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    1. devil's deal

      by , 02-05-2012 at 04:39 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      A woman was possibly moving down a series of dark hallways or a cave. Somebody was following the woman, possibly the devil, some demon, or a big criminal like a mass murderer. The woman was glamorous, like Kim Novak in the Alfred Hitchcock movies.

      The being had made a deal with the woman He wanted her help, and he would share his wealth and power with her. But the woman had declined. Now the being was following the woman to kill her. If she was going to know about his work but not work with him, she couldn't live.

      The woman was now in some big, wood-floored room filled with yellowy-white light. It was like some room up on the deck of a nice ship. But it was completely empty. The woman stood facing the door on the stern side of the ship.

      The being stood on the other side of the threshold, facing the woman. I couldn't see the being -- in fact, I may have been seeing from his viewpoint --, but the being now seemed to be as tall and wide as the doorway, and to have a very Devil-like appearance.

      The woman faced the being and told him again that she couldn't work with him. But now there was a man in the room with the woman.

      The being had posted up a $1,000 bill on one of the rafters of the ship's room. The being was using it as a test, to show the woman how unworthy the man was to work with him. The being, after posting the bill, mentioned a hidden $100 bill to the man. The man said that there was no incentive in working for the being for only $100. He walked away.

      The being had disappeared. After the man had walked far enough along the deck, toward the bow, so that he could no longer see the woman, the woman went to the rafter on which the $1,000 bill had been posted.

      I was now seeing from the woman's point of view. The woman took the bill. The being had made a deal with the woman that if the man was too stupid or lazy to look for the $1,000 bill, the woman could take it. The woman had also been tied to the man previously. But now that the man had walked away, the woman was free of him.

      The woman still wasn't going to work with the being. But she did feel a bit of fondness for him. And she did feel flattered that someone as skilled as he was would treat her as nicely as he did.
    2. moving out; movie discussion

      by , 12-30-2011 at 03:16 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was walking up the stairs in a fire escape stairwell in an office building. The walls were white and the light was either incandescent or a warm-feeling fluorescent. There may have been one or two people ahead of me, guiding me. One may have been a pretty, young woman.

      I was told something about the office where I was being taken. It had something to do with the difference between this place and my old office. I felt like probably nobody would even know me here.

      The door opened to the office floor. Colorful Christmas lights were glaring somewhere at the periphery of my vision. The two people guiding me either disappeared or walked really far away into the office.

      I was by myself in a corner of the office. It felt kind of like an elevator bank. But it was open to the rest of the office. I wasn't even sure why I was supposed to be in this office in the first place.

      A young man came up to greet me. I knew him! (I don't think I really know him IWL.) I was so relieved to know somebody.

      But the man didn't quite want to acknowledge that he recognized me, as well. Some people didn't like me, and the man didn't want to be seen by them as liking me. So he just treated me politely, but indifferently, like he'd treat anybody who came into the office.

      The man may have told me that my old boss would be here to meet with me momentarily. In the meantime, the man said, I could visit the museum on this floor. The man walked me to the wall behind me -- the wall with the doorway to the stairwell.

      Off to the left of the doorway was something that looked like a display. It was about the size of an animal display diorama in a museum.

      The "display" was of something like a space station. It looked fake, like one solid, plastic piece -- almost like a Star Wars toy! But some part of it, I knew, opened like a door. From there, you would walk into the museum. The museum would, I think, be about the size of a hallway, or the size of one exhibit room in a large museum.

      Off to the left of this "museum" was a long hallway. On the right wall of the hallway, from the waist up, were windows letting in a lot of yellow-white sunlight. The floor of the hallway was blue.

      I was now in "my apartment," which was rather large. The living area, which may have included the dining area, was three or four rooms long, with all the rooms opening into each other, only distinguished from another by the varying widths of their rectangles.

      The place was empty of furntiture. But there was stuff everywhere on the floor. Nothing was cluttered, and maybe everything had some kind of order. But it mostly felt like I just had all the stuff I liked just laying around everywhere.

      I'm not sure, but at this point, I think I looked like Lance Loud, from An American Family.

      (In this photo, Lance is standing, to the far right. The mother, Pat, is seated, in the center.)

      I had my phone to my ear, and maybe I was waiting for someone to pick up on the other end. I was looking down to the floor as I stepped over all the stuff I had laying around on the floor.

