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    1. LD: Discussing LDing with DCs and Trying to Sense my Real Body

      by , 10-23-2012 at 03:44 PM
      I just had one of those lucid dreams where you don't fully realize you are lucid...except you are talking about being in a dream, so you know in retrospect that part of you knew you were dreaming, but not enough to really take advantage of the dream.


      I was with these girls that were supposed to be my college roommates, and we were stripping down and getting naked and going outside. And I remember pointing out to the others that we were outside where anyone could see us. And a couple of the girls got embarrassed.

      But then I pointed out that it didn't matter because this was a dream and nobody else was real (but I was still talking to the roommates as if they were real) and it didn't matter if anyone came by and saw us. That, in fact, I could start shouting for everyone to come look at us (and I did). I pointed out to the girls that the only problem with that would be if my real body really started shouting in my sleep. But I was pretty sure that wouldn't happen. I also told them that sometimes in my dreams I would try to be aware of what my real body was doing. And I stopped and tried to sense my real body...but I wasn't feeling anything but my dream body.

      And that's all I remember.
    2. LD: Dream Tasks and Experiments

      by , 10-15-2012 at 06:14 PM

      A Lucid Dream.

      I don't remember where the dream started, but I was walking across the street toward my mom's house. I looked on the ground and saw a scorpion. My first thought was to go grab my camera. Then I saw a second scorpion.

      I looked and saw that they were coming from this box. I looked in the box and then saw a fat Black Widow crawl out. I continued to watch with a mixture of fascination and horror, as dozens of scorpions and BWs slowly climbed out of the box and onto the dirt driveway where I was standing.

      Something about this scene made me question my state. At first I dismissed the idea that I was dreaming because this was real. I know what dreams feel like and what reality feels like. This was simply too real to be a dream.

      But at the same time, I remembered how frustrated I had been at myself lately for missing so many obvious dream signs. And that if I later found out that this was a dream, and that I missed the perfect opportunity to become lucid, I would really be mad at myself.

      So as I walked again twoard my mom's house, I jumped into the air to see if I could fly. I went up and came right back down. I felt silly for trying. This was reality. But I decided to give it one more try. I jumped out and kicked myself forward....and I totally surprised myself when I continued to glide ahead in the air.

      I was thrilled that I was actually dreaming when I was so sure that I wasn't. I hadn't been expecting the chance to have this experience. I was extremely thankful that I hadn't given up.

      I started to fly. The land behind my mom's house dropped off and I was flying high over a valley far below.

      All of a sudden the dream began to fade. I had the attitude of, "Don't you dare..."

      I reached out and rubbed my hands on my arms like I did in the last LD. I noticed the same way of how my hands left like they were part of my physical body, but yet I could move them around my body whith out bumping into my sleeping body on the bed.

      The hand rubbing did the trick.

      There is a fuzzy place here that I don't remember what I did. I think I might have flown in a store.

      But at some point I remembered that I needed to try some tasks, I remembered that I told Nothin7 that I would try some of his experiments. I tried to remember what they were.

      I decided that the first one was to write a sentence. I was outside of a house. I decided to fly inside. I landed by a table and looked until I found a pen. I then found a paper. It was written on, but had spaces around the edges. I knew I didn't need much room to write a sentence, so this paper would work good enough for me. I carefully wrote, "I NEED TO WRITE A SENTENCE FOR NOTHING7." I was actually a little surprised that it was easy to do and that I had no trouble at all doing it. It wasn't until later in retrospect that I realized I used all caps to write it, and I never wirte in caps these days (I went through a stage as a teenager when I did. Maybe this is significant because I often go back to being a teen in my dreams.)

      I then tried to remember the next thin I was supposed to do. I then remembered something about humming a song that I made up. I tried coming up with a little tune. I didn't do as well on this one becasue I often couldn't quite get the notes I was trying for, so then whole thing sounded off and out of tune. But I feel that I was able to do it somewhat. As I went outside again I continued to hum and ended up humming a melody that I thought I knew from real life. But now, in retrospect, I think it is something I was continuing to make up.

      I then remembered that I needed to find a painting to look at. I was a little shed nearby that I knew was actually a shop. I supposedly knew the lady that ran the shop. I felt sure that I could find a picture inside the shop.

      I went in. The walls were covered with items for sale--things like dream catchers and other ornaments and trinkets. But I did see a picture. It was actually a sand painting. It was several shades of earth tones. I saw that it was a desert scene with hills and cliffs. I felt that I was able to understand the picture was of.

