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    Krista's Dream Journal

    1. Moving During the Zombie Apocalypse, Brief Lucidity, and a Couple of Frags

      by , 05-18-2016 at 01:18 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      It was the zombie apocalypse. I don't remember who it was that I was with, but it was a group. We were living comfortably in a house, feeling quite safe. I remember seeing my bedroom, one I shared with a young girl. It was clean and the queen-sized bed looked comfortable and inviting. Next to the bed I saw a nightstand with a lamp on it.

      However, we were moving. I was then looking at an area from above. Things started to look like Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 (mobile version), in that I could place different buildings in an area that had roads laid out. This is where we were moving to. I "placed" buildings from my above POV, as if I was simply playing a video game.

      I was then back in my regular view. I was with the group inside a building that we were scouting for zombies. I was sitting on the floor with a couple others, while the rest stood. I saw two, one I distinctly remember being a female with short brown hair pulled into a ponytail and a messed up mouth coming behind some of my friends. I warned the group. They moved aside. I'm not sure what happened to the other zombie, but the female one was going for me. She came at me and was on me. I was keeping her from biting me, but only barely; I really thought I was about to get bit. Then, one of the people that was there with me, a guy, slit his own throat and used his blood to save me from the zombie; something about the blood killed the zombie. I looked at the guy who saved me, and aside from a slightly bloody, drippy slit in his neck, he was totally fine.

      At some point, I thought about the fact that we were moving, and I wished we weren't because we were comfortable and happy where we were before.

      I then was talking to one of the girls that was with me. We were talking about whether or not we thought the zombies were increasing in number or decreasing. She said
      "Oh they are definitely dying."
      I then remembered that I was "back" at the beginning of the apocalypse, though everyone else was just at the beginning and was never at the end with me. I thought about the female zombie who almost bit me and noticed how "freshly dead" she still had looked. I had been at the end of the zombie apocalypse previously, and started to explain to the girl how I knew that things weren't going to get better yet.


      I woke up for over an hour and struggled to go back to sleep. When I finally did, I had an interesting little lucid moment.

      I felt myself falling asleep, the head buzz feeling came over me, and I saw a moving picture in front of me, like a movie screen. It reminded me of a country western almost; there was a desert and the sky was pink and orange as if the sun was rising or setting. There was no sound. It took up most of my vision, but I wanted to go into it and get a LD started. I entered the moving picture, and wasn't sure if that would make me wake up or if it worked. I started to see that I was submerging myself in this world, but after that, I lost it. Not even sure if I woke up or continued to dream or not.


      My daughter had pooped in her diaper and it was leaking onto her clothes.


      My husband got onto me about not packing up my books like I said I would. (I fully expect this to happen IWL, as I did not pack my books last night like he asked).

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    2. Zombie-Triggered Lucidity

      by , 06-19-2011 at 12:20 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in my house in the kitchen, and a couple of my guy friends were there, Josh and someone else, I can't quite remember who. Josh looked much shorter and older than he does in waking life. We were all about to go somewhere, and I was calling to them, letting them know we were leaving. They went towards the door and looked super unexcited. I said something sarcastic like
      "Don't get too excited, guys."

      I remember then being in some hallway, but it was outside (like at a hotel, for example). I was there with a couple of other people. All of the sudden, I see my ex, Chris, come from around the corner. He looked very angry and almost not human. He was in some sort of zombie mode or something.

      Anyway, one of the people I was with, a guy, tried to block him. Zombie Chris was too strong, however, and got through. I went into panic mode; I needed to get away from there. That triggered me to realize I was dreaming. I looked over at one of the people I was with, and saw that it was my friend Adam. We were now down on the ground outside instead of in the hotel-like outdoor hallway, and I realized we had left the other guy that was with us in the hallway with zombie Chris. I remember seeing green grass under my feet. I also examined my hand quickly, but didn't really count my fingers. I said to Adam
      "This is a dream, right?"
      "Yes.", he replied.
      "Let's fly out of here!", I said to him.
      I took his hand as we took off to fly. He was in front of me, leading the way so it seemed. I almost felt like he was pulling me behind him, like I was kind of flying on my own but he was doing most of the work. I remember seeing blue sky and white clouds all around us. I looked down at the landscape below so as to not lose the dream. I remember seeing houses below us.
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