      I think I walked over some vinyl records, in their sleeves, and over a really old cassette tape player, the cassettes for which were bigger than eight-track tape cassettes.

      I probably started thinking about music. I thought of something that I really wanted to hear. I was going to play it. The music may now already have been playing. I still had the phone to my ear.

      But suddenly I realized -- I'm almost all out of money! It's totally wrong for me to stay in this place with no money. I can't sit here listening to music. I need to get all my stuff reduced and organized, so I can get the hell out of here!

      I may now have started putting together a plan for how to throw out a bunch of useless papers I didn't need, so I'd have less stuff to take with me once I left this place.

      I was now in a house which was supposed to be the Loud family house. At this point I definitely looked like Lance Loud. The house had two stories. I was up on the second floor, in a bedroom which had been converted into an office.

      I wasn't a member of the family. I was like a friend of some member of the family. But I had also been doing some kind of work for them. I had had tough times, and I needed to stay at their house. I think I had been staying at the house a couple of days, but now I was getting ready to leave.

      Pat, the mom from An American Family, came into the room. I was reclined -- somehow -- either against an office chair and some small filing cabinets, or on a bed.

      Pat sat down on something and told me that she knew I was planning on leaving the house. But she said she didn't think I actually had enough money yet to go out on my own. She said she was going to talk with the rest of the family about seeing whether I couldn't stay here a little while longer.

      Pat stood up and left. I looked through the doorway. There was a short, balcony-like hallway, with the stairs on the end closer to me. Again, I'm pretty sure I saw the colorful glare of Christmas lights somewhere.

      I was kind of relieved that Pat had asked me to stay. But I knew that I couldn't accept the offer, anyway. I didn't want any of the manlier men in the family to think I was just being a waste by sticking around here. I knew that if Pat made a good case for me, none of the men would say anything to my face. But I'd always have to deal with them showing me how they felt in other ways.

      I figured that what I would do, then, if Pat got the okay for me to stay, was just act like I was going to stay here, after all. Then, when nobody was looking, probably when everybody was gone from the house or asleep at night, I'd just pack up all my stuff and sneak out, leaving a letter saying why I'd gone.

      Dream #2

      I was walking down the hallway of some movie theatre. I was in a huge line either for tickets or to get into the theatre itself. The wall to my left was just a plain, beige-colored wall, possibly with some kind of wallpaper that looked like thickly-threaded linen.

      To my right was a wall that occasionally had narrow, tall windows, letting in the grey light of late afternoon. There were also occasional arcade games positioned along this wall. And somewhere there was a feeling of faint, flashing, multi-colored lights.

      There were a couple of people, probably a man and a woman, directly ahead of me, talking about a movie. The woman was doing most of the talking, and she sounded kind of arrogant and pretentious.

      Apparently the film the woman was talking about was a short film. The woman was speaking about the director of the film. The director may also have been a character in the film -- a comic kind of character who, even though he wasn't the main character, was supposed to "steal the show."

      I may have had an image of this guy in my head. He may have been a white guy, kind of rich-looking, wearing a really garish, multi-colored tuxedo, and a hat that looked either like a wizard's hat or a dunce cap, which was also multi-colored.

      I then looked off to my right, to a part of the right wall of the hallway that bent diagonally toward us, making the hallway narrower. On the sloping part of the wall was a poster for the movie the woman had just been talking about. The man was on the front, in his costume. He may have been waist-deep in popcorn.

      I realized that the film wasn't a short film. It was feature-length. And it was the film we were all heading in to see (or buying tickets for?) right now.

      I had been telling myself that I really didn't want to see the movie. I really didn't like the director. But now that I'd seen the poster, and now that I realized the movie was feature-length, I decided that I actually would like to see it.
    3. karaoke, obama, and the fed; blue bar and the fed; marrying rich man's daughter

      by , 09-04-2011 at 01:23 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some place like a workshop. There were one or two groups of people in the workshop. I may have belonged to one of the groups. But one of the groups had finished whatever they'd had to do.

      This group left the room. They walked through a long, ramped hallway, like in a hospital. They were now in a dark room at the end of the hallway. The room was like a bar, although it didn't seem to have anything in it. The people were all singing karaoke.

      I sat down in the workshop-room at some big working table. I was at the back end of the table. I really wanted to do some karaoke. I was getting restless.