      I continued to look. I saw more pictures. The next two were water colors. They were a still life of a chemistry set...flasks and beakers...all stacked into a tower. There were two pictures in this set, obviously done by the same artist.

      I then looked up and saw a large picture. It was actually made out of a sheet of metal and pounded into a 3D picture. It was a snow scene with a barn. I reached out to touch it. I felt the shiny cold surface of silver.

      Mrs. Moore was now standing beside me. I understood that this was her store. She made a comment that that picture was her favorite too.

      Seeing Mrs. moore, I decided that I would have her try the experiment. I asked her if she would be willing to write out a sentence for me.

      But before she could I was suddenly awake.
    3. LD: TOTM--Bringing an Inanimate Object to Life

      by , 10-15-2012 at 06:05 PM

      I finally had a long enough lucid to do one of the Tasks this month.

      Lucid Nap Dream:

      I knew I was supposed to talk to NJ. The next thing I knew I was walking into her house without knocking. I called out for her. I looked down the hallway and saw her husband quickly shut one of the doors in the hallway.

      I was suddenly motified that I had just walked into their house without knocking. I realized that S had to shut the door so I wouldn't wake up thier two year old son that I knew he had just gotten to sleep.

      I saw N and apologized for walking into their house without knocking. That I had no idea what had come over me. I then asked her what she needed to talk to me about. I knew she had called me earlier saying that she needed to talk to me about something, but I no longer remembered what that was. She looked a little confused too and said that she didn't know either.

      Suddenly a suspicion came over me. I wouldn't walk into anyone's house without knocking in real life.

      I then said to N, "You know, I think this is a dream. In fact, I know this is a dream. Wanna come to the door and watch me fly?"

      I opened the door and then flew out. I felt so good to finally be in a lucid dream again. It had been so long.

      As soon as I thought this it all began to fade. I felt mad that it was all over already. Then I thought angrily to myself, "Every day on Dreamviews I give suggestions to the Newbies about extending their LDs and preventing things like this from happening. And I can't even keep it from happening to myself."

      Then another thought suddenly hit me, "Why don't I actually try some of the things that I tell the Newbies to do?"

      At this point most of the visual was gone, though not completely. And I felt somewhat aware of my physical body in bed. I decided to try the "rubbing my hands together" trick. I did and and felt a little worried that I was actually rubbing my real hands together in bed, because it really felt very real.

      I then concentrated with the visual. I have noticed in the past when entering a dream it is often easier to just imagine the scenery passing me by, instead of making myself move through the scenery. So I was able to do this and everything became much more vivid again.

      I continued to fly over the neighborhood. I moved my arms as I flew "Swimming" style. I still wondered if I was moving my arms in real life. I felt if I moved my hands lower that they would suddenly catch on the blankets. But then I moved my hands so they were moving below my body closer to my chest and stomach. They didn't catch on anything, so I knew that what felt so much like my physical body was once again just my dream body. (This isn't the first time I have thought I was moving my physical body, when it was only my dream body all along.)

      I saw an interesting tree below. I flew up to it and over the top touching my hands all over the top as I flew. It looked like it was shaped as a topiary. It was either dead or dormant because the leaves were all brown and crunchy. But the tree was all filled in and very dense... and very round.

      I flew around it again and this time put my hands on the top and tried to do a handstand. I tried it several times until I felt like I was completely straight. I balanced there for a bit enjoying the feeling of being upside down.

      At that point I heard Mrs. Moore's voice from down below say, "Well, I've never seen anyone do that before." I knew that she knew that this was a lucid dream. But I understood her to mean that she had never seen someone do that in their lucid dream before.

      I started to fly again. Twice more the dream started to fade and I was able to follow my own advice and bring it back. Each time I felt very close to losing the dream. So I was very proud of myself for getting it to continue. I really didn't want to lose lucidty yet. I needed to have the joy of having a long lucid again.

      At that point it hit me that I really needed to try one of the Tasks of the Month since I hadn't had a chance to even try yet. My mind was blank for a moment as I tried to remember. The first one that I remembered was the "indestructable" task. I really didn't feel like doing that right now. I then remembered that the other one was to bring an inanimate object to life. I really wanted to do that one.

      I looked down below and saw a front yard. In it was a lot of gravel. My first thought was that I would swoop down and fly really low and make the rocks come to life and run after me. That thought actually sounded very appealing to me, as I pictured the little rocks with little stick legs running down the street.

