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      Question Aliens

      Has anyone had an experience with a UFO and/or alien? I am curious to hear about it. Many people believe abductions and other alien phenomena are dreams. I'm undecided, and wondering if perhaps the answer could be that such experiences are both

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      I think that most alien phenomena are dreams or hallucinations which represent experiences which are more than just dreams.

      I have had interesting dreams about aliens. I think there is a psychic component to these dreams, but I don't know if I'm picking up on impressions of real aliens, or on other people's thoughts about aliens, or a combination of both, or if they are metaphors for other psychological experiences.

      In one type of dream of aliens I have had a few times, a feeling of almost euphoric fascination turns into a feeling of horror. I don't know if this is a premonition of what fascination with such phenomena can potentially lead to, or if it represents something else, like a destructive drug addiction.

      I've generally assumed that aliens do not travel here across space, that they're from something like a parallel earth. I do not think that parallel earths are real places like in sci-fi, but I think they're potentially real, and that by being potentially real they do influence the real world. I've generally assumed that the potential worlds that the aliens are from are dystopias, hence my aversion to them becoming more actual in our reality.

      I had one dream in which aliens were from another place, not some distorted version of this world. These aliens did not look like the common stylistic aliens with huge eyeballs that are too big to fit inside their heads. These aliens were tall and thin with short fur, and had removable bionic augmentations. My impression was they were here as monitors, so that they would have adequate warning if our technology passes a threshold which would make us a more immediate threat to their worlds. These aliens were living under the care of a federal agency, a scenario which I can only make sense of if they were marooned here after an equipment failure, and if interstellar travel is so difficult as to make rescue impractical.

      I assume that most stories about aliens are lies. Most people can't in my observation be trusted to be objective about paranormal experiences. They delude themselves or wish to fool others for the sake of attention. This does not mean that all such stories are fabricated though. Most people don't seem to be very good between distinguishing interpretations of 'spiritual' experiences from literal sensate experiences, but that doesn't mean their stories are entirely false. I do not know if any stories about aliens are real, but I know that some other stories about strange phenomena are real.

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