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    1. LD: Jumping

      by , 02-24-2016 at 07:09 PM
      Here is the dream from 2 days ago (the first of the three in a row).

      Lucid Dream:

      It was night and I was with Jeff walking on this path up a hill. We were looking for something (a museum, maybe). At one point I remember lifting up my legs (like when you're a kid holding your parents' hands and letting them swing you along). I think this made me go lucid because I was trying to figure out how I could be doing this while only holding one of Jeff's hands.

      We got to the top of the hill. We were on a kind of covered patio. Behind us was a door. In front of us was a rail where we could look down at a large pool of water far below. I could also see a building and a dock by the water.

      Jeff then says to me, "Did you notice how when we move our hair doesn't move in the wind?" I said, "Yeah, I did notice. I think that's because we're lucid." I then said, "I know a good way to find out for sure if we're dreaming. Let's jump off this and down to the water below. If our hair doesn't move, that means were dreaming."

      Jeff agrees to jump with me. We then run to the edge and hop the railing. I didn't even think to try to fly. I feel super heavy and we fall fast. I notice feeling that very real feeling of my stomach lurching as I fall. The fall is long enough that I had the chance to look over at Jeff and see that his hair is perfectly still. I call out to him and point that out.

      Finally we hit the water and sink quickly to the bottom like a heavy rock. I'm a hundred percent positive that this is a dream now, so I don't worry about breathing. In fact, I start to talk to Jeff under the water.

      And that's all I remember.
    2. The Answer is "Yes".

      by , 09-22-2015 at 08:11 PM
      I had another lucid dream this morning. It was one of those lucid dreams where you wake up and panic a little because you can't remember much of it. I backtracked and found I remembered some of it. I'll share what I remember.

      I had been in my grandparents' house when the dream started. And that's where I became lucid. My grandparent's house shows up in a lot of my dreams--probably more than any other house. I have a whole lot of happy memories connected to that place.

      At some point I became lucid and did some stuff. It kind of kills me that I can't remember what I did.

      But I do remember going to the front door. I thought something like, "Well, I'm still lucid and dreaming after all that, so I might as well go out and do something outdoors." As I flew out the door, I thought of how many times I had been lucid and flown out that same door.

      I vaguely remember flying around. At some point I decided that I would take off my shirt. I started to do so, but for some reason I had a harder time undressing. Usually my clothes just sort of fall off me the moment that I think about it. But this time I was having difficulty pulling my shirt off over my head and flying at the same time.

      Before I got my shirt completely off, I saw a high school down below. I decided to pull my shirt back down if I was going to interact with the students.

      I saw three students walking outside the school buildings. I needed to do something interesting in this dream since I felt that I was mostly just wasting time to this point. I flew up and hovered in front of a girl. She was tall, thin, with straight honey brown colored hair. She had high cheek bones and light brown eyes. I don't remember what I said first. But she didn't react the way I wanted her to. So I decided to tell her that she was in my dream. She nodded and still didn't say much. How boring.

      So I went up to the guy next to her. He looked much older than a high school student. He had dark hair that had some curl in it. He had an obvious 5 o'clock shadow. If he had gone another couple of days with out shaving, he would have had a very full beard.

      I also told him that he was just a dream character in my dream. Like the girl he didn't seem to care. He didn't think it was weird that I was flying right in front of them.

      I then kissed him. He sort of kissed me back, but without much enthusiasm.

      Well, that was it. I had had enough of that kind of attitude. I somehow had a blanket with me, and I threw it around this guy, pinning his arms to his sides. I was going to kidnap him. Once he was pinned, I grabbed him and flew to the top of the highest building on campus.

      I said something like, "Well if you don't care that this is just a dream, then you shouldn't care if I let us both fall off this building." Still, I got no reaction. How rude.

      So with my arms around him I slowly leaned out over the edge until we were both falling.

      We didn't fall very fast and we gently fell to a grassy lawn below. The guy was calm and expressionless.

      This wasn't going the way I had wanted it to. How could I go so wrong? Could this be my most boring lucid dream ever?

      And I think the answer is "yes". Because I woke up shortly after that.

