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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. The sofa scam and the Victorian ghost.

      by , 03-17-2013 at 11:26 PM
      I'm in my school's common room, only for sixth form students. In the dream however, it's much larger than in real life. The ceiling stands about two stories above me like a large gymnasium, and as far as I can tell the room is connected directly to the main 'street' of our school. Out of the nearby windows I can see it is night. There are several octagonal tables stationed around where people are sitting, talking, laughing and eating. I'm near the edge of the large group of tables, where a solitary old fashioned sofa is stationed. I get a really bad feeling about the sofa, as if it's an evil, tangible presence. I advise my friends D and A not to sit on it, but they laugh it off. D is very relaxed, and assures me that it's fine. They both sit down, and nothing happens, though I know something is wrong. It is then that someone I know, though I can't recall who, gives me a hacksaw and tells me to do it. D and A get up and resign themselves to the fact that they won't get to use the Sofa. I begin to cut it up into very thin slices. It's surprisingly easy to cut, as though it is made of sponge. Once i'm done, the room trembles and a voice booms "How dare you kill the being I sent down to earth!". At this point everyone in the room begins to get scared. We start hearing regular thumps, massive ones, as though a giant creature is approaching. The whole room shakes with each 'step'. I get up and go outside in an attempt to help calm my fellow students.

      Outside it is raining quite heavily, and the moon peaks out from behind the overcast sky. I move round the front of the school and round to the back. Here there are more changes. My school is now built near the side of a large river, and a cathedral is now stood nearby. The school is missing several sections as a result. As I move along the tarmac beside the river I sense something, and look around to see a legless ghost in a long Victorian skirt float across into the cathedral. I then see a huge white ball appear in the sky, and in terror assume it's the monster. It actually turns out it's a light atop the cathedral spire, and the whole thing is actually just faked. I move towards the school to tell everyone, who I can see beyond the large windows. A friend comes out to greet me, and realises as well that it is a scam. I then look towards the school to see the ghost flying straight at me, before waking up.

      Overall, quite an interesting dream. First one I had in some time. Will keep you updated on If I have any tonight.
    2. Fallout: British Countryside

      by , 04-24-2012 at 07:32 PM
      Finally had me some brief lucidity! And I do mean brief. However, this is a good sign of things to come


      I'm on a boat of some description. It's fairly square, and has balconies like on a paddle steamer. I remember going inside and seeing a kitchen and a television. I think I got something to eat. My dad was there as well. [Fragment, 0.5 points]

      Scene Change

      I and my friend J are near a canal. On one side is a huge red brick wall, stretching horizontally for miles. On "our side" of the river are several two storied shops and houses. Several tall black Victorian lampposts and benches line the canal. The floor is a sandstone tile, and looks quite pleasing. There are two arched bridges going over the canal, with people crossing them.

      For some reason I hold a pistol in my hand, and it soon becomes apparent why. Across the water I see a group of metro police (half life 2) about to cross the bridge nearest me. I fired into them, taking one down. They instantly drew their batons and began radioing for assistance. The people around us didn't seem to mind.

      (Minor Transition)

      Night falls, and the police are gone, presumably dead. Since no one's now around, we break into one of the stores. I find some ammunition and supplies. We then decide to leave before more enemies come.

      (Minor Transition)

      We're walking down a gravel country road in between large hedges, leading away from the city. We climb up on one hedge to find that it forms a huge 'block', if you will, of leaves that we stand on. This stretched up to a farm house, with a beat up pick up truck outside. We then notice the Brotherhood of Steel outcasts torching the area or stomping around menacingly, dressed in black and red power armour.

      My friend says to me "What if I do this?" before firing a large energy weapon and laughing. It shoots a huge blue ball towards them and explodes, killing some.

      Excrement hits the fan.

      What ensues is a brief battle, in which we slaughter the outcasts. Farmers, women and older children come out of the house and offer to join us, all wielding weapons. I pick up a shotgun from near the truck, but for some reason it's fused with another like a weird first person glitch. I throw one away. It's a twin barrelled break action 410. We were attacked by a few more outcasts, prompting me to scout a path in a nearby hedge.

      It leads to a field on a hill sloping down before me. The sun is just rising over the horizon. A farmer and a his son step out towards me. Not initially realising the lack of threat, I shoot, thankfully missing them. They're rather miffed, naturally. I then tell them why I'm on edge, panting "You weren't there!" like a grizzled war veteran. [Whole Dream, 1 point]

      Scene Change

      I'm now lucid. I seem to be looking at me from a weird angle, only seeing concrete on the floor. I seem to be not fully "in the dream" as I seem to be able to feel my physical body dragging me back. I slowly get pulled back and I wake up. [Became Lucid, 5 points] [Fragment, 0.5 points]
    3. Underground near the main stream.

      by , 04-18-2012 at 06:30 PM
      I and my brother stood in 'the square', a large, roughly square area of tarmac outside my granddad's house and surrounded bymultiple other two story abodes. On one of the 'sides' of the square was a speedbump, and beyond that a road that lead out into the rest of the village. The sky seems to be fairly overcast, though it isn't what you would call dark. Instantly, we both noticed something near the speedbump. There were two ramps descending into the earth on either side of it, like a path that goes under a motorway. both of us ran over to it and made our way down the ramp to the right.

