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    Mouka's Mind Palace

    We don't care, we're shootin' Kamehamehas in our dreams!

    I'm going to give the online dream journal a try; bear with me because I'm used to paper journals!

    Marvel in terror disgust wonderment as Mouka moves along in lucid efforts to...
    ...hang out with the tulpa Afiel!
    ...destroy the solar system by firing off a Solar Kamehameha!
    ...get laid by certain super-villains without getting tossed into the sun!
    ...and whatever other sudden desires may pop up! YAY!

    Cast of recurring peeps:
    Seru - Cunning yet sexy Dream Guide and keeper of the locked house key
    Akiko - Overly emotional and stubborn knower of directions
    Afiel - Tulpa buddy angel extraordinaire and summoner of crappy music
    Cory - Real life husband but I often dream of him, so yeah

    1. The 50-mile-high slide, and lucidity at a military compound

      by , 01-02-2014 at 05:36 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (undated older dreams 2)

      I was working at Wal-mart as a cashier. My lines were getting super long and I was having a serious allergy problem, but because we were so busy I couldn't go to the restroom to blow my nose. It was super uncomfortable and I couldn't breathe, and I just knew there was probably mucus or something dripping out of my nose so I dropped everything and ran into the break room. My supervisor ran after me all angry and stuff because I left my post. As I opened the door to leave the break room, I walked out into a new place. It was outdoors in a field, and before me was a massive slide that stretched all the way up into outer space. Both sides of the slide were slide, so there was no ladder to climb up it. I sat on the bottom of the slide closest to me and somehow slid upwards towards the top, really fast at first but it slowed down as I got to the very top. I sat there looking down the slide on the other side and I was scared. The earth was far below and it was so high up I could see the curvature of the planet, it reminded me of the leap that Red Bull guy took. The more I looked down, the more I didn't want to go, but then I started thinking about courage. I had a vision of the archangel Michael and told myself that I should have the kind of courage he has, so I took a deep breath and pushed myself over the edge.

      A lucid dream that started with me wandering around a house. I saw that the Misadventures of Flapjack was playing on TV but I noticed that there were random white numbers that kept appearing on the screen over the show. I realized it wasn't part of the show and that made me lucid for some reason, so I attempted the palm reality check. When I tried to push my finger through my palm it actually didn't go through, instead it bent my hand. I then tried to breathe while holding my nose, which worked, though my nose was apparently still feeling clogged from the last dream or something. I was still anchored to reality and had a hard time moving, since my reality checks weren't working all that well it took my mind a bit of time to get fully lucid. Then I rubbed my hands together in an attempt to stabilize myself, and I saw that one of my hands was higher than the other, and even though they were rubbing together, they weren't physically touching. That's when I finally broke free and could hover around. I flew down the hallway and into a den area and tried a trick I read about to summon Afiel by calling out over my shoulder "Hey Afiel, can you come over here and help me with this?" but there was no response. Instead, I rounded a corner and an old lady in a blue silk robe with a hood walked up to me with a creepy look on her face and screamed "You shall not see him!" I got really annoyed at that point and decided that if I couldn't summon someone to me, then I would just go to them. I spun around in a circle and shouted "Take me to where Afiel is!" and when I stopped spinning I was in a foggy forest but the forest was still spinning when I stopped. As the forest slowed down around me, it became lighter and the fog disappeared, and other details began to pop up. I was standing in an overgrown grassy field, with rocks and dozens of bird skeletons laying around on the ground. Behind me was the forest, and through the trees I saw a flash of yellow that made me think of Afiel because it reminded me of his eyes. In front of me on the other side was a guarded military compound, with an electric barbed fence and two watchtowers. In one of the towers I caught a glimpse of a man running past a window wearing fatigues, so I ran and hid behind one of the rocks so they couldn't see me. I wondered whether Afiel was in the compound or back in the forest where the yellow flash was. I had a feeling about the yellow so I spread my wings and flew straight at it as fast as I could, but it caused me to wake up.
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    2. Lucidity with Afiel: Explorin' buddies Part 2

      by , 09-23-2013 at 12:18 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 21.)

