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    1. Transformations and more Rick & Morty Portals

      by , 09-11-2015 at 06:42 AM
      Dream 1:

      I was at a party that was being held at an underground restaurant. I’m not sure what was initially being celebrated, but several of my old childhood friends were there, as well as a few family members. Upon entering the restaurant, I was immediately greeted by an overly enthusiastic Tom Cruise Waiter. I started to realize it was a dream at this point. He showed me to my table then threw down a big plate filled with fries. MMMmm I was really excited and I started to just devour them. Each time they would disappear, some waiters would immediately give me another plate. I kept eating until I started to genuinely get tired of eating fries, which is weird for me since I love them. I looked around and saw that there were some people that had fried chicken sandwiches. I asked the waiters for one of those but they flat out refused to give me one! They brought me this delicious cake-like desert. I had to remind myself that all dream food is animal and cruelty free, then I started dig into the cake with my bare hands. I felt like a ravenous animal.

      I looked around while eating and it was apparently my birthday party now, and I was the king of these lands. There were also a lot of teen girls dancing in a circle in the center of the room while flashing their boobs.

      The party eventually started to die down, guests started to leave, and I was getting bored with eating dream food, so I jumped on top of a table and rode it out of the room as though it were a hoverboard while yelling, “I’m king bitch, I’m king!!!”

      I had to fly through a tiny hole in the ground in order to get to the surface, it made me feel a bit claustrophobic but it wasn’t too bad.

      When I got above ground I appeared in a beautiful, lush, vivid green field with trees that were covered in so many leaves that I couldn’t even see a speck of bark. I tried to teleport Rick & Morty style by pointing an invisible portal gun at a hedged bush. A transparent green and purple blob shot out of the gun and made a transparent green and purple portal. It was pretty tiny so I tried to run into it head first, but instead of going through a portal I ended up smashing my face into a solid hedge that felt like it was made out of bricks. I rarely feel pain in my lucid dreams but running into that brick bush gave me an awful, splitting headache.

      I lost vision and appeared in a new field. There was tall, golden wheat grass all around me and a few oak trees off in the distance. I flew around to try to find a group of people to unleash my wind upon. I found a small encampment of criminals after exploring for a few minutes. I landed in the middle of them and then I almost immediately saw a group of maybe 20 little 10 year old kids marching towards me in a line. They surrounded me in a circle and I began trying to fart. One of them kept punching me in the stomach and pushing me around while the others cheered.

      The fart wasn’t happening and I felt like maybe I was going to shit my dream pants instead. So I imagined hearing and feeling a fart instead of trying to force one out, then immediately a massive noise erupted from my butt. The kids froze and became dead silent while they stared at me in absolute horror.

      I opened my mouth and said, “It was Meeeeee!!!” but another kid said it at the exact same time. Then the rest of the kids joined in and said that it was them while they laughed hysterically. They started pushing me around, punching me, and throwing rocks at me. Not exactly the reaction I was expecting.
      I ran away and then got down on all fours and tried to turn into a dragon. I could feel my back sprout wings and I could feel claws grow from my hands but then I woke up.

      Dream 2:

      Short lucid dream fragment – I was asking Dreamer to transform me into a dragon. A violent transformation started to happen and parts of my body were bubbling and randomly growing very large or very tiny. I started to grow claws and to get scaly but I woke up pretty quickly.

      Dream 3:

      I was in a simulator with Dreamer. This simulator was supposed to be a previous memory that belonged to someone from my old high school’s football team. I don’t know what kind of strange technology we were using to explore this memory but I was fascinated at how powerful it was.

      The memory, however, was quite sad in content. There were a few cheerleaders that had gotten very drunk with a couple of football players and their coaches. The girls were all stark naked. I admired the details of the simulation and felt my way around the room, amazed at the realism of the experiences.
      I found one of my old, male best friends sitting on the floor, submissive, and sucking on an unknown person’s dick that was poking through a wall.
      The coaches started to get aggressive, and against the girls’ wishes. They started to walk up behind the girls and rub their dicks against their bums and between their legs. The cheerleaders would push them away, but the coaches would just come back and they started to penetrate the girls. They took them into other rooms and had sex with them.