      We were now in a concrete path that runs under the road. It was about twenty meters long from one entrance to the other. The wall to the left of us was flat and smooth. The floor too was the same glossy, cold concrete. To the right of us though was something unexpected.

      The floor continued to the right for about two meters, before dropping down. This space between this drop and the other wall was filled with a clear water, with some debris such as leaves floating in it. An arched tunnel in the wall behind the trench stretched off beyond what I could see, and the water lay there as well. An iron grating walkway went down the middle of the arch, but ended at the mouth of the tunnel. On 'my' side of the water there were the beginnings of a bridge, but the middle was missing. Presumably it was for maintenance purposes.

      I and my brother made our way to another exit that had appeared next to the one opposite us. This led up, through smooth curvy passages, until we reached the 'top'.

      Scene Change

      I was on a large grassy plain. Some tall cliffs surrounded the grassland, with a few spruce trees dotted here and there. The sun beamed warmly, and the sky was a deep blue. A few clouds drifted lazily across it. The most noticeable thing were the buildings that stood before me. There were about eight that I could see, but more could have been covered up by cliffs. Each was like a huge steel box, covered in huge radiator gratings. They were very futuristic, with clear cut lines and bright faces.

      Then I found myself inside one of them. They appeared to be connected together, like a modular building, in one long row. I walked down them. Each had a glass window to the left of the path, usually with blue screens surrounding them. Behind the glass I could see small white space-ships hovering in a bland room, empty save for the scientists that seemed to be monitoring them.

      I eventually reached some of the scientists beside a long table, upon which people were laying. A scientist explained they had just come out of the pods. Apparently people would be 'grown' in these pods instead of a womb. One by one, the scientists woke up the people and asked them their names and how they were feeling. They all seemed to be fine, and could speak fluent english.

      Scene Change

      I walked up a muddy hill towards a large wooden hut , surrounded by brambles and bushes. Several bare windows lined the wall, and from each of these one of my friends dangled, seemingly as a test of strength. There were other people walking up the hill with us, and I myself walked beside the 'leader'.

      Inside the hut it was quite cramped, as a second room took up the center of the building, leaving room around the outside. I walked around, chatting to people and eventually found my friend M., who I talked with about my aunt. Acording to him she had been attacked, but was fine.

      Scene Change

      An old man walked with his dog up a zigzagging path. He seemed to be in egypt as pyramids and sandstone structures lined the pathway. Suddenly, a stone sphinx ran at him. He punched it and it flew into a pyramid, smashing through the wall. The sphinx then came out and threw a gigantic block at the man, but he merely deflected it with his fist, causing it to rebound and smash the sphinx to pieces.
    4. Being punched, flying a stick and the blunt dismissal.

      by , 01-01-2011 at 08:54 PM
      I am standing in a field. Several houses surround the field, each made with dull orange bricks. It's quite a nice sunny day (a common theme in my dreams) but I feel sad. Apparently I had to go back to school. I saw my two friends, O and O walking past me quite happily. I walk towards where I know the school is, and turn into another field, this time with a football pitch. While walking accross, I join more people walking to school. Suddenly, a small blonde boy stands in front of me, smirking. I try and fail to get past him, and then I get hit from behind. A group of 12 year olds start beating me up, spinning me round, throwing me e.t.c. I'll teach the little f****** I think, but every time I try to throw a punch, I meet heavy resistance until I either stop short of them, or it hits with barely any force. They aren't actually hurting me, but its infuriating to not be able to do anything. I used to get bullied a lot (though never physically, thank god) and this used to be a common theme in my dreams . One of my friends, B, calls "I thought you said fighting Year 7's was easy!" They find my struggle hilarious, and eventually throw me at the ground and go off to play football. I walk away to take an alternate route: a small path running down the side of the field, seperated by a small hedge. I find a stick, hop on and zoom along about a meter off the ground. Suddenly, I see a floating stick in front of me, blocking my path. I think to myself, "If I were lucid right now, that stick would..." and BLAM! POW! THOCK! THWUMP! HEDGEMONY! I become lucid. The stick seems to be some kind of evil force, trying to manifest in the stick and morph to a form more dangerous to me. As it dramatically gathers itself, I just bluntly grab it out of the air. No evil in my dreams...well, other than my evil. I smile wikedly to myself. I wonder how those Year 7's will cope with a lucid warrior? Righteous fury welling inside me, I fly dramatically over the hedge and make a beeline for the football pitch where I can see the perpetuators. The dastardly curs! And then, the dream changes and I loose the little lucidity I had. The rest of the dream involves me placing presents in giant christmas stockings. Still, at least I had a new years lucid!
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. Blood angels, Japanese girls and The awesome fight!

      by , 12-28-2010 at 02:44 PM
      I'm a blood angels chaplain leading my squad on a purging of a chaos controlled city (which is odd because I play Tau XD ) Then, a huge daemon appeared in front of us. I and my squad resented the emperor and so we readily joined his side. I remember looking over my army and telling them as the sun rose behind me.

