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    World of Kaos

    If you like wolves, violence, and chaos (the play on words is starting to get old, I know lol ), you're in the right place.

    1. Log 24 Night at the movies, and Manholes

      by , 07-26-2010 at 02:31 PM (World of Kaos)
      small fragments:

      Me and another person are looking for a place to park. We are thinking about parking inside a giant manhole that is next to some parking spaces, but realize they are filled with trash. I hear cop sirens and begin to panic, so we park in a regular spot.


      We just got done watching a movie at the movie theater, and someone tells me we just watched the "Dark Knight". As everyone exits the theater, are start looking for a bottle of Old Spice Body Wash that I thought I brought into the theater with me.