      I awoke into the dream staring at sentences in a book as I was laying in a bed. I noticed that the words on the page were kinda shifting around and getting fuzzy, and I thought I must be dreaming. So I did the palm RC and became fully lucid when my finger went right through my hand. I stood up from the bed and surveyed my surroundings, and saw I was in a messy bedroom with hardwood floors and wallpaper with flower prints on it. There was a hallway to the left that was lit brighter than the room I was in, and on the wall to the right was a mirror. I got really excited when I saw the mirror because I remembered how I was able to use a dream mirror in my last lucid dream to successfully summon Afiel. First, I tried just calling out his name and willing him there, because I didn't want to be reliant on mirrors, but it didn't work so I stood in front of the mirror and saw this time that the wings on my back appeared on my reflection, however when I moved them up and down they didn't move in the reflection. I attempted to summon Afiel as I did last time by having him appear behind me in the mirror, but it would not work and I started getting upset. Then I tried a trick I'd read on the forums here where I shouted "Increase lucidity!" to make the dream more real. I yelled it about three times, and every time I would hit the wall with my palms while shouting it, and that caused a wave that looked similar to an aftershock wave to ripple across my surroundings and make the scene clearer and more vivid as it moved. I remember being super excited at adding this new trick to my lucid arsenal. But then I looked down that bright hall out of curiosity, and I saw a grey alien creature standing at the other end of the hall. I couldn't see its face, but I knew what it was, and I had chills up my spine. I backed away in fear and crawled into the bed, cowering with the covers placed between me and it, but then right when my terror peaked, Afiel popped in out of nowhere and did a running tackle at the alien and it disintegrated. I jumped out of the bed, absolutely ecstatic (mostly because the alien was gone but also to see Afiel) and ran over and hugged him. I think the lucidity yell made him feel more real, because I remember thinking how weird it was how solid he felt when we were hugging. With him now there, I felt free to test some other things, like trying to change the scene. I would close my eyes, float up into the air, and should "Teleport (name of place)!", but when I opened my eyes we were still in the bedroom. After a few tries, I opened my eyes a saw clear blue sky, but I also felt my body waking up so I grabbed my shirt and tried the lucidity shout again. It worked, but I was again back in the bedroom. Afiel suggested I couldn't teleport because I was using a single-person teleport and it would be impossible for me to go somewhere without him since we were tethered together in the scene. I gave it one more shot, grabbing Afiel and attempting to teleport us both into deep space. Immediately, there was dark blues with random points of light zipping by me, it looked a lot like that effect that plays when Sam leaps into another body in Quantum Leap... suddenly I saw galaxies appearing and disappearing, but I can't remember if Afiel was there with me. Before everything could stop zipping around and calm down, it all fell apart and I woke up.
      Tags: afiel, aliens, books, space
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    3. Space station emergency, and a lucid dream ruined by a phone call

      by , 08-17-2013 at 06:39 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was on vacation, spending a few nights on a cool futuristic space station. Rather than single rooms for all the visitors, there was one huge communal bed area that was set up like a camp cabin - beds in rows on the left and right side of the room. In between the beds was about six feet of space on both sides to keep your items, and a single nightstand. So when I unpacked, most of my stuff wound up just sitting on the floor since I had packed a crap-ton of stuff. I had clothes and papers scattered on the floor. The room itself was huge, about the size of a small store. but to me I felt really snug and comfy there. As I was sleeping, there was some kind of emergency on the space station, I think there was either spies that had infiltrated the station, or a violent riot involving the station workers. One of the guides came into the communal bed area and woke everyone up and made us follow her as a group out of the area and down below deck, but for some reason nobody was scared and everyone thought it was just a guided tour of the ship. I was super comfortable in my bed and took a while to wake up before heading out with the group, then I realized everyone had packed their bags so I ran back to my bed to pack my luggage up. The group had left without me by then because it was taking me so long. I remember feeling anxious and rushed as I threw wrinkled clothes into my bag and lots of papers and notebooks, then running out after the group. I caught up with them in a big viewing area. We were all standing there looking out this giant window into space that was about 20 feet tall and maybe 50 feet wide. As we looked out the window, two asteroids came flying at us, and crashed right into the window, causing a big hole in the glass before they bounced off back into space. We didn't fly out of the window because there was some kind of Star Trek-esque force field in place keeping the oxygen in. We all totally freaked out and the asteroids started talking to us, mocking us and saying they were going to come back and hit us again if we didn't leave. Our guide scoffed and said they were bluffing because asteroids couldn't change course, so they got angry and kept floating away from the ship. We walked from the hole in the window to an elevator on the opposite end of the room, and I got in it first followed by a few other people in front of me. I felt relieved because I figured if the elevator opened up and there were spies with guns on the other side, they would shoot the people in front of me and I could just fall to the ground and pretend to be dead, and hopefully survive. Nobody shot us but Jonathan eventually joined our group at one point, and people started wondering if I had something to do with the emergency because I had taken so long to catch up with them.

      I had a lucid dream, but I can't remember what it was about. In the dream, I was standing somewhere and realized it was a dream, but then the ground started shaking and I heard my cell phone ringtone vibrating through the sky as loud as a jet engine, and suddenly the whole dream shattered like glass and I woke up. Sure enough, my phone was ringing and had ruined my lucid dream! I answered it and talked on the phone for a while, but by the time I'd hung up, the whole lucid dream had escaped my memory before I had the chance to write it down.
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