      So I swooped down...but the rocks didn't follow me. I decided that I needed to put a little mor effort into it. I landed right in front of the yard. I took a good look at it. There were some dead looking bushes in a planter type area. There was also a plastic flamingo and a ceramic cat nestled in among the dead bushes. There were several choices here....

      I wondered how I should try this. I then remembered that when I made the tree walk (as a past Task of the Month) that I had just looked at it with the expectation that it would walk. I had done nothing special. So I just stood there looking into the garden and waited.

      I glanced over at the ceramic cat. It's eye suddenly blinked. So it would be the cat. I was thrilled that my mind was able to do this while I just stood there doing nothing.

      I watched the cat. It started to walk over to me. I knelt down, and touched the cat. I could feel real fur. It was a small cat, white with black stripes. It looked up at me while I continued to pet it. It's fur was very short and somewhat think, almost like a stuffed animal. But it was very real, and it purred while I pet it.

      And at that point I woke up.
    4. LD: The Pig Puppet, Eating, Outer Space, TOTM Attempt

      by , 10-15-2012 at 05:12 PM
      Older dream from 1-30-08

      I had a really good dreaming night last night. I guess I should say "this morning". I did a WBTB and had a long dream in which I was lucid a good part. I guess this is really the trick for me. WBTBs with B6 almost always guarrantee a lucid dream for me--and when they don't I usually get a really vivid dream.

      Since this was a really long dream, I had to back track and try to piece it all together. I listed all the things I remembered doing and then tried to get them in the right order. I do had a few spots in this dream where I can't remember the transition from one place to the next.

      Lucid Dream:

      I started off trying to get to my high school. I was driving a car and was trying to find a place to park. I was having an awful time. Either I couldn't find a place or I went too fast by an available place and couldn't get back to it. This was the basic "driving nightmare"...nothing was going right with my driving.

      I finally went up and over this very steep hill. I almost had a heart attack on the otherside becasue the street pretty much disappeared and the houses were stacked, and there were these deep deep places between houses that went way down the the level of the street below the hill. I remember not being in the car and almost falling down the crack. (Hard to explain that part.)


      I was now in the house of my friend who happened to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was busy doing something and I tried walking up the stairs to the second floor. I realized that the staris were covered in broken glass. I looked at the bottom of my shoes and they were covered with shards that had impaled their way into my shoe. I could feel the point of one shard against the skin on the bottom of my foot. I pulled that piece and many of the others out. But by walking back down the stairs I got more in my shoes.

      Buffy was now with another friend and they were going to go to shcool. I can't remember what the problem was but I wasn't able to go with them. I was stressed again that I was late for school and needed to hurry.

      I left again, now on foot. I saw my old college campus in front of me. I was pretty sure that if I could just cross through, then I would see my high school on the other side.

      The campus was crowded. I got caught in a crowd that ended up taking me to some stairs that went upstairs to the library. The stairs had some padded places on them that if you pushed something was supposed to happen (?). I then realized that the stairs were actually an escalator. I rode to the top knowing that I would have to go out the back door of the library to go down the big hill to get to my high school.

      While in the crowded library a Navajo man in a Scout shirt asked me how Scouting was going for me. I told him, "Fine." He then asked me what I had learned from my experiences in Scouting. I told him that I learned that 9 year old boys were crazy, but they could be a lot of fun.

      I was in a hurry, so I excused myself and went out the back door.

      I was now on the hill that I knew would be there. The hill was covered with college students sitting on it having a break or eating. There was a sidewalk winding its way down the steep hill.

      I looked back at the library building. It looked almost like a castle sitting on top of the steep hill. I then saw a muppet-like pig thing floating around against the castle wall. It kept repeating, "You can't come in....you can't come in."

      This struck me as really odd. Then it hit me. I was dreaming. I looked at all the people around me and wanted to do something to get their attention. At first I felt shy, then I decided that I didn't care--this was just a dream. So I climbed up on some stone railing near the top of the hill and shouted, "HELLO _________ [name of my college]!!! Watch me!"

      And at that I took a jump forward. I went up a few feet then landed in a float out over the grassy hill. I then flew straight up...and then dropped myself down to about 20 feet over the crowd. I watched their faces. I wanted to impress them. They weren't as suprised as I thought they should be, but they were defintely impressed. So I did it again.


      I was now in a house with a group of people (kind of fuzzy here).

      I do remember having a plate of chocalate chip cookies in front of me. I knew this was my chance. I started shoving cookies in my mouth (I don't know why I don't eat more daintily in dreams...). They were big and very soft, cakey cookies. I ate one after another. There was one especially big cookie almost as big as the whole plate. I kept pushing it into my mouth trying to get my mouth as full as possible.

