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    1. August 23, 2010

      by , 02-25-2011 at 06:00 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I'm at home and there is something about my mom ripping people's info as in she has some info on them(I think it was me actually). We needed to shred them, because I didn't want to get in trouble so I took the black book and knew I had to tell them I took it, so, maybe by write an email?

      I'm somehow at the DC. I'm in a building, in a large hall at the entrance of the DC. There are large replicas of some structures, possibly some animals as well, all different colors and there is some info panels near them explaining what they are. I wasn't able to read the text/read it but can't recall. The doors are transparent and I decide to walk through. Some people follow me into the DC. There are only two computer desks dark oak-colored, one in each of the top two corners of the room and a lot of tables in the middle like in a restaurant. The computer on the left had two chairs, some guy asked me about my name, believe his name was Mohammed.

      I start telling him when some group of girls walked in and started staring at me. I start to get confused because the room is very different from what I recall. I leave again but return twice only to find more people there the second time. They are all dressed in formal cloth and the second time, there were more of them and they were playing with
      a tennis ball. I was afraid that they were gonna break something and almost did. I believe I picked up the stray tennis ball as well. I take my coat and bag and look outside the window.

      I see a university sign right outside on the lawn below with a sidewalk facing to the west. How come the DC is in the university now? At this point, it dawned on me that I might be dreaming and I become lucid. Looking at my hands, one had cards in it, the other was invisible. I tried to make my invisibile hand visible and somewhat succeeded. I wanted to make it glow, so, I focused on it and it turned very white. It was transparent so the while glow gave it a nice outline, it looked amazing. I had a J card in my other hand and wanted it to change to Q, so, again, I focused on it, it did. I decided to change location and thought about having the building just disappear. I closed my eyes and woke up!

      Thoughts: Had this LD when I took a quick nap for maybe like 5-10 mins way back in August. Finally was able to type it up, pretty interesting that I can still recall a decent portion of it as well

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    2. July 14, 2010

      by , 07-16-2010 at 04:06 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Becoming Canadian:
      I was becoming a canadian citizen. I was in some class and they were teaching us what to say and preparing us for the ceremony. Next thing I know, we are at the ceremony. We were with some kids and then each one of us took a kid's hand and walked by themselves. The hall was big and I think we were going to the stage or at least to the seats.

      There was a lot of people and a song that went like: "This time will be happy", "This time will be of joy".

      Weather Changing and Modifying Elements:
      I was at work and the weather seemed to be changing quite rapidly. It was very bright, likely hot and was pretty calm outside. Next minute, it's pretty dark and getting to be stormy.

      Looking outside the large windows from the counter, I notice what appears to be kids in a far away building screaming, happy that there is a storm coming. I see a couple outside the store and they are running to the sidewalk. I think "Good thing they are near the store". The dream skips and I am sitting with some workers who I don't recognize from RL. They seem to be eating cupcakes and are sitting near the door of the room. I inquire about the cupcakes and they say that they were given to them and that I shouldn't take one of the pink-iced cupcakes from the stack across the room.

      Dream skips again and I recall being in my bedroom. I might have just woken up and I notice the dark, stormy weather outside from my window. I am already lucid and I decide to exit my room and go to see myself in the washroom. I walk out of my bedroom and into the washroom. I face the mirror and turn on the lights. I see a quick glimpse of myself before the lights go off. Once again, I turn them back on and they go off again. I turn them on for a third time and this time, they stay on. I looked pretty normal in my reflection aside from my really messy hair. I didn't get a good look at what I was wearing or how the washroom looked, although from what I recall, it looked pretty similar to RL. I didn't want to spend all my time infront of the mirror, so, I continued my way down the stairs. Some lady came up the stairs and I dealt with her. I continued my descent down the stairs to our dark living room. I was still on the stairs when I heard my little brother yell out as if someone was bugging him. It looked like he was sleeping on the mattress in the living room and was having some kind of a dream about someone bugging him. My sister suddenly appears and is running down the stairs. I remember wanting to make her lucid as a recent goal of mine and tell her she is, but, she just dismisses it and run towards my brother. As soon as she is within the range of the mattress, she jumps onto the mattress as he sleeps on it. Of course, he yells for her to get off. I ignored them and wasn't too fond of the dark atmosphere and environment. I thought that if I step out, I might have to fight some monster, so, I imagined a green meadow that stretched for miles with the bright yellow sun shining overhead.