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    3. Semi-lucids: Naked in the Snow/Free Falling

      by , 02-02-2015 at 06:14 PM
      I had two recent dreams that were almost lucid. Or maybe semi lucid. They were early on in the night so my memory about them is not as vivid. I remember acting like I was lucid but there was no 'Aha...I'm dreaming!" moment. Maybe I will write them up as lucid, but with the explanation here that I'm not entirely sure. I do know that I wasn't lucid enough to decide to do whatever I wanted. I pretty much went along with the existing dream.

      Dream 1:

      I was out in the snow with Jeff. I somehow knew that things weren't real (not sure if I knew I was dreaming or I had control over things). But I suddenly knew that the coldness of the snow wouldn't affect me. I took off my clothes and rolled around in the snow and made snow angels and enjoyed the feeling of the non-cold snow on my skin.

      Dream 2:

      I don't remember the beginning. At some point I knew I had control and could fly (again, not sure if I was completely lucid or not). I was with this guy. I don't remember who he was but we were supposed to be doing something together and he was not happy with me running off. I ran to this tall wall and started climbing it. It was several stories high. When I got to the top I stood there and just let myself fall backwards. When I hit the ground I got up and proceeded to climb the wall again and do the same thing. It seemed that the guy and other people were watching me in disbelief. I found that exciting and wanted to keep doing it.
      Tags: falling, jeff, snow
    4. Short LD: FLying and Free Falling

      by , 09-13-2013 at 05:24 PM
      I have had several short Lucid dreams in the last few weeks that I haven't written down because they were fairly uneventful. But I should have, so I could at least record my lucidity.

      This is what I remember from my most recent LD.

      I was driving down these streets that were next to a marsh or swamp. The roads were raised on piers. I was getting lost and the roads were like a maze. I kept having to turn around and keep trying to find my way to where I was supposed to be going.

      Next thing I know I am on foot. The roads go inside buildings and I am now trying to make my way through rooms. I suddenly just want to get out of there. I can't even remember what I am looking for. Each room leads to another room with no apparent exit.

      Finally the whole situation seems too ridiculous and I wonder if I could be dreaming this whole mess up. In fact, I am now completely sure this is just a dream. I turn and see a window with blinds next to me. I jump in the air and fly to the window. I know that since this is just a dream that I can go through the window. I fly through the slits of the blinds (like I had shrunk or the window had grown). I am now outside high in the air near a tall red cliff. I am so thrilled to be out here....flying...in the exact scenery I would have chosen if I had made a conscious decision...

      I fly toward the cliff and as soon as I am near I let myself fall. I completely take in the feeling of flight and free fall. The wind on my face....the feeling in my stomach of falling....

      But before I could enjoy anything else the dream fades.

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    5. Jillian Michaels, Baby, Falling in Lake

      by , 11-12-2012 at 05:21 PM

      They are sort of fuzzy now, but I will share what I remember.

      I was with a group of people. One girl was talking about needing to take something to Jillian Michael's house. I watched her go, then thought about it and said, "hey, I want to go see Jillian Michaels." Another girl told me that Jillian needed this other thing and I could take it to her. I headed to her house. I was back in my LA, in Venice a few blocks from LR's old house. But at the same time it was a lot like the houses on 20 Ave in my current town. Jillians house was in the back, of course, with a great view. I walked in and told her I had stuff for her. And I really can't remember what all happened after that. I may have mentioned that I was working hard again on being fit.

      There was a part in my dreams where I had this baby with me. I remember I needed to change its diapers and I told someone to go find me a diaper since I had none with me.

      Then there was this part where I was way up high on this cliff or bridge. Below was a lake hundreds of feet down. At one point I dropped all this money and I decided to jump after it. I grabbed this sheet of foam stuff and sort of fell/floated down. I was surprised at how softly I landed on the water and how not cold it was. I saw my money floating gently on the surface of the water, so I scooped it up.

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    6. LD: Flying, Falling, and Kissing

      by , 10-16-2012 at 03:38 PM

      Lucid Dream:I'm trying to read my very messy notes here.

      I was lucid and flying. I was trying to fly up and through the clouds. I kept flying through the clouds but never managed to break through the other side which was the goal.

      I also had a point where I was trying to fly up and had the typical "powerline" experience. I couldn't believe I was having problems with this again.
      I also remember at some point in this dream I had flown to the top of a really high building. I walked to the edge. I told myself that I knew 100% that I was dreaming, yet it still made me nervous to walk to the edge. I usually fall off building backwards (by choice) but this time I decided to be brave and look straight down as I leaned off the edge.