      I know this sounds very unladylike and actually kind of gross. But I remember the cookies not having much flavor, unless I stuffed my mouth completely full, then I could taste them.

      I also remember eating a plate of salty crackers. I was also disapointed by the lack of flavor. And for some reason my mouth wouldn't open up all the way. And I also "knew" that if I tried to open my dream mouth all the way open, then I would wake up. I don't know why I came to that conclusion. My mouth just kind of felt stiff. Maybe my mouth was actually open a bit in real life as I slept and by trying to open my dream mouth I would be opening my real mouth thus waking me up (?).

      I then remember seeing a strawberry. I knew that strawberries were somewhat sour, and this was looked a little pinkinsh green in spots, so I knew it could be quite tart. I really thought that if I put this in my mouth my taste buds would come alive and I would start to taste everything. But as I took a bite the strawberry had very little flavor.


      I was now flying outside my mom's house at night. As I looked up at the stars, I suddenly reemmbered that the main thing I had wanted to do if I had a lucid dream was to compelte the Advanced Task of flying to another planet.

      I remembered being able to fly to the stars in the past, so that gave me confidence. I just stared out at the night and concentrated... and all around me I started seeing stars. I pushed forward and saw the stars rushing by me. I tired to keep my eye out for planets. I finally saw one, but it passed me too quickly. I tried to slow down a bit, but stars were still passing me. I looked and saw another planet. It was redish brown and had little crators. I got closer, but I passed it. I tried to turn around, but at this point I woke up.

      Or so I thought.

      The next thing I remember is being at my childhood friend M's house. Tanya was there eating breakfast. I don't know if I was looking out a window or on the TV, but I was suddenly seeing a castle. I think it was suppossed to be a World of Warcraft Horde castle. But I was calling it the Hufflepuff castle.

      Again I saw that funny flying pig thing from earlier in the dream. It was greenish in color and floated by the wall of the caslte saying, "You can't get in....you can't get in...."

      I laughed and said to Tanya, "Hey-- there's the Hufflepuff Pig that got me lucid last night." And I explained to her a little of the dream and how seeing that pig thing make me question my state and become lucid.

      She then gave me a funny look.

      I started to get it.

      I asked her, "You are asleep right now, aren't you?"

      She grinned at me.

      "I should actually say, I'm still asleep. Right?"

      I tried to pick up on that dream feeling. And right as I was convinced that I was dreaming, my alarm went off...and I woke up for real.
    5. Nap Lucid Dream

      by , 08-01-2012 at 06:12 AM

      Nap Lucid:

      The beginning is fuzzy. I do remember playing on a playground. Swinging on the swings and going down the slides, etc. I also remember hearing a guy singing the song "Tomorrow" from Annie. I wanted to whistle along, but I couldn't seem to whistle...so I hummed.

      Then I was jumping off one of the climbers. I suddenly had a view of myself as if I were a video game character. I could see my body, but I was right behind it with a good view. I must have been with someone because I was saying, "Check this out...this is how it looks like when I fly in dreams. See how incredibly real this is. Doesn't this make you want to be able to lucid dream and fly too?"

      And then I noticed that as I watched myself fly I was actually feeling the motion. I had that roller coaster feeling in my stomach when I swooped down fast.

      I started to question this. And came to the conclusion that I was dreaming.

      I flew out over some buildings. I then had this feeling like I had entered the dream through a WILD. (This thought has been happening to me lately in LDs). I wanted to reach out and touch one of the buildings, but I was afraid to move my arms yet because of the fear I might not be fully in the dream yet, and I didn't want to mistakenly move my real arms and wake myself up. So I waited a moment, then I was sure I was fully in the dream, then I reached out and touched a building as I passed.

      There is a blip in my memory here. I suddenly remember being in a store. I had no idea how I got there. I saw two older men. I was looking at brochers when they noticed me. They apologised that the store was not open to the public this time of year, that there was not enough stock to sell things. I saw that this was a gardening store, but I also saw a card that had AM's name on it. Somehow I thought that having a connection with AM should give me permission to be in the store. But I decided that I didn't want to bother. I told the men, "That's fine".

      But I couldn't remember if I came in the front or back door, so I asked, even though I knew it would sound funny. But then I decided I didn't care. I would go out the back door. I opened it and jumped out and flew. I wanted the men to see me fly.

