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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. The Demon Bull and Burning Chemicals

      by , 10-01-2014 at 01:35 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a building doing some sort of computer test that involved two computers. I then had to go somewhere in the house I grew up in to get something. I was walking towards the bonus room when I saw my room was very dark. Inside of it, on my bed, was a huge, red bull, a humanoid bull. He was glowing red. It was like he was a demon or Satan. I was quite scared by this and quickly went past my room and into the bonus room. I don't remember what I needed in there, but as I was heading out, I dreaded passing my room. I could now see a red glow inside my room. I looked in further, and saw that the bull was holding onto the leg of a lifesized doll of...me. It kept repeating him pulling and her resisting, like animatronics. The doll's face looked terrified. I was terrified.

      I then had an FA in my bed at our apartment. I was towards the middle of the bed, and I couldn't see my husband. Where was he?? I was still terrified from that dream.
      "Dallas?" I said. I then saw him. Phew. But still, something didn't seem right. I think there was a cat there on the bed with me, standing very close, but it wasn't my current kitty. I realized I was having an FA and tried to wake myself up for real.

      I then really woke up and saw my husband next to me. I wondered if I had talked in my sleep and said his name.


      I was watching home videos that my mom had taken years ago. There was some weird intro with my mom showing all her shoes nicely put away in her closet. She was talking over it. It looked really good, actually, almost professional. Then there was a clip of me as a toddler sitting on the floor. I said something to the camera, though I don't remember what. I realized Dallas was there with me watching this, and I was not wanting him to see all my embarrassing home videos. -_-;

      Then it was showing a play that my cousin Ben was in. It was supposed to be before I was born, I believe, though I was thinking about the ages of everyone in the play; they appeared to be in high school, which, IWL doesn't add up to their ages now, but I didn't think too much more about it. I somehow decided that it was right. Anyway, my cousin was a main character. The play looked to be set in the 1800s or so. My cousin was playing an older gentleman. He was in his house. There was another older man there as well who spent the play convincing him to collect and store a lot of this white powdery substance that was in bags. Throughout the play, you didn't know what the substance was. I assumed it was cocaine. Towards the end, though, it turned out to be some kind of peroxide chemical powder, "sodium peroxide" is what it was called. All these crates and bags were in the man's living area. The man wouldn't sell it or do anything with it like the other man wanted him to, so he took it all outside and blew it up, which is not what the other man wanted him to do.

      Then, the blow up site was my room in the house I grew up in. My bed was in the place it was when we first moved there, and had the tie-dye bedspread I had when I was 10 or 11. I had covered the crates, which were on the bed and scattered throughout the room, with some kind of fluid so they'd burn better. I then was having second thoughts about blowing the room up, but it was too late; the crates were ignited. Someone else, another girl, was there with me, and I was frantically trying to find something to put out the flames with. I thought about grabbing the hose from underneath the cabinet in the bathroom (no such hose IWL), but remembered that water to a chemical fire was only going to fuel it. I noticed that my bedspread was starting to burn. The other girl was just standing at the bathroom sink, being no help. It was kind of like work for some reason. I didn't know how to put out the fire.

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    2. Mike Shows Me His World (Lucid), High School Band, and Classroom/Donuts/Pickles

      by , 09-28-2014 at 02:07 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was waking up in what seemed to be my room at my house. It was dark and nighttime. I was looking at my dresser, and something seemed amiss. My TV wasn't there. I was dreaming!

      I got pretty excited, because I knew it was the beginning of the dream. I had quite a bit of lucidity ahead of me. I went into another room, thinking as I went, trying to figure out what to do with my lucidity, when I remembered CanisLucidus's dare, or at least the first part of it, to make Mike, my spirit guide, appear. I was in the bonus room and saw that on the couch sat my parents. It was quite dark in the room, like it had been in my bedroom. My dad was smiling at me, sitting right in front of me, and my mom was next to him on the right. I wanted Mike to appear, so I decided to try the Canis approach to making people appear in his dreams. I turned around to face away from my parents on the couch and said to my dad
      "You're going to be Mike!"
      I had no idea if this was going to actually work for me, but I turned around and saw that he had, in fact, changed! He was an older, rugged-looking man with straight, slightly thinning and slightly whiting shoulder length red hair. The red seemed to be mostly closer to the tips. He also had a mustache and a small beard. Even though he (once again) looked different, it was definitely him.
      "Mike!!" I said. I gave him a big hug.
      "Where have you been?" I asked.
      I don't recall his exact response, but he was telling me he had been busy doing other things. I kind of expected him to respond with something like "I've been here the whole time!" or something cheesy and predictable like that.

      Mike then asked me if I wanted to see his world. Of course I said yes! I don't remember if there was a period of transport or not, but we were then there. We were outside. It was sunny and bright, and actually appeared to be quite Earth-like. There were humans like us walking around, quite a few in fact; we seemed to be in a town or neighborhood. I wonder what made this world different from Earth? I then thought that this was a very Earth-like planet, but it was in a different dimension. That made much more sense to me.

      We then proceeded to go to his house. I was introduced to his mom, though I don't remember exactly what she looked like. I was a little nervous about meeting her since I was from such a different place and that I wouldn't know much about this place if she asked. We were in his house for a bit. It was easy to tell that he felt at home in this world. I felt like an outsider.

      Then, I think we were outside again, and he was showing me some solar powered thing that charged when held under the sun. It may have been a cellphone, but at any rate, it was a small black device that looked similar to some cellphones. He was guiding me on how to hold it under the sun, telling me I did a good job when I figured it out. Well, there's one difference, more emphasis on solar energy. There were other slight differences, I knew there was, but I didn't know what they were yet.

      Around this point, I also looked at some text on a sign that looked like it said "Kristia" or something like that. I looked away and back to find that it was now gibberish. The K was still there though. Yay for wonky dream text!

      I was also remembering that I had another part of the dare to do, but everything was so fast paced, I couldn't seem to recall it. There was a brief point where I did, but Mike was in front of me walking, so I didn't ask and forgot about it.

      We were then going around town, and his appearance kept changing, which is what he's good at doing. I'd look at him, and he'd look different, but still had something about his face that made me know it was still him. He, at one point, turned into this short, very dark Indian-looking woman with short black bobbed hair. He was next to me, then started to walk in front of me. I cannot recall where we were going at this point, all I know is that we were outside.

      Throughout the dream, I had also been doing random finger count RCs to make sure I was going to stay in the dream, sometimes coming up with 6 fingers, but it was usually 5.

      We were then sitting down somewhere. He was back to his form from the beginning of the dream, which was kind of a relief for me. I then really wanted to kiss him. I focused on his lips and leaned in. I closed my eyes, there was a slight delay on his end, but we kissed. I was concerned about my eyes being closed and how that could very well wake me. We kissed a couple of times before...

      I opened my eyes and I was in my room...kissing my husband. Ha! Well that's good at least. I looked at my nightstand and saw that many of my things, my notebook, phone, DS, etc. weren't there, but were on the floor. I guess I somehow knocked them off the nightstand in my sleep. I asked my husband if I had been doing anything in my sleep, and he said I had been singing a song. Ha!

      I then, at some point, figured out that I was dreaming again, and had had a FA. I found Mike again somehow, though I couldn't tell you where. I feel like we went back to his world for a bit, and we were talking about something when the dream finally ended for real.


      I was in high school band again. We were going to have to stay until after 10:30pm, which, in the dream, was when classes ended, for band rehearsal. I was complaining to my friends about it. We weren't happy about it.

      I was then sitting with the other clarinet players in an arch in the front row of seats in the band room. We were trying out for chair placements. My band director played a scale on the clarinet he was holding and told us that was our tryout. God, I hadn't played a scale, or the freakin' clarinet, in forever. It was assumed I was going to go first even though I was sitting in the smack dab middle of the arch because of my last name. I said
      "Don't look at me! I always go first!"
      The attention was taken off of me. I looked at my mouthpiece to make sure my reed was placed on there correctly.


