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    LD: TOTM--Bringing an Inanimate Object to Life

    by , 10-15-2012 at 06:05 PM (683 Views)

    I finally had a long enough lucid to do one of the Tasks this month.

    Lucid Nap Dream:

    I knew I was supposed to talk to NJ. The next thing I knew I was walking into her house without knocking. I called out for her. I looked down the hallway and saw her husband quickly shut one of the doors in the hallway.

    I was suddenly motified that I had just walked into their house without knocking. I realized that S had to shut the door so I wouldn't wake up thier two year old son that I knew he had just gotten to sleep.

    I saw N and apologized for walking into their house without knocking. That I had no idea what had come over me. I then asked her what she needed to talk to me about. I knew she had called me earlier saying that she needed to talk to me about something, but I no longer remembered what that was. She looked a little confused too and said that she didn't know either.

    Suddenly a suspicion came over me. I wouldn't walk into anyone's house without knocking in real life.

    I then said to N, "You know, I think this is a dream. In fact, I know this is a dream. Wanna come to the door and watch me fly?"

    I opened the door and then flew out. I felt so good to finally be in a lucid dream again. It had been so long.

    As soon as I thought this it all began to fade. I felt mad that it was all over already. Then I thought angrily to myself, "Every day on Dreamviews I give suggestions to the Newbies about extending their LDs and preventing things like this from happening. And I can't even keep it from happening to myself."

    Then another thought suddenly hit me, "Why don't I actually try some of the things that I tell the Newbies to do?"

    At this point most of the visual was gone, though not completely. And I felt somewhat aware of my physical body in bed. I decided to try the "rubbing my hands together" trick. I did and and felt a little worried that I was actually rubbing my real hands together in bed, because it really felt very real.

    I then concentrated with the visual. I have noticed in the past when entering a dream it is often easier to just imagine the scenery passing me by, instead of making myself move through the scenery. So I was able to do this and everything became much more vivid again.

    I continued to fly over the neighborhood. I moved my arms as I flew "Swimming" style. I still wondered if I was moving my arms in real life. I felt if I moved my hands lower that they would suddenly catch on the blankets. But then I moved my hands so they were moving below my body closer to my chest and stomach. They didn't catch on anything, so I knew that what felt so much like my physical body was once again just my dream body. (This isn't the first time I have thought I was moving my physical body, when it was only my dream body all along.)

    I saw an interesting tree below. I flew up to it and over the top touching my hands all over the top as I flew. It looked like it was shaped as a topiary. It was either dead or dormant because the leaves were all brown and crunchy. But the tree was all filled in and very dense... and very round.

    I flew around it again and this time put my hands on the top and tried to do a handstand. I tried it several times until I felt like I was completely straight. I balanced there for a bit enjoying the feeling of being upside down.

    At that point I heard Mrs. Moore's voice from down below say, "Well, I've never seen anyone do that before." I knew that she knew that this was a lucid dream. But I understood her to mean that she had never seen someone do that in their lucid dream before.

    I started to fly again. Twice more the dream started to fade and I was able to follow my own advice and bring it back. Each time I felt very close to losing the dream. So I was very proud of myself for getting it to continue. I really didn't want to lose lucidty yet. I needed to have the joy of having a long lucid again.

    At that point it hit me that I really needed to try one of the Tasks of the Month since I hadn't had a chance to even try yet. My mind was blank for a moment as I tried to remember. The first one that I remembered was the "indestructable" task. I really didn't feel like doing that right now. I then remembered that the other one was to bring an inanimate object to life. I really wanted to do that one.

    I looked down below and saw a front yard. In it was a lot of gravel. My first thought was that I would swoop down and fly really low and make the rocks come to life and run after me. That thought actually sounded very appealing to me, as I pictured the little rocks with little stick legs running down the street.

    So I swooped down...but the rocks didn't follow me. I decided that I needed to put a little mor effort into it. I landed right in front of the yard. I took a good look at it. There were some dead looking bushes in a planter type area. There was also a plastic flamingo and a ceramic cat nestled in among the dead bushes. There were several choices here....

    I wondered how I should try this. I then remembered that when I made the tree walk (as a past Task of the Month) that I had just looked at it with the expectation that it would walk. I had done nothing special. So I just stood there looking into the garden and waited.

    I glanced over at the ceramic cat. It's eye suddenly blinked. So it would be the cat. I was thrilled that my mind was able to do this while I just stood there doing nothing.

    I watched the cat. It started to walk over to me. I knelt down, and touched the cat. I could feel real fur. It was a small cat, white with black stripes. It looked up at me while I continued to pet it. It's fur was very short and somewhat think, almost like a stuffed animal. But it was very real, and it purred while I pet it.

    And at that point I woke up.

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