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    Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious

    1. May 22, 2020 Non-lucid

      by , 05-22-2020 at 04:09 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      It was night time, I was in a neighborhood, it might've started at my old house in KC but I was walking down the sidewalk and looked left to see a very small house with a small porch, Anna n was sitting parallel to the sidewalk and I thought Liz was sitting with her back facing me. They both came down and I gave Anna a hug, then went to hug Liz. She embraced me and hugged me close, I kissed her but when she pulled away from me it was not her but Celia who looked very shocked. I was shocked too, I started apologizing saying I thought it was Liz and Anna started laughing and I felt that she was trying to sabotage me. I freak out because I'm trying to explain the situation and I'm trying to find Liz.

      I end up at what I assume is Liz's house which is a big house in another neighborhood, I really can't recognize this house and I'm not sure where it is IRL. But I'm inside looking for her, I open up a door to find pizza boxes with Domino's pizza in it spread out in a room. I see Nate on a bean bag chair and Liz on a couch, I say "hey you guys" or something like that, I then ask Liz to talk alone. We go up to the attic and I start explaining what happened but there's other people in the room listening too. At some point we're outside and people are shooting on a lowered basketball hoop, Liz turns to me and says that I can still stay the night if I want because she wanted someone to sleep with, she explained she wanted something for 5 minutes so that she could go to sleep quicker. I felt really guilty and was freaking out the entire dream trying to explain it was an accident and I thought it was her that I had kissed, but logic wasn't serving me because it actually had been her when I went in for the kiss.

      Another dream I'm looking at what is supposed to be different Mario games, the style switches when the game switches. It looks like a 2-d world with a wheel spinning clockwise and notches inside the wheel, someone had been playing the level but falling down and dying. They tried to do a wall jump near the bottom but just missed a platform and died. I'm thinking how I could get a workout if I was inside the wheel running one way. I'm now in the wheel but it's more of a hangout spot, Kev d is there and Kyle s is there as well. Kev is talking on the phone to somebody but he's using a different name, I think it's Milton. My dad is there at some point with some other parent's I think Thomas r. parents too. I'm laughing about something and jokingly say "we drink to drink" and then I started to get nervous because I wasn't sure if the parents wanted to hear that but my dad and the other parents were laughing.

      My view switches to being in a plane, I'm jumping out of the back like a secret agent with a parachute. I fly through the clouds and see an expanse of light blue water. I fall straight into it and Lauren w. uses her parachute to land gently in the water. I pull my parachute in the water and it brings out an inflatable clear floating boat that we try to get into but only get a little ways in. I'm wondering if there's going to be any sharks out here. I look around to see where we're going and I see shorelines with tropical trees on two of our sides. We start paddling towards a direction and see a giant whale shark fly out of the water and back in, I point and say "woah a whale shark." We start to go under these overhangs of rock and now I'm sliding through a tunnel with a smooth rock underneath me. I almost went lucid here. I realized this was a dream. I call out to Austin p "hey Austin this is a dream.... this is a dream" and he sort of acknowledges it from up ahead like "I know" but it wasn't convincing. We're now in a river of this water with cliffs on the sides of us. My family is up on this tall rock to the right of me motioning me to come up. I slide around a smooth dark green and blue rock and make my way up this tall rock. At the top is my sisters and my mom with her phone in her hands trying to take a picture of us. I'm holding onto this small tree that's at the top of the rock too, the wind is blowing me off the rock as I look down to see my feed are dangling off the rock and I'm holding on to the tree but it wasn't scary. My mom takes the pic and shows it to us, my hair is really messy and long. There's some random people up on the rock with us too.
    2. April 26th 2013 Non-Lucid

      by , 04-26-2013 at 06:28 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The idea is that I'm at either my house or a neighbor's house with my friends. It's me, moo, kolby, and mason. We are idealy on the outside of the house on this huge deck that overlooks a forest on the right and an open field to the center and left. Moo and Kolby are on the right side of the deck that wraps around the house and it's in front of the forest. In the dream there isn't really much perception of being outside and inside the house, it's mostly switching from them both. Moo and Kolby are packing a mini bong and they plan on smoking it. Mason and I are on the center part of the deck about to jump off into the field. Out of nowhere comes this girl named Kerstin and she starts talking to us. Mason disregards her and continues to run off the deck. The way of floating into the field safely is by tying arm bands onto your phone sort of like a mini parachute. He jumps off but realizes he only has one band so he falls pretty quickly but lands safely. I take my two bands and jump off and float into this huge field and I'm having a really fun time.

      Suddenly, I'm back on the deck and I turn inside to see Moo and Kolby running from a room in the house coughing smoke. They are laughing saying that my mom and neighbors are outside on the right side of the deck and they walk in. I teleport to outside of the house that's now my old house that I lived in IRL. My dad's dogs are in my front lawn (my parents are divorced but live 1 mile away) so I decide to take them home and also get a blanket from my dad's house to use as a parachute. I start to run but then realize this will take too long so I see my car behind me and jump in. The dogs and I get to the house and I start to look through baskets in his garage for a blanket. All of them are way too long so I go inside to look. I end up in a room that isn't usually a bathroom, but is for the dream. There's a huge shower and some guy is on the top of it yelling things. Also, one of my neighbors that's really young is crying and the guy is telling him to shut up.