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    1. Sunday, August 18th 2013

      by , 08-18-2013 at 07:35 PM
      [B]Sunday, August 18th 2013: "Class"[/B]

      I'm sitting in a classroom with many people, and it has something to do with cooking. The teacher is a younger female with shorter dark hair. We are sitting on the floor and have formed a circle. The spoken language is english. Next to me to the right is a friend I haven't seen in many many years. He lives in a different country. Now everyone gets an assignment to introduce themselves to the class and the teacher. My friend is very nervous. After I introduce myself, I look to my right, and my friend is gone. I get the feeling that he will do something bad.

      [B]Sunday, August 18th 2013: "Finances"[/B]

      It is nighttime. I am in my yard sitting with a collague of mine, and he asks me if I can lend him some money. It seems that he wants only 50 euros, but I give him 100, and he looks very happy. A few minutes later I am talking to his son about something.

      [COLOR="#B22222"][U]Note:[/U] I recalled 5 dreams, but only wrote down 2.[/COLOR]
    2. Saturday, August 17th 2013: "Repetition" (LUCID)

      by , 08-17-2013 at 02:49 PM
      [B]Saturday, August 17th 2013: "Repetition" (LUCID)
      Type: DILD/FA[/B]

      I had a fantastic series of false awakenings - three in a row, and lucid in all three of them, but many details have disappeared because the whole thing was followed by completely non-related non-lucid dream. However, this is what I do remember...

      Everything happens in the morning hours. It is daytime. I am sitting in my armchair in the living room, and I become lucid by doing an RC on the digital clock under my TV. - Because of the vividness of everything, I can't believe that I'm dreaming, so I repeat the RC two or three more times. I get very excited, stand up, and begin to laugh. I begin recalling some minor things I did last night. Then I turn around and look at the mirror in the living room, which is once again showing a somewhat different reflection. The biggest difference is in the hair, eyebrows, and eyes. Just for the fun of it, I pull on my right ear a little, and the same thing happens in the reflection. Now I point my finger in the mirror and begin laughing. The reflection does the same thing, but again, with minor differences. My facial expression in the mirror is very funny and unusual. As I'm deciding what I should do next, the dream appears to end.

      [B][U]FA #1:[/U][/B]

      I'm lying on my bed on my right side, and experiencing mild vibrations. After a few moments I become aware that it's a dream, and I just sit up. I push my right index finger through my left palm, and it feels like weak rubber. The finger slightly pushes through the palm. I laugh, and lucidly get out of bed. In my living room I encounter a friend, whom I ask to take me to an intelligent dream character, because I have some questions I need answered. He takes me into the yard, and we stand infront of the door that leads to my storage room. He tells me that this dream character is in there. I briefly see some figure through the door glass, but this is where I "wake up"...

      [B][U]FA #2:[/U][/B]

      Lying on my bed, once again on my right side, and again experiencing mild vibrations. I am pretty certain I feel my dream body and not my real body, so therefore I just sit up again, and do the finger-through-palm RC. Yup, I am still sleeping, and this is a dream. I get up, go outside, into the yard, and stand in front of the storage room, to attempt myself to generate this dream character. I try to expect many things, but even after two attempts it doesn't work. Now I decide to levitate a bit, which actually works great, as it always does in my dreams. A few moments later, I "wake up" again.

      [B][U]FA #3:[/U][/B]

      Same scenario. Lying on my bed, right side, mild vibrations. At this point I am 100% sure that it is a false awakening, and at the same time I laugh because it's already the third one. I sit up, do finger-through-palm successfully, and get out of bed. I go outside, into the yard, and I start saying the following out loud. "I will remember all of this. I must remember all of this. All the details I will remember." As I'm saying this, I look closely at the walls and all the details around me. It is very vivid. I laugh. Now I remember something from Patricia Garfield's "Creative Dreaming", and that's the claim that it should be pretty hard to say your name out loud in a lucid dream. In the book it says that this will cause many people to wake up. Now I try to do this, and I say my name out loud. To be honest it does create an unusual feeling perhaps because of some expectation effect, but it does not cause me to wake up. I rub my hands together, and decide to go for a walk. I walk down the street, frequently touching the walls of the houses as a sort of stabilization method. After a few minutes I notice that this town doesn't look like itself anymore. I seem to be in a completely different place. At this point the dream becomes unstable, starts to fade, and eventually turns into a non-lucid dream.
    3. Thursday, August 15th 2013

      by , 08-15-2013 at 03:37 PM
      [B]Thursday, August 15th 2013: "Music store" (Non-lucid)[/B]

