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    Whirlwind of Dreams

    Hello everyone and welcome to my new and improved DJ! I decided to start a new DJ in the hopes of improving my recall and giving other members some insight into my mysterious mind. I'll try my best to be as descriptive as possible
    This is my previous DJ: BigFan's Dream Journal


    Finally, I love and welcome any comments. I'll also write my thoughts on the dream if applicable. Let's get started!

    1. July 19, 2010

      by , 07-22-2010 at 04:52 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Mad Driving:
      I was on the highway driving a car with a passenger. I turned right and was able to with no problem. I tried to turn right again but I almost hit a car.

      Work Punctuality:
      I was asleep on the sofa. It was almost five in the afternoon and I had work at that time. I was relaxed though, my sister promised to take my shift. I woke up after five only find that she didn't and was pissed off. I ran around the house trying to prepare myself for work. Time approached 5:40, at which point I was wondering how come I wasn't called yet.

      Thoughts: Second dream seems to be a mixture of real life and work thoughts, happened during a nap.

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      Tags: car, driving, late, work
    2. July 3, 2010

      by , 07-09-2010 at 03:17 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Neighbour Involving Work:
      My neighbour was going to visit my work with her kids. Since she wants to get a discount on her food order, she calls my mom and tells her to put her name on the list so that she can get a reduction in prices. I am standing infront of the food display in the store and my mom somehow gets me the message. I find it pretty funny that she is calling me so that I can get her a discount when I wouldn't be able to, since, there is no such thing at my store. I end up doing some inventory for 2 hours on this Tuesday. I also think about the outcome of such an action and imagine being fired if I do it. I end up getting fired later on and was told "way to go" sarcastically, by who I can't recall.

      Pretty worried:
      I am at the store and my mom is pretty worried. She tells me that the car has overheated and that would happen unless my dad who was driving the car has been in an accident.

      Thoughts: Well, nice to remember 2 dreams every once in a while. I'm afraid nothing fancy ATM. The second one obviously won the odd prize, but, since when did I have a list?

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    3. July 2, 2010

      by , 07-03-2010 at 04:13 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Interesting Encounters at Work:
      I was working at TH. It seems that my shift just finished and I was ready to sign out and get my coat to leave. My wife's boss, K is also there. For some reason, I have a bad feeling and I notice that she is looking for something. She had some vertical trays which had some files in them spread out across the bench near the sheet. I decided to help her out and asked her what she is looking for. She looked at me with those eyes and asked why I'm still here. I guess I took it as a message of "I don't need the help", because, the dream skips and I'm walking through the store to the front door. It looked pretty similar to my actual work from what I recall. After exiting the store, I plan to make a run for my bus since I see it coming around a curve. The parking lot and location of the store is totally different. The atmosphere was pretty dark. After taking a right turn from the traffic light, one must go straight to reach a curve. After passing through the curve, one has the option of turning left to either find a parking spot or turning left and continuing straight to reach the drive-thru. They could also continue straight from the curve and take a right turn which would bring them to a bus stop but nothing more. I saw the bus near the curve behind two cars and sprinted around the store. I bent down under the white poles that are in place to prevent cars from coming into the drive-thru without ordering and continued running until I reached the other side and turned left to reach the stop. It would have been much easier to just walk to my right after exiting the store to get to the stop. I ended up getting to the stop just as the bus was able to get there. Along the way near the bus stop, I saw some cans of diet coke in a small box, similar to the one the 24 pack come in and I picked it up and brought it along. As I entered the bus, the driver was supposed to charge me $10 but when he used my card, he ended up charging $100 and swiping it through. I was pretty furious and felt that he did it on purpose because he added the last 0 just as he was about to swipe, since, he already had it at $10. I pointed out his mistake and he printed a receipt that showed that I paid only $0.72 which took me by surprise and I felt as if a trick was being played here.

      I think I dreamt about a car that I was in and was told that I could pass the middle white line.

      Thoughts: Well, I thought the first dream was pretty good. Was nice and long with a great atmosphere. As for the second one, it was just a fragment There was also a third which I couldn't remember anything about, but, I knew that it was long as well. Pretty nice to have a long dream in comparison to my previous couple of nights
    4. June 23, 2010

      by , 06-25-2010 at 03:39 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Brainstorming at Work:
      I was at work serving customers like usual. For some strange reason, I was brainstorming words that started with a particular letter such as the letter s and the words were sun, street, scuba diver, etc.... There was a match coming up but I don't recall what it was about.

      I think I had a dream about tornadoes. I think I was looking through a car window out to see one of these large tornadoes split into three smaller ones, but, nothing else.

