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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Dream Journal 28: Rural streets of Beijing China, and my lost m4a1.

      by , 08-20-2011 at 03:52 PM (World of Kaos)
      My dream starts out looking at a number on the wall that I am supposed to hear from regarding an internship. I am for some reason in my parents room, and sure enough the number calls. I got the internship, and I am very pleased. My parents congratulate me, but then I have a false awakening. I wake up in my parents bed room, but this time a different number is posted on the wall, one that made no sense. It was like "1-808-VTLR79__" or something. At this point I was like "oh shit, that last time it was a dream, so this is just another dream." Then I got really excited and became lucid after looking away at the number on the wall and looking back it it. Then that's when it became weird...

      As soon as I turned lucid, The left side of my body in the dream stopped working completely, including my eye which now all I could see was black. Getting a little rattled, I yelled "lights on!" and "left side begin working!" After I yelled this, I remember going into sleep paralysis for a split second, and then closing my eyes to be shot straight into another dream.

      When I entered my dream, I was completely lucid, and was somewhere on the rural streets of Beijing, China. I am not sure how I knew that, I just knew. Anyways, I noticed my dream was a little unstable, so I calmed down and began looking in detail at my environment for a while. I also did a couple spins and rubbed my hands together to ensure that the dream would be stable for at least a while. Then, I began walking down the streets in attempt to begin some lucid goals of mine.

      I stopped at an intersection, and made myself start physically-shifting. An incredible pain had initiated where the muzzle would be breaking through. Very similar to my phantom limb shifts in real life, except a LOT more pain involved. I felt ears piercing through my skull in order to struggle out. At this point I wanted to make sure my shifting was going on as planned, however, when I started looking at my body and feeling around there was absolutely no evidence that I had physically started shifting. After this, my shift stopped all of a sudden, and I became extremely frustrated. Because I am usually able to fly in my dreams, I wanted to make sure not all my superpowers were affected. Unfortunately they were too.

      At this point I decide to turn at the intersection and start running on all fours and initiating a mental shift in my dream to see if it would help. After a while, I came out of the shift realizing nothing had happened. I gave up in frustration, and began to climb a wall nearby in effort to find higher ground (began to lose my lucidness). However, in attempting so I fell and slipped.
      It hurt like shit. Dream fades on...


      I am at a ski resort, or in Alaska somewhere living in little huts with a bunch of friends. There is snow absolutely covering everything. "J" is in the same bedroom as me, and we are roommates. I miss the bus to go somewhere because I am too busy looking for my m4a1 assault rifle (a real one) that I thought was in my paintball duffelbag.
    2. Log 20 Breaking in and huge snowflakes

      by , 07-20-2010 at 02:31 PM (World of Kaos)
      First dream I wake up to go and work out. After putting on some clothes I gather all of my things and realize my wallet is missing. I think that maybe I left it in my brother's apartment next door (even though he doesn't live next door in real life), so I head next door.

      The door is locked. I decide that I should try the key for my door on the balcony screen door, so I climb up on the balcony and try it out. It works! When I walk in there are two guys sitting down on lazy boys playing a video game, and my brother is no where to be seen.

      "Who in the hell are you! Get out of here!" They proceeded to yell at me.

      "It's not what it looks like! I thought this was my brother's apartment, I left my wallet in there. I am so sorry." I say back to them.

      I proceed to climb down the balcony and meet my land lord in the parking lot of my apartment. She looked pretty pissed at me.

      "(My name), I am going to have to start from scratch with you regarding background checks," She says to me, "I don't know if I can trust you anymore."

      "M'am, it isn't what you look like! I was just looking for my wallet and I could have sworn that the apartment I walked into was my brother's!" I told her in desperation.

      The boys playing video games in the apartment scream down to us to make sure to do another background check on me, because they think I was going to rob their place.

      Fast-forward: I am sitting in my apartment with my wallet somehow, and my roommate walks in. He proceeds to tell me "Hey, there's my wallet."

      Dream gets hazy after that.

      I walk out of my apartment (very much could have been another false awakening) that I live in at college, and the cul-de-sac from my hometown is there somehow instead of my regular apartment building parking lot. It is snowing outside, but by no means is it regular snow. Dropping from above were snowflakes the size of my head, dropping extremely slow. Along with these massive snowflakes were regular sized snowflakes as well. I remembers asking about the snowflakes to one of my friends standing with me about why they were so huge, but I do not remember what their reply was.

      I was extremely fascinated by the gigantic snowflakes, and I grabbed one. As I grabbed it, it proceeded to fall apart in my arms. I remember how weird it was for these massive snowflakes were to me, but I didn't even RC at all.

      After this, we all ran into the middle of the cul-de-sac and started having a snowball fight. The snow felt so cold and so real. After this, my alarm went off and I woke up for real.

      Note: This second dream really pissed me off. This is because this dream in particular was basically begging for me to perform an RC. This is because snow is by far the biggest dream sign I have, and not only that, but the huge snowflakes was intuitively telling me about how weird it was. Ugh! frustration...
    3. Log 11 Nap: Saving someone's life, Gasoline tentacles.

      by , 07-08-2010 at 04:12 PM (World of Kaos)
      I had to workout pretty early this morning, so I finally had a chance to have a nap for the first time in a really long time. Bunch of really vivid fragments of a dream, but nothing solid.

      My first dream involved me and two wolves doing something, I am not sure what in particular. I felt like we were trying to save someone's life at the time. As I was with these two wolves, I ran on all fours in my human body and was not a wolf myself. One was a blonde wolf (which is odd), and one was brown or gray. There was an Ipod somewhere that I found, and it did not work properly.


      False Awakening: I wake up in a bed, and I think how I missed another chance at lucid dreaming. I tried to get back to sleeping as fast as I could so I could try again. The bed I was in was completely different, and it looked like I was in a dojo of some kind.


      I am in a hotel with Chris Tucker, and there are trees in the middle of the lobby. Chris Tucker decides to grab a container of gasoline and light it on fire. The weird thing is when he did it, tentacle like things flew out of the container and Chris Tucker attempted to hold on to them as they flew out. It looked like those ash snakes you can buy at a fire works store, just filled with a gas that made them float. My dad suddenly appeared and mentioned to me how dangerous it is to do that, and that he could have hung himself on it.

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    4. Log 2

      by , 06-25-2010 at 11:50 AM (World of Kaos)
      Dream starts off in a warehouse where I have just woken up (false awakening). I go onto my computer to post my dream journal for the morning, only the computer does not work for some reason. There are people inside the warehouse, some of them had something to do with paintball, don't necessarily remember what. I decide to go outside and take a shower, so I proceed outside to this movable structure and shower. We all leave the warehouse down towards a 7-11 when it starts to snow in the parking lot. Big drainage hole. I grab my back that was at 7-11 and proceed backup towards the warehouse. An old lady starts yelling at me for no reason.