      Not much to write down. I'm in some music store with friends looking at instruments and speakers. It is a huge building, and I also see some familiar people I knew many years ago. I'm not sure if it is day or night, because I don't see any windows. At one point I'm standing on an escalator going up, and I talk to some of these people. Later I'm with a cousin of mine walking around in this same store, and trying out some of the pianos and synths.
    4. August 14th 2013 (two lucid dreams)

      by , 08-14-2013 at 03:24 PM
      [B]Wednesday, August 14th 2013: "Something feels odd" (LUCID)
      Type: DILD[/B]

      I am walking in a street very close to my house. It's nighttime, and I'm going to buy a pizza. However when I get to this pizzeria, I see it's closed. Kind of pissed off because this was unexpected, I walk back down the street. What strikes me as odd is that it's pretty early to be closed, and the other thing... a construction site that should be located at the end of the street... it isn't there anymore. However I rationalize this by thinking they finished pretty fast with their work. I turn left and walk into the street where I live. As I enter my corridor/hallway, I just feel something isn't right. I step into my living room... and see that the lights are on, and the TV as well. I know I never do that when I go anywhere. Now it simply dawns on me without any reality check... I'm dreaming! I smile, and do a reality check for the fun of it. First my hand has 5 fingers, then 7, then 6, then 5 again. I decide to go for a walk and perhaps attempt some flying, so I go outside, and after a few steps further... the dream begins to fade, and a false awakening occurs.

      [B]Wednesday, August 14th 2013: "Positive Mirror" (LUCID)
      Type: FA/DILD[/B]

      I am lying in my bed, disappointed that the dream ended and I didn't get to do anything. Now this false awakening feels so extremely real that I don't think for one second that this could be a dream, although I find it a bit strange that it is still night time... seeing that I went to bed pretty late. I turn my laptop on to check my mail. Windows loads pretty fast. I log into my e-mail, no new mail. I go to DreamViews and log in... seeing a new private message. I don't see who sent it, but the subject says "DERENDER". Before I open the message, I take a look at my desktop clock in the corner to see what time it is. It says 23:something. I turn away, look back, now it says 11:something. I laugh, can't believe it, and I repeat the reality test. Now it says 05:something. Yaaay!

      I laugh out loud, step from my bedroom into the living room, and see the same mirror that I experimented with the previous night. Ah what the hell, it was so fun that night, I decide to do it again. I step infront of it and analyze my reflection. My reflection isn't angry anymore. It looks friendly, a bit smiling. The hair is a bit shorter. I also have a beard stubble, but the reflection does not. My eye color also seems different in the reflection... it is somewhat lighter. In any case, the reflection is once again different, but not in the way it was in the previous dream. It is much more positive this time. Now when I touch a tooth in my dreams, it always wiggles, and if I do it a bit more it falls out. Now I decide to do something funny, I open my mouth wide and look into the mirror. I see all my teeth... they are normal just like in reality. I push my finger against one upper tooth in the corner... and yup, it starts to move. I am actually amazed how I feel it moving, and I also feel the "nerve" somehow, deep inside. It's a bit uncomfortable, but not painful at all. I find it funny.

      Now at this point I close my mouth, and I attempt to shoot "energy" out of my palms. I rub my hands, concentrate on my palms, and direct them toward the mirror. Now I see the center of my palms start to glow slightly, and they begin to emit a green energy, extremely real looking. I look in the reflection, and see it very nicely as well. It is a very nice glow. At this point I decide to make this energy even stronger, so I focus, but unfortunately the dream begins to fade. I close my dream eyes, and attempt to generate a new scenery, but instead I wake up. No false awakening this time.
    5. "Amazing Mirror" (LUCID)

      by , 08-13-2013 at 02:56 PM
      [B]Tuesday, August 13th 2013: "Amazing Mirror" (LUCID)
      Type: WBTB/WILD[/B]