      I proceeded to open the door and decided to step outside. I didn't have shoes on and was worried about stepping into some glass on the sidewalk, but, I dismissed this concern because this was a dream, so, I just had to create some kind of barrier beneath my feet to prevent such accidents. I imagined a silver sheet underneath both feet and when I felt pretty confident of my success, I stepped outside. The neighbourhood looked pretty similar to mine in RL and I was able to walk easily on the sidewalk, not feeling any terrain from what I recall, rather the sidewalks felt pretty smooth. It was lovely weather outside as well. I saw a really small rusted airplane in one of my neighbour's yards which would fit one person inside. I walked over to it to look at it and it reminded me of the airplanes one flies in the BF1942 game. I couldn't make out what was written on it, it was a blur and I didn't think about increasing clarity. It didn't have a tail, just some small wings and I couldn't see the head of it.

      A guy came by on some contraption on the sidewalk and a truck just entered my neighbourhood and was about to drive past me. I ended up freezing the guy by pointing my finger at him and I decided to drop a cage on the truck. I think I originally wanted to drop a cage on him as well. Whether the cage actually dropped on the truck, I would never know since I directed my attention towards the plane, but, on the other hand, the guy was frozen in time and was only moving his eyes. I was standing behind the plane's two exhaust pipes which looked similar to a rockets' and decided to repair it to use it to fly. I pointed my finger at it thinking about it getting repaired and both exhaust pipes turned brown to signal that the repair is in progress. I wanted it done and didn't want to wait any longer, so, I decided that by the time I finish my count starting at 5 and going down to 0, it would be repaired. When the counting was done, the pipes turned back to the black color they once were and it looked to be in working condition. I wanted to pilot it and was planning to get in. I might have even gotten in because next thing I know, I am awake in bed with my eyes closed and I was thinking about piloting it.

      Thoughts: Finally, I have had another lucid. I couldn't recall how I became lucid, but, possibly awareness and my meditation last night might have helped. It wasn't my shortest or longest either. Would be nice to get another one tonight or within this week with greater lucidity First dream wasn't too bad, wish I got the rest of the song though. It does seem to be quite catchy as well

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    3. June 10, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 03:05 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      I went to China, possibly with my family, although, I only saw my father and one of my siblings(knew he was there). We ended up staying at some Chinese house which was also a store. We were there to investigate the disappearance of some items. I entered the bathhroom at this house which had a bath tub facing the door and a stool on the right side. What was on the left side, I have no idea. It was pretty big and oval shaped. There was also a restaurant on the left side of the bathroom. There was a large table there with some chairs.

      I just finished talking to someone who was pretty mean to me. I think I climbed some stairs and was now standing on the roof. I was still thinking how mean she was and remembered how she flicked my head with her finger. Then I began to think why I was standing in the middle of a circular metal cage. I stepped out of it and tripped which caused me to lose my balance and move closer to the edge at which point I fell over. I could feel the air and see the ground coming up rapidly. I was pretty afraid of what will happen when I hit the ground. At this point, I felt an odd sensation take over and I was suddenly lucid. It must have been due to fear. I slowed down my fall so that I just touched the ground gently and walked away. My lucidity wasn't as strong as I would have liked. The dream skips and I'm with my family walking through a deserted park around evening time during the autumn season. I was still lucid but I following the flow of the dream. I saw a couple of gray or black skinny trees here and there. Between these trees, there was a small puddle which was filled with water. I sat near the puddle in the lotus position. As soon as I took the position, a mid-sized gray bird with a black patch running from it's head to halfway of it's back appeared and landed on my hands. I could feel his claws on my hands. Excited, I tried to get my sisters attention but a flock of birds, possibly 7 or so flew by and he ended up leaving my hand after they passed. We continued walking through the park and encountered a play structure. It's metallic in color and stood pretty tall. To reach the slide, one would have to climb the large steps, each around 75cm high and the steps are open, as in there is no metal facing your foot when you step on it. I thought it was interesting but continued walking and saw another play structure. Alas, at this point, my alarm started ringing and my vision went dark. I could feel myself waking up and eventually woke up.

      Thoughts: Interesting dreams for sure. Finally, got another lucid. Not the highest quality and I didn't get to accomplish any goals, but, I might have found my dreamsign. It seems that fear is my dreamsign, but, I need more dreams with it to make sure. The park was definitely interesting though. The atmosphere was just amazing, it reminded me of some of those pc games that I used to play, something like the first STALKER game atmosphere. I keep on forgetting to do some RCs, stabilize, increase lucidity, etc.... but that likely has to do with the level of lucidity which I had no control over. Definitely excited for more LDs now
    4. May 20, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:51 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Scene Change(Void to Patio/house):
      I find myself walking up a steep path which is made of large grey oval stones placed near each other. What was interesting was that I don’t recall there being any support under these stones, so, they were pretty much floating in midair. I was following my friends, 5 or 6 in total who like everyone else were fully clothed in black robes, so, all their faces were hidden. We kept walking along this path until we reached a very narrow area. We stopped and then they along with everyone there started facing to the east and sat down. I think it was supposed to be a rock concert that we were attending and the band was playing in that direction. I felt uncomfortable being in this spot since we were pretty high up and I wanted to continue walking.