      Thoughts: Well, back to the work dreams again. It's sooo frustrating to have similar dreams. It seems that work is now a dreamsign, makes me wonder if it'll vanish soon enough though. I have been RCing a bit at work but not in large numbers, so, not 100% positive if I would be able to go lucid then. As for the tornado one, there was a tornado in the news yesterday and I remembered having a dream about them during the day, but, couldn't recall much details. Seems my dream recall has gone south the last couple of days since I've been slacking off and not paying as much attention. Plan to re-focus and increase their clarity, vividness and recall
    5. June 21, 2010

      by , 06-22-2010 at 04:15 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      At work again, just serving customers. There was something about a car, but, couldn't recall what it was.

      Thoughts: Didn't have time to try and recall the rest of the dream and lost some of it as well
      Tags: dreamsign, work
    6. June 19, 2010

      by , 06-21-2010 at 03:18 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Work with a Twist:
      I was at work again, but, the place was different. It was pretty large and white which reminded me of a soccer stadium with the roof closed. I was working as one of the cashiers and we were working in teams. There was some special event going on and we were pretty busy with a huge lineup to boot. I ended up leaving my cash and going to the back at some point. I came back out a while later after doing something and possibly goofing off a bit. I turn around from my cash to see the boss sitting in his large white chair which was resting on a white wall between the two cashes like a king sitting on his throne carefully watching his peasants work. He glares at me indicating that I made a mistake by going to the back and he gave me the impression of "I'm going to kill you if you repeat that". At some point, I was working the cash and started to mess up with some of the functions, such as this odd changing functions button which was located towards the top left corner of the cash. It's main purpose as I understood was to get second functions for the buttons on the cash similar to a keyboard's FN button. I was pretty disappointed with myself when that happened.

      Thoughts: Well, another work-related dream but at least I was able to remember more of this one. Interesting enough, I've had several of these and a majority of them recently. They seem to have been gradually changing starting with the first in the same place and equipment moving around in the second or third then a huge structural change last night. Let's hope that I can catch something next time which might be tonight . That glare might have been a bit less than I'll kill you but it was a killer glare nonetheless
    7. June 18, 2010

      by , 06-20-2010 at 03:31 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I was on a playground, since, I recall seeing the green grass underneath my feet. I think I feel something on my back. I put my hand where the feeling is and kill whatever it was. Turns out that there was a bee there which almost stung me. I felt a bit odd but it was possibly shock, since, no pain was felt.

      Work with Juice:
      I was at work and making some new juice. I made the first mixture which consisted of putting a bird with some sugar. I made another mixture, this time using spiders and sugar. I tasted it, it had an interesting flavour which is pretty difficult to describe.

      Thoughts: Well, fragments again. I only recalled my bee dream later on in the day and as for the juice one, well, let's just say that drinking birds is NOT something I'm interested in One thing I've noticed is that I'm dreaming about work a lot lately, possibly due to thinking about it during the day. It could be a new dreamsign depending on how long it lasts. I do seem to be remembering more dreams, but, they are pretty short. I do miss my longer dreams and I do miss having LDs
    8. June 17, 2010

      by , 06-20-2010 at 03:30 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Canary Escape:
      I was interested in putting some lettuce for our canary who was sitting in his teal and white cage. I put the lettuce on top of the cage on the left side. He went to eat it. I turned around for a split second and turned back and he is now standing outside the cage on top of the lettuce and he is starting to eat it. I noticed this and told my mom.

      Work yet Again:
      I am at work again doing similar tasks to my previous dreams and to RL.

      Thoughts: Would have been interesting to have a LD, but, I've been lazy on my RCs lately and changes are changing rapidly on my end.
    9. June 16, 2010

      by , 06-17-2010 at 06:25 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Work Flipped:
      I was at work. I served some customers, moved some large tray containers from the floor and there was something about a district manager, possibly me becoming one. The store was different in the back with the big oven on the right side, the large wooden table is horizontal and the exit in located in the north.

      Thoughts: Dream fragment again, but, bad night for recall. Still better than nothing
      Tags: flipped, work
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. May 5, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:41 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      The Call:
      The phone rung and I looked at the caller id before answering. The phone mentioned Rotary International as the caller. They called twice if I'm not mistaken with the phone being answered the second time. They called and ruled in my favor for some incident.

      The Ocean:
      Something about the ocean. I might have been looking at it. It was a nice light blue color with small riptides coming onto the shore.

      New Worker:
      There appeared to be a new girl at work, since she seemed to be wearing work cloth and I haven't seen her before IRL. She was an average height, big chest, brown or black hair and was talking and smiling along with possibly hugging someone else.

      Thoughts: Interesting dreams no doubt and first time in a long time that I was able to recall three dreams, albeit they are on the short side Not sure what the first dream is about but we did have a new person at work although I don't think she looked the same at all
      Tags: call, ocean, work, worker