      *Scene Change*

      I'm now in the city with the daemon. He gives me a tour of the city before showing me the temple that's being constructed. It resembles a huge pyramid made of steel and glass, and it stands about 20 stories high. Me and the daemon are on a gantry above the pyramid and inside I can see thousands of slaves riding minecarts, building as they go. The daemon laughs at them, but I tell him I object to the use of innocent civilians as slaves.

      *Scene Change*

      I'm in a large town hall, with about three hundred seats in the third closest to the door. Three pillars are set in front of them, leaving two entrances either side to get into the hall beyond. I go through. On the other side there is a door at the far end of the hall. On either side of the door there are small pools. The daemon appears behind me and explains that this is like a gladiatorial arena with monsters. He laughs at my apparent doom, but in this dream I'm super strong. I. Own. Everyone.

      *Scene Change*

      I'm climbing across complex scaffolding built around a sphinx. A giggling Japanese girl starts taking pictures and flirting with me. I just smile and wave, smile and wave...
    6. The evolution of gilly - man

      by , 09-12-2010 at 06:11 PM
      For some reason, the dream appears to start as a loading screen of a game. However, a short time later I find myself in a vibrant land, similar to the art style in 'skyward sword' (interesting fact: i was reading the nintendo magazine before going to sleep). All of a sudden, some guilmon run past me, and i realize they have populated the area. I head toward a house built into a large tree stump, where i meet a strange lecturer. I can only vaguely remember him, but he was japanese and dressed in brown, with square glasses. He then began lecturing me using a slideshow on how Guilmon is real, and is actually a species called gillyman. Right. I remember going outside for a bit, before I woke up.

      A few minutes later, I entered another dream in which I was rich, and was staying in the biggest hilton hotel in the world. It consisted of one, long room which was shaped like a cuboid with the right face being bigger than the others. This was made of glass, and I could see planes taking off outside. There were also many long, low cuboids along the floor, almost like pews. There were other people there, and someone who was my enemy apparently. Anyway, there was a load of soap foam as high as the ceiling, and i set off into it, entering another dream.

      In this dream, I was in Gmod (or garrys mod) and had started a zombie survival multiplayer server. However, the zombies had spawned early, and so I had to fight them in a network of blue, abstract tunnels, gathering survivors as I went and eventually escaping. Not scary, just insanely fun!

      This was a good night for my dream recall, so im hoping for a repeat tonight.
    7. Darth vader, The continental theme park and the Planetside Television Kill. [Non-Lucid]

      by , 06-26-2010 at 11:51 AM
      Not a lucid dream, but still pretty weird!

      I was with a group of planetside soldiers, flying in a ship through mist. Eventually, we landed on a metallic construction like a large H with landing pads on each end of the H. Climbing out, I saw that we were in a low valley, with a grass floor sloping down. As we all ran down towards the exit of the valley, we came to an obstacle course based on all of the worlds countries. All I can clearly remember is that I got stuck on the windmill - rope - bridge, but eventually I got out and met up with the rest of the squad. We then drove in 'Lightning' rapid assault tanks towards a second valley, this time leading up. When we reached the top, we noticed a Store built into the cliff face. Curious, we walked up to it and were met by a smiling old couple, who invited us in and gave us food. But then, the news came! They were actually going to turn us in to some kind of evil warlord! The two old people ran off into a nearby sci-fi metal tunnel, and I gave chase, eventually cornering the woman who was actually an evil spirit in disguise! (seriously, my dreams really are this weird - and no, I dont do drugs ) Anyway, drawing my trusty Vanu blade, I activated its energy beam function, when it turned into a television. Yeah... Well, seeing no other options, I attacked the evil spirit / woman with the silver TV and Killed her, her shadow getting sucked into the screen. At this point the dream became confused, until I seemed to be floating behind darth vader, who was tring to escape past our troops in the valley. Oh, and he was armed with a bow and arrow. well, he did some metal gear style sneaking, and eventually made it to the ship, which was behind one of the H's pillars. He shot an arrow into a lone sentry's side, and then I woke up.

      I really need to let up on the Planetside XD