      I had a pile of money in front of me. I realized that some people had left their money here. So I should give it back.

      President Obama was sitting on the right side of the table, near the front end. I gave the pile of money to Obama. I realized that the money was money that Congress had left on the table. They'd probably need it back. And President Obama would probably be able to give it to them.

      I walked away from President Obama. But, for some reason, I still had two $10 bills in my hand. So I turned back to Obama and dropped the $10 bills on the table. They lined up nicely, the bottom edge of one matching wih the top edge of the other. They also looked really nice and new.

      I knew that the $20 was some kind of "extra tax" that came with the money for Congress. The main pile of money was the pile that Congress got as a matter of course. The "extra tax" was tax that Congress received on this money.

      But President Obama told me to keep the extra $20. He said something like Congress hadn't really earned the stack of money in the first place, and they really wouldn't miss the tax money if it was missing.

      President Obama then asked me, "Well, why are you sticking around here? You can go, if you'd like. Don't you wanna go do karaoke with everybody else?"

      I said no. I knew the Fed was going to talk about something pretty soon. I felt like it would probably be a smart idea if I hung around here until the Fed got through talking about whatever they were going to talk about. I had partly said this to butter-up Obama and make him think I was smart. But I was also genuinely interested in what the Fed had to say.

      Dream #2

      I was in a restaurant/bar. The restaurant had a weird shape, kind of an upside-down "L" shape, with the tall part of the "L" being really long and kind of narrow. The lighting for the whole place was a kind of neon-blue. But there were windows to the space outside of the bar, which looked like the inside of a mall and was lit normally.

      I had gotten a table to sit at. But I had been asked to stand up. I'd had to walk all the way to the end of the area I was in, i.e. to the "base" of the "L" shape.

      Now I was back at my seat. There was some other guy with me, an Asian man in maybe his late twenties, dressed in a business suit. We seemed to be co-workers or friends. We were about to sit down when another man asked if he could sit with us. He was also Asian and young. He was dressed in an all-black business suit.

      We didn't know the man, but we let him sit with us. The two men sat beside each other. They started talking with each other, as if they were familiar with each other. I understood that they had never met each other before, but that they "knew the game" well enough to talk with each other as if they were familiar with each other.

      I sat on the opposite side of the table, kind of awkwardly positioned in my seat against an empty seat, and messing around with stuff at the table, possibly a glass of water and some condiments or little appetizers or something.

      The men tried to include me in the conversation. They asked me something. I responded by giving some speech about the Fed, which I don't remember, other than the fact that it was about them not needing something and having some kind of disagreement with Congress. The Fed might have said that Congress didn't need something.

      Dream #3

      I was in a big, nice living room in some wonderful apartment on a high-up floor in a big building. An old, white man with white hair sat on a couch. I may have sat down and stood up alternately.

      I had been interested in the old man's daughter. I wanted to marry the daughter. But the old man was sure that I only wanted to marry the daughter because I wanted to get at the old man's money. This wasn't true.

      There were elements of the dream before this point that proved, I reflected, that I really liked the girl. But I can't remember those parts of the dream.
    4. grandma's nuclear machine, girl harry potter, hamburger christmas, forest walk

      by , 06-07-2011 at 12:13 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a scientific laboratory. The floor I was on looked like the lobby for a nature center or a church. There were tall glass walls showing a clear day outside. The floors were some kind of deep-red stone, polished heavily. One other window to my left and about 5 meters away from me looked down, apparently, to a basement area, which was dark.

      My great grandmother was going down into the basement area to test out some kind of atomic science device. It was like some kind of atomic particle beam ray. It could be used either for scientific purposes or as a weapon.

      My great grandmother now walked into another room to my left and went down the stairs. I may have stood on the threshhold of the first room and the room with the stairs. A man and a woman stood with me, though they both stood in the first room. The woman was talking about how once a proton beam was set in motion, it would go into an orbit around the earth, destroying whatever came into its path. This could possibly lead to the destruction of the whole earth.

      The man now said, "Hmm... maybe we should get ----- (something like Swami Sarasvati) to talk about that kind of stuff." The man was basically implying that the physics of the machine were basically like the elements of Hindu religion.

      The woman said, "Or we could get ----- (some famous Western physicist)."

      To make a joke, I thought I'd recommend getting the Play-Doh man to talk. I envisioned holding a Play-Doh ball in my hand and smashing it. This was basically to suggest the destruction of the world, but as a joke, apparently.