      I don't remember what the fall was like, but I remember feeling disappointed. I ended up back at the top of the building and this time I let myself fall backwards like I had wanted to do. I enjoyed the feeling as I fell. I fell and kept falling long after I should have hit bottom. I remembered this from past Lds, and told myself I could fall as long as I wanted--there was no reason I had to hit the bottom if I didn't want to. I was falling between to very tall buildings and I remember watching the buildings pass me as I stared up at them (I was laying on my back as I fell). I also remember passing a bridge that connected the two buildings, and watching theat disappear above me as I continued to fall.

      The next thing I remember is seeing Ed. I remember wondering what it would be like to kiss him (I guess I had forgotten that I had kissed him in real life a long time ago). I leaned in and started to kiss him. But he had gum in his mouth. And then I found that I also had gum in my mouth. It turned me off to kissing so I stopped trying.

      I then remember finding Jeff and asking him if he wanted to fly with me. I think I woke up not long after that.
    7. LD: TOTM--Breathing Fire

      by , 10-15-2012 at 10:04 PM

      Lucid dream:

      I started out watching these helicopters all coming into town. I had never seen so many helicopters all together, so I was curious. There were at least twelve, and they were light helicopters--not military. They entered inside this building that had this huge open area in the middle (like a stadium). The helicopters stopped and hovered and men started to rappel out of them. I realized that they were doing some kind of practice drill. I watched them until they left. I then ran to the window to see them fly off. I noticed they were joined by a what looked like a flying car. I thought that was funny that someone had designed something that looked like the flying car from Harry Potter. Then I noticed that that there were kayaks out there. I thought it was funny that the kayaks were on the same level as the flying things (but that didn't trigger lucidity. In fact, I think I even thought about how this wasn't a dream).

      It wasn't until I walked away and looked down and noticed that I wasn't wearing a shirt...or bra, that it finally hit me that I was in a dream.

      [I am sooooo glad that that dream sign finally triggered lucidity...so often I miss it completely and come up with some logical reason that I'm half naked.)

      The first thing that I did was to take off flying. I love to fly so much that I can't miss the opportunity. So I flew high into the sky--about as high as I have ever been--and then just let myself free fall. I felt the wind rush past me. It was such an exhilerating wonderful feeling that when I landed (softly) on the ground I made myself do it again. This time I didn't want to waste the time flying up. So I just changed the scenery so that I was up extremely high in the sky again. I was so high I could see the curvature of the Earth. Then I let myself fall again. I suddenly knew why people liked to skydive so much. There is no other feeling like being able to fall like this. I was stretched flat on my stomach and holding my arms out where the wind pushed them upward. I did this several times, loving every second of it.

      Then I remembered that I really wanted to try to breathe fire.

      I was now inside this room. There was a little girl sitting on the floor and and older man at the far side. I took a deep breath and blew out. Nothing. I did it again. Nothing. I tried a third time, and again, nothing happened. I then remembered how joshbotch had success "spitting" fire. I tried doing that, but nothing happened. I felt discouraged. I wondered if this was beyond my ability. Then I reminded myself how it was when I first tried to make fireworks come out of my fingers. I had had the same problem. I wondered if I should do the fireworks one again to help my self confidence. But then I decided that I could breath fire if I really truly believed that I could do it.

      So I tried again. This time I opened my mouth a little wider and made the air coming out of it as hot as I could, and I breathed out all of my air, making a little "hhhhhhh" sound at the end. At the very end of that breath I suddenly saw orange flames. I drew in another breath and tried the same thing again. This time I was able to create more flames. The flames extended out from my face about 12 inches.

      I tried it again. This time I reached out my hand and put my fingers in the flame. I could feel the heat, but it was not painful. I did it several times while putting my hand into the flame. I was very fascinated with the way it felt.

      I then tried to make the flames go further. This time I got them to go out 18 inches or so. I knew that if I kept trying that I would be able to make them go further and further.

      But I decided that I wanted to try something different. I wanted to see if the flames were real enough to catch something on fire. I looked down to where the little girl was playing on the floor. Next to her was an old empty cardboard box. I leaned down a started blowing flames on the box. After a couple of breaths I noticed the edges of the box start to turn black and finally I saw the orange flames spread along one side of the box. I felt very satisfied.