      I was about to walk into a classroom to watch some kids while the teacher was out. I wrote something on the floor right next to the inside of the doorway on the right in chalk, a couple of sentences that kids would write over and over again on the blackboard for getting in trouble, though I can't remember what the sentences were. I hoped that the teacher didn't expect me to write them over and over again on the blackboard.

      I then was walking into the class. I walked in the front past the teacher's desk which was in the middle of the classroom. There was someone else in there at another smaller desk close to the end of the front. I started to think about how I would discipline a student who was doing something wrong. I looked to the blackboard and saw another, smaller board on it. I could make them write their names up there like I had to do when I was a kid, but I doubted that I could speak up enough to do this; I didn't want them to dislike me.

      I was then putting cake donut holes in bags when the other person there asked me a question, asking me if I would do something, a hypothetical question. I said yes, I'd do it. She was shocked by my answer, but I had meant it in a different way than what she was taking it in, and I tried to explain myself to her. I was then putting dill pickle slices in one of the bags with the donuts. I had only put a few in there before I realized that was a terrible idea. I took them out, but there was still a little juice in there.


      I had a dream before my LD, but I was so excited about the LD that I completely forgot it! Still super stoked about seeing Mike again. It has been awhile!

      Also, thank you Canis for (inadvertently) giving me a method of making DCs appear! Also, I completed half your dare. Does that count for anything? XD
    3. Brief Lucidity with Nicholas Cage, Dangerous Bakery Maze, and The Angry Jamaican

      by , 09-19-2014 at 02:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in some video game when I became lucid. The lucidity lasted for a bit, but all I can remember from it was asking a Nicholas Cage,
      "Tell me who you really are!"
      He looked at me with a straight face, and responded with something like
      "You don't want to know."
      We talked some more, but I started to feel like I was talking out loud in my sleep.

      I then woke up in another dream, laying on a pull-out couch. I asked whoever else was there, I think it was my brother, if I had been talking in my sleep. He said he didn't hear anything.


      I was at work in the bakery, but, as usual, it looked nothing like the bakery does IWL. We were by a checkout counter. Someone asked me if I would mix the dough. I told them no, I wouldn't, it was too scary. The reason I said that it was scary was because when someone went to mix the dough, they had to go to a different part of the store. They had to travel through dark, creepy, cave/maze-like areas with enemies that would shoot you. You had to be armed and shoot them before they killed you. It was kind of like Doom/Goldeneye 64. The area where you mixed was also threatened by enemies. I told them that last time I did it, I was sitting down, trying not to fall asleep with my shotgun because enemies kept coming. I "remembered" this happening. I didn't want to go through that again. I preferred the safety of the bakery. There was a guy there who had been doing it every day. He held his own pretty well and was much more of an expert on it than me.

      My manager then tried to toss me some frozen dough to take to the mixer. I don't remember what I did or said.

      I then was really close to an enemy, an archer who slightly resembled King Graham from the Kings Quest games. His back was turned to me. I was trying to sneak up on him and throw him in the lava. I was being quiet, until I made a small noise. He heard it and turned around. We fought a little, but I don't remember much about it.

      I then was going through the dark area for some reason. I had the guy in front of me who went all the time. I was shooting at enemies with a laser. I then started to get shot at, and my laser stopped working, so I turned around and ran the other way to get out of the enemy's sight. I looked down at my laser, and it was a Wiimote. When I'd fire it with the A button, the light on the Wiimote would turn red, signaling to me that I was too far away from a Wii for it to work. As I was turning a corner, a bullet grazed me, and it really hurt! That too was part of the reason I didn't like doing the dough; it hurt when you got hit, though if you died, you'd respawn.

      I then saw this open part of the maze to the dough. It was very dark there. There were people there with different colored lights all down the middle of the room to direct us where to go. They also had to defend themselves from the enemies. I saw a top view of this room, and then I was at the beginning of the room. I didn't go to far into the room. I also saw, at some point, a view of a room from some stairs.

      I then was at the checkout again. Someone came and asked if they had different dough runners, and they said yes. I then saw a shelf with bowls of dough on it for each day of the week, each with a different name on it. I really hoped my name wasn't up there. I looked, and didn't see it. I was, for some reason, a little disappointed, even though I didn't really want to do it.


      I was at what was supposed to be my house, but it looked nothing like it. I kept thinking about the weed I had from a while ago that was in the top drawer of this white three drawer organizer I have. I kept thinking about when I was going to smoke it. I was then in my room, which looked like the room of my first apartment. I opened the drawer, and the bag was in there with some weed in it. I "remembered" when I bought it. I had recently smoked, maybe a few weeks prior, so my sobriety was already blown. I didn't want to smoke it inside though because it would smell like weed, and my roommates might not appreciate it. I then thought about how this woman who was living there, an older woman, liked weed, and wondered if I should ask her to smoke with me. She was there currently, the only other one home but me. I didn't ask her.

      I then briefly woke up, still half in the dream world, thinking that I didn't really have any leftover weed. As I eased back into the dream world, I thought that of course I did. I went and checked again, and there it was.

      Then, there was this tall, young black man in our kitchen. He had a Jamaican accent. He was yelling at us about something that we did wrong. It had something to do with work. He was mostly getting mad at two of my roommates who weren't there currently. He was yelling more and more, when finally, I had had enough and chimed in.
      "Shut up! Shut the fuck up!"
      I continued to yell at him, saying other things, throwing around a lot of profanities. He kept yelling also. There was one point where I was standing on a chair in front of him. I grabbed his face in my hands, which somehow corresponded to a TV screen, like this was being recorded or something, and told him that the roommates (who were an FFX character, Lulu, and someone I knew it college) were my friends, and he needed to leave them alone. The chair almost fell backwards at one point. I figured I'd probably get in trouble for this, but I didn't care; this guy was insulting people I loved. I also kept thinking that now since I was so mad I was definitely gonna smoke that weed that day.

      The guy turned around and left, and I was now in the kitchen with Adam, the guy from college who was apparently my roommate, and one of the people the Jamaican man was yelling about. He was doing something by the stove. He was wearing a glittery brown plaid hat. I told him what happened. I then told him I loved his hat.
      "It's so..." I started to say, when he interrupted and said
      "Gay?" (IWL he is gay)
      "You just wear it well!" I said.
      "Thank you," he said.


      It's interesting how after not smoking for almost two years I am still having these dreams about smoking. I guess it was such a huge influence in my life for so long, and well, it's an addiction that I've been battling for 5 years now. I guess the dreams just come with the territory.
    4. Brief Lucidity, Bed Bug Scare, The Swimming Pool and Robin Williams, and Free Donuts for Roi

      by , 09-14-2014 at 03:20 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I felt myself entering a dream. All around me was this texture that looked like it came out of DK64; it was a light brown bamboo-like texture with some green leaves. I let the dream world finish forming. I then noticed that I could kinda see through the texture that was in front of me; it was like it was a sheet covering a big window. I could see that there were trees outside, and that it was daytime. I pulled the sheet back to reveal the big window, which was looking out onto a landscape with lots of trees. I started to walk through this landscape, and felt that the dream was quite stable, but I guess it wasn't because I woke up with no warning whatsoever.


      I was laying in bed in the morning, and I asked Dallas if he was itchy. He said yes. I hoped we didn't have bed bugs; for some reason, I was afraid that we did. He got up, but I stayed in bed for a minute. I then got up too, and looked at the bed behind me. There were a few of these black/grey ant-looking things up by my pillow. There were about as big as two quarters each. Ugh. Is that what bed bugs look like? I wonder how long they'd been there for? I then thought about how at least now we could save the embarrassment of having to tell the apartment complex that we had them since we lived in a house now (not true IWL).

