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    1. Log 10, Subway, Mellow Mushroom and Jacob Black fight

      by , 07-08-2010 at 11:06 AM (World of Kaos)
      The dream starts me off in the parking lot of my old neighborhood. I am going around looking for something to eat, so I go and grab some subway. The subway is there in the middle of the parking lot, out in the middle of the open with no building around it at all. I then remember ordering a chicken bacon ranch, then driving home and eating it at the same time.


      I go with some buddies to Mellow Mushroom to drink a few beers and hang out. Don't remember too much of this one...


      I am suddenly chasing after this kid on a skateboard, and I am on one as well. We start off in the parking lot, and end up right next to each other on the sidewalk. Ahead of us coming up are a couple of cars that are about to cross our paths, and I barely dodge one of them as I hauled ass passed it. The kid I was chasing wasn't so lucky and slammed into the car with a loud and satisfying THUD. With a smile on my face, I keep skateboarding down the sidewalk.

      All of a sudden he shows up again in front of me, so I try and use my super-powers to slow him down and spin him out of control. Thats when I realized... I don't have any superpowers, I must be dreaming! I actually said "I am dreaming out loud to myself" to ensure myself. I gathered myself together as I let the kid I was chasing run off into the distance, and remembered one of my lucid goals. So I flew to the nearest woods I was by to face off with that pathetic excuse of a werewolf Jacob Black.

      As I was flying over towards the woods, I could already see the body of a large brown bodied wolf chasing after my position in the air by foot. So, I sped up ahead of him and landed in front of him, making an effortless transformation into my own large gray wolf body. I could smell the musk of him, as well as see the anger in his facial expression as he ran on towards me. The sound of deep panting and his large paws hitting the ground was what I heard right before he made the first move.

      Leaping onto my side, Jake's jaws were ferociously snapping together trying to go in for the kill. As I lie on the ground, one bite did clip me in the neck. Furious, I got up as quickly as I could and shoved him off. As he stood there for a second, I took my opportunity and lunged for a kill shot. As I leaped towards him, I pressed both of my large front paws onto his chest, toppling him over onto his side. After I recovered from my own leap, I got back up and stood over top of him. He was pinned, and it was time to end it.

      I opened my jaws to show my teeth, and bit down on his neck as hard as I could and jerked from side to side.

      Then I woke up. What pissed me off is that I never knew if he was going to be dead or not. Also, take note that the lucid dream actually very short, as all of it happened very quickly after I became lucid. I could have used sustaining lucid dreaming techniques, such as spinning or rubbing hands, but that would be somewhat hard in wolf form.

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    2. Log 3 (LD)

      by , 06-27-2010 at 05:02 PM (World of Kaos)
      Finally, a lucid dream!

      Started off with what seemed to be a nightmare, and was a tad shorter than I would have liked, but it ended quite interestingly enough .

      Warning: dream ended up being pretty graphic, so be warned.

      Started out with a few of my buddies sitting around talking about stuff that did not make any sense what-so-ever. We were all sitting in what looked like a run down hotel, door was wide open, as well as the windows. The windows reveals what looked like stairs going from the bottom of the hotel to the top, resembling metal stairs seen in NYC apartment buildings as a fire-escape. All of a sudden people break into the hotel, drawing automatic pistols, killing two of my friends. First thought was to run, and run as fast as I could. The remaining friend followed me out the door and we parted ways in separate directions.

      I first ran through the open door, and jumped off the balcony onto a close rooftop of another building nearby. The killers kept close tail of me, following my lead off the balcony onto the roof. I continued off the edge of the roof, and hopped down on to the ground. Killers, still following my lead, closing in on me. When I hit the ground, I feel as though I am paralyzed, unable to move. I was laying next to a small children's pool it looked like. Several of the killers go to raise their automatic weapons to my face and are about to pull the trigger. The friend I parted ways earlier at the beginning of the chase all of a sudden grabbed one of the killers behind the neck in a choke-hold and looked at me and said "intense dream so far eh?"

      I looked at a nearby sign by the pool I was laying next to and it proceeded to change every time I looked at it. I was dreaming! Now that I was awake I took a hold of the other killer's hand and ripped off his arm that had the gun in it. I then proceeded to transform painfully into a large timber wolf, as I do with nearly every LD. For some reason when I transformed in this dream, it hurt really bad. Usually the transformation in my dreams go by quite smoothly with little pain, however this was a different story. I felt my face painfully cracking and contorting outwards until it finally resembled a snout. Fur spread all over my body, and a feeling of intense goose-bumps covered my skin. My tail bone cracked and contorted as well. Sharp teeth sliced their way through my gums, at first with pain that mimicked shattering my teeth. Paws formed as each foot elongated, and my hands elongated and turned into paws as well.

      After I was done changing, I looked at the man who stood under the control of my friend in form of a head lock. I sprinted and tackled the man by pouncing on to his chest. My friend, still holding the man down looked to me as though he knew what was about to happen. I decided to go ahead and finish off this nightmare with a bit of gore of my own, haha. Anyways, so I open my jaws up, and clench the killer's head in between my jaws. I proceeded to clench down as hard as I could onto the man's skull. After a few seconds, the man's skull gave in to the pressure, and I felt the cracking and breaking of it in between my jaws. That was then followed by warm blood filling up my mouth, and dripping down my throat. In a weird way, it actually sorta tasted good.

      My friend then decided to follow my lead, and he ended up changing into a wolf after letting go of the killer's head who was now unrecognizable as a human being. Regarding the other killer with one arm, I don't know where he went. After that my lucidity sort of drifted off, and I was being controlled by my dreams once again. The rest of the dream involved me and my friend running off into the woods as wolves, then I suddenly woke up!
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