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    Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious

    1. March 1, 2018

      by , 03-01-2018 at 03:59 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Summer camp like rockbridge that started near the JMU quad. I was walking with a group of people from the left, Jake B and Kolby were there. We walked by to see the quad had a giant arena or dip in the land in the middle. There's also a crowd surrounding this oval shaped thing. We walk up to the bottom right corner and I see Woody b wearing Pike letters in a sweat shirt. He was looking at me but it was a little awkward. We walked to the right of him and saw Johnny w. and his father. His mom was also there. I was talking to his father about something but we eventually left and went right down the street. On the left side of the street was the place we were living at, it was like our younglife cabin. I had a memory where I was wasting all my time alone at camp in the hottub.

      The dream went to another place. Sam came up to me and was showing me a voicemail he left me which gave me this vision of a beach with a couple of palm trees in the water. It didn't look like any humans had been in this place or altered it in any way. I couldn't even see his family or himself at this place. There were giant mountains in the ocean in the background. It looked like Thailand a little bit.

      I came back from the vision and was asking him if he was excited to go, but realized that while I was at camp he was at the beach and the trip was over. The vision came back to me a few times, this time with his family jumping between the very small islands in the water next to the beach.

      At some point we ended up at another beach. I was swimming behind him and the beach was to the right of us. It looked like there was a small dock up ahead. There were also these tiny buoys that were absolutely covered in bees. The object was to get to the dock without getting stung by these bees. When we got close to each one the bees would leave and come towards us. We got to the first one and ducked underwater as the bees followed us and drowned. Next buoy we did the same thing except not all the bees had come so we had to go underwater several times. We eventually get to the dock but enough bees had stung us that a massive insect was summoned. I turn to Sam I don't want to play this game anymore.

      I'm not sure if this was part of the same dream but right as I was exiting the very last dream, someone had told me something like "it's time to wake up" or "there's you alarm" and as they said that I woke up to my alarm. It was really weird like my dream was telling me it was time to wake up as my alarm started to go off.
    2. February 14, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-14-2018 at 08:04 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was in an amusement park, I don't believe it was any one I've ever been to IRL but it looks noticeable when I think back to all the dreams I've had about these places. I'm with my childhood friend Nate. It's early in the morning and we're trying to decide which ride to go on. I suggest to him that we go on the ride that usually has the longest line but probably does not because it's so early.

      We go over to the area where the ride is and look up to see the line is empty. The ride entrance is sort of purple and looks a little bit like a weird castle like staircase of some sort. It looked sort of like a water slide too but it was meant to be a rollercoaster. So we get up to the top of the ride and a person up there is showing us what the ride actually is. We're watching a simulation and there's Nate on this flat cart that had four wheels and was made of wooden planks. People are lifting him up by each end and shaking him and carrying him across this dark room of a dungeon. After that he's thrown down this hill that goes up and down. He's hitting these jumps and spinning and flipping uncontrollably to the point where it isn't even possible IRL.

      We aren't even afraid to go but before we can say anything a cart appears from the left out of the wall and the person throws me on top. I fly down this slope and start hitting these hills too.

      This ride was very strange. The ride was not a full rollercoaster but was actually like I was riding around on this cart trying to complete different objectives all the while there is a zombie or scary person chasing me in between objectives and to get them off I had to hit them or push them away.

      The ride was called something like "Infernal Man" or "Internal Person" or "Naughtorical something." It wasn't any of these but it was something close to that. That name kept coming to me everywhere on this ride. So now I'm on this cart at the bottom going around to different areas. The ride had a pool at the bottom with a hottub and a lot of people swimming around and doing various things. It almost felt like I was back at rockbridge in a way.

      I'm going to different areas and completing different things. I go up to this hottub area where there's people in the hottub and one of them comes up to me and is like "You have to blow 5 lines of parmesan cheese on this pizza" and I'm thinking 'what the fuck' as I turn around and see there's this person chasing me behind me so I smack that person in the face or punch them and start flowing cheese on this massive slice of pizza into separate lines. I manage to make 6 or 7 distinct lines so I say "see can I go now?" and then I leave to another task.

