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    1. Creature in the Dark

      by , 08-15-2013 at 01:24 AM
      Dream 1
      I'm at a campground with several friends. The entire place is dark and gloomy, and I feel off kilter from the very beginning. The campground is mostly a steep hill that ends at a lake, with a little management cabin/bathrooms by the lake. We're the only people this close to the bottom. Our tent is set up behind a tree, hugging it. Once again, it is dark, gloomy, and has an air of trouble brewing.

      We're all inside the tent. There are at least five of us. One girl is bigger, has blonde hair and glasses, and reminds me of L's friend.

      The tent is only big enough to accommodate one, yet we're all in the tent and don't give it a second thought. The front is zipped up, and it is night.

      We all know that something dark is out there, waiting to pounce. I can't see anything since it's so dark out, only the faint outline of the tent in front of my nose. We can hear it's footsteps as it circles the tent. Suddenly, something strikes at the tent and the side is dented inward. Then all I can hear is the scrabbling sound of fingernails on the plastic-y surface of the tent. I scream and grab at the tent, holding it together so that it can't enter. My friends are sobbing and crying out behind me, but they are background noises to the sound of the zipper being jerked downward.

      I think that it was gone for a while. We made a mad dash for an old, twisted tree on the other side of the road. The fat friend shouted out something, and I thought that it was funny. I'm climbing up this tree like there's no tomorrow, leaping from limb to limb. I finally find a secure spot that seems to be the highest point. I settle down, all while looking at the ground to be on guard. I know that my friends are being caught, behind me, but can't turn around to look.

      Then I 'wake up'. I want to remember the dream so I can write it down later so I start to remember each bit that happened, carefully. I'm sucked in. Everything happens similarly. When we get to the old tree, I'm trying to find the spot that I perched in before but can't. I find a similar spot and sit there for a moment. Something dark churns beneath me.

      As one, we all jump out of the tree and run up the road. We're all terrified and out of breath, there are broken sobs. Then we come upon two big tents and some picnic tables. Music is blasting, people are everywhere, and you can hear the sound of glass being tapped together. A cute boy with an odd, perky stride walks by.

      "Here, we'll be safe here. Let's stay." Someone says in a breathless, relieved, voice. No, let's not stay, I think. I feel a bad vibe from this place, but I can feel my resolve weakening as I keep an eye on that pretty boy and the blasting music reels me in. It sounds like a fun time.

      I open my eyes. It's completely dark in my room. I can't seem to move, and I feel very weak. Like I just exercised a day straight. It's a nice kind of weak. Why is it dark? I think. It's morning, it should be light. The curtains are closed, I notice. I get a sudden, panicky feeling. I struggle in the blankets for a moment. I can't keep my eyes closed, I know that he (the thing from my dream) was in the room. I hear footsteps on the wooden floor.

      "Dad!" I call. My voice is very quiet, and weak. I try again. "Dad! Come here!" I could hear him talking with my brother, S, as they came up the stairs. "S! Come here!" He stands just outside the open door to talk to me.

      "I need you to go to the library and get a book for me. "

      "What? Why?" In a whining voice. Then the shuffle of paper. I needed the book with the gem on the cover, the book that was the twin to the one that I already had.

      Dream 2
      I live in a village in the middle of nowhere. The world is about to end and we are packing all of our belongings into this space craft, where we will live for the rest of eternity. By 'the end of the world' I mean that the entire world, besides our UFO, will disappear into a never ending white blur.

      Everyone is discouraged. They think that we will starve aboard the ship. I pack chickens, pigs, lots of sheep, and cows. They freely move about. My plan was that we would eat the eggs that the chickens lay, and that the slain animals would respawn back on the ship. A villager made a nasty comment about how they wouldn't respawn back on the ship, but out in the white. I responded by saying that we would survive on the eggs.

      I laid down endless red and white beds along the sides of the ship. I told the villagers that we could dig downward and make sleeping quarters. I imagined a long hallway to explore, and huge rooms filled with bunk beds. It sounded fun.

      I thought that it would be nice to have kittens, for fun, on the ship. I found a box of them at the last minute. They were very rare. It turned out that a woman had sex with a cat to give birth to them, everyone hushed when that was revealed. She gave instructions as to how to make babies with a cat.

      I was throwing everything I could possibly find on board. We were about to leave at any second. I ran outside to find more stuff to put on the ship. A countdown begins out loud. The villagers are screaming at me and beckoning for me to come back now. I run.

      Everything was blank, but then we somehow go forward into the past/future. We're in the village again, except it's inhabited by different people, the buildings are slightly changed, and one building is deteriorated. The villagers (from the ship) creep forward hesitantly. They look incredibly out of place, with their long, old-fashioned dressed and top hats.

      Some of them start to cry because they don't know if they will pop back into the past/future in a second, and the thought of never seeing their village again made them sad.

      Lucid Dream 3
      I remember flying around my town and breaking into someone's house. A woman with short hair lived there. The fact that she had dyed red hair seemed important. She lived there with her family. I started regretting breaking into the house because I was stuck skittering room to room to avoid being seen. "Why did I do this?" I mournfully ask myself as I run into the guest bedroom that is rarely used. I literally dive on the bed, which looks incredibly inviting because of the fluffy comforter and huge pillows.

      I hide behind a column beside the sofa as someone enters the living room. I mentally curse the dad when he decided to not go to work today, and to stay home. He has on a tux and carries a suitcase.

      When the person leaves the room I jump onto the sofa and over the back. I crouch down behind it.

      Now I'm on the back road beside the elementary school. I'm flying at least at tree level. I decide that, yeah, this must be a dream because I'm flying. Everything turns golden and light. It reminds me of heaven. There is no ground. I want to work on my swimming for the next meet, and I remember reading somewhere that practicing something in a dream can make you better at in real life. I start doing butterfly midair. It feels weird. It's uncomfortable and tight on my shoulder joints, but it also feels crazy because I'm the air!

      Another short lucid dream that I remembered while writing this. Might've happened on Friday? Everything is blue, and there is no ground. I'm swimming butterfly, easily. There is the edge of this sky-pool way ahead, and there are even little handles for backstroke starts and blocks. It all feels unreal, because everything is floating. I an hear a crowd talking and get the distinct feeling that there was a large room to my right. It was made out of concrete. There was a dark-skinned woman with big brown hair there, laughing.