      I then started to wake up in the middle of the night in our bed. Phew, just a dream, but I better ask Dallas again if he'd itchy just to make sure. I started to tap him with my right hand to wake him up. My touch felt very "muted"; my hand felt kind of numb to me touching him, but I felt the pressure. I assumed it was just because I was just waking up (missed dream sign D: ). I asked him if he was itchy, and he said yes. Hmm...maybe it wasn't as much of a dream as I had thought it was.

      In the morning, we got up. Again, he was up before me. When I pulled my covers back to get out of bed, I noticed that, on the inside edge of the comforter, there were these tiny black gnat-looking bugs crawling around, and there was also a dead wasp and a dead bee. What the heck? I got out of bed and went to get Dallas to tell/show him. I told him about the dead wasp thing and how weird that was.

      I believe there was more to this one, but I can't recall.


      I was outside in a swimming pool in Oregon. There were many others swimming as well. I was there visiting my parents. It was daytime, and there were many palm trees around, as if I was in Florida or somewhere more tropical. I was thinking about the time of year it was and how in the heck it was still warm enough for swimming. I knew it wouldn't last too much longer.

      I then saw, sitting at the end of the pool on the edge with his feet in the water was Robin Williams. He had a bright smile on his face and seemed to be glowing he was so happy. I swam towards him and we spoke, but I don't remember what we spoke about.

      Dream skip. There was a point where I became lucid. I'm not sure when or what triggered it, but I was lucid. I decided to fly. I took off into the air from wherever I was and was flying quite fast and had a good amount of control of where I was going for the most part. It was evening, I believe, and I was outside. I flew higher until I was above the clouds. I looked down at all the clouds below me. It was very pretty. I started to lose height for a bit until I was below the clouds again. I thought to myself to simply rise up again instead of thinking too hard about it. I gained a bit more height.

      Then, back to the NLD. I was inside somewhere in a small room with white walls, and I figured out that the Robin Williams thing happened awhile ago, and he wanted to meet back up with me, but the day before we were supposed to meet up, he killed himself. I figured it out by looking at his planner and his calendar, which was hanging on the wall; he had written in light orange ink "Krista" on October 3rd (not an accurate date I know but it's a dream). In fact, all of his writing was in light orange.

      I then spent a lot of the dream trying to figure out how to go back in time or how I could meet up with him anyway. I'm honestly not sure if it was one or the other or both, because it feels quite jumbled in my mind. There was a point where I was back in the swimming pool.

      I also feel like there was some more lucidity, but it was very brief.


      I was inside somewhere, preparing donuts for some group thing. I called the person I was going to give free donuts to. I was going to just pick a random person. I picked a person with a very short name, it was something like Roi or something; it seemed, in the dream, that the person I was calling was from a video game, Fire Emblem maybe (I know there is a "Roy" in that game). He answered though, and didn't sound like he had any sort of accent. I was asking him about the donuts and what kinds he wanted and stuff. As I was talking to him, I was in a room where we were getting trays of donuts ready and putting the boxes together and stuff. Others were there as well, I remember Courtney S. being there among them. I then left the room to go do something else, and asked the guy to hold on a second. I was still holding my phone. I was looking for something. It had to do with the donuts, but that's all I remember. I was thinking to myself this guy probably doesn't believe I'm getting ready anymore because all the noise from the other room had stopped. I then got back on the phone with him. Fortunately, he was still there. I was telling him I was doing something that I really wasn't doing, though I don't remember what it was. I was frantically searching for something still.

      Then, we got off the phone. We had everything set up on long white tables; there were many boxes of donuts there, most being all chocolate iced or a combo of half chocolate iced and half glazed. My box for the guy I was on the phone with had lots of different kinds in it. I remember a vanilla iced and a maple iced, and there were some with an orange icing on them. As I was looking at the orange icing, I wondered if it was cheese or icing. The ones with lots of icing had the icing overlapping onto other donuts. It looked kind of messy, but they'd at least taste good. I did wonder, though, if I was supposed to use those kinds of donuts since everyone else seemed to have the same two kinds. Oh well, too late now.

      People started to come in to get their donuts. I was trying to spot my guy, whom I expected to look Asian. He was one of the last ones to come in, however. When I saw him, I was actually sitting on a platform or something a little above everyone's heads. The guy looked like a guy I knew that came into the coffee shop regularly IWL. He was young, about 30 or so, had a small dirty blonde beard/mustache, and light brown hair on his head. He looked up and saw me, and he spoke to me, though I don't remember what he said.

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    5. Chat Room and Closure with an Ex, Wandering Off at Work (Lucid), and Ham and Cheese Bites (Lucid)

      by , 08-28-2014 at 03:19 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was dreaming of playing Tomodachi Life, and Dallas kept saying "Ooooooo" and I kept saying "What?????". He would never reply.

      I woke up and he was snoring. I felt as if I had only been half asleep during this whole thing.


      I had just had a baby, but the only thing I remember is I had been bottle-feeding it. I felt as if I should be breast-feeding it. I was in the piano room at the house I grew up in, and looked down at my breasts. I was wearing a solid-colored shirt, and my breasts looked swollen, but I wasn't lactating for some reason.


      I was in marching band, marching a show. It was dusk. Not sure if it was a competition or a football game. I couldn't remember where I was supposed to go, so I tried to just follow the people around me. I knew it probably looked terrible to anyone who was watching.

      Then, I was sitting at a computer in a house. I was in a chat room with some other people. Jake was one of them. He kept on posting pictures and videos of him and his new girlfriend. One of the videos was of them in the bathtub. I saw her boobs. I also saw him carrying a bottle of some kind of booze at some point. I saw by one of the pictures "Kristnnnnnn". At first, I thought it said "Kristaaaaa", and thought to myself he would date someone with the same name as me, but then saw that it was an N instead. She was actually a pretty girl. She had long, straight hair, big eyes, and was a tad bit chubby. In all the pics and videos, they looked happy. I was quite uncomfortable seeing all of this, especially since he's my ex. I wanted to tell him that I was uncomfortable with it, and that we needed to not talk anymore. I made a more private chat with both him and a few other people. I was trying to talk to just him.

      At some point, I did get to talk to him, but I think it was in person. I talked to his new girlfriend, and said to her
      "It's not you, I promise!" referring to the fact that I didn't want to talk to them anymore. She smiled and said she knew. She seemed quite understanding about it.

      After speaking with them, I felt a sense of closure.


      I was working at the bakery. I was packaging some things when I wandered off to the front of the store by self-checkout. I saw on a table there that there was some bread on sale, the brand that we usually buy, Arnold. It was a buy one get one sale. I was looking at the different types of bread and saw one that had a yellowish tint. It was potato bread. I had never tried it before, and wondered if Dallas would be ok with it too. I picked up a loaf and started to scan it, but then realized that I was still on the clock and I probably shouldn't be shopping on the clock. I abandoned my efforts and started to walk back to the bakery.

      Before I got back, though, I went towards the bathroom, which was on the way; I really had to pee. I briefly heard Shannon, my manager, page me over the intercom, but I ignored it and kept going into the bathroom. I opened the door and noticed it was a men's and women's restroom. I walked by some stalls, and saw some toilets that still had pee in them. I wanted to find a clean one. I walked into one with a really big toilet. There was a brown tint to the drain in the bowl. Blech. But I needed to go. I then noticed that there were small brown cardboard scraps flying out of the air vent. That can't be healthy. They were landing in the toilet. So that's what was causing the brown tint. I then noticed another air vent on the wall of the stall above the toilet paper dispenser doing the same thing.

