think I float up to these and use them to pull myself along as though I were climbing a ladder horizontally. I look over at some people nearby to see what their reaction is, but I don’t think they notice me.

      Spying, ape woman, shackles

      I’m some kind of spy. I start walking into a building, where I am greeted by a woman. There might have been some sinister plot going on. I think there is also something about me being muddy, and not wanting to leave muddy footprints on the floor. I make an excuse to turn around and go back out, saying that I left something just outside. I go back outside and walk a little to the left. I do something where I go around a corner so that I’m out of sight, but also they can see me appearing to talk with someone and pet a dog. I pretend to be interested in looking down a drain grate, as though looking for a hidden message. Then I walk back to the place I was going into, smugly thinking that now the antagonists will be expecting messages to be deposited there and will be thrown off (this might have led into the ape dream above. Not sure).

      An ape thing chasing me or someone around. I think it was an ape woman. We run into a room and shut the door. Something about another woman I believe. She’s 19 or 21, and she is interested in an older guy. At least for the moment...

      ...Something about being shackled to something, but it’s like a game because I’m trying to get other people to play by the rules. A part of the system holding us shackled isn’t even functional, we’re just pretending that it is.


      (1) The bottom part of a snowman, sitting on top of a fence or something. I end up smashing it or knocking it over, or something. (Winter Theme!!)

      (2) My cousin is starting a new school. He is trying to decide on school colors. I think he ends up choosing either red and blue or red and green. The school is across the street from a big lake (like one of the North American Great Lakes). He has a set of three flagpoles in front of the school, and I think there is a joking suggestion made that he should fly the Confederate flag from one of them. I, or at least my vision, move down the coastline a bit and see a large ship or pier just off of the coast. It looks like a place I have dreamed about at least once before.

      (3) Redecorating my apartment. I have a poster of Narnia, and in the dream am trying to decide where to put it.

      (4) Outside, there are some posts and caution tape placed around, as though the utility company had been marking something out. Someone mentions, I think, that at least some of the posts, or flags, are in the wrong place. But we are in the process of moving. I still have a lot of things in my room that I haven’t packed up. My mother, I think, is kind of impatient to move, but I want to get these things packed up. At least the books. I might get angry and swear somewhere around here (which I don’t do in waking life anymore).

      (5) Someone is being chased on a mountain. There might be a couple of them, actually. It seems like they are on horses, but one guy suddenly hops on a 4X4 and goes speeding over the peak of the mountain and down the other side. The mountain is kind of blocky, like something from Minecraft. At least one of his pursuers is on skis though, and can make some decent speed down the snowy part of the mountain. There is a narrator, like a sports commentator, saying something like “he is determined not to let Sam go”. It might have been Sam Gamgee that was being chased.

      The following might have been part of dreams listed above, so I won’t count them for the competition score:

      (i) My Uncle talking with a fellow student of mine about growing up in E.L. Later I’m asking this student if he talked to my Uncle about living there. My Grandmother is around too, and when this student mentions a name of someone he knew my Grandmother starts talking about that person, having apparently known them as well (but this might have been part of the “spy” dream above, so I won’t count it for the competition).

      (ii) I wake up in the future. Or else I think about waking up in the future and expect to see futuristic things, but don’t. In a building like the student center above (maybe a false awakening from the lucid)
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