      I flew again over buildings. I wanted to remember details. I saw a carwash that had a sign that said "Tr" in big letters and had a picture of a treant from World of Warcraft on it.

      I was thinking that this was the town that I currently lived in. But something in my mind told me that if I flew to the edge of town I would find the ocean instead of desert. Sure enough, I saw the ocean. But I felt disappointed somehow. I looked up again and saw mountains behind the water. My mind had changed this to a lake.

      I started flying over the water. It dried up as I flew. I didn't like that, so I told myself to make the water stay. And finally I was flying over water.

      I decided I needed to do something creative. I immediately thought of Oneironaut's dreams and decided that there were strange creatures in the water below. I swooped down close to the water and was suddenly nervous that some giant sea serpent would reach up and grab me.

      I felt disappointed again. Because I had put the thought in my head that there were potentially dangerous creatures in the water, there was no way I wanted to go in the water now. Even if I told myself that I didn't want creatures in the water, my mind most likey would have one sneak up on me anyway.

      I landed at the far side of the lake. I needed to do something different. I finally thought of doing the Task of the Month for the first time in this dream.

      Sometimes I sense dreams coming to an end. I knew I didn't have time to go to another planet. I had to find a DC fast to ask my New Year's Resolution from. But I saw no one. And I realized that it was too late to do that one too...and I drifted awake.
    6. LD: Flying, reading, TOTM

      by , 08-01-2012 at 05:16 AM
      Old dream from 12-2-07 (One of two)

      Lucid dream 1:

      I felt like I was WILDing. But in retrospect I had been asleep and got here from onother dream. This has happened to me before.

      I started seeing a dream scene in from of me. I was aware that I was lying in bed. I felt my physical body there, and knew that the scene was the beginings of a dream. What I was seeing was very fragile. Yet it continued on.

      I saw a blue sky and buildings. I wanted to get into the dream. I made the scene move as if I was flying. At first I wasn't sure if I was able to enter the dream completely, so I let it go on for a short while. Finally I reached out my hands, and could see that I was actually "physically" there in the dream--that I was now flying. I saw that I was wearing my dark blue jacket with the red lining.

      I continued to fly over the buildings. I saw a green hill in the distance. I could see a yellow exclamation point (!) and also an exclamation mark (?). I briefly thought about the fact that they were there because I had played World of Warcraft before bed. In retroscept I wish that I had flown to that spot to see what was there. I think I saw a little cabin under the marks.

      But I continued to fly over the buidlings. I looked down at all the businesses and read their signs. I wondered if I would remember them. idecided to at least get one of them in my mind that I would be determinded not to forget. It was a garage with a tow truck out front. The large oval sign said "Mee". The M was big with curled edges.

      As I flew I remembered that I wanted to notice how real the flying felt. Because sometime I wake up and think, "Well, I know I was flying but it didn't feel as real or thrilling as I wish it had". So I paid close attention to how it felt. At first I didn't feel any wind in my face. I sped up a bit until I felt a noticable breeze. Then I zipped up and over a tree. I felt my stomach do that thing like it does on roller coasters when you suddenly go down hill real fast. I wanted to make sure that I always remembered to create the details like this.

      I then remembered a task that I wanted to do. It is confidential at this point so I can't finish it. But I will say that I saw some people on the ground. They were elderly and were sitting in charis on a porch of what must have been a home for the elderly. They were talking, but I needed to talk to them, so I kindly interrupted.

      And I will have to finish this in January.
    7. Lucid Dream: Changing Gender

      by , 01-05-2012 at 05:54 PM
      Old LD from 11-7-07

      I finally had a decent sized lucid dream this morning. I did a WBTB (woke up at 5:30, went back to sleep at 6:30, had the LD and woke up at 7:30). And I took some B6.

      Dream (Lucid):

      I remember being with some people and going into the Caldwell's old house on the corner. I heard someone comment how they liked what the new owners did to the backyard. The group I was with walked into the backyard. I was expecting something pretty, but all I saw was junk. The rest went through the back door and into the house.

      I started to follow, but then I saw my friend RD and her 19 month old daughter Catherine. I went over to her. I suddenly felt that we needed to go somewhere or we'd be late. But Catherine wanted to get on the swing in the yard. I felt impatient, but RD put Catherine on the swing. I gave in and started to push her gently on the swing.

      As her daughter swung on the swing, RD started to sing the most beautiful song I had ever heard. I was mesmerized. I sat down and watched RD as she sang. RD then looked right into my eyes as she sang. I had the strongest feeling that there was something I was supposed to understand. I knew she was trying to pass me a message. I suddenly realized that this was a dream and the message that I was supposed to get that I was supposed to have a baby. I felt shocked for a moment.