      I left the stall and went further into the bathroom. Some women came into the restroom at some point. I saw a gross urinal-looking thing with some pee on or around it. At the very back of the restroom, there were showers. I assumed it was for employees who needed to shower. There was a line of showers heads and some stalls towards the back. The floor was tiled in a dark blue and some faded green color. I peeked around the corner, and saw that one of the showers in the stall was running. I turned away so I didn't see whoever was showering in there. For some reason, I believed it to be one of the old men who works there.

      I then left the bathroom, preparing myself to face being yelled at for wandering off, when it dawned on me that it was ok, I was dreaming. Woot! I'm dreaming! I exclaimed to someone in a white uniform
      "I'm dreaming!"
      I then saw that it was my husband. He was smiling and seemed happy. My focus was then shifted to my mom, who was also there. She gave me a hug and was so happy for me. She said
      "I'm so glad you can lucid dream so much! I wish I could eucid dream more!"
      No, that isn't a typo. She really did say "eucid dream". I noticed that in the dream, but didn't say anything to correct her.

      I then decided to fly. It had been awhile since I had. I took off and flew high in the air. I was flying down an aisle in the store. I started to float downwards, but used my thoughts to go back upwards, gently concentrating on floating up instead of trying too hard to do so. It worked like a dream . I then started to float down again, and was having trouble going back up. I felt this weird sensation when I thought about going back up, I assumed because I was trying too hard. It was like a buzzing sensation, one I've experienced in meditation before IWL. I was then on the ground on my stomach. I do believe I finally got back into the air.

      I then woke up, and was working on packaging things in the bakery again. Shannon was putting things in the cooler. I saw some round bread that looked crusty, like the pizza dough we make looks if you freeze it for too long, on a rack. I was telling Shannon about lucid dreaming. She told me she had tried it, but she always felt this ringing in her ears. I thought I knew what she was talking about, and tried to relate with what happened with the buzzing in the lucid I had just had, but she said she had no idea what I was talking about.

      At some point, I thought I was getting a hug from Shannon, and she was saying something about how she really likes me, but I then realized it was Dallas. I also went back to the front of the store and saw that someone had halved all the bread loaves that I had been looking at.


      I was, yet again, working in the bakery. Some little black boy came up to the counter, and I asked him what he needed. He said he needed 50 "ham and cheese bites" on these small crunchy bread chips that we bake. I told him to wait while I asked if we could do that. I had a feeling that we couldn't, since we couldn't really price that. I asked Shannon if we could, but instead of bread chips, I said pita chips. She started to show me all these weird computer screens of blank, pale blue menus with a turkey leg-type cartoony outline in the background. It was like she was showing me that we had no way to ring up meat items, at least that's how I understood it. But she then started to talk about the pita chips and how we couldn't do it because of their shape. I then realized my error, and told her that I meant bread chips. Apparently, that changed everything, and we could do it. I went to tell the little boy. I told him it would be a few minutes. He had "2 minutes" written on a paper in marker that I noticed as I was telling him this. I hoped he didn't think it was only going to take 2 minutes. However, he seemed alright about it, though a little nervous and hesitant because his mom probably told him a time they needed it by.

      I then walked in the back and heard a sizzling noise, and some weird music. I looked at one of the prep tables, and saw that some ham was cooking on two small hot plates.

      I then was behind the counter again, and some little girl, a toddler, was wheeling a small stroller behind the counter. There was a boundary between where the counter and the floor ended and the employees only section started, and it was marked by navy blue tile. The girl was on the tile. I gently guided her and the stroller around behind the counter and back onto the sales floor.

      I then was somewhere else, and realized I was dreaming again. I was outside on a sunny day by some small tower-type thing. I started to climb it. As I was climbing, I said to myself, out loud,
      "I'm dreaming, so I can do whatever I want, see whoever I want, feel whatever I want..."
      There were square steps made out of a metal grating. I felt them underneath my palms. God, they felt so real. I got to the top, and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with what was left of the dream. I decided to try to summon Dreamer. As I made this decision, however, I noticed a white, oily-looking aura around my hand. I tried to examine my hands to stabalize, but it didn't seem to be doing much good. The vision in my right eye then went out. I started saying out loud,
      "I want to see Dreamer! I know that the dream is ending, but still, if it works, I'd like to see her!"
      I saw these rainbows that the reflections of the sunlight was making off of objects. I saw one in particular in a corner on the ground (yes, a corner outside). It was making some purple-type reflection. I thought for a brief second that maybe Dreamer was coming, but nothing happened. The dream was way too unstable at this point. I fought it for as long as I could, until finally, I succumbed to waking up.

      Everything went black, and I felt this weird sensation in my body. I felt as if I was changing vibrations. I then woke up on the top bunk of a bunk bed. I climbed down the ladder and saw that my sheets were navy blue. There were two q-tips covered in ear wax stuck between the headboard and the mattress. Gross! I wondered how long those had been there. I knew they were Dallas's, since he cleans his ears out with q-tips all the time. I then noticed, in the corner of the room, a white 3-ringed binder with writing on it in purple marker. I made the connection with that and the dream I had just awoken from, thinking that my subconscious must have pulled that and put it in my dream.

      I then heard what sounded like the coffee maker making coffee. Dallas doesn't drink coffee, so for some reason, I thought it must be Shannon making coffee.

      I then woke up for real.


      Here's an interesting side note, and I was wondering if anyone else (ladies) had noticed the same thing. I tend to be more likely to become lucid the week before I start my period. I've noticed this for a long time now. It is a week before my period starts, and I am having lucid dreams. It was like this last month too, when I had all those LDs. This has happened many, many times before, and I was curious if any other ladies have noticed that as well, or if I'm just the odd woman out.

      Also, sorry CanisLucidus, I completely did not remember the lucid dare at all during these dreams.
    6. Realistic Nightmare and False Awakening, Ski Ball Bowling, Cake, and Roll Death

      by , 08-16-2014 at 03:14 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was going into Dallas and I's bathroom. It was very dark. I had to get up out of bed to poop. I started to sit on the toilet, when Dallas came into the doorway and started coming towards the toilet.
      "What are you doing? I have to poop!" I said. He kept coming. I got up. I assumed he had to poop too.
      "Are you really gonna make me use the other bathroom?" I said. He didn't say anything. I took that as a yes. I started to head towards the doorway to our bedroom to go to the guest bathroom. Dallas started to shut the door to our bathroom. I then started to hear noises coming from the living room area, and started to panic a little. Someone was in our apartment. Before Dallas could shut the door all the way, I caught it with my hand. I said something like
      "Dallas, someone's in our apartment!"
      I started to panic, and all my vision went black. I tried to scream for Dallas, but nothing came out. I then realized that I had been dreaming, and decided to calmly wait for myself to awaken instead of panicking.

      I then woke up on Dallas's chest. Phew, just a dream. I was so glad. I then started to hear noises again. I was really confused. Was I not awake? I started trying to wake Dallas up, but he was dead asleep. I pinched him, I tried to yell his name but again, it wouldn't come out. Really? Is this really a dream again?I thought to myself. Vision went black again,
      and then I woke up for real.

      Another 10 minute nightmare. I wasn't asleep long at all.


      I was at a bowling alley bowling with Dallas, but it was more like ski-ball; we were throwing smaller balls at the pins down the lane instead of an actual bowling ball. There was almost no one there; we were the only ones playing. Dallas then said something about how the bowling alley was closing for good soon; it was going out of business. I looked around and I could see why. It was so dead in there. I then went to throw my ski ball, but it slipped out of my hand and I accidentally threw it behind me.

      I then saw a very small child, a male toddler, carrying what looked like a six pack of beer up to the lanes, but it was actually a six pack of ski balls.


