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    1. #11. Pancakes and Biscuits with Faux Sausage, #12. Driving a Car With Our Minds

      by , 06-12-2014 at 05:12 AM

      In bed: 1:56 AM - 8:38 AM

      #11. I. 5:40 AM
      Fragment: Adventure game. Pokemon related. I am following a road. Yellow-ish game of different order of guns. No legendary birds though I see Zapdos flying away above me. Passing board area with precursor orbs.
      I am in a cooking shop watching two guys cooking. They are really good. They are making biscuits and pancakes for me and possibly others. I taste it when they are done. It is good, but I am not used to pancakes without sausage. They are using faux vegetarian sausage instead.

      #12. II. 7:15 AM
      I am on a small mountain-like island with a high elevation in the middle and it decreasing around it though there is a mostly flat circle of a path around the middle small peak part before the rest of the elevation drop down to water below. There is a bridge or connection of some sort on one side. I am in a car with a bunch of others. We just got here to pick up someone that was waiting here for us. They are on the phone though and as we wait for them to get off, we drive the car around the short circular path around the short peak. This car is unique as we are driving it using our minds, willing it to move forward and turn. On one part before the area where the person is talking on the phone, there is some rubble and slight obstacles and a short fence with a narrow opening on the side closest to the little peak. It is difficult to navigate the car through the small opening with our minds.

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