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    1. The Church and the Storm

      by , 04-04-2015 at 12:54 PM
      There was a grand extravaganza with the heads of state and leaders of the church attending. I could tell it was more of a party and not an official function. There was some discussion between a few church leaders on how to bring about a revival and healing to people. It was decided by them some sort of traditional rite should be performed. The most prominent church leader then went through this rite, and to end it, it involved him pouring a goblet of wine into the sea. I could see him at the cliff edge, pouring it over ceremoniously into the pacific ocean. So where we were must have been eastern Russia. Anyway, as soon as he poured it all out, what was somewhat normal weather over the pacific ocean erupted into a huge storm. Clouds covered the whole expanse of the Pacific Ocean and the winds and waves roared to life. It was like God took offense to the rite being performed and judgment was now at hand. Everyone there were terrified at what was happening and those condoning the rite were shocked that the rite had exactly the wrong effect. It is weird in how I can see a impression of the whole Pacific in my dream and what is happening to it.

      Somehow I transitioned to a different place, I could tell it was England and I was near a grand cathedral. Well I wandered around the cathedral and also went to the balcony of it, looking out. The people there were also now gathered in masse, and some seemed to be praying against the coming evil. They started singing a beautiful song of praise to the Lord, and as they did, light shone through breaks in the clouds and beams of light lit up the area. It was all so majestic. I wandered around a bit more after the singing stopped. The light quit coming once they stopped singing. Not all were singing, only a few what seemed, random, people in the crowds. Everyone spirits lifted at the singing, but after it stopped, the crowd went back to being nervous and fearful at the coming storm. That's about where my dream ended.
    2. Flying just above the water

      by , 10-17-2014 at 12:30 PM
      In my dream I was in the woods. There was a river there and I was on the riverbank. It seems like I was on a journey with this other guy trying to get somewhere. All of a sudden a flash flood caught us unaware. There was a rush of water coming down the river and there was nothing we could do in time. We couldn't get out of the way. I ended up clinging to the roots of a tree to keep my head above the water.

      It took a minute like this, but then I realized I wasn't in danger. I let go and concentrated on levitation. It worked, I rose up out of the water and just hovered inches above it. This was fun, and I started flying low over the water, heading downstream. Just a foot or 2 above the water I sped along flying above it. Eventually I came out to the sea, but I continued flying low just above the water like this. It just look so amazing flying like this.
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