      I had these two cakes made for me. I was at work I believe. Both were big and delicious looking with cream cheese icing on them (freakin yum). One had off-white cream cheese icing with red decorations. I had to do something with them to keep them safe or something, I can't quite recall.

      Then, I saw the outside of my apartment. Someone was coming up the stairs. It was daytime outside. Then, something happened; a roll in a bag of rolls died? And it seemed so inconsequential, but I couldn't proceed with anything at all now. It was like playing a Sierra adventure game, where you don't do something in the beginning of the game and you get to the end and you have to start all over. I had to "start over" from a point before that to see if there was anything I missed, anything I could do to prevent the death of the roll.


      Yay insomnia! Again! Woohoo. Also these 10-minute nightmares are very puzzling to me. It has happened to me quite often in the past few months. I guess what I don't get it how am I dreaming without being in REM? I thought REM sleep came later in the sleep cycle? Like, I will literally be asleep for 10-15 minutes for these nightmares. There was one that I was asleep for about an hour. Anyone have any thoughts?
    7. Dying Grandpa, Lava and Pills, Library Lucidity, and More

      by , 07-15-2014 at 03:38 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      My grandpa was still alive, but he knew he didn't have much time left. I was with him, my mom, and my aunt Marge, though I feel as if there were more people there too. They were all very sad about him dying, but he was at peace with it, and was trying to make the most of his last moments.

      I was then somewhere else, though the situation had not changed. I opened a door, and saw my grandpa sitting in a chair at the head of a table. His hair appeared different than it ever was IWL, with streaks of red, some blonde and maybe brown as well, though the red is what I really remember. I then caught a quick glimpse of my mom and aunt, who were sad and not wanting him to go. I feel like they were asking him, pleading with him not to die. He looked at peace.

      My aunt Marge closed to door. I wasn't supposed to be there for some reason.


      I was at my old job, which was a department store. It was nighttime. I was in the building with a few other associates.

      I was over by the women's fitting rooms, when I saw some lava leaking from a crack that it had caused in the wall. I remember going back to it a little later, and more was coming out. I started trying to cover it with clothing, but, of course, the clothing just caught fire and burned up. I felt as if we were trapped.

      I then had another idea. I went to another fitting room with another associate, and we started looking for fire retardant clothing. We looked through lots of packaged pajama sets that normally the store receives around Christmas. I went through lots of red ones. Then, a supervisor, Charles, came up to us.
      "Those aren't going to work," he said.
      I imagined the fitting rooms slowly filling with lava.

      Someone went back in the fitting rooms a little later to get something, and I was surprised when they came back out, because some time had passed, and I figured it was filled with lava by now.

      Then, I was close to the front of the store by the doors, when Ashley, another associate and my IWL friend, came back in. I asked her if there was a way out, and she said no, there wasn't. I imagined it outside, us surrounded by lava or erupting volcanoes. I knew we were doomed to die in the building. We all knew.

      I then approached Jaime, a manager, and asked her if she had anything strong we could take. If we were gonna die slowly, may as well not be able to feel anything. She took a silver package of these big pills out of her purse. They were Percoset, a strong pain killer (never taken them IWL). She gave one to me, one to Ashley, and took one for herself. The pill was wrapped in another piece of plastic besides the silver packaging, but it was supposed to dissolve when you took it. I put it in my mouth to swallow it. It immediately tasted very bitter. I tried to swallow it, but it was such a big pill, it was proving to be difficult. I really wanted the bitter taste out of my mouth. Before I swallowed it, I already started to feel the effects of the pill. I figured it was a fast-acting pill for those who were in major pain. I remember Jaime chewing her pill. I didn't understand how she could stand the bitter taste.

      I woke up for a little bit, then went back to sleep, entering the same dream.

      The pill was in full effect now, and I went to the bathroom to pee. I looked down at the tiled floor, and the designs on the white floor tiles appeared to be oscillating. Yeah, definitely feeling the pill. I stood up, and then, even though I did not feel the need to pee, I kept peeing. I peed a lot.


      I was at the department store I used to work at again, setting up some display on the endcap of a register. It was almost Christmastime. I thought to myself that it seemed so soon for Christmas; it felt as if we had just had it. I remembered the year prior with my husband, who was then my fiance. It seemed like just yesterday.

      Then, Ashley walked by. She was wearing a black maxi skirt that was slightly sheer, but only at the legs, and a black top. She said
      "It's been a year, and I'm going to be possessive of you, _____, and _____." I can't remember what else she said besides me.
      Apparently, Ashley was my wife. She had some issues about Christmas; something about the holiday made her feel insecure. I understood this, and was not upset by it. I just wanted her to be happy. I "remembered" kissing her, and thought about how I never thought I would marry a woman, and how my family never saw it coming either. But I loved Ashley; she was my wife.

      I then "remembered" driving to see her the prior year on Christmas, and taking pictures of the road on my way and sending them to her. I remember one in particular of the interstate in front of me. I was in the far left lane, and there was a metal chain-link fence on the divider. I think a semi-truck was also in the picture.


      I was walking through a city in the daytime. It was sunny out. It reminded me of a video game. I was with my husband, Dallas. The objective of the real-life game was to kill the governor. I had a shotgun on me.

      Dallas and I split up at some point. I was walking the streets alone, searching for the governor. I feel like I encountered some people and talked to them, but I can't quite recall. I noticed my husband's absence, and wondered where he was.

      I then approached a building and entered it. It was a library. I was standing in the huge foyer. There was a service desk in front of me, and behind it, glass windows looking into a room with computers and books. The floors were dark wood, and the lighting was sort of a "mood" lighting, not too dim but just right. Immediately, I recognized this library as one from a dream I had years ago, and knew I was dreaming. The dream quality instantly started to suffer, so I concentrated on my hands so as not to lose lucidity. My hands were changing as I looked at them, turning into baby hands and sprouting extra fingers. I walked as I kept focus on them, and the dream seemed to stabalize.

      I approached a young, tall, skinny girl standing at a podium. She looked to be in her early teens, and had dark hair pulled back into a ponytail.
      "What's your name?" I inquired.
      "Jaime," she responded.
      "Jaime, are you a real person, or are you part of my mind?"
      "Part of your mind," she responded with a smile. As she said this, she stepped out from behind the podium.

      I then went somewhere else, up some stairs I believe, and into a very crowded hallway with a balcony overlooking the foyer. It was circular and stretched around the edges of the room. I approached a blonde boy, probably about the same age as Jaime, and found out his name was Josh. He didn't really seem happy. He reminded me of someone I met IWL at my old job. He had the same name as well. He looked similar too, though much younger. I was having trouble getting him to look at me in the eye. I took his shoulders in my hands and said something to him, though I can't remember what. I was trying to get him to see something.

      I then was not sure what else to do with my lucidity. I didn't feel like I had much more time. I could not remember any goals I had prior to falling asleep. So I decided to do something I actually haven't done in a long time in my dreams: Fly. I took a running start, and people started to look, telling their friends to look because I was going to fly. I ran up and down the hallway a few times before I decided a running start wasn't the best way for me to do this. I leaned over the balcony. I saw all the people across from me on the other side of the hallway, and everyone below me in the foyer. I wasn't sure about this, since I had not done it in so long, but I let myself fall from the balcony. I then flew. Everyone was cheering me on. I was going very fast, however, and felt out of control of my speed, though I could rise and fall when I pleased; when I thought about going higher, I would, and when I thought about going lower, I would. I was just going so fast...

      The cheers then started to slow way down, like when a record is slowed down.
      I had an FA in my bed. I kept my eyes closed for awhile, but finally decided to get up out of bed, because I was hearing what sounded like someone peeing, or water trickling into water. When I went to get up, however, I noticed that my feet were already touching the floor, as if I was half standing, and half laying down in my sleep. I got all the way up and walked down the hallway. I noticed my husband standing in the guest bathroom doorway. The lights were off in there. That's odd, I thought he went to work. I got closer and noticed his shorts were pulled down, and he was peeing. Is he sleep peeing?

