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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Mike Shows Me His World (Lucid), High School Band, and Classroom/Donuts/Pickles

      by , 09-28-2014 at 02:07 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was waking up in what seemed to be my room at my house. It was dark and nighttime. I was looking at my dresser, and something seemed amiss. My TV wasn't there. I was dreaming!

      I got pretty excited, because I knew it was the beginning of the dream. I had quite a bit of lucidity ahead of me. I went into another room, thinking as I went, trying to figure out what to do with my lucidity, when I remembered CanisLucidus's dare, or at least the first part of it, to make Mike, my spirit guide, appear. I was in the bonus room and saw that on the couch sat my parents. It was quite dark in the room, like it had been in my bedroom. My dad was smiling at me, sitting right in front of me, and my mom was next to him on the right. I wanted Mike to appear, so I decided to try the Canis approach to making people appear in his dreams. I turned around to face away from my parents on the couch and said to my dad
      "You're going to be Mike!"
      I had no idea if this was going to actually work for me, but I turned around and saw that he had, in fact, changed! He was an older, rugged-looking man with straight, slightly thinning and slightly whiting shoulder length red hair. The red seemed to be mostly closer to the tips. He also had a mustache and a small beard. Even though he (once again) looked different, it was definitely him.
      "Mike!!" I said. I gave him a big hug.
      "Where have you been?" I asked.
      I don't recall his exact response, but he was telling me he had been busy doing other things. I kind of expected him to respond with something like "I've been here the whole time!" or something cheesy and predictable like that.

      Mike then asked me if I wanted to see his world. Of course I said yes! I don't remember if there was a period of transport or not, but we were then there. We were outside. It was sunny and bright, and actually appeared to be quite Earth-like. There were humans like us walking around, quite a few in fact; we seemed to be in a town or neighborhood. I wonder what made this world different from Earth? I then thought that this was a very Earth-like planet, but it was in a different dimension. That made much more sense to me.

      We then proceeded to go to his house. I was introduced to his mom, though I don't remember exactly what she looked like. I was a little nervous about meeting her since I was from such a different place and that I wouldn't know much about this place if she asked. We were in his house for a bit. It was easy to tell that he felt at home in this world. I felt like an outsider.

      Then, I think we were outside again, and he was showing me some solar powered thing that charged when held under the sun. It may have been a cellphone, but at any rate, it was a small black device that looked similar to some cellphones. He was guiding me on how to hold it under the sun, telling me I did a good job when I figured it out. Well, there's one difference, more emphasis on solar energy. There were other slight differences, I knew there was, but I didn't know what they were yet.

      Around this point, I also looked at some text on a sign that looked like it said "Kristia" or something like that. I looked away and back to find that it was now gibberish. The K was still there though. Yay for wonky dream text!

      I was also remembering that I had another part of the dare to do, but everything was so fast paced, I couldn't seem to recall it. There was a brief point where I did, but Mike was in front of me walking, so I didn't ask and forgot about it.

      We were then going around town, and his appearance kept changing, which is what he's good at doing. I'd look at him, and he'd look different, but still had something about his face that made me know it was still him. He, at one point, turned into this short, very dark Indian-looking woman with short black bobbed hair. He was next to me, then started to walk in front of me. I cannot recall where we were going at this point, all I know is that we were outside.

      Throughout the dream, I had also been doing random finger count RCs to make sure I was going to stay in the dream, sometimes coming up with 6 fingers, but it was usually 5.

      We were then sitting down somewhere. He was back to his form from the beginning of the dream, which was kind of a relief for me. I then really wanted to kiss him. I focused on his lips and leaned in. I closed my eyes, there was a slight delay on his end, but we kissed. I was concerned about my eyes being closed and how that could very well wake me. We kissed a couple of times before...

      I opened my eyes and I was in my room...kissing my husband. Ha! Well that's good at least. I looked at my nightstand and saw that many of my things, my notebook, phone, DS, etc. weren't there, but were on the floor. I guess I somehow knocked them off the nightstand in my sleep. I asked my husband if I had been doing anything in my sleep, and he said I had been singing a song. Ha!