      I made the hand gesture and said, "Or maybe we should get --," but I was suddenly interrupted by my great grandmother calling me from downstairs. She sounded pretty insistent, so I ran toward the stairs. I called out to the man and woman, still making the hand gesture, "Maybe we should get the Play-Doh man!"

      The woman got my joke and said, "Play-Doh man. Oh...!" as if she were going to start laughing.

      I now lay on my stomach before a staircase down to the basement. The staircase looked like in a suburban house, and it was bordered by a thin, wooden railing, like for a child's crib.

      My great grandmother's voice came from below. She said, "I need you to go get the money. I can't do the project without it." But she also discussed how she needed me to go get the money to protect it from getting into some other people's hands. My grandmother told me that the money was in a place outside of my usual activities. I took this to mean it was in some mansion in a rich neighborhood in Georgia.

      I asked my great grandmother how I could possibly get into these mansions. She told me that I wouldn't have as much trouble as I thought I would, and that I should be pretty honest about my aims with anybody I encountered.

      There was now a tall, bald, black man in the room with me. He stood over by what looked like a kitchen counter with a bunch of appliances, boxed and unboxed, on it. But the devices were actually weapons and parts to the device that my great grandma was testing out.

      The man made some kind of threatening statement, in a smirking way, about how he was going to destroy the whole project. I tackled him and pinned him to the floor. We were down beside a bed. I was on my knees, on the man's ribs. I had him pinned, and he couldn't move. But he didn't seem worried at all. He was still smirking.

      He made some move where he was now on his back. He had better control of his arms, and he tried to make some weird move against me. But I managed to counter that move and get control of him.

      Suddenly I was "my old self (?)," an old, white haired, German man who had been a Nazi. I had apparently tortured this man in the past.

      I lifted the man up and carried him over toward the head of the bed. The walls were grey concrete, like in a basement. At the head of the bed was a single wooden pole, kind of thin. I lifted the man's head up and said, "You couldn't leave things alone, could you? You had to bring the old me back. Well, now I'll treat you like the old me treated you!"

      I was going to slam the man's head down on the thin pole so that I pierced his brain through one of his eyes. But I was a little disgusted at the thought of this, and I either didn't do it or didn't see myself doing it.

      I was myself again. Some series of events had taken place, the project was completed, and my great grandma was up out of the basement again. A few people were around, like family, meeting after the project. But I still didn't have the money.

      I went to look for my great grandma to tell her I didn't have the money. I found her in her bedroom, apparently changing clothes. The bedroom was dim grey.

      I called out, "Grandma? I couldn't find the money. I don't know where it is." This actually wasn't true. I was actually kind of too shy to go to the Georgia mansions to look for it.

      My great grandma yelled, "Well I told you where it was! Go to a place outside your usual activity. You know what that is. And tell people exactly what you're doing!"

      I felt terrible. I was too shy and afraid to do this. I figured I might fail entirely at getting this money. What would happen?

      I was now in some kind of bedroom that looked like an exotic bedroom in an Arabian mansion, like in the movies. A bed stood atop a few marble steps, curtained on either side by thin, pink-orange drapes.

      Before the bed stood a kind of pretty boy dressed as a girl. He had long, blonde-brown hair and he wore a yellow-green and black striped shirt and a denim mini-skirt. He was apparently Harry Potter.

      Harry explained how I could get past my fear and take care of my mission. It took a few minutes before I realized that Harry was wearing a diaper under his mini-skirt. I started to vanish from the room, but I remained fixated on the fact that this transvestite boy was wearing a diaper.

      Harry, all by himself, began dancing in a kind of wild but sexy way all around the huge bedroom. I now saw a view from below the floor, looking straight up Harry's skirt, at his diaper. The diaper seemed to be blue, like blue jeans.

      I seemed to be sinking lowe and lower. I ended up on some kind of portico area with a group of students and a couple of male teachers. The students and teachers were all Latino and black. The students were a mix of boys and girls.

      I somehow figured that since I'd failed at my task, there would be no Christmas for these children. The children, without mentioning me (I wasn't present), kind of sadly complained about this fact.

      I felt terrible about this, but I thought there had to be some kind of magical way that Christmas could appear for these children. After all, Christmas is a magical holiday. Suddenly, slightly glowing objects began to fill the air. They were all supposed to be things like Christmas objects. But they were actually things like fast food items.