      It's really hard to remember what the other tasks were but I must've completed 10-15 in this dream with no exaggeration. Eventually I get into this room where Nate had been lifted up. I see a guy to the right of me and I'm thinking "oh no not this place" with a lack of enthusiasm or care. There's usually supposed to be two big guys lifting up the cart but they only had the one guy and then a fill in girl who never did this sort of thing so when they picked me up the back was barely getting off the ground. Another person comes in and helps the back. The place is gray and dark, filled with dust, and had stoned covered walls and floors. There might've been some medieval furniture in there too. Someone starts reading to me how I had conquered the ride or something like that but I was not interested at all. I had been distracted by something.

      Another dream I had which might've been an extension of the other one was I was running with my family away in some sort of apocalypse. There were massive storm clouds ahead shooting lightning at the ground. I was really afraid we were going to get struck. We were running along this giant wooden boardwalks above land/sea towards somewhere. There's a bunch of people running towards a safehouse. It's a two story run down white house. There's two lines of people at the front door trying to get in. One line was not making any progress while the right line people were moving quickly. I jump into the front and into the house. I get in there and there's a room with a dirt floor and kitchen appliances next to a staircase that lead to the second floor. I turn around and try to see where my family is. There's a person there who had no hair and dark skin asking me how I got in and I told him I "used the express line." Finally, my family gets in there but it isn't even my family anymore it's just these four random people I've never met. The dream ends when the person says the reason he let us in is because "you are my spirits."
    3. November 8 2016 Non-Lucid and False Awakening

      by , 11-08-2016 at 06:13 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was this giant beach with different rock cliffs on the outside. The left side was mostly rolling fields and the right was a big cliff. There are rock cliffs in the water and on the sand as well. I believe that I'm in some sort of summer camp like Rockbridge that I've been to in the past. There are cabins in the fields and kids are in there for free time. Kolby is there hanging out with some other people walking around. I remember thinking I didn't fit in with them. At some point, a younger girl and guy come up to me and say my name to me which startled me but we sort of laugh. Then they're on the beach with me doing whatever. Someone tells me that the boy is cute looking but a douche. There's this rope that I'm holding onto which is attached to the middle of the sky and swinging me around the entire map. I'm swinging and spinning around the beach and around the cliffs.
      On the right is the cliffs made up of separate rocks. It must be 100 yards or more high. I'm climbing up with some friends and people are falling off. There's a group of older moms there for some competition at the top and they are telling me to leave but I'm trying to hold on. I'm afraid I'm going to fall off.
      At some point I'm in a gas station that I think is a McDonald's. Two of my fraternity brothers are there and I ask them to make me a frappe but then I feel bad making them do that so I just say I'll get coffee somewhere else.
      Another dream I'm in these hallways with a group of guys. The point is that there are girls trying to freak us out, like a haunted house. At the end of the dream there's a girl from my high school named Bridgette tickling me.
      False awakening, my friend Mason is in my college bedroom. He asks me if I've told my dad about his recent grandfather's passing and I tell him that I don't talk to my dad much, to which he replies with something about being born by him which confuses me. I get into the shower and he's trying to mess with me.
    4. July 13th, 2015 - July 17th, 2015 Dreams