      I then, at some point, figured out that I was dreaming again, and had had a FA. I found Mike again somehow, though I couldn't tell you where. I feel like we went back to his world for a bit, and we were talking about something when the dream finally ended for real.


      I was in high school band again. We were going to have to stay until after 10:30pm, which, in the dream, was when classes ended, for band rehearsal. I was complaining to my friends about it. We weren't happy about it.

      I was then sitting with the other clarinet players in an arch in the front row of seats in the band room. We were trying out for chair placements. My band director played a scale on the clarinet he was holding and told us that was our tryout. God, I hadn't played a scale, or the freakin' clarinet, in forever. It was assumed I was going to go first even though I was sitting in the smack dab middle of the arch because of my last name. I said
      "Don't look at me! I always go first!"
      The attention was taken off of me. I looked at my mouthpiece to make sure my reed was placed on there correctly.


      I was about to walk into a classroom to watch some kids while the teacher was out. I wrote something on the floor right next to the inside of the doorway on the right in chalk, a couple of sentences that kids would write over and over again on the blackboard for getting in trouble, though I can't remember what the sentences were. I hoped that the teacher didn't expect me to write them over and over again on the blackboard.

      I then was walking into the class. I walked in the front past the teacher's desk which was in the middle of the classroom. There was someone else in there at another smaller desk close to the end of the front. I started to think about how I would discipline a student who was doing something wrong. I looked to the blackboard and saw another, smaller board on it. I could make them write their names up there like I had to do when I was a kid, but I doubted that I could speak up enough to do this; I didn't want them to dislike me.

      I was then putting cake donut holes in bags when the other person there asked me a question, asking me if I would do something, a hypothetical question. I said yes, I'd do it. She was shocked by my answer, but I had meant it in a different way than what she was taking it in, and I tried to explain myself to her. I was then putting dill pickle slices in one of the bags with the donuts. I had only put a few in there before I realized that was a terrible idea. I took them out, but there was still a little juice in there.


      I had a dream before my LD, but I was so excited about the LD that I completely forgot it! Still super stoked about seeing Mike again. It has been awhile!

      Also, thank you Canis for (inadvertently) giving me a method of making DCs appear! Also, I completed half your dare. Does that count for anything? XD
    2. Space Velociraptors Take Over the Earth!

      by , 10-15-2011 at 04:37 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my friend Paul. It was somewhere that I was spending the night for some reason. We were upstairs in some kind of bonus room. The only light in the room was a desk lamp at a desk Paul was sitting at. I was really tired, and laying on the floor on some blankets. I had a pillow as well. Paul was sitting in a desk chair which was turned towards me. We had been talking, but I don't remember about what. At some point, he was even massaging my feet. I hoped that he didn't think they were gross.

      Then, I was so tired, I just decided to close my eyes and go to sleep.

      I was then...I'm not really sure. I was in some white room that looked futuristic. We may have even been in space. This is where I figured out that space velociraptors had taken over the Earth. It was sometime in the future. The world was also running out of its water supply.

      Even though these space raptors had taken over the planet, there were plenty of humans left. The thing was, they were living in constant fear. If the humans went outside, they were fair game to be eaten. People were getting picked off one by one. It was a horrible state.

      I was told by some guy that we had to go back and get some people. We were then on Earth (a couple of men and myself) in my backyard. It was quiet, and the sky was grey. I knew we didn't need to be outside, though there were no raptors in sight; being outside was risky business in these times. I saw my brother at some point; he was helping us out.

      I was then in my house. I don't really know what we needed the people for, but I was in there to get them. I walked through my kitchen, and then into my living room. It was quiet; I didn't see anyone inside. I saw some of the people who came with me outside through the windows.

      I then felt like I lived there. I felt scared for my life. I felt the fear of the people of Earth.