      Upon getting closer, I noticed he was peeing in my cat's water dish! My cat, Belle, was just standing there too, watching. I started getting really pissed at him (no pun intended), and yelled at him for doing that. I know that he and my cat don't really get along, but seriously?? I started yelling at him to stop, and asking him how he would feel if someone peed in his water. He said something smart-assy back to me. As I was raging, he started to walk away into the kitchen, which was much, much bigger than our IWL kitchen, which actually brought me to lucidity for a second, but I was so angry that I lost the lucidity in my rage. I noticed that the kitchen had chopped up potatoes all over it; the counters and every surface were covered. I knew he had done this just to spite me. I asked him if he was going to clean it up, and he shook his head no. I was so fucking angry. I went into the guest room, which also looked much different, and tried to slam the door, but the coat rack on the top prevented me from doing so (this does happen IWL). Ugh, I was so angry!

      Then I woke up for real.


      Ugh, I can't believe I couldn't remember what I wanted to do with my lucidity. Maybe another night. I'll just keep incubating my ideas, and hope that they come through into my dreams. Glad for the lucidity though! Woot woot!!

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    8. Lots of FAs and (Some Explicit) Lucidity!

      by , 08-28-2012 at 03:20 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my friend Leigh, though I don't remember where, it was somewhere weird. We were looking at these colorful patterns on the wall. We had to choose from them for something. I kept thinking they reminded me of spirographs, but they weren't spirally at all; most were, in fact, star patterns. I told Leigh the ones I liked, which included some light blue shooting stars, some circle with a rainbow on the top, and I can't remember the last one. She didn't like the first one I picked, and so she told me the ones she liked. We both liked the one with the rainbow, and I think she said she liked the last one I picked as well.


      I was in my room, and MK was there. She went into my closet to look for something, I'm not sure what, but she sounded upset about it; she said something in a whiny, sad voice. She knelt down at this old wooden toy box I have in there where I used to keep my pipe. I didn't want her to smell it, though it didn't really matter because she knows I occasionally smoke, but I rushed over and sat on the toy box anyway, and said something to her about whatever she was upset about.

      I guess I must have left the closet at some point, because the next thing I knew, I was standing in my room again, and I figured out I was dreaming. I wondered if MK was still there. I went over to the closet, and before I opened it, I said I wanted Ray to be in there. I concentrated on that for a minute, then opened the closet door.
      "Ray?", I said. Nothing. He wasn't there. Neither was MK.
      But my closet had all these pretty dresses that weren't there before. I remember a poofy, prom-ish looking, sparkly light blue dress, and a small white halter dress with a big sparkly black belt around the waist. I really liked that one!

      False awakening. I couldn't sleep, so I just decided to get up. I went to the computer, and my friend from Ireland, Ray, had messaged me on Skype.

      Or had he? I thought I could see I had a couple of messages from him when I had been laying in bed, like maybe "Good morning" or something, but there wasn't really a message there. Maybe I should just go back to bed.

      Laying in bed again, and I hear what sounds like a phone ringing (from the caller's end), and I rushed over to the computer. When I had went to lay down again, I had accidentally hit something to video chat with Ray. His face popped up in a thumbnail by his messages.
      "Oh shit!" I said as I covered my mouth, "I accidentally video called you! I look awful!"
      He didn't say anything, and I was trying to avoid looking right at the camera or his face.
      "I'll be right back, I'm going to go make a cup of coffee."
      I catch a glimpse of his face. The camera showed a side view of him at the computer. He was smiling. He looked kinda like another guy I know in waking life named Levi. I thought that as I walked off to go downstairs and make coffee.

      When I got downstairs, I went to the Keurig carousel for some coffee. It was full; I guess my mom had gone to the store before she left for Wisconsin. I looked at all the different coffees, and noticed she had accidentally gotten decaf. It was some kind of decaf vanilla coffee I had never seen before. I looked at the other coffees. I picked one and put it in the machine.

      I then looked at the refrigerator, and had a feeling I was dreaming again. I looked at some advertisement that was magnetted to the fridge, looked away, and looked back again, and the words had changed. I can't remember what they said. I kept doing that and the words kept changing. I was so amused, I was reading the new phrases aloud as they changed, kind of narrating what was going on.

      I then went back upstairs and decided I needed to go fly. I walked into the bonus room and to the two big windows at the far end. The couch was still there (we got rid of it recently in waking life), so I climbed it and started to try to break the window by ramming my body into it. I was met with very realistic resistance. So I tried it again and again. I had a vague feeling of being trapped, and that it was my subconscious telling me something. I kept ramming the window until it finally gave. Parts of it broke, but the window itself tumbled to the concrete below. I watched it fall and shatter.

      I then stepped outside. It was a nice, sunny day. In the dream, there was some roof there for me to stand on (not so in waking life). I started to wonder if I was really dreaming, or if this was real and I was losing my mind. I thought about people who confuse dreams with reality. So I decided to try to hover a little before I flew. I kept jumping up and down with less-than-promising results. I did know that I was dreaming, though. I didn't worry too much about all that after the initial "Holy shit I'm going to have to pay for that window and get locked up in the loony bin" moment.

      I then had another false awakening. I was laying in my bed, staring at the ceiling, but I knew I was dreaming immediately this time. I actually had a ton of FAs, a lot more than I can really remember other than me waking up and losing the dream again. This seems to happen to me quite often in LDs--if I have one FA, you can bet I'll probably have more.

      I then was at the bottom of the stairs, trying to think of how I could properly spend this LD. I wanted to have a deep, spiritual experience, but I didn't know how to induce it. I kept thinking I had to slow my breathing down and really calm my mind, but I felt my waking body breathing, and it didn't feel like I was able to take in enough oxygen, even though I was breathing through my mouth. I tried to concentrate on getting in touch with my inner self (or "higher self", whichever you prefer), which is one of my lucid goals, one that I think will be very beneficial if I can properly implement it.

      Then, I felt the buzzing of SP, and my vision turned to some hypnogogia. I then was having yet another FA in my bed.

      I didn't know what to do with all this lucid time. So I decided to get down and dirty and have sex with Ray. If you want to read the explicit details,
      Spoiler for explicit content:

      Then I finally woke up.

      And all I have to say now is hot damn. Probably the best sex dream I've ever had.

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    9. Space Velociraptors Take Over the Earth!

      by , 10-15-2011 at 04:37 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my friend Paul. It was somewhere that I was spending the night for some reason. We were upstairs in some kind of bonus room. The only light in the room was a desk lamp at a desk Paul was sitting at. I was really tired, and laying on the floor on some blankets. I had a pillow as well. Paul was sitting in a desk chair which was turned towards me. We had been talking, but I don't remember about what. At some point, he was even massaging my feet. I hoped that he didn't think they were gross.

      Then, I was so tired, I just decided to close my eyes and go to sleep.

      I was then...I'm not really sure. I was in some white room that looked futuristic. We may have even been in space. This is where I figured out that space velociraptors had taken over the Earth. It was sometime in the future. The world was also running out of its water supply.

      Even though these space raptors had taken over the planet, there were plenty of humans left. The thing was, they were living in constant fear. If the humans went outside, they were fair game to be eaten. People were getting picked off one by one. It was a horrible state.

      I was told by some guy that we had to go back and get some people. We were then on Earth (a couple of men and myself) in my backyard. It was quiet, and the sky was grey. I knew we didn't need to be outside, though there were no raptors in sight; being outside was risky business in these times. I saw my brother at some point; he was helping us out.

      I was then in my house. I don't really know what we needed the people for, but I was in there to get them. I walked through my kitchen, and then into my living room. It was quiet; I didn't see anyone inside. I saw some of the people who came with me outside through the windows.