      If one was to continue walking this path, they would encounter a large gap followed by a large number of these rocks that formed a platform. There appeared to be a really huge window split into smaller ones extending from below behind these rocks. I wanted to continue walking, however, my problem was that there were two guys standing on the left and right side of this narrow path rendering the idea almost impossible and too risky. I decided to sit down like everyone else. After a while, I started to slip off the edge since I was really close to it and almost fell 2-3 times. I remember the fear and terror of looking below to what I recall was a black void. I was held back and prevented from falling all those times by someone from behind but was afraid that he wasn’t able to continue helping me since the last time he helped me, I was leaning over quite a bit and wasn't sure I was going to make it.

      The dream skips and I think I am lucid at this point. I think I'm on the ground. I am standing on light green grass between a patio and a house. The house is on my right and patio on my left if I am facing east. The house is white with a door, but, I can’t remember any more details. The patio has what appears to be a small circular pool in its center. It’s surrounded by some white tables and chairs. There were some trees as well and the area formed a square. There were white fences around three edges, not sure about the fourth. I can’t recall much of the details for this part of the dream but I think I was lucid during it because I remember being very frustrated at my lack of control and wanting to wake up.

      Thoughts: Been waiting to have a lucid dream and finally had one. I might not have liked the control part and I only recalled small parts of this dream after waking up and doing some activities, so, I almost missed it. It's quite possible that these two are infact two dreams and not related in anyway. If they are related, it's possible I became lucid after falling from the path and was teleported to that new scene but not sure what happened to cause my lucidity. I did some quick meditation before bed and have been doing RCs daily so it's possible that I'm finally getting back on track

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    5. March 23, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:17 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Different Tests:
      I started this dream out as lucid, unfortunately, I canít remember how I became lucid. I think I was in some fantasy land, just have that feeling because I canít exactly remember the land, etcÖ. but I decided that I wanted to fly. At this time, it was dark and I had a friend nearby, so, I told them to look up at the sky. I could see the moon in a crescent shape and it was rising up pretty rapidly into the sky. At this point, I decided that I wanted to see the sun so that when I fly, I can see the landscape and just didn't like the dark in general. Suddenly, rays of yellow sunlight penetrated the air from behind us. It was kinda odd having the sun and the moon at the same time but I never turned around to see the sun itself, just saw the rays. I think I got distracted a bit, because, I ended up deciding to try some elemental attacks. There was a metallic cube with a circle in it that was floating infront of it which I decided to try some attacks on. I started with electricity and I pointed my finger at the cube. It didnít work at first but then I said ďthis is my dreamĒ and tried again. I could seem blue sparks come out at the end of my finger. Since I was mostly interested in seeing it work, I was satisfied and decided to try fire next. Again, my fingers were pointed at the cube and the circle and itís surroundings were engulfed by the flames. Finally, I tried to freeze it and it froze, since, I could see the ice, bubbles in it, reflections, etcÖ. I wanted to get somewhere and wanted to teleport but decided again it in fears of the dream ending, since, I lost my lucidity in my last LD, so, I decided to fly.

      I decided to try and float at first, so, I sat in the lotus position and concentrated hard and could feel a strange tickling sensation in my feet but nothing happened. Then I decided to go buy a flying pill. I went to some large store, but, donít remember how I got there. I didnít have any money, so, I picked up what looked like a penny sized object from a nearby slot. When the previous customer left, I walked beside them and somehow acquired 2 coins which looked slightly bigger than my penny. Funny enough, I think the cash opened on my side since I remember walking and it just came out and hit me, so, I put it in. I asked the guy(I think it was him) on the counter about flying pills and if they had them and he said that they ran out. He was also wearing a blue uniform similar to walmart but it was only the top portion and no writing on it. I was suspicious and felt like he was hiding them from me, so, I went to the next counter which was conveniently placed around a corner. Between the two counters, there was some shelves behind some glass which had purchasable items on it such as food, etcÖ. I looked back at the first counter to make sure that he wasn't looking this way since he was doing some something at the back and then looked at her. I think she was wearing glasses but thatís all I can recall. I asked her for some flying pills but she also said that they ran out(must be really famous pills). I started to ask if any of their other stores have some and pointed at another store which was in the same plaza across from us. I think she mentioned that it was also sold out as well, so, I asked if any other stores had some, but, before she could answer, I told her that Iíll look around. I returned home and I recall just walking from the store as if it was near my house(I think it was across from it).