      Suddenly, through one of the windows, I saw them. A pack of raptors was running through my backyard. They were red with black, stripe-like markings on their backs. My breath caught in my throat and I dropped to the floor on my hands and knees. I frantically tried to crawl away from the windows, and ended up seeing some more passing through the front yard through the windows in our piano room. I felt like their vision was based on movement, so I tried to be still as I laid low. One of the raptors looked around as it passed. I hoped it didn't see me.

      I started to panic, and immediately became lucid. I tried to think myself awake, but that wasn't enough. I started to say it out loud.
      "Wake up, Krista. Wake up. Wake up!"
      At first it didn't work. I closed my eyes and opened them in the exact same scene I had been in before.

      Then, I closed my eyes and opened them again, finding myself back in the room with Paul. I was so relieved, but extremely sleepy. I looked next to me and noticed that Paul was laying on his stomach reading next to me on the blanket that I was also laying on. On the other side of Paul was a small child, a little boy. I think it was his nephew. I thought Paul was probably trying to make a move on me or something, but I didn't really care at that point. I was so tired that all I wanted to do was sleep. I turned to lay on my stomach as I cuddled my pillow a little. I moved a little closer to Paul, in a way hoping that he would cuddle with me.

      I then fell asleep again.

      I was back where I had been, but I didn't feel as scared because I knew I was dreaming. Part of me just wanted to let the dream play out a little more, so I didn't really do anything to control it.

      I was then on the Earth mission again, but I was at a different house this time. I knew I was dreaming, so I knew no one was in any real danger. I quickly decided to try to transform myself. I'd never done that before. For some reason, I decided to try to transform myself into Pikachu. Why I decided on Pikachu is absolutely beyond me. I concentrated for awhile, but it wouldn't work. I stood in front of a mirror to try to guide the transformation by watching myself. The best I got was one of my legs started to turn yellow at the thigh. I tried for my other leg, but no dice.

      I then went away from the mirror and tried to shrink myself, seeing if I could do it that way. I shrank a little, but just ended up squatting on the floor. I then laid on my back to try to watch my legs shrink. Nope, no dice. Grr.

      I was then in the white futuristic room again. I was told that the raptors had not originally come to kill, but when they got to Earth, they saw us and felt sorry for our species because we were so stupid and blind, and decided to take over the world and kill us. I also figured out that the world's water supply was pretty much out; someone said they didn't know for sure, but had heard someone on Earth, referring to the water, say
      "Oh shit."

      I then was at my college, about to play a woodwind concert for band. I was holding my clarinet. I was walking down a bright hallway, when I saw the trombone players start to walk towards me, going on to play the brass portion of the concert. I then saw Austin (my ex in waking life who really does play trombone). His hair was shorter and he looked a lot younger. He wasn't wearing glasses either, as he usually is in waking life. I walked right by him, and he looked right at me. I then noticed that he had gotten shorter....waaaay shorter. In fact, as he walked by me, I turned around and he had shrunken a TON. I figured it was an illusion and he did it to himself. On top he was wearing a suit jacket, white shirt and tie, but on the bottom, he was wearing these baggy black pants with tons of ropes or belts that went from one leg to the other. I figured he had used those to make it look like he was way shorter.

      Embarrassed, I turned to a friend and said
      "I can't believe I'm dating him."
    3. Creepy Church Service, in Band Again, and Some Others

      by , 05-31-2011 at 04:21 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I remember being in a church, sitting at a pew. Some really creepy piano music started to play, and people started to chant this weird song. Bars came down from the pews in front of everyone and trapped us (kind of like the safety bars on roller coasters). I looked to my left, and 3 or 4 guys in suits were sitting next to one another chanting, looking extremely creepy. I was a little weirded out, so I somehow got of the bar that was trapping me and left.


      I walked into the dorm I was supposed to be living in for the semester. My mom had it all set up; she had my bed all made and my clothes all put away. The dorm looked much nicer and spacier than the one I had freshman year. In fact, the floors were carpeted, and there were 2 TVs!