      After a brief WBTB period (around 10 minutes), I begin to slowly enter sleep paralysis. After the vibrations begin I relax as usual and focus on seeing through my eyelids. A few moments later the picture becomes clearer and clearer. After about 5 seconds, my bedroom becomes extremely vivid, and I just move my dream body and sit up. Excited that I entered a dream, I take a deep breath and get up from my bed. I look down at it, thinking maybe I'll see my body lying there, but no... I just see the bed, the pillow, and the sheets. I analyze the objects in my room and laugh because it's just so vivid. I am also lucid enough to know that I'll soon have to get up for work, and worry that maybe my alarm clock will wake me up soon and ruin my lucid dream. Now I enter my living room. It is day time, actually morning, just as in reality. I see one of my friends lying on the couch, but he doesn't live here at all. I tell him this is not reality, and ask him if he already knew that. He says no, and seems a bit disappointed. I tell him I have some things to do/experiment with, and that I won't disturb him, so he can remain lying on the couch. He laughs and says ok.

      In my living room there is a big mirror in the same position just like in real life. Now it dawns on me that I wanted to experiment with mirrors next time I become lucid. Very excitedly I step closer to the mirror and closer. Now I see my reflection... which is... extremely odd, just as always. But this time I am analyzing every detail of it, and it simply amazes me. My reflection is "angry", and "scary". My eyes look very focused, as if I'm ready to attack someone. One eyebrow is raised, which looks funny. In any case, the atmosphere is somewhat eerie, but it's a good feeling nonetheless. Now I move to the left, and the reflection seems to move just a bit differently, perhaps with a 1 second delay, and some minor differences in movement. Then I move to the right, and again, there is a delay and minor differences. Then I get very close to the mirror and analyze my face. One eyebrow is still raised, eyes are still scary, and the face is in "attack-mode." I actually laugh at this point, but my reflection doesn't laugh.

      At this point I decide to try what I read somewhere on the internet, and that's pulling the reflection out of the mirror. First, I stick my hand inside the mirror for a second, then pull it out. It looks cool, kind of like pushing your hand into liquid. I move my hand really close, then push it inside the mirror very fast and grab my reflection's hand. I pull it out, and pull, and pull... first up to the wrist, then up to the elbow. He's pulling back very hard, and I'm pulling in my direction. My friend watches the whole thing in amusement. I tell him to help me pull him out of the mirror. Gets up and helps me. However, at this point the arm begins stretching kind of like rubber, and I see that I can't pull him out, instead it's just like a very long arm that is now almost pulled to the end of the room. My friend and I decide to let go of the arm, and it just pulls itself back very fast into the mirror, snapping back kind of like a rubber band.

      A false awakening occurs. I am in my bed, but I already know it's a false awakening without doing a reality test. Everything is amazingly vivid again. I laugh and get up, but before I get to do anything... my alarm clock "really" wakes me up.
    6. Older dreams (Part 4)

      by , 08-12-2013 at 07:06 PM
      [B][U]Sunday, 24. April 2011: "04:70"[/U][/B]

      In this dream it is nighttime, and I am looking at the alarm clock in the living room. It reads "04:70". My cousin is there. I laugh about it, and so does he. At first I think I might be dreaming, but then I decide that the alarm clock is malfunctioning, and I leave it at that. Later I remember telling someone that the alarm clock is malfunctioning.

      [B][U]Wednesday, 27. April 2011: "Movie script"[/U][/B]

      I am in a darker room, kind of like a cinema, but it looks like I am attending a seminar. People are going to hold some speeches or something. I remember the whole situation revolving around a movie script for a horror movie. There is a man who talks a little about the script, but I don't remember the content. I remember two guys, middle-aged, chasing each other in a playful way through the room. A few moments later they become serious again. The atmosphere is tense, but not scary.