      I then saw the old man sitting across the room. I decided to go up to him and ask him what he thought about what I could do. I walked over and started to ask him to watch me. But he interrupted and told me he had already been watching me.

      I then looked at my hand and saw that my fingers looked normal except for my fourth finger on my right hand. It split at the middle knuckle and had two finger tips come out from it. I realized that that was very typical of what I had seen in previous dreams.

      I don't remember the transition. But I was suddenly in another room next to a window. I remembered that I had wanted to see what it was like to crash through a window. So I took a running dive at the window and felt the glass break as I broke through. It was easy to break though and not painful at all, though I heard the noise of the glass breaking and felt the slight barrier of the glass.

      Once outside I flew along the street, just a few feet above the ground. I looked around seeing that all the colors were extremely vivid. I then noticed that the sun was setting casting a pinkish glow on everything.

      At this point I woke up.
    8. Mini LD: Falling House

      by , 10-15-2012 at 05:15 PM
      Old LD from 2-04-08

      Dream 4- mini LD:

      I was in a house that was supposed to be a new house. I went into the bathroom to find that the bathroom trash had been dumped out all over. I remember picking up handfuls of toilet paper and trying to separate out the dirty clothes. It was such a mess.

      I then walked out the bathroom door, and while I was still standing in the doorway, I felt the whole house start to tip. I tried to figure out what would be causing this. Was there a problem with the foundation? It kept tipping over and I had to brace myself in the door frame. I knew that any second the house would fall completely over.

      I then looked over and saw Marie just standing there talking on the phone as if there were no problem.

      I became lucid for a brief second before the momentum of the house finally falling over made me wake up.
    9. LD: Asking DC questions, Falling Backward, Eating, Changing Seasons

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:37 AM
      Here is a long one from 12-22-07:

      I was in my church. I remember thinking, if I'm lucid I'll be able to fly. And at that I took off in a float/fly over the heads of the people around me. I flew around for a little while noticing that I was flying swimming style again.

      I then saw Kyle. And the first thing that came to mind was the DC interrogation task that I am kind of doing in private so I'm not going to give details about what I asked. But I suppose I can give the answers because my DC was being uncooporative in answering those specific questions.

      After I asked the questions and Kyle looking at me like I was asking something that was forbidden to ask. He then finally said, "If you are looking for some secret answers, I'll tell you this: It will happen....in Asia....on midnight of December 31."

      I repeated that in my mind because I felt it might be significant.

      I don't remember the transition, but I next remember being outside by a house. I remember wanting to jump off the top of the roof. I ran up (I seem to remember a ramp), then when I got the the peak, I decided to let myself fall off backwards. There seems to be a thrill in that. Since I fly so much, it's nice to find something that is a little different and thrilling.

      As often happens when I fall backward, I feel a falling sensation, yet I don't hit the ground when I think I should, and after a while I just stand up and realize that the ground is right there.

      I remember doing that several times. Then I remember thinking, "I really should be trying to accomplish a task. I remember that I haven't done the Make it Winter" Task of the Month of December.

      I walk into a courtyard. There is green grass and some hibiscus shrubs. Before I even have to put out any effort, it begins to snow. I think, "Wow, that was easy." The I remember that I need to do more than make it snow. i realize that even though it is snowing, it is not cold. The next thing I know I feel an icy cold wind sweep around me and through the leaves of the hibiscus. I think, "Maybe I should make the leaves fall off the hibiscus." But for some reason, i just think, "Naw, they'll fall off on their own in this weather."

      I then go in the house. I see that I am in a kitchen. I remember someone suggested that we make a recipe and try it out as a possible future task of the month. I look around for thing to put together in a recipe. The only food I see in the kitchen is a large bowl filled with cake cut up in squares, grapes, and M&Ms. I think, "That will be my recipe--I'll put a piece of each one in my mouth and see what it tastes like. So I grab a handful and stuff it into my mouth. I realize that the cake doens't have much flavor. I'm disappointed. The grapes takes like sour-ish grapes, but not strong. Then I bit into an M&M, and a burst of chocolate flavor fills my mouth. I grabbed another handful of M&Ms and took them with me as I run back up to the roof, so I can fall backwards off it again before my LD comes to an end.