      Then realizing that I was lucid, I decided that I needed to go on and try the Task of the Month, that the message would have to wait, and I would deal with that when I was awake.

      There is a fuzzy moment here that I can't explain.

      At that moment I felt that I wasn't entirely asleep. That I was aware of my physical body still in bed and that I was only barely in the dream. But then I stood up and moved, and my dream body moved and not my physical body. I always know that when that happens after a WILD, that I am fully in the dream. So I really felt that I had just WILDed even though I'm pretty sure that I got to this point from the previous part of the dream.

      But however I got here, I was now running around the house trying to find a mirror. As I got to the driveway, I saw a mirror that looked like a side mirror for a truck, but it wasn't actually attached to a truck. It was about 12 inches wide. I decided that even though it was small that I would use that to help me transform into a guy.

      I looked at myself. At first I looked just like I did in last night's mirror LD. My hair was longer that it is and slightly curled. I concentrated on looking more like a guy.

      At first I just started to look kind of deformed (as is typical of many lucid mirror experiences of mine.) Finally I started to look a little more masculine. I had no make up, my skin looked a little rougher (though I couldn't quite get stubble to show). My hair, even though it was still long and blond, looked more matted.

      I reached down to touch my body to see if the transformation went beyond my face. First I touched my crotch. I didn't feel anything extra. Disappointed I moved up and touched my breasts. They were a bit smaller than normal.

      I wondered if I should keep trying to make the changes more complete. But before I could, a group of guys walked past me down in the street. I decided I needed to see if I could pass for a guy. So I ran out to them.

      I said to them in as much as a guy voice as I could create, "Hi, dudes." That sounded really funny to me, so I couldn't help but to giggle at little after that. The giggle did not sound man-like at all. I wondered if I had blown it.

      The guys didn't say anything but were looking at me like they thought I was a total loser, and that they wished I would disappear. A group of girls met up with them, and everyone was still ignoring me.

      So I tried again. I asked loudly, "What do you guys see when you look at me?"

      One of the guys snorted and said something like, "Do you really want us to tell you??" And then the others joined in, laughing and making rude comments. But none of the comments gave me the answer I was looking for--did they see me as a guy or girl ?

      This wasn't working out at all like I had wanted it to. So I decided to leave this rude group and try again. I saw a building in front of me that I knew had a girl's bathroom in it. I ran into the bathroom. It was full of at least ten girls all standing in front of this very large mirror.

      I started shouting at them, "I need to transform! Help me transform into a guy!!" I started to push my way through the girls to the mirror.

      I remember thinking as I shouted at them that my dream self was far more bold than my real self is. I wouldn't dream of shouting at a bunch of girls in a bathroom like that in real life.

      As I got to the mirror I finally took a good look at what I had looked like out there with that group. I was surprised to see that I had clown make-up on my face. I wondered if that was why the guys had treated me like that. How long had my dream self looked like that? Or was this something that my mind had created just for this mirror scene. I didn't know.

      I just knew that I needed to look like a guy. The clown make-up had turned into a mask in the last few seconds, so I just pulled it off. I concentrated again.

      This time I made much better progress. Before I knew it, I was looking in the mirror at a guy. This was definitely a guy this time. He was nice looking. He had blue eyes, fairly short dark brown hair that had a bit of curl in it. I thought, "Wow...I'm good looking."

      I looked at my clothes. This time I was wearing a bike jersey and biking shorts. My body looked very athletic and was definitly masculine looking.

      But to make sure I reached down to my crotch. There was definitely a lump down there, though I felt no sensation touching it. I reached up to check on my breasts, and found that they were mostly gone--gone enough that they wouldn't be noticable by sight.

      I looked at my self once more in the mirror. This time I noticed these odd boots on my feet. They looked like Roller Blades, but without the wheels. I wondered why they were on my feet.

      As I looked at myself in the mirror, I thought back on everything that I had done in this LD, and I was suddenly worried that if I did much more that I wouldn't be able to remember it, so at this point with "mission accomplished", I let myself wake up so I could write it down.
    8. LD: Flying with my Sister/Trying to Move my Body in Real Life/Haunted House

      by , 12-31-2011 at 09:08 PM
      Old LD from 10-21-07


      I remember I saw my older sister that has cancer. I went up to her and said, "S, how are you doing? How are your legs doing?" [In real life her legs hurt so bad that she's now on crutches or in a wheel chair.]