      [B][U]Wednesday, 27. April 2011: "Teleporter cannon"[/U][/B]

      It is daytime, but the weather is not sunny. I am standing outside in some field, with some sort of teleporter machine in front of me. There is a numerical keypad, and several LCD displays, along with other buttons. Someone is with me, but I don't remember who. I am pressing some buttons on the machine, and programming it so it is ready to teleport me to some destination. After I'm done "programming" it, I realize that this is actually some sort of big cannon for humans, and that I have to get inside so it fires me out of it. As scary as it sounds, I don't get very scared. I feel uncomfotable, but nonetheless decide to try it out, only a "small" test, not a big distance. So I get inside, and it fires me out, I don't go very much in the air. I notice that I have a parachute on me, so I pull on it, and it opens up. Now I slowly fall toward the ground.
    7. Monday - August 12th, 2013: "Wind Controller"

      by , 08-12-2013 at 04:17 PM
      This was a short non-lucid but powerful and funny dream. I'm sitting outside with some friends, and it's a nice sunny day. I find some kind of remote control on the table, and my friend tells me that this is a "wind controller". It has a dial where you can adjust wind strength. Now being someone who loves wind, I turn the dial way up. It doesn't seem to work... but about 5 seconds later an ENORMOUS gust of wind comes along, I mean like tornado-type strength, it moves everyone as well as the tables and chairs. I feel the wind on my face, creating this AMAZING feeling, and I actually have to gasp for air because of the wind. However it's extremely strong so I turn the dial back, and the wind stops. Sadly, the dream ends here, and I didn't have time to experiment more. The wind felt really incredible, as it always does in my dreams.
    8. Older dreams (Part 3)

      by , 08-12-2013 at 03:04 AM
      Another entry from my WORD (.doc) dream journal:

      [B]Monday, 18. April 2011: "Sunlight" (LUCID)
      Type: WILD/WBTB[/B]

      After about 4 hours of sleep, I get up, and go back to bed a couple of minutes later. I get sleep paralysis, then get a little uncomfortable and will myself out of it by trying to move my head as hard as possible. That always works for me. After that, I get it again, then I get the illusion that my head starts shaking and banging against the pillow. I also feel slight pressure in my entire body. I keep saying to myself that I will have a lucid dream. The next thing I know, I am in a dream, laying in my bed in the same position I fell asleep in. Everything looks the same. I get up, and start walking a bit around the room, reminding myself outloud that it is a dream. I start paying attention to the details, particularly the light switch on the wall. A few seconds later the environment begins to fade. I try to relax and rub my hands against one another, and the dream stabilizes a bit. I walk into the living room, and the door is open, I see the sunlight outside, and it is also shining onto the floor.

      However, looking at the sunlight destabilizes the dream and it begins to fade even more. I go back into the bedroom, which is darker, and the clarity improves. I focus, remind myself once more that I am in a dream, and then walk again into the living room. The sun once again causes the dream to begin breaking up so to speak, and losing clarity very much. Now I decide I will start spinning in order to stabilize it. So, in the living room, I spread my hands out, and start to spin and spin, expecting and hoping that the environment will stabilize. However, it continues to fade, and eventually... I don't know what happened after that. I did not wake up. It seems there was some kind of pause after that, if that's possible. Some kind of non-dream period? After that I only vaguely remember a non-Lucid dream.
    9. Older dreams (Part 2)

      by , 08-11-2013 at 03:15 AM
      More entries from my WORD (.doc) dream journal:

      [B]Wednesday, 27. April 2011: "Wild Google" (LUCID)
      Type: WBTB/WILD[/B]

      After being in SP and feeling those intense vibrations and sensations, I try having my room appear in front of me. It does for a second, but it is not clear enough, and keeps drifting away. I still focus my mind and expect to enter a dream. A few moments later, I see a computer screen in front of me, and a keyboard I'm typing on. I am aware that it is a dream. An internet browser is open on the screen. I go to Google, and see that whatever I type is unstable and keeps changing. I laugh about it, and I keep reading the funny text that doesn't make sense. Then I decide to go to Lotto.de, to see if I find some numbers and memorize them. I go to the website, but it looks nothing like the real website Lotto.de. There is alot of text to scroll, so I scroll down a bit. Now I see some numbers, but there are many of them, and they keep changing and changing. All of this fades away, and leads me to a non-lucid dream.

