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    1. #10. Humans vs Zombies with New Rules

      by , 06-08-2014 at 08:45 PM

      In bed: 2:55 AM - 9:20 AM

      #10. I 9:00 AM
      I am taking part in a week of Humans vs Zombies. During this game, zombies will have a limited number of lives over the whole week, limiting their lives like a human though they do get more than one. The new game is just starting. I am at my dorm and already a zombie, so I must be an original zombie or there was an earlier mission that I was tagged at. Something is going on here at my dorm, with some fighting here. I am much more cautious though since I have a limited number of lives. Later, I am just hanging around the dorm talking with non-players as I wait for the mission to be sent out. When it is finally sent out, I see that it is located at this company of sorts on campus that has an office building here for some reason. I am quite surprised by this mission location. I head out biking to the place. Inside, I try to stay hidden since I see a big group of humans who I canít do much too alone. Later, I see two humans I know and follow behind them crouching down trying to stay quiet. They enter an office room, and I follow behind them inside. I see a good moment after entering and sprint at them, cleanly tagging one of them. The person heard me at some point and was turning around as I tagged the other person. I still am able to tag them, though they do fire. They accept that they were tagged but argue to take a life away from me.