      One of the boys, seeing these items, said, "Hey guys! Don't worry! We've got Christmas right here! Just eat one of these Christmas hamburgers out of the air!" The boy himself ate a Christmas hamgurger. One of his male friends did so as well.

      The two boys were suddenly acting like they were drunk or stoned. The students were all walking to some educational site. One boy grabbed on to the arm of one of his teachers, a big, Latino man with long hair in a ponytail, as if the boy were the teacher's girlfriend. Another boy was at the back of the line, bouncing around and acting crazy.

      Finally, as the group continued walking toward the educational site, the first boy woke frfom his stupor. He ran back to the second boy and warned him not to eat the hamburgers.

      The school group was now of little, Japanese boys and girls. There were two male, Japanese teachers. I was now present with the group.

      We were walking into a forest full of yellow-leafed trees. A couple of girls, as we walked into the forest, called out, "Kirei!"

      I noticed that the scenery was getting all fuzzy, like a digitized video view getting more and more pixellated. I thought I'd comment on this to the teachers. But I didn't know whether, if I did this, I'd be breaking the Japanese customs of respectfulness.

      We walked along a really muddy path. At some point, I had to push aside the stalks of a tall, tree-like shrub. One of the branches touched my face. It was all muddy. I just decided to let the stalks go and not worry about whether I was clearing a way for the students behind me. But just as I decided to do that, it turned out that we were past that area.

      The teachers were now turning us around, but we were walking back on a path parallel to the path we had walked out on. This second path was flooded with water, which reflected the blue of the sky. I thought this would be kind of inconvenient. A horse was also standing in the water.
    5. car ride and meal with family

      by , 01-28-2011 at 12:55 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a car with my mother, nephews, and niece. It was a warm, sunny day. I was in the back, in the center seat. My niece sat in between my knees or on my knees. The front seats were bucket seats, so my niece could reach forward and look through them. My niece was bald for at least part of the dream.

      My niece was really calm, but kind of inquisitive about everything going on outside the car. She usually had a reputation for being hyper and a little mean. I thought, vainly, that my being around her was helping to make her calmer.

      We were now outside, walking up a couple of blocks to my mom's house. We had to walk uphill for a couple short blocks then turn left and walk up another hill to the house. A couple of guys in front of a house on our left called out to my mom. They sounded friendly, but we kept walking. A couple of them may have followed us, calling out at my mom.

      I couldn't tell whether the guys were being rude or just funny. At some point my mom explained something to me to let me know the guys were just being rude. My mom or sister had gotten on the guys' bad side somehow. Now the guys were always harrassing them.

      I thought that I might have to protect my family if things got bad. I really couldn't worry about the things people say. I'd just have to ignore that. But would I be able to handle things if they got violent?

      I was now if the house with my sister and a female friend of hers. I didn't know the friendm She may have been a new friend of my sister's. She was Hispanic, pretty, wearing a kind of baggy t-shirt. I never saw my sister or her friend right on. It was always like they were in another room adjacent to the room I was in (the living room?) and blocked by some piece of furniture, like a big set of dressers.

      I heard my sister and her friend talking. The friend may have been sitting on a couch while my sister was in the kitchen, making lunch.

      I walked around in some cluttered room and found an envelope with my name on it. It was a W-2, for filing my taxes. I wondered how it could have ended up at my mom's house. I figured I must have dropped it somehow. But then I also saw that it was open. I saw that it was easy for people to see the contents of the envelope, including the pay information printed on the form.

      I also saw that the form had come from a company I haven't worked with for two years. I wondered how this could be. Then I thought, Well, I was working with them at the beginning of last year. So of course they'd send me a tax form for this year. I looked at my pay info. It seemed to correspond with the time I'd spent working for the company.

      My sister handed me a plate full of something like grits with pieces of yellow corn floating in it. As I started eating, I heard my sister talk about how hard it was for her and my brother-in-law to take care of their children on their salaries. I felt bad when I heard this, but I couldn't really do anything about it. I was trying to take care of myself.

      I stood before some kind of broken down entertainment center or dresser that was piled over with all kinds of clutter. I began pulling change out of my pocket. I just kept pulling change out of my pocket and piling it up on some flat surface. I was amazed by how much change I had. And it was quarters, too! Not just small change.

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