      As I am climbing to the top of the roof, I am thinking about how real the M&Ms taste, and how weird that is becasue I know that I'm dreaming and that there are no M&Ms, yet the sensation is so completely real, and how my brain must be using an old memory of myself eating M&Ms to make this so real for me again. I actually wonder at this moment what is exactly going on in my brain at this moment.

      Then I reach the roof top and fall off backward again. Instead of floating down for a fairly long period of time. I fall quite quickly and feel a slight thud and my back hits the ground. I think, "At least that didn't hurt".

      I decide I should really try something else if my LD was going to go on this long. So I decided that I wnted to find a DC to ask about my future. I have never had any luck in the past and I decided that I should try again. I walk back in the house and see Daniel standing by the stairs. I decide to ask him something quite specific, so I ask him where I will be in ten years. He looks at me and said, "You'll be living in a tent in the mountains." I am intrigued by his answer and start to question him about it. But before I can get too far, I finally wake up.
    10. LD: Flying through the clouds at night and eating cheesecake

      by , 02-04-2012 at 08:15 PM
      I had a lucid dream last night after a dry spell.


      I can't remember where I was, but I lifted up something and saw two black widows. One was really big and the other was smaller. I watched them for a moment. Then I started to notice that one looked strange. It looked more like a stuffed animal than a real spider. It suddenly dawned on me that I was in a dream, that finally something odd had triggered lucidity!

      The first thing I did was to fly up in the air. I enjoyed the feeling of the wind moving against me. Then I remembered what I had been thinking before bed--that if I had a LD, I would eat something really good, because in real life I am on day 6 of a juice feast, and I know in the past I have used LDs to satisfy desires for foods I am not eating IRL.

      So I flew down and saw a fridge. I opened it hoping for something really tasty to be inside. I was disappointed to find that it had mostly condiments and a doxen eggs. Finally I willed something to appear..and there on the top shelf was a plate of cheesecake. I grabbed the plate and put a piece in my mouth. It was lemon cheesecake with a layer of solid dark chocolate on top. I was quite happy that this is what appeared. I stuffed piece after piece in my mouth. I was a little disappointed that my sense of taste was less than normal. But all in all it was satisfying.

      Before finishing the plate I decided I wanted to fly again. So I took off. Above me I could see clouds. It had been a while since I had flown up to the clouds. I kept flying as fast as I could and finally entered the cloud. For a few moments I couldn't see anything. Then I popped out in a space in the middle of the cloud. The space was like a cave becasue I could see a place to exit the cloud on one side. So I flew up and through the hole and saw to my excitement that I was about to come up to the top of the cloud. The sky had light but was dimmer than sunlight. I realized that it was light from the full moon. I couldn't have been happier.

      So I burst out over the top of the cloud and could see the whole top of the cloud glowing in the moonlight. I flew over the cloud for a while, then I wished I could just lay on the cloud, so I tried. I found that the cloud felt like a fluffy sheepskin blanket. I rolled around on it for a while. It was quite warm and so comfortable. Finally I rolled to the edge and hung my head over and looked down. I then let myself roll head first down off the cloud and enjoy the sensation of falling.

      And that's all I remember.
    11. Lucid Dream: Talking Animals, Breathing Underwater, Falling

      by , 12-21-2011 at 04:29 PM
      Old LD from 7-23-07

      Lucid Dream:

      It started with me being at a mall. I was with a friend (maybe M) we passed two guys. I recognised one as Jeff. But I somehow knew that this was in the past and he didn't know me yet. I smiled at him. Then after a few more steps past him I turned and smiled again. Then I told my friend that. And we both turn back and smile at him again, but he was no longer looking at us. I thought, "Well, that's dumb..."

      The next thing I remember is that I was then sitting at the table eating ice cream with him. It was very mesy. It was like the container that my ice cream was in had an opening at both ends and it kept dripping out onto the table.

      Then the three of us continued walking in the mall. It was closing time. It seems like something happened here, but I don't remember details. Something about feeling angry at this guy working here. He makes me fall and I "spill" some of the floor that he is responsible for cleaning.

