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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Going to Africa, School (Lucid), and At Kohl's Again

      by , 10-14-2014 at 02:01 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with a group of people. The next day, we were going to Africa. I'm not sure what the purpose of the trip was. I was supposed to be careful in certain areas, however, so I didn't catch any diseases.

      Then, the next day, I was in Africa with this group of people. We were by a desert area. I was trying to remember how I had gotten there. I "remembered" before the flight, but I was drawing a complete blank for the flight. I could not, for the life of me, remember being on the plane!


      I was in a classroom. I was sitting at a desk/table next to a guy. There were many students in the room. The teacher, a guy, was teaching. I had these workbooks, three I believe, and the teacher was telling us to do something with them, like go to a certain page or something. I was trying to follow the directions; I wanted to do well.

      I then was driving up to my high school. It was morning. I looked at the front of it, and it looked like my elementary school, but it had my high school's name on it. I parked and started to walk in. I got almost to the door when I realized that I had forgotten my backpack. No matter, I'll just make it appear on my back. I tried to do that, and it made me realize that I was dreaming! I walked into the school and into a room. My brother was in there playing the piano I think? I don't know what we talked about, I can't recall, but I then wanted to make angel wings appear on my back. I looked at my brother and saw that he had these what looked like costume green fairy wings on his back. I concentrated on making the wings grow and then saw them coming off my back. They also looked like costume fairy wings, only white. Eh, I was close. My brother was then talking, but I couldn't hear anything at all; there was no sounds whatsoever, as if someone had hit the mute button on my dream. Everything then went black around me. I was not all the way out of the dream yet, however. I took off into the air, letting myself float like a leaf in the wind. The wind was blowing me around quite a bit, but I let it; I was going with the flow. I felt myself flying for a few seconds, and I then, unfortunately,
      woke up.


      I was working at Kohl's again. There was a newer girl working with me. She was telling me something, and I was talking back to her, telling her I had worked there for almost 3 years now. I then thought to myself how that didn't seem quite right. I briefly became lucid while looking at a shelf, and thought to myself I could either keep the lucidity or go on with the dream, but I lost it for some reason.


      I had another, very explicit lucid dream, and while I sometimes do a spoiler tag, this time, I really don't think I want to type it out. Sometimes, these dreams get too personal to share online. Sorry, guys.