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    1. Monday - August 12th, 2013: "Wind Controller"

      by , 08-12-2013 at 04:17 PM
      This was a short non-lucid but powerful and funny dream. I'm sitting outside with some friends, and it's a nice sunny day. I find some kind of remote control on the table, and my friend tells me that this is a "wind controller". It has a dial where you can adjust wind strength. Now being someone who loves wind, I turn the dial way up. It doesn't seem to work... but about 5 seconds later an ENORMOUS gust of wind comes along, I mean like tornado-type strength, it moves everyone as well as the tables and chairs. I feel the wind on my face, creating this AMAZING feeling, and I actually have to gasp for air because of the wind. However it's extremely strong so I turn the dial back, and the wind stops. Sadly, the dream ends here, and I didn't have time to experiment more. The wind felt really incredible, as it always does in my dreams.