      She talked to me for a few minutes about what the doctors had been telling her. She had all her hair, unlike in real life.

      The next thing I remember is that we are now in this park with the rest of the family having a picnic. I remember flying up to these powerlines and then back down.

      Doing this made me suddenly lucid. I went up to my sister and said something like, "Oh my gosh, S, I'm lucid! I'm going to take you flying with me."

      I took her arm and lifted her into the air with me. I said, "Let's fly to the mountains over there."

      She said, "I'm not sure I can make it that far."

      I said, "I think you can-- you're with me. But I'll stop when you need to."

      We flew out of the park and over the Safeway parking lot and over the stores.

      I noticed that music was playing really loud and was distracting me from the experience. I believe the band was INXS. For some reason I was sure that this music was playing in real life. I thought to myself that I needed to try to turn off the music with my real body while still remaining in the dream.

      I could feel what I thought was my real body reaching out and turning the knob on my car CD player. [Goodness know what I thought I was doing having my real body asleep in a car] I got the music turned down most of the way, to the point it didn't bother me as much.

      We flew a little ways further and then the dream faded.

      I thought I had awakened in this motel room where my family was suppose dto be staying. I was disappointed for not being able to fly to the mountains. So I concentrated on getting back into my dream.

      Suddenly I was standiing in the Safeway parking lot next to my High school best friend M and her boyfriend.

      I told them that I was dreaming and going to fly to the mountains that we in front of us. I invited them to fly with me. But I think only the boyfriend followed.

      When I got to the mountains, I was alone. I flew to the rocky ledge and touched the rock face. The rock was a brown color and very rough.

      I suddenly thought about the Tasks. At first I thought that being in the mountains made it impossible to do the Tasks. Then I thought, "Well I could just make a mirror appear right here."

      But then I thought, "Nah..I've tried that one twice now. I want to do the Haunted House one again since I only did that one once."

      I flew along the mountain side looking for an old house. I then saw ahead of me a place where the mountain went in. I knew it was a cave. I suddenly thought, "Wouldn't it be so cool if the haunted house was in the cave?"

      I got close and I indeed saw that it was a cave. I also saw that the front of the cave was built in. I saw it had shutters (for some reason I felt it had to have shutters to qualify as a haunted house). I flew to the entrance. It was actually built with very nice dark polished wood.

      I went inside and started to look around. My first thoughts were that I wanted real ghost in this house not just decorations. The inside of the house seemed small. Around me everything was built out of the same beautiful dark polished wood. On several of the tables and other flat surfaces there were large white candles.

      I flew to the back of the house and waited for something else to appear, but at the point the dream started fading again.

      I ended up "waking up" in the same motel room. I had been sleeping on the floor. I tried to stay motionless so that I could try to reenter the dream. But then other people inthe room started talking and made me fully "wake up". I went into the motel's bathroom and saw that there was something in the tub that looked like spilled arpicot jam.

      At that point I woke up for real, and felt that I needed to write this down.
    9. Three WILDs (with hypnogogia)

      by , 12-31-2011 at 05:46 AM
      From 9-23-07

      First of all, I woke up at 5:00, then went back to sleep at 6:00...and then slept in til 9:30...haha. I know that having a really lazy morning helped me do this.

      First WILD...

      I was laying in my right side in bed and not really planning to WILD. I was starting to slip into sleep. I started to picture myself looking out of the window. I realized that I was still awake yet I was seeing the window. I was totally aware of my body still in bed still.

      It was then I started to feel the vibrations. It was strong and somewhat uneven, like sitting on a motorcyle. At the same time I started hearing a high pitched whistle.

      I remembered my last experience while WILDing where the sound was so loud that it freaked me out. This was not that loud. I also remembered seeing that scary face last time. This time I already had an image of my window in front of me...so I saw no other HI.

      I decided to try to completely enter this dream now. I looked out the window and then flew out of it. I was extremely high. I saw snow on the ground. I wanted to try to attempt the Task of the month for October (early). But I still was too aware of my body laying in my bed. I drifted back awake.

      Second WILD....

      I decided to relax and try again. Again I heard that whistle and felt the vibrations. I saw the window again. But I couldn't enter the dream this time.

      Third WILD...

      I laid in bed for a while. I wasn't really trying at this point. But I realized I was feeling the vibrations again with the whistle.