      by , 07-21-2015 at 07:36 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      July 13th- A youtube star that is short and lip syncs music was on a webcam video in front of me and he wanted to hang out but I didn't want to so I left. I came to a kitchen and my friends and I were cooking food. I put in 10 nuggets into an oven when I only wanted to put in 5 nuggets. 1 nugget fell off and caught on fire. I walked into a darker room off of the kitchen where there was a table with plates of food and my friend Jason was sitting there. One plate was mine that had a lot of food like vegetables that I didn't want. A guy named Jim was there and he sprinkled weed on some rice that was in an oval shaped bowl. I said that I didn't want to be high before class and he said that the weed didn't affect him.
      Then I was sitting at some outside bar place that was in downtown Richmond, Virginia at night. A pregnant girl from my high school named Kaitlin was there with one of my friends AK. She was talking about something and someone mentioned another pregnant girl named Haley and then she appeared. Kaitlin was stretching and sort of floating in the air because of AK and said that she'd have a miscarriage from moving like that. She started passing gas so I moved away disgusted. She said that she didn't smell that bad. Then a bartender asked if we wanted some drinks form behind us. I turned around as AK ordered a root beer which came in a plastic mug then. I asked what he got and then I got a coke. I looked at a menu that was hanging above our heads behind us and it had cost $2.01 which I was upset about because of the extra penny. I turned to my left and asked for coins from another friend named Alia which she gave me so I started counting it out.

      July 14th- Something about Show Choir in Atlee high school.
      Sitting in a hotel apparently waiting on a girl to come to stay with me but I don't know who it is. I'm in fear that it is a catfish. I go over to a computer to contact her. Now I'm in a hotel room looking her up when I see a text in a chat room on my computer screen that says "row row row your boat" and something like "should I bring the water." I immediately sense danger as I turned around to run out of the room. To the left is a bathroom with a man standing in a doorway. He's wearing jeans with a brown shirt. His head is shaved with a five o clock shadow beard. He's white. I start screaming "help" very quickly and loudly as I run for the open doorway but he grabs me and my screams become muffled and the dream fades to black.

      July 15th- I was at Rockbridge younglife camp. Well, that was the location anyways. I remember I was talking about getting back into Younglife and I was going to the gathering. It was held down at the lake in some cramped inflatable thing. I remember crawling out and thinking of squeezing like taking a dump. Sure enough, someone points out that I had actually crapped myself. I started to think my return to Younglife is ruined as I'm up the hill now where tall futuristic buildings are. Then, there was some sort of discovery where I was in a beam of yellow red and purple lights that made some sort of an epic tunnel of light in front of me. There was some voice saying that I had unlocked something and then I thought it was a phoenix sort of mount from World of Warcraft that I was supposed to keep hidden from other people seeing.

      July 16th- There was a lot of waking up before my alarm. The concept was something to do with Super Mario World and getting on a certain platform at the right time, the right time being when my alarm was supposed to go off. I forget what I was doing right before I woke up but it was finishing a process like finishing the telling of a story or something of that matter. It was the right/ expected time for my alarm to go off.

      July 17th- The scene was this space that seemed to go on forever in the background. The immediate area was an arcade with different dark consoles like racing games, a sort of pong game, and this game where you had to time going between swinging ladders. I played the ladder game for a little bit.
      The entrance was a path that led onto a beach with the ocean in the background. There were various groups of people spread out on the beach. I looked to my right down the beach and it stretched for miles in the sun. I said something like "it's so beautiful here." I was in the water but I was focused on a phone charger that was tangled. I was thinking that there were a lot of things holding me up from enjoying the beach. I went back to the sand to put my China phone down somewhere not sandy. I had a boogie board, some shirts and shoes, so I was placing my phone in various locations testing it out. Finally, I turn around to enjoy the beach, but the right side was now in the shade because it was around 6. My view went to the ocean as I thought that maybe sharks could've come and attacked someone. I decided that though there were at least 15 people in the ocean, I wasn't going back in since a shark would pick me to attack. So, I walked left down the beach which only stretched about 20 yards. At the end was a doorway opening to this room that was made of dark wood. It had doors coming off that had different numbers/ symbols on it. There was an asian guy with me now. I was asking him about the cost of a room. He was saying that no one had staying in the rooms for a while but they were expensive because in the background was the classic Shanghai skyline. My view went back to the ocean/beach where I wanted to take a picture of the skyline but I noted the air pollution was too bad.