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    1. #8. An Old RA Graduating, #9. Unproductive Volunteering

      by , 06-07-2014 at 08:25 PM

      It's interesting to note in regards to the first part of the first dream that this morning I happened to run into the RA that appeared in my dream (not necessarily a very frequent occurence). And I thought that the dream was wrong and that she was graduating next year, but apparently she is graduating right now. She also mentioned during our conversation that she is super busy. Nothing about an art museum or anything that I had forgotten , but interesting coincidence nonetheless.

      In bed: 1:20 AM - 9:20 AM

      #8. I. 5:45 AM
      My old RA is graduating soon. I am talking with her and ask her if thereís a time we could catch up. She says that she is super busy though and occupied almost constantly. Then, she suggests that I am forgetting about something. Apparently, we already established that we happen to be going to some art museum event on a Wednesday soon.
      I am working in a school building with multiple floors. I ran into my old RA when I was downstairs. I am mostly on the third floor though. There is an open balcony, so you can see down to the other floors below pretty easily like in a mall. There is some sort of summer camp-like thing going on with a bunch of kids one side of the third floor across from where I am usually at. But whenever, I go over to the bathroom on the third floor, it is right outside their room, so I sort of feel that I am intruding.

      #9. II. 8:50 AM
      I am helping with a massive event at a school, seemingly of high school students. There are generally tons of volunteers here for it though, so my presence being there is not necessarily all that helpful in general. I usually get there early and help with opening and starting up when thereís a lot less volunteers then kind of just hang out after that. I go upstairs eventually where thereís especially a lot less to do, and am just standing around a lot. On the message group for this event, one of the people in charge who I know of posts a message saying that one of the kids has gotten sick and that she needs help, not really knowing what to do. I come only later on though and at that point, I see that they are still handling the situation with the sick kid, but that itís mostly under control by now. The boy is sitting in a chair with a few people around him, some helping, some more watching. As I come by, someone asks me what I think might be wrong with him based on that he has a runny nose. I consider different options, but donít get a chance to respond because of other people talking. Someone is sitting in front of another kid who is doing some practice activity with writing or something. The person asks me to take over monitoring the kid which I am slightly hesitant about.