      I was a bit disappointed but noticed a black guy who was wearing a grey t-shirt in his early 20s follow me. I knew him in the dream and I think he was one of my roommates. Anyways, I walked back home and went upstairs. The walls were colored light purple which interesting enough looked nice and just seemed to fit. The stairway was on the narrow side and seemed a bit cramped but would fit two people easily. After walking upstairs, I decided to walk back down and meet him on the stairs since I knew what he had with him(call it dream psychic). He told me about the flying pill and gave me two things, a pouch(I think it was that, canít exactly remember what it was) and a sleeping pill which looked like a small pill which had a grey metallic color and had two wings on each side. I thanked him a lot and got the feeling he didnít want me to lose my mind(what a great DC, lol). I went outside and ended up doing something first(distracted again I guess) but I lost the pill and started to look around for it in the grass. I couldnít find it and was disappointed yet again. At this point, I remembered that I didnít need the pill, so, I went back inside my house to create some wings. I sat down, possibly on a box in the dark and concentrated on imagining them and how I would look with them on as well as possible. The wings were to be large, grey, similar to what Iíve always seen wings appear like in movies, anime, etcÖ. After a while, my shoulder area felt a bit strange as if something was growing and then I started to feel like there was a good amount of pressure there and that I needed to do some pushing of my own. I was thinking of looking into a mirror after they were fully grown but never got the chance.

      Thoughts: Well, my third LD and I was definitely more conscious than my second one, can't really compare to first since that was too long ago. This LD was soooo long, even within the LD, I remarked to myself "This LD is really long, I don't think I'll remember it all" and I was right. It took a good amount of time to recall and piece together the different events and I got distracted a couple of times, kinda makes sense since I've been reading about people being distracted from their specific goals. I think this occurred in my 4th or 5th REM cycle, thus, the length

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    6. March 9, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:04 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Adventure in the Mansion:
      I was supposed to get home by 7:30am since I had a contest to go to(fighting or wrestling with a friend for the championship). I was walking on the sidewalk and somehow I lost my pants so I was walking around with brown shorts in the street and I personally didnít like that in the dream. As I sped up my pace, I noticed that near the gas station near my house, there was a huge white castle or possibly mansion since it was a mixture of the two. It was white, had large windows and a small pentangonal top tower similar to what you find in castles. It also had a large fence around it which extended around the gas station. There was a large tree on the left side of the fence. As I was walking towards it, a bus full of school children came near the left side of the house and starting dropping them off by the dozen.
      Wanting to avoid this chaos, I continued walking towards the right side of the house which was its back. As I moved further back, I realized that the fence was enclosing the whole house and that I was trapped. Instead of moving back, I continued forward and noticed some guy trying to escape as well. I canít remember much details about him, other than he was tall and had a small beard. We ended up walking together into some long hallway and towards the end of it, there was a white metal door which was a bit rusted and had a metal bar across as if closed. The guy tried to open it but it was locked, since, he was unsuccessful. Then we saw some lady at the start of the hallway walking towards us, so, I tried and unlocked the door and we got in just time. The door them magically transformed from a white metal door to a more transparent white wooden door. There was some glass in the door similar to the ones you see at the entrance of most homes nowadays, so, we were able to see that she was still waiting outside the door, so, that way was ruled out.
      Looking for a place to escape, we came across 3 doors in that room. I canít recall what awaited behind the first door, but, the second door had a living room in it. It had sofas and couches that were red in color and they seemed to be of the expensive variety. For some reason, victorican comes to mind. There was also a large white framed window, but, it was a bit translucent, so, only light was getting in. Finally, there was a table under the window with a lot of cash on it(couple of bundles with $1000 bills). Funny enough, within the dream, I looked at the money, saw it and while I wanted to take it, decided that I didnít care about money at the moment. I then went to the final room with this guy. I was gonna open the third door, but, I knew there was something behind it that I didnít want to see. I looked at him with the ďIím worriedĒ expression and he reciprocated my feelings through his eye language. I open it slowly and next thing I know, I just hear knives dropping on the floor. I think I moved back to avoid them otherwise I would've been lunch. There were other things as well but I can only remember hearing the sounds and then seeing a knife pointing at me in the top level(3 levels) behind this door. That took us completely by surprise and I quickly closed it. At this point, I decided to check if I was dreaming. I tried the nose RC but I couldnít breath. I think I might have also tried the hand RC but it might have also failed. As I walked back into the living room, I still wasn't convinced and tried to RC again(canít remember which one, possibly hand RCs, since I do those often). It must have worked because I recall saying that "I'm dreaming", so, I said I know how to get out of here. I put my hand on his shoulder and teleported us out of the mansion to my house. At this point, I told my mom that we have a visitor. The dream skips and next thing I know, I am asking my mom about the time and she says that it's 11:45 which meant that I missed my competition and obviously forfeited the match. I got a bit angry and told her that I wasted my lucidity to try and make this competition.

      Thoughts: Gotta love your dream self. You made me lose lucidity within the dream and then the knife thing was pretty funny when it happened, took me by surprise In terms of consciousness, I would say that I was more conscious in my first LD than this one since I didn't feel the change of conscience

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