      I get left behind my friends. So I hurry out of the mall. There were some cool things that looked a bit like rain gutters, but were also big and painted red and made of concrete. I decided to slide down one standing up, I was able to get down the the level I wanted by sliding.

      Then things transition, I am with a big group of people in this big starirwell area.

      I suddenly see my dad hurrying up the stairs. I am excited to see my dad. But right as I get to him and reach for his sleeve, I realise that I'm dreaming.

      I look at this big group of people. I want to try the DV member task again. Surely there is a DV member in this large group. I scan the faces for someone familiar. They are mostly teenagers, and I don't recognise anyone. So I start asking around. "Does anyone know any DV members?"

      At first I have trouble getting any volume in my voice. This has been a problem in some of my LDs. It's like I'm trying to talk with my real mouth, yet I can't because of sleep paralysis. But then I am finally able to use my dream mouth.

      One of the boys responds to me and points to the floor above me and says, "Try the boy with the wheelchair"

      I climb the stairs to a dark haired boy standing by a blond boy in a wheelchair. I suddenly realise I don't know which boy I was reffered to. So I ask them, "Are either of you DV members?"

      They both nod and say, "Yeah..."

      So I continue, "Have either of you ever had a Lucid dream?"

      The dark haired boy nods, but the other boy asks, "Well, what exactly is a lucid dream?"

      I said, "Well, it's when you're dreaming, then you suddenly become "awake" in your dream--you become consious that you are dreaming, and if you have good control, you can do anything...."

      I said that all in a way that left then both looking at me like it was the absolutely coolest thing ever.

      So of course that made me want to show off a little. I continued "...like this."

      And I suddenly stood up on the stair rail. Beside me was a three story drop onto concrete. I stood dramatically, then let myself fall backward. I fell until I was almost to the bottom, then righted myself and landed feet first. I then kicked off again. I did the same thing in reverse. As soon as I got to the ceiling, I turned so I was "standing" on the ceiling. Then kicked off again to the floor.

      I believe a did this several times. I enjoyed the way it felt. It was like I was able to switch the direction of gravity in the middle. It was a very cool feeling.

      Then I stop and decide that I really want to try the Pet Task that I was unable to succesfully complete last time.

      I was standing in the middle of on set of stairs. To the side at the level of my face were some cats. My first thought was, "But these aren't my cats..." But then I quickly decided that I didn't care. I looked at the closest cat. There was something on its mouth. It looked like smashed cornflakes. It looked very unappealing. So I turned to the other cat. It also had the same stuff on its mouth. Their mouths looked almost sealed shut with it.

      I looked for another pet. This time I saw a group of about four kittens. They were very small and very cute. I reached for one. They all kind of backed away, but I managed to get ahold of one. It was white with patches of dark brownish grey tabby. It's eyes were a dark grey. I set it down on the ledge that was eye level to my face. I told it that it could talk now. It opened its mouth and said an a small voice, "Cookie...."

      I was a little confused as to what it meant--I used to have a cat named Cookie. So I asked it, "Do you want a cookie...or is that a name?" It just looked at me.

      I then remembered that it was just a baby. So I made the question simpler. So I asked, "Do you want a cookie?" The tiny kitten nodded its head. I laughed a little and said to it, "But you're so little, you shouldn't be eating anything buy your mama's milk. Who's been giving you cookies?" But the kitten didn't answer.

      I took off flying again. I flew outside. I was on the roof of a three story apartment building.

      I remember thinking about how I had been talking about how cool it was to just fall backward off things...so I decided to do it again. As I stood at the edge about to fall, I thought, "Now am I really sure I'm dreaming. If I'm not, this will be fatal."

      But I was already falling backwards. I didn't fall to the ground level, but just to a balcony on the floor below. I actually landed on a soft couch. I stood up again and was planning to fall backwards again, but I saw a pool down below. I remembered how I had wanted to do a Water Task. This wasn't the ocean, but a pool could be good practice for future water Tasks.

      So I dived off the balcony and went straight in the water of the pool. I worked myself to the botton. I started to breath. It was a very strange feeling. It wasn't like I had rememberd before when I was breathing underwater just like it was air.

      I could kind of feel the unpleasant feeling of water trying to come in through my nose. I had to block my nose breathing off. When I breathed through my mouth it felt like there were bubble appearing right in front of my mouth that I was able to suck in. It made a little bubbly noise as I did so. But it worked, I was able to breath. And it seemed significant to me that I would be able to breath like this indefinitely.