      I then felt like I lived there. I felt scared for my life. I felt the fear of the people of Earth.

      Suddenly, through one of the windows, I saw them. A pack of raptors was running through my backyard. They were red with black, stripe-like markings on their backs. My breath caught in my throat and I dropped to the floor on my hands and knees. I frantically tried to crawl away from the windows, and ended up seeing some more passing through the front yard through the windows in our piano room. I felt like their vision was based on movement, so I tried to be still as I laid low. One of the raptors looked around as it passed. I hoped it didn't see me.

      I started to panic, and immediately became lucid. I tried to think myself awake, but that wasn't enough. I started to say it out loud.
      "Wake up, Krista. Wake up. Wake up!"
      At first it didn't work. I closed my eyes and opened them in the exact same scene I had been in before.

      Then, I closed my eyes and opened them again, finding myself back in the room with Paul. I was so relieved, but extremely sleepy. I looked next to me and noticed that Paul was laying on his stomach reading next to me on the blanket that I was also laying on. On the other side of Paul was a small child, a little boy. I think it was his nephew. I thought Paul was probably trying to make a move on me or something, but I didn't really care at that point. I was so tired that all I wanted to do was sleep. I turned to lay on my stomach as I cuddled my pillow a little. I moved a little closer to Paul, in a way hoping that he would cuddle with me.

      I then fell asleep again.

      I was back where I had been, but I didn't feel as scared because I knew I was dreaming. Part of me just wanted to let the dream play out a little more, so I didn't really do anything to control it.

      I was then on the Earth mission again, but I was at a different house this time. I knew I was dreaming, so I knew no one was in any real danger. I quickly decided to try to transform myself. I'd never done that before. For some reason, I decided to try to transform myself into Pikachu. Why I decided on Pikachu is absolutely beyond me. I concentrated for awhile, but it wouldn't work. I stood in front of a mirror to try to guide the transformation by watching myself. The best I got was one of my legs started to turn yellow at the thigh. I tried for my other leg, but no dice.

      I then went away from the mirror and tried to shrink myself, seeing if I could do it that way. I shrank a little, but just ended up squatting on the floor. I then laid on my back to try to watch my legs shrink. Nope, no dice. Grr.

      I was then in the white futuristic room again. I was told that the raptors had not originally come to kill, but when they got to Earth, they saw us and felt sorry for our species because we were so stupid and blind, and decided to take over the world and kill us. I also figured out that the world's water supply was pretty much out; someone said they didn't know for sure, but had heard someone on Earth, referring to the water, say
      "Oh shit."

      I then was at my college, about to play a woodwind concert for band. I was holding my clarinet. I was walking down a bright hallway, when I saw the trombone players start to walk towards me, going on to play the brass portion of the concert. I then saw Austin (my ex in waking life who really does play trombone). His hair was shorter and he looked a lot younger. He wasn't wearing glasses either, as he usually is in waking life. I walked right by him, and he looked right at me. I then noticed that he had gotten shorter....waaaay shorter. In fact, as he walked by me, I turned around and he had shrunken a TON. I figured it was an illusion and he did it to himself. On top he was wearing a suit jacket, white shirt and tie, but on the bottom, he was wearing these baggy black pants with tons of ropes or belts that went from one leg to the other. I figured he had used those to make it look like he was way shorter.

      Embarrassed, I turned to a friend and said
      "I can't believe I'm dating him."
    10. Sick Kitty Fragment and a False Awakening

      by , 09-18-2011 at 12:20 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      One of my cats was sick, though I can't remember which one. She was at the animal hospital, and I was very worried that she wasn't going to make it.

      My mom then came in and, without saying much of anything, told me the cat didn't make it. She didn't tell me that she was dead, but that she had herpes on her hypothalamus. I had a feeling she was dead before my mom even told me that though.

      I even asked my mom flat out if the cat was dead, and I'm pretty sure she never really answered me.


      I woke up, and went into the linen closet to get a towel. I put the towel in the bathroom and shut both doors (one that leads to the hall and the other that leads to my room). I looked at the door to my room, and saw the faint glow of my light. I opened the door, and the light was off...weird. I turned the light on. Only one of the 3 lights on my overhead fan came on. I shrugged it off.

      I then wondered about the light in my closet, which is always on. I opened the closet door, and the light was off! I said
      "I turned this light off?", or something to that effect.
      I turned the closet light on.
    11. Messed Up Magic Show

      by , 08-22-2011 at 04:29 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was sitting in my room, I think I was supposed to be moving away soon. Someone called me on the phone. I picked it up, and it was some random teenage girl that I didn't know. Apparently, a lot of people I didn't know had been calling me lately. She lived out of state, I think she told me she lived in Kentucky. After that, there was awkward silence, and then I told her I was from Tennessee. We talked a little bit more, then there was more silence. I took that opportunity to hang up. I figured she didn't know me anyway so what did it matter?

      I then saw the US from above. My view would zoom from location to location, and snow would cover wherever my vision stopped, mostly on top of houses. I remember thinking that I wished it would snow like that here.

      Then, I was in my old high school's auditorium. The lights were all out and many people were there. There was some extremely dangerous magic show taking place. On the stage, I saw some smiling women with very sharp knives who were coming entirely too lose to stabbing this guy. He didn't seem too concerned with it though.

      Then, I was on the stage on the left side. I was handed a very light stick with an ember burning on the end. I was up there with a few other people who all had the sticks as well. There were burning torches on the sides of the stage. In the middle of a stage was a chair. Someone was supposed to sit in that chair while we lit the tops of our sticks and almost set the person on fire, kind of like what the women with the knives were doing. I saw some people sitting on the right side of the stage who were supposed to come sit in the chair. My old high school friends Sara and Rachel were among them.

      Someone, a guy, volunteered to sit in the chair. We were about to begin. My stick was lit on fire, as was everyone else's. I then decided that this was cruel and I couldn't do it. I put the stick out, threw it, left the stage and ran towards the exit. People started to applaud me, but only a few. It sounded like it was going to escalate to thunderous applause, but it was very short and light. I didn't care, I just wanted out of there.

      I was then standing in what looked kind of like the entrance to my college's recreation center. Behind the counter, I saw a black man who was a bit older than me wearing a suit. He said hello to me. At first, I thought it was my friend Josh, but as I got closer, I noticed it was someone I didn't know. He asked me a question, and I didn't quite catch it. I said
      He didn't repeat the question, but instead started handing out some things, I can't remember what, but he handed me one as well. I figured that he had been trying to ask me something about what he had just handed me.


      I woke up and looked at my phone. It said it was 5:34 (maybe 37? Can't quite recall) in the morning. Huh, that's weird, I thought it was like 10 or 11. I heard my brother getting ready in the bathroom. I looked again, and it still said it was 5:34. Oh well. I went back to sleep.
    12. Flight Through the Picture and Car Troubles

      by , 07-21-2011 at 07:36 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I woke up and looked at my phone to see what time it was. The screen looked funny; it was all blue with some weird word on it. I dismissed it at first, then decided to do a reality check. I looked away from the phone then back at it. The word had changed into another word, and continued to change as I was staring at it. I'm dreaming!

      The next thing I knew, I was standing in front of a giant picture of a sunny day at the park. Many people were in it, and they were moving around like the pictures do in Harry Potter. I flew through the picture and into the scene.

      I landed and wandered around. I counted my fingers on both hands. I was getting 5 each time. I finally got six after counting them twice. I ran through the park until I met a girl. She had short, light auburn hair.

      "What's you name?", I asked her.
      "Kim ____!", she replied (she told me her last name but I can't remember it right now. It was something like Hora? Not quite sure.)

