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    Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal

    'Another Night' follows the various story arcs and recurring themes of my dreams. Selected dreams from my childhood are displayed here as are my current, normal dreams.

    1. Pre-Move Dream Canon (Zombie Island)

      by , 03-27-2013 at 12:22 AM (Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal)

      1. I am in a park bordered with wire fences. A lot of zombies are chasing me. I try to climb over the high fence but I cannot. Instead, I become lucid and fly over.

      2. I am running through Zombie Island and encounter a political dispute involving the Mayor and the ethics of "containing passive zombies" as a DC's picket sign read. Apparently there are two types. I come across a passive zombie who behaves like a vampire. I am lucid and we are chased by the Dream Police from my previous dreams. The passive zombie offers me a ride in his car. An active zombie flings the door open and bites me as we are driving. The Dream Police are attacked by zombies and killed. They never appeared in my dreams again. However, the zombies are still chasing the DC and I, and my leg has become bloated and swollen. I feel the disease race up my body. I crawl to a tunnel so that the dream scene changes. I try to force myself to wake up.

      3. I am in a store. I become lucid and fly so I can visit the zombies again.

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    2. Pre-Move Dream Canon (The Marsh)

      by , 03-24-2013 at 08:47 PM (Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal)
      1. The Lake of the previous dreams has become a huge wetland, and has now become dissociated from my house, but rather near Zombie Island. I am standing in the Marsh with a bunch of people, and swimming in a whirlpool the size of a football field.

      2. I am in a swamp that has taken over a neighborhood. I walk around, knowing that I have to get out before the rest of it floods. I lose my shoe, and I go back, delaying me. I then cannot make it in time before the next tidal change.

      3. I am back in the location of the first dream. I swim, but this time I discover a beautiful waterfall and cove in the Marsh.

      4. We have to jump from a mound of swamp to swim in the Marsh's tide pool.

      5. I am in a palace in Etcia (a location in my dream world), overviewing the Marsh in its beautiful entirety. When I awaken, I am happy that the terrifying place of the Lake is now replaced by this intricate swamp that I can visit in my dreams anytime I become lucid.

      6. I am playing tag with other small children in the Marsh.

      7. I am in the Marsh with others. As the wave of water rushes in, I meet a man or an animal. I cannot remember which. He told me that I was dreaming, and that he was my Dream Guide; an alternate consciousness living within my brain that only appeared in my dreams. He told me that while I was awake he slept and that dreams where his reality. I have not seen him since.

      8. EDIT: 4/30/13 The Marsh has recently transformed into the Woodland. Dreams that take place in the classic Marsh will be still be tagged as such. The Marsh was also originally the Lake, but that has since been eradicated. Only one dream from the present has gone back to the original Lake.

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    3. Pre-Move Dream Canon (The Dream Police)

      by , 03-24-2013 at 08:27 PM (Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal)

      1. I am somewhat sure that I am dreaming. I begin to drive in a car. The police come. They chase me, and express their intent on destroying my lucidity. It was as if my unconsciousness wanted me not to realize I am dreaming.

      2. I am coming out of a club, and then I get arrested by the police for "being lucid in a dream" as I try to run away.

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    4. Pre-Move Dream Canon (Meeting Grimilia)

      by , 03-24-2013 at 08:01 PM (Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal)
      It is a normal day in the world of my dreams. I am reliving my day through day residue, and everything seems as a normal dream would be. I bounce a ball with a DC friend. I stop because I smell smoke. We go inside his house and see his mother dead on the kitchen floor. A chicken baster is impaling her eye. The oven is on fire, and the lights go out. We run over to my house in fear. We look out the window to the DC's house, and it is completely ablaze. We run to the other kids on the block, and discover that every one of their parents were murdered. Each house is flaming, and the it is night. The fire slowly calms until the houses are mostly blackened skeletons of their construct. We run through the decay, but one of the herd of kids falls dead. Another is burned alive. We suspect it is the murderer who killed our parents and is now after us. One bashes his head open on the frame of a burnt doorway. The other falls down a stairwell and bleeds from his cuts. There are now only five. Instead of running from house to house, we run into the Lake's forest. We trek through the trees, but one more dies when he falls behind. We decide that we need to split-up in order to preserve our lives in numbers. I say that that is a terrible idea, and that that is what the murderer wants. However we do it anyways. We are supposed to meet back up at the highway. I run through the forest as fast as I can for an hour. It is almost sunrise. I go to the highway, but no one is there. I begin to become worried, and I go back to the clearing. No one is there, and I see blood thrown across the grass. The trees rustle, and I stumble around the circle in wonder. Where are they? An old crone woman appears from the forest. She appears calm and says, "My name is Grimilia. Can you help me?" I move closer towards her. Before I realize what is happening, she pulls out a bloodied knife. I immediately become lucid. The scenario, the antics of the killer, all point to my dream themes. I am still scared. I attempt to use dream control, but it is too late. She sinks the knife into me. Even though it is a dream, I still feel the pain as sharp as ever. I awaken.

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    5. Pre-Move Dream Canon (The Lake)

      by , 03-24-2013 at 01:14 AM (Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal)

      1. I go to the pond by my house and realize that there are seven mystical locations in the forest near it. The next day, my friends and I search the woods but cannot find the locations.

      2. I return to the Lake. I am older when I have this dream. I notice it, and become lucid. Unlike the swaying trees and sweet water of the Lake of my childhood, it is broken and gloomy, causing me to fear a broken psyche. I tell the DC next to me to stay away from the Lake. I try to run away into a new dream scene because I know something bad will happen if I stay dreaming here. I run to a house. While I am in it, the lights go out. I maintain lucidity, but I am overwhelmed with terror. An entity creeps in the shadows. I run out of the house, and as I do, a hand touches my ankle. I go back to the lake, but the DC isn't there. I become worried. I do not want to awaken, so I simply go into the forest. All of the trees are dead. I call for the missing DC. I become frightened and run out. I stumble over the twigs that dig into my shins. I find another DC. He appears delusional. It is night, but the DC wants to go swimming in the pond. For some reason, I feel more terrified than before of the water. I scream at him, but he twists a grin and drags me into the lake. The water becomes murky and I see blood and an unnatural smile as I wake up.

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