      I looked around again to see if there was anything interesting at the bottom of the pool. I saw a guy and a dog also laying at the bottom.

      I decided to try the Pet Task again with the dog. I started talking to it and asked it to talk to me. But suddenly the guy that was with the dog got mad at me. He said, " He's underwater! And you want him to talk!" --as if it would kill the dog for it to talk underwater. Of course this guy was talking underwater and it wasn't killing him.

      I was trying to decide if I was going to debate this with the guy, but then I could feel myself losing the dream.
    12. Lucid Dream: Attempting to go through things

      by , 12-20-2011 at 10:08 PM
      Old LD from 7-20-07

      I was having an interesitng dream in which I was friends with the vampire world--or at least one very large extended vampire family.

      In the dream I was had planned this meeting where I was introducing all my regular freinds to the vampire freinds. My introdutions seemed to be taking forever (I had a group of maybe 25 friends there), so two thirds of the way through, I just told my friends to introduce themselves, and hopefully that would go faster.

      At that point my next friend R decided to make a long speech instead of just saying her name. She told the vampires how wonderful it was to meet them and thanked them for coming...and that any friend of Twoshadows (except she said my real name) was a friend of hers.

      As she was talking I walked over toward where the vampire family was standing (also a large group of 20-30 people).

      As I stood there I decided to do that thing I liked to do where I fall back, and before I hit the groud I float back up to standing position. Right in the middle of doing that I thought, "Whoa--don't I only do this in dreams? If I don't hit the ground, won't that prove that I am dreaming? Yes, it will." That was all one instantaneous thought. Because half a second later than I didn't hit the ground and came back up to floating position, I was positive that I was dreaming.

      At that point I paid no attention to the DCs around me. I floated up and started a low fly.

      We had started outside, but now I realized that we were indoors in my grandparents' "new room"--a large room that thay had added onto their house when I was little--and that's what they called it. In the dream it was even bigger than it was in real life.

      As I flew up to the ceiling, the first thing that came to me was Skysaw's intellectual Task suggestion (for next month's Task). The answer to the first part came to me instantly (it may have helped that as I went to bed last night that I thought about this.)

      I then thought about the more difficult part of the his Task. I didn't wake up like I had feared when trying this. I made what I thought was a good guess. Then I moved on.

      I flew to the ceiling and felt the texture. It was wood panelling (my grandparent's didn't really have a wood panelling ceiling--but it totally looked right to me in the dream).

      The texture felt so real. I knocked on it and it felt very solid. I decided I wanted to try to stick my finger through it. So I put out my pointer finger on my right hand and pushed. It wouldn't go through the way too solid ceiling.

      I told myself that this ceiling wasn't real--that it was just my brain telling my finger that something solid was there.

      I decided that maybe if I looked the other direction and pushed my finger upward I could fool my brain--that maybe if I wasn't looking at the ceiling the moment the finger and ceiling met, I could get my finger to go through it.

      But as I blindly poked the ceiling, I kept feeling it, no matter where I was looking. I felt frustrated because I was supposed to be able to do better than this. Why has this simple task so difficult for me to do? I was glad that that wasn't the Task of the Month that I was supposed to accomplish.

      But then my mind went to another suggested Task of the month that was in some ways similar to this. I tried to do that next. I had the same bad luck while attempting to get that one done.

      I started feeling more desperate. I really wanted to know I could do that one in case that one was chosen for nex next Task.

      Next thing I knew I was outside still attempting that potential Task. I even started spinning to see if that would help, but it wasn't working.

      It was at that point I could start feeling myself wake up.

      As soon as I was awake I realised that I had guessed correctly on the second part of Skysaw's task.
    13. Mini LD--Falling

      by , 12-20-2011 at 04:39 AM
      Old LD from 5-30-07

      I got to have a good nap today. And I ended up having a nice mini-lucid.

      I don't remember how it started but i was at the top of a very tall building and I started thinking something like, "If I were dreaming I would jump". And then it hit me that I was atually dreaming. So I let myself fall. At first I was thinking how I didn't feel any wind on my face as I fell, then as I thought that and became conscious of it, I did start feeling the wind on my face and the wonderful sensation of falling and knowing that it was okay.

