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    1. Island Resort

      by , 03-08-2014 at 07:57 PM
      Dream 1:

      I was on an island resort with my father. I went for a run through the tropical forest outside and there were people from my high school running there too. I tried to avoid the people I didn't want to talk to. I remember that it was quite beautiful though; there was mist rising up from the ground, light pouring through the cracks in the trees, lush plant-life everywhere. The trail was a giant circle, I thought that was pretty weird and that there had to be more to the island than this giant circle. I grew tired of running and decided to go back inside the resort.

      The inside was now a giant, circular, track of lockers, high school style. There were also vending machines for weed. They said it was legal on their island now, to attract tourists. The owner of the island was some angry little woman that barely reached my waist. She got angry at the manager of the resort for making it legal because professional sports athletes wouldn't be allowed to go there now. Dream kept getting weirder.

      I went outside to this enormous beach area that had scattered palm trees and groups of people doing fun little events. I decided to go flying by using a parachute. I strapped it on and the wind took me up into the air like I was a kite. I had to navigate to channels of wind to stay up so that I could explore more of the island. After going on a little bit of a flying island adventure I decided I was done and I went back to the resort. I suddenly had an enormous pike in my hands, naturally I gutted it and prepared fillets, not sure why. Then these kids from my high school appeared and wanted me to take them flying too. Didn't work as well because they added too much weight. They started to get upset that they weren't going very high. I looked to the shore and saw giant 20 foot waves coming in and thought, ooooo that looks like good wind. Sure enough it sent us soaring. I looked to the shore again and saw these 100 foot walls of water coming towards us. I became lucid and tried to fly away from the island but the parachute and these 2 DCs were weighing me down. Black clouds began creeping along the island's ground. I could hear thunder. I woke up.

      Dream 2:

      I was at my parents' house, talking to my parents when I noticed that my dad was black. I became lucid and asked him, "Why are you black in this dream, dad?" He said something about having revitiligo, I thought it was hilarious in the dream. I woke up and thought, what the hell was that about.

      Fragment 1:

      On another island with my family and a witch. I don't remember most of the beginning of the dream. I just remember that there were these snakes biting me, hanging onto my skin and that reminded me of another dream I had earlier this month. They made a popping noise when I would pull them off, sometimes their bodies would come off and their heads would stay. It hurt. That made me lucid and I sought out the witch as my family left.

      It was nighttime and the moon lit up the island with a blueish hue. The witch was at a cliff edge, staring longingly towards the ocean. I asked her to teach me her powers. She just kept staring for a minute and then looked at me and said that I could control those snakes if they appeared again. She made several snakes appear and told me to control them now, stop them from biting me. I made them fight each other but then I noticed the witch was holding a cute little kitten and the snakes started to attack me. She made them disappear and I realized that I lose control if i lose focus. I feel like she taught me a couple more things but I can't remember them. I followed her around for awhile and eventually asked her if it was possible to stop mutations. She told me that it was impossible, that no magic could do such a thing. I felt a little bit disheartened at her response. She gave me a big hug and told me not to worry, that I was only at the beginning of this journey. I woke up feeling a lot better.