      However, there were 3 other beds...I had 3 other roommates. o_o

      I remember laying down on my bed. I figured out it was a water bed. My mom had made it up with some really nice bedspread. I remember it being a dark red color. I remember talking to my mom, and her saying I probably wouldn't be able to go to bed early, because she remembered hearing the other girls talk about some German person coming in that night. I then asked my mom if she had brought my underwear and pants. She said no, and I asked her to go get them, or maybe I said I'd get them myself, can't quite recall.

      I then remember one of the roommates coming in. She had long-ish dark brown hair pulled back into pigtails. She definitely looked like a freshman, probably about 18 or 19. We said hello. I commented to her about the carpets and about how much nicer that dorm was than my old one. I remember her putting away her underwear in dresser drawers. It was mostly thongs. She started telling me about what she was going to wear the next day when her and her boyfriend bought weed.

      I then remember I had somehow gotten my pants and underwear, and I was putting them away in the two dresser drawers below the two that the other girl had put her things away in.

      I remember seeing a flyer about some girl named Irene who, if you payed her a dollar, you could have your cat in the dorms. I thought about bringing Belle, my cat, into the dorms. I thought about her sleeping on my bed with me. I don't think I decided to bring her for some reason.

      I also remember thinking about how I kinda felt like a freshman again, new to and excited about the college world.


      I was in high school band again. I remember sitting in a band room. My high school band teacher was there. I had my clarinet, and was reading the music on the page. The reed felt weird in my mouth. It was an old reed. I remember I was close to last chair. I thought I may have actually been last chair, but a couple of people sat down to my left. They had 3rd part music, and I had 2nd part. I thought hard about playing clarinet regularly again.

      I remember thinking that maybe I should play bass clarinet instead, since I have one, I played it all through high school, and there were no bass clarinet players in this band. However, I stayed where I was and continued to play.


      I remember trying to "Like" something on my old friend (who is no longer my friend in waking life for some reason :/) Jane's Facebook. It said that she didn't allow "Likes" on her Facebook.

      I then remember seeing her playing something on the piano. I wanted to help her, because she was having trouble. I started trying to nicely help her. She accepted the help and was being very friendly towards me.

      Then, I remember seeing a monitor on Kacey's computer. The background was a picture of her and I jumping in the air doing some weird karate poses. If you started the computer up, it was a video that stopped at the point that we jumped in the air, turning it into a picture or still-frame. Random.

      Anyway, we all had to go to this pep rally thing that was outside. Everyone was standing up in a grassy area. People were performing some talent show. Jane was going to play the music that I had tried to help her with. I remember seeing either me or someone else with these crazy, giant porcupine-looking quills in their hair that was part of some cheer leading or dance squad called the Quillin' something or another, I can't remember. They were going to perform against another cheer leading or dance squad.

      But back to Jane. She got up to the piano. It looked like a child's play piano, it was red and low to the ground. She put her music up and just stared at it for awhile. A man was standing behind her, and asked her if she knew the music well. She said she didn't, but she was going to play through it anyway. I was standing to her right. She would start play, would mess up, then start again. I felt very bad for her, I wanted to help her. This went on for awhile. It got to the point where I had to look the other direction.

      I then remember something about being in two different groups. We were somewhere that we weren't supposed to be, in some shack or some other kind of building. People were looking for us. I remember some piece of seafoam green yarn that was split into to different pieces, but converged into one piece. I remember someone on the other end of it who was in the other group very far away talking using the yarn. You could hear her through the yarn. She was asking for help and sounded like she really needed it.

      I remember at some point being back where we were supposed to be, and being surprised at how far away we actually were.
    4. The Wish-Granting Bird and A Couple of Others

      by , 03-27-2011 at 09:37 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      Something about band, about me playing my clarinet. Austin, an ex, was there, I think he was encouraging me to practice.

