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    1. Underground near the main stream.

      by , 04-18-2012 at 06:30 PM
      I and my brother stood in 'the square', a large, roughly square area of tarmac outside my granddad's house and surrounded bymultiple other two story abodes. On one of the 'sides' of the square was a speedbump, and beyond that a road that lead out into the rest of the village. The sky seems to be fairly overcast, though it isn't what you would call dark. Instantly, we both noticed something near the speedbump. There were two ramps descending into the earth on either side of it, like a path that goes under a motorway. both of us ran over to it and made our way down the ramp to the right.

      We were now in a concrete path that runs under the road. It was about twenty meters long from one entrance to the other. The wall to the left of us was flat and smooth. The floor too was the same glossy, cold concrete. To the right of us though was something unexpected.

      The floor continued to the right for about two meters, before dropping down. This space between this drop and the other wall was filled with a clear water, with some debris such as leaves floating in it. An arched tunnel in the wall behind the trench stretched off beyond what I could see, and the water lay there as well. An iron grating walkway went down the middle of the arch, but ended at the mouth of the tunnel. On 'my' side of the water there were the beginnings of a bridge, but the middle was missing. Presumably it was for maintenance purposes.

      I and my brother made our way to another exit that had appeared next to the one opposite us. This led up, through smooth curvy passages, until we reached the 'top'.

      Scene Change

      I was on a large grassy plain. Some tall cliffs surrounded the grassland, with a few spruce trees dotted here and there. The sun beamed warmly, and the sky was a deep blue. A few clouds drifted lazily across it. The most noticeable thing were the buildings that stood before me. There were about eight that I could see, but more could have been covered up by cliffs. Each was like a huge steel box, covered in huge radiator gratings. They were very futuristic, with clear cut lines and bright faces.

      Then I found myself inside one of them. They appeared to be connected together, like a modular building, in one long row. I walked down them. Each had a glass window to the left of the path, usually with blue screens surrounding them. Behind the glass I could see small white space-ships hovering in a bland room, empty save for the scientists that seemed to be monitoring them.

      I eventually reached some of the scientists beside a long table, upon which people were laying. A scientist explained they had just come out of the pods. Apparently people would be 'grown' in these pods instead of a womb. One by one, the scientists woke up the people and asked them their names and how they were feeling. They all seemed to be fine, and could speak fluent english.

      Scene Change

      I walked up a muddy hill towards a large wooden hut , surrounded by brambles and bushes. Several bare windows lined the wall, and from each of these one of my friends dangled, seemingly as a test of strength. There were other people walking up the hill with us, and I myself walked beside the 'leader'.

      Inside the hut it was quite cramped, as a second room took up the center of the building, leaving room around the outside. I walked around, chatting to people and eventually found my friend M., who I talked with about my aunt. Acording to him she had been attacked, but was fine.

      Scene Change

      An old man walked with his dog up a zigzagging path. He seemed to be in egypt as pyramids and sandstone structures lined the pathway. Suddenly, a stone sphinx ran at him. He punched it and it flew into a pyramid, smashing through the wall. The sphinx then came out and threw a gigantic block at the man, but he merely deflected it with his fist, causing it to rebound and smash the sphinx to pieces.