      [B]Thursday, 28. April 2011: "1994"[/B]

      I have somehow travelled to the past. I am in a house located on a big field. Lots of trees and grass. It is daytime, but cloudy weather. There is a man inside the house, a bosnian, but I don't know him in reality. In the dream, I am somewhat familiar with him. I ask him, "koja je godina trenutno?" ("what year is it now?"), and he replies "1994". Immediately upon hearing this answer, I begin to feel many emotions, and I start crying. I don't fear for my life, but I fear for his. I am sensing a big threat, and I tell him that war is about to begin, and that there will be a big massacre. He seems surprised by this, but he also believes me. I tell him I am 100% sure this will happen, and that we must flee as soon as possible. It seems that the time travel aspect of this dream is why I don't fear for my life. Nonetheless I insist that we both flee immediately. We get outside, and it seems that he doesn't have a car. Now this is a strange part of the dream, because at this point I know it is a dream, but I don't really feel lucid, because I simply go along with the plot of the dream, and don't try to generate a new scenery. I try to create a car for us to use, and I concentrate, tell myself that I can create anything in a dream, but still, it doesn't seem to work. However, a few moments later I remember me and him being in a car, and he is driving. We are on our way to "escape" the danger.

      [B]Saturday, 30. April 2011 "The Beard"[/B]

      It is nighttime, and I am in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. I keep looking at the beard I have. It's not a strong beard, but the one I usually have when I don't shave for a couple of weeks. While looking at myself, I realize that I shaved this beard off that same night, and only left a goatee. I feel that it could be a dream, so I push my right finger against my left palm. I look at it, and it doesn't go through. I actually feel the resistance just like in reality. I step outside into the living room, and do a reality check on the alarm clock. Voila, I become lucid. Everything is clear, but it begins to fade, as usual. I rub my hands for a moment, then stop, and then I try to calm down and think about what date it is, because I planned to do this a couple of days ago. I come up with April 24th, which is not true, but close. I go into the yard, and the dream begins to fade once again. I rub my hands, but it seems to lead to a false awakening. I don't notice that it's a false awakening, and I don't remember what happened after that.
    10. A few entries from my WORD (.doc) dream journal

      by , 08-11-2013 at 03:04 AM
      Some older entries:

      [B]Thursday, 21. April 2011: "Desktop Clock" (LUCID)
      Type: DILD[/B]

      It is night-time. I am in my room, sitting on my bed, with my laptop in front of me. I do a reality check on the desktop clock. The numbers change. I do it again, they change again. Excited, I do it a few more times to confirm. I realize I am dreaming, and become lucid. Everything is clear and vivid, and I am very excited and happy. I don't remember rubbing my hands, because the dream felt very stable and clear. I go to the living room, and see that I am alone. I enter the bathroom, not turning on the light, and for a moment I stand in front of the mirror. Being dark, I don't see a clear image in the mirror, but I do see that I look strange in the mirror, as usual in dreams. I feel the need to urinate, but instead of urinating into the toilet, I urinate into the sink from the side, because I feel somewhat threatened from the my reflection in the mirror. I feel relieved after urinating. When I leave the bathroom, it is day-time. Everything is extremely clear, vivid, and detailed. The colors are alive. I remember being amazed at the vividness, looking at the walls, smiling, and telling myself that I must remember everything when I wake up.

      The dream begins to fade, and I wake up, but not really. I open my eyes, it is night-time, but something doesn't feel right. I do another RC, this time on my laptop as well if I remember correctly, because I think it was turned on. The numbers change, and I repeat several times as usual. Yes, it is a dream. I become lucid once more. Somehow night becomes day again once I am in the living room. I am going outside. I see there is snow on the ground, but I don't feel cold at all.

      I go outside, and look around a bit. I begin levitating somewhat, but not much. I am amazed at the vividness and clarity, as usual. I go to Johannesstraße. As I arrive there, the dream begins to fade. I wake up again, but it is yet another false awakening. The room is dark once again, and it is night-time. There is no laptop that is turned on, so I don't do a reality check on the desktop clock. Instead, I try pushing my finger through my palm. It works! I remember looking at my hands, and seeing the half of my finger going through my hand. Again I become lucid. What happened after that I don't clearly remember.

      [B]Thursday, 21. April 2011: "Tachyons"[/B]

      Someone is calling me on the phone and threatening me and my family. It sounds like a female child's voice. The name showed up on the cell phone as "Tachyons". I remember yelling at them and cursing them out. I also remember walking somewhere outside while talking to them, and someone was walking with me. This kid on the phone is threatening me and laughing at me. I don't remember being afraid, and I keep threatening them back, with confidence.