      I was at Austin's house. I was spending the night with him, thought it was morning in the dream. We were laying in bed, and I had to get up to pee. I got up, and I was naked. Austin said to go quickly so his roommate wouldn't come out of his room and see me naked. I went into the bathroom. The walls were all cut out, kind of like in The Sims games. I could see the door to his roommate's room. It was moving, like someone was about to open it. I sat on the toilet. I figured out that Austin's roommate was, in fact, another Austin. Weird.


      My family wanted me to go to this museum to see this giant, yellow bird. His head was almost always buried in the sand, kind of like what an ostrich does. But on that day, from 2-4pm, the bird's head would be out of the sand, and he could grant you 3 wishes. I saw this on a sign by the museum. I didn't want to go, and I let my family know this. That led to some arguing. I couldn't figure out if this bird was real, or if it was mechanical.

      Then, my brother went. I remember seeing him running down the back bone of some giant, prehistoric animal. Another giant bone tried to hit him, but he evaded it. He never got to see the bird, however, because it was after 4pm.


      I was at school, sitting in Data Analysis (a real class I'm currently enrolled in in waking life), though the classroom looked like one of my high school classrooms. I was sitting down, doing some of the work. I felt like I was doing a great job; I understood everything pretty well. I remember looking at the board, and seeing this spiraly background behind some of the words, and it was moving.

      Then, as I was passing my homework in, I saw written on the board that we could use pen or pencil only on the homework. I looked down at my assignment, and I had written, in orange sharpie, the directions on not using anything other than pen or pencil. I couldn't really fix it, so I handed it in, hoping that my teacher would understand, even though I didn't follow directions.

      Then, I was at my house, in a weird closet. Ryan was with me. I asked him to help me pick out a shirt to wear to Data Analysis. I was, for some reason, wearing a navy blue 2-piece bathing suit with tropical-looking white flowers on it. He picked out this one shirt, and I put it on. You could see the bathing suit right through it, so I took it off and asked him to pick out another shirt, one that you couldn't see through.

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    5. The Mountainside and The Buffalo, and a Band Fragment

      by , 03-21-2011 at 07:08 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      I know I had some long dreams last night, but I can only recall a fragment of one. Stress is killing my recall.

      EDIT: I remembered part of another one! Yay!

      I was on some rocky mountainside with tons of other people. It almost felt like we were all Native American. I remember there were lots of men with dark skin and no shirts wearing nothing but loincloths. There were women there too. There was a king at the top of the mountain.

      There were levels of the mountain too, and depending on where you were sitting on the mountain had to do with how close you were with the king. I was located in the middle on the right side.

      Every so often, we'd all have to duck and get under these pillows, blankets, and big wooden shields, because herds of buffalo would stampede over us. It was a fatal experience for many. I remember ducking under my assortment of shielding objects a few times in the dream, because the buffalo were stampeding over us. I was always worried about dying. A lot of the times when they'd come though, they would avoid me. Sometimes though, I'd feel them trample me, but it felt like nothing more than someone dropping a small rock on my back.

      Then, I was located far up the mountain on the left side, very close to the king. In fact, I was pretty much right next to him. I was under the assumption that this meant no buffalo would trample me. I was with very few people on the top of the mountain. Then, the buffalo came again, and I had to duck. Again, I was not killed or hurt.


      I was getting ready for some marching band thing. I was putting the under part of my uniform on. I was going to wear this one summery tank top I had under it (the one I'm wearing in my profile pic). It was folded up in a pile of folded clothes. I picked it up and decided to wear something else under it, since the tank top was something I always wore under it and it probably didn't smell very good because I hadn't washed it between wears. I picked up another shirt, similar to one I just bought in waking life. It's off-white with flowy short sleeves. I put it on, and noticed it was a little too big. Someone commented on the shirt.

      Then, I was going to play in a clarinet trio, I think for school (similar to a waking life event from high school). My friends Leigh and Rachel were playing in it with me. I thought that the people listening would assume we were all great, star players since we were performing in a recital setting.

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