      I was in a parking lot with Nick and Wyatt and Natacha. I realized that I had actually entered the dream. I felt totally in the dream this time and wasn't overly aware of my body still in bed. I decided to go and give next month's Task a try. I was outside and in a city. I felt it would be easier to start with the basic task.

      And I guess I will have to wait and share the rest of this later because the Tasks aren't officially out yet for all to see.

      So anyway I felt really good about everything when I woke up.


      Here is the Task part:

      Third WILD...

      I laid in bed for a while. I wasn't really trying at this point. But I realized I was feeling the vibrations again with the whistle. Then suddenly:

      I was in a parking lot with friends. I was conscious that I was dreaming. I remembered the Find and enter the Haunted House Task and set out to find a haunted house. I was flying at this point. I was in a city that reminded me of Salt Lake City. I could see houses on a hill. I looked for one that looked old and possibly abandoned.

      I finally found one that looked the part. I got closer and landed by the front door. At that moment I realized that there were Halloween decorations on the house. A family that I know (the Solomons) came up to the door all dressed in costumes.

      I suddenly felt a little angry. They were going to mess it up for me. I didn't want this house to be a regular house, just decorated.

      I had the urge to enter the house before anyone could open the door. I was afraid if someone came to the door and passed out candy to the kids I would look past and see everything normal inside.

      So I walked right through the door leaving the kids outside. (This is kind of a big deal for me since the last few times I tried to go through things I failed).

      It was kind of dark and eerie inside. "Good!" I thought. It was going to be haunted after all. Sure enough, as soon as I thought that, I heard spooky organ music start playing. I flew up the stairs. The rooms looked unlived in. The furiture was covered with old white sheets. I could see spiderwebs.

      I flew though hallways and into various rooms. I noticed the music changed, and it sounded recorded. I even found a speaker in one corner. "But it's still scary music." I thought.

      I flew down the stairs to the basement. I found it decorated with a large tree made out of what looked like wrought iron. I thought it really fit the mood of the haunted house. On the wall were some large ghosts made out of a glittery purple felt. But the lighting was low and it looked very classy.

      Finally I sank down to the floor, and said aloud, "Okay...are there any real ghosts here...?"

      As soon as I said that I had this creepy feeling. I looked around. I felt like I was being watched.

      But at that point I woke up.
    10. Lucid Dream: Mirror

      by , 12-21-2011 at 04:34 PM
      Old LD from 7-27-07

      LUCID DREAM...

      I'm glad to see that I am finally finally starting to use flying as a dream sign that actually triggers lucidity. Flying is so common in my dreams that I have seldom recogized it as anything strange enough to trigger lucidity. But maybe I'm finally starting to catch on.

      I'm flying through the house. I end up in my bedroom which looks like a mix between my current bedroom and my parents bedroom in the house I grew up.

      As I fly into the room, I suddenly realize that if I am flying it means that it is a dream. For some reason, though I think that I am having this dream while taking a nap.

      I fly across the room to my big mirror which is now where my window really is. I look at my reflection. I'm wearing a cream colored tank top and some very short shorts of the same color. The shirt is also short so I can see a strip of my stomach. My hair looks perfect and I feel very pretty.

      I look down and see my camera. I decide to take a picture. [I feel that I lost a bit a lucidity here--whiy else would I waste time taking a picture that I would never see].

      As usual in my dreams, my camera had strange settings. I couldn't figure it out.

      Finally my lucidity grew stronger again and I decided that there were tasks that I wanted to try.

      I looked in the mirror one last time and saw that I looked terrible. My hair was all frizzy. I didn't want to look anymore at the mirror.

      So I went on. I decided I wanted to try putting my finger through the wall again. I stuck it out and it banged into the hard wall. I immediately gave that up and decided to go on to the next thing.

      I asked myself what day of the week it was...and again, without hesitation I said "Friday".

      I thought about trying to determine my position of my physical body in my bed, but I couldn't sense anything.

      Then I remembered that I wanted to see if I could find my sleeping body. SInce I was in my bedroom I looked down onto my bed hoping that my body would be there. Unfortunately all I saw was my unmade bed.

      I looked away and decided to try again. But I just saw the same thing. I thought about trying to fly somewhere different to find it, but I then decide to look one more time into the mirror and have some fun warping my reflection.

      When I first look in the mirror I look normal, then I open my mouth to look at my teeth because I know from experiece that teeth are easy to mess with.

      At first I see that I have two brown teeth. As I look closer I can see that some of my teeth are rather pointy, and that I have braces on. I also notice that the brown looks like chocolate smeared on my teeth.

      It was at this point that the dream started to fade.