      I must have lost lucidity at that point because that is all I remember of that dream.
      Tags: falling, nap, senses, wind
    14. LD--Falling/Flips

      by , 12-07-2011 at 04:01 AM
      Another casualty of the forum change. The first half of this dream is gone. Now I know what Jess was complaining about when he said that half of his journal enties were gone. Some just didn't make it through. And I'm only just now noticing. Anyway, here is the end of this LD.

      Old LD from 4-20-07

      I thought, "I really need to believe that I can do this". That helped me get to the top of the 4 X 4 place.

      When I was at the top, I looked the several stories back down to where the girls were standing. I thought, "What would happen if I just let go, I can't get hurt. I want to see what will happen."

      So I let go and let myself fall. As I got down to the floor, I stopped at a float about 6 inches off the floor.

      "Cool" I thought.

      Then I decided to do flips in the air. I did a back flip. Then a front flip. I was going kind of slow, like I would if I were doing it underwater. But it was fun. And the girls were still looking at me in awe.

      Then my alarm woke me up....
      Tags: falling, flips
    15. Lucid Dream with FAs

      by , 12-06-2011 at 07:39 PM
      Old LD from 2-11-07

      I had another bunch of LDs this morning before I woke up. Unfortunately I was awakend by the phone, and it was an old friend I hadn't talked to in quite a while, so we talked for a long time. Now my dream recall is down. Of course I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. I would take the phone call any day over the recalling of lucid dreams.

      I will try to write what I can remember. Like the previous LD I was in and out of lucidity. I had many False Awakenings. At this point I can't remember chronological order real well. So I will list all the things I remember doing while lucid in my typical lucid blue.

      I do remember it started with seeing black widows in my garden. I was trying to decide if I should kill them or not. At one point I saw a huge BW exoskeleton. It was far too big to be a BW. And this is what cause me to question my state.

      I thought, "Does it feel like I am dreaming?" And I suddenly felt all light and slightly disoriented, and "floaty" feeling. And I knew I was lucid.

      At some point I looked at my hands. They looked completely normal. I was wearing a long sleeved grey shirt. But for some reason I thought I was looking at my real hands that I was drifting awake (FA). I thought, "I need to go to sleep again so I can continue the LD."

      So I thought I went to sleep again, and in the "new dream" I saw the BW exoskeleton again and knew I was back in my dream.

      At some point in the dream I tried to fly. I didn't do a very good job. I would hover and then float back to the ground. I was frustrated. I thought about my LD not too long ago where I had to "swim" to get my flying going. I tried that, and I got a little highter, but I kept floating back to the ground.

      Seems like I had another FA somewhere in here.

      I have a fuzzy memory of being in a bedroom with my sister and laying on the floor by a bed. I have no idea where this fits into the dream. But I think something about that caused me to become lucid again.

      At some point in the LD I remember being able to finally fly fast.

      The last thing I remember doing while lucid was talking to Mark and Tim and climbing up this tall metal shed or barn. M and T were sitting in chairs below and I climbed up. I remember it being pretty easy to climb. I got to the top and looked down. I thought about flying off, but was suddenly scared. I felt so heavy--I really felt the pull of gravity.

      I looked down below at what I would hit if I fell while trying to fly. There was a structure made of old rusty pipes. It looked like something I definitely didn't want to land on. But I thought to myself, "I can't die--this is just a dream. I can't even injure myself." But them I remmebered past dreams where I was able to feel dream pain--and how real that could feel. So I hesitated again.

      But the I thought about the times where I had let myself fall off things. I remembered the "experiment" of falling backward off the balcony--how I was afraid to do that, yet I managed to let it happen. When I did that, I had just fallen into a great white void. I didn't get hurt at all.

      I also remembered the Task of the months several months ago where the assignment was to jump off a cliff. I had never completed that, but had thought that that would be fun becasue I had acutally done things like that before in LDs (like my Lake Powell LD.)

      But this time I jsut stood with trembling knees at the top of the barn/shed and looked down (about two stories). I actually felt terrified to jump. I really couldn't make myself do it. I kept saying, "But this time it feels way too real. The other times I was all "floaty" and I knew I couldn't fall. But this time I know I would fall. Gravity in this dream is just way too strong."
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