      I ran with Kim through the crowded park for a few seconds. I focused on my hands so I wouldn't lose the dream.

      However, I then had another FA. I became lucid again, but it only lasted a few seconds.


      I was somewhere with Dakota. He had kissed me again, like in one of my previous dreams. He then whispered in my ear
      "I can't stay over tonight."


      I was driving down a road close to my neighborhood at night. I was approaching a red light, so I put on my brake. My car slowed down, but not much. I noticed that the brake had gotten stuck to the floor. Remembering what Ryan told me awhile back about how to fix your brakes if it does that, I tried his method: I stuck my foot under the brake to try to get it to come back up, but the pedal broke. I touched it, and it broke in half. Well, shit. I tried to brake anyway, but it wouldn't work.

      I was fast approaching the light and had to think fast. By the light, two police cars were stopped and had their lights flashing. I turned on my emergency lights and honked my horn as I maneuvered in between the two police cars. I finally slowed enough by a curb and stopped. One of the officers came up behind my car and asked what was wrong. I picked up the busted brake pedal off the floor and told him it went out. I looked out my back window, and he was examining my back left tire, which was flat.
    13. Many Deaths and a False Awakening

      by , 07-02-2011 at 11:54 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was looking at a man who was supposed to be my dad in the dream (he didn't look a think like my real dad). He was laying awake in bed. It was nighttime.

      The next thing I knew, I was somewhere else, I'm not sure where, but my mom texted me and told me that dad was dead. I was in total and complete shock. I kept thinking about him, hours before, just laying in bed awake. He was just alive, how could he be dead? He had apparently died from eating some sort of contaminated fish. He had gotten some kind of weird fish that looked like a Chinese dish. The fish didn't even look cooked; it still had a head and everything, and had something in its mouth, I think it was one of its eggs.

      Then, it wasn't my dad, but my friend Caitlin who was dead. I saw a flash of her in what looked like our old high school band dresses. Her hair was much shorter and she looked a little annoyed. I thought to myself that I was supposed to hang out with her that day. I couldn't believe she was gone.

      Then, it wasn't Caitlin anymore who was dead, but my friend Kacey's dad. I was with her in what looked kind of like the coffee shop that we work at. I then "remembered" a dream that she had had about her dad dying the night before it happened. I mentioned this to her, saying it was weird. She agreed with me. She looked sad.


      I was waking up. I looked at my phone to check the time. It was after 7A.M. I looked outside. It was pretty light out. Shit, I couldn't remember what time I had to be at work.

      Then, I remembered. I was supposed to have been at work at 6:30. I was way late. I couldn't believe it. I checked to see why my alarm hadn't gone off. I looked at my phone, and I hadn't set the right alarm. At first, I thought I hadn't set it at all because the little alarm clock symbol wasn't on the front screen. Then, I looked back after messing with something, and the symbol was there. I had 2 alarms set for some time in the afternoon. I deleted them.
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    14. Brief Lucidity and Lots of FAs

      by , 06-30-2011 at 03:58 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I remember being in some sort of class where we learned Chinese. I feel like there were more classes like this around the building we were in. I think we were in a school of some sort. We had to take the the Chinese class for some reason.

      There was more to this part of the dream, but I can't remember any details right now. I remember there being water in there somewhere, it may have been a pool, I'm not quite sure.

      Then, I remember writing stuff down, and re-reading it to myself. I couldn't read it, it kept changing! Well, that can only mean one thing. I counted my fingers, and there were 6 on both hands. My suspicious were confirmed. I'm dreaming! I walked around for a little bit, then decided to fly. "Gravity" tried to hold me down, but I wouldn't let it.

      Then, I woke up. Or so I thought. I got up and felt kind of funny. I counted my fingers. 6 on the left, 8 on the right. Totally dreaming again.

      This happened about 4 or 5 more times. In between the false awakenings, I felt the familiar buzz of sleep paralysis in my head and saw the familiar blackness and HI. One time, I tried to "roll out" of my body. I felt myself tumbling over and over myself slowly and smoothly, until I could see. I saw part of my room and got out of bed. I kept hearing my mom downstairs, so it kept making me think that I was going to wake up; that's what triggered all of these FA's.
    15. Bizarre Naptime Lucidity

      by , 06-08-2011 at 09:57 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      Finally! Lucid again at last, even if it was brief...and very strange.

      I was in the car driving around my neighborhood. I was talking on the phone to my friend Dakota about what we're going to do tonight. I could hear ukulele music in the background. He asked me if I could let him get back to entertaining his guests, and I said sure. I got off the phone with him.

      I was then in my bed again. Oh, it was just a dream. I kept hearing what sounded like a local radio station that I listen to frequently. I thought maybe it wasn't a dream and that I had left the radio on in my car. Or maybe it was the radio in my room (haven't had a working radio in my room for years in waking life). This lasted for awhile as I laid in the bed with my eyes open. I thought my mom had come home at some point.

      Then, I was in a bedroom with Dakota. I was leaving, because his friend was coming over. When they entered the bedroom door, I left, giggling because the person who entered was Shelton, a guy who Dakota thought was an asshole. I found it funny because Shelton had once cracked very bad taste gay jokes around Dakota, who is gay. And now, it looked like Shelton was gay too.

      Then, I started to see colors and shapes swirling around in black space. I still was hearing that damn radio station. I then felt the familiar buzzing sensation. I knew I was about to enter a dream, so I concentrated the buzzing to my head. It came in a few short waves, and I felt myself tumbling.

      The dream then formed around me. I was in my bed laying on my stomach. My head was way off the pillow. I got up and counted my fingers briefly. I went out into the hallway, and there were these weird, almost modern/futuristic-looking button things coming out of the walls at random places. I'm still hearing the radio station as I try to press the buttons in, some that were located next to my brother's room. The pressure I put on them kind of hurts my hands.

      I then turn to my left and go towards the bonus room. I open the door, and the cushions on the couch in there are all in a neat pile on top of the couch. In the middle of the pile sat a black cat. I figured it was probably one of my family's cats, Boots. I go up and pet her head, saying hello to her. She looked up at me as I did this. She then looks out the window above the couch. The walls start to fill in around the window, until they got to her head. They slowly started to close around her head. I tried to get her out, but she was stuck. I turned around in horror and covered my eyes. I then turned back, and the cat's body was white and fluffy, like my cat, Belle. She somehow then pulled her head out of the tiny space.

      I then awoke into the buzzing sensations again. I was still hearing the radio station. I concentrated hard on that. A familiar song was playing, I forget what it's called, but it's by The Band Perry (I think that's how it's spelled). I felt myself tumbling again, this time almost wildly. I opened my eyes and was in bed again. I got up and counted my fingers, counting six and then seven on my left hand. I could feel that I was going to wake up soon. I tried to turn the light on in my room by flipping the switch because it was so dim, but it failed. I looked to my left, and there was my full-length mirror. I looked at my reflection. I looked relatively normal. I could feel myself about to wake up, so I decided to try to enter it. I walked up to it and pushed my way through the mirror.

      I then felt myself falling, the buzzing and tumbling sensations were back. I felt myself falling fast. For some reason, I thought to myself
      "300 miles per hour is 30 miles per hour Earth time".
      I then saw these flashes of what looked like still frames from Family Guy flying by.
      I then saw in what looked like heat vision. I saw the mirror above me, and my hands reaching up towards it as I fell through black space. Both the mirror and my hands were orange and blurred (hence why it looked like heat vision).
      Then, I was laying on my floor, looking at my hand. It looked like time was going backwards very fast, and my hand got smaller and smaller, morphing and twisting, until it finally looked like a baby's hand.

      I woke up and the radio station had stopped. It was super freakin bizarre, because for a lot of the first part of this experience, I legitimately thought I was awake, and was hearing my radio from somewhere.

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