      We could explore the memory and witness things but we couldn’t interact with or influence the memory.
      I was showing Dreamer and a couple other DCs that we weren’t actually using our real bodies either by doing a nose plug RC.
      I suddenly realized that this wasn’t a simulation, but that I was actually dreaming. The simulation started to end and everything began to get dark. I repeated to myself, “I am lucid, I am lucid, I am lucid…” over and over again until the dream re-formed because I was afraid of having a FA and losing lucidity.

      I appeared on a gorgeous, white beach. I remembered that I wanted to try some tasks and that I wanted to try to use a mirror to transform. I walked around, looking for a mirror. I saw an old, sand-covered, full-length mirror with a golden-brown, wooden frame. I walked up to it and looked at my reflection. I then imagined my body becoming globe-like and I slowly transformed into a floating, purple planet. I was amazed at how well that worked, so I tried to turn into a dragon after that. While still looking in the mirror, I imagined my body turning into a dragon. I turned green and grew a long tail and wings and looked like a beautiful green dragon! I woke up into a FA before I got to do anything cool.

      Dreamer was sitting up in bed next to me typing something on her laptop. I began to write my dreams down, and then I remembered that this is a prime time for losing lucidity. I did a reality check and then I knew! O_O

      I stared lovingly at Dreamer and she stared back at me with her adorable green eyes. I ripped off her clothes and her eyes suddenly grew dark, she looked quite grumpy! I tried to focus on the feeling of her personality and her energy, and then I tried to infuse it with the dream character, but it would only work for a second at a time. So I left the grumpy DC alone, closed my eyes, and imagined feeling her presence with me until the dream ended.

      I thought I had woken up and that I had been trying to fall back asleep for quite some time. I eventually did a reality check to make sure I wasn’t still dreaming, but I was.

      I got out of bed and appeared in a white tiled bathroom. I stared in the mirror and imagined a Rick & Morty portal gun appearing in my hands. Just such a gun grew in my hand from a small point! I pointed it at a wall and pulled the trigger. What came out was the most vivid and non-transparent green blob yet! I was super excited and happy about just how well the Rick & Morty teleportation method had worked this time, but I woke up before I could go through the portal.
    2. Revenge of the Nerd? Or Another Angry Vegan :D

      by , 08-20-2015 at 05:41 PM
      I was in my old childhood room at my parents’ house in Colorado. I wondered how I got there, since I was in Australia last I remembered, but I dismissed the thought and started thinking about other things. I wandered down the hall into my parents’ bedroom where I found my Uncle. He was in there with his Chinese lover. I rationalized that he and his wife had gotten more open about their relationship since her recent bout with cancer. His lover said that she was studying to be a naturopath and that she wanted to do an energy healing on me. She put her hands on my tummy and was sending loving, healing energy into me to fix my stomach. My uncle took her place after about 30 seconds, and he was way better at it than her. He was gently blowing onto the area that he was sending energy to, as though he was fanning a flame. I felt very happy, appreciative, and connected with both of them. My uncle put his hand on mine for a minute.

      I walked out of the room and into the kitchen where my mom was cooking spaghetti. I got really excited because I loooooove spaghetti, but then I noticed that it was filled with meatballs and ground beef and Italian sausage. I was sad, but I decided that I would make my own spaghetti. My sister came into the kitchen and told me that I looked fat. I took off my shirt and showed her that I had no tummy, but then she started talking down to me about being vegan, saying how it was very unhealthy and that I was pathetic for only taking my philosophies on how I want to live my life part of the way. She was saying that I should go move to a commune and be in nature rather than half ass things, because I will always be supporting corrupt corporations and unethical practices as long as I’m in society. I lost my temper and said to her, “At least I’m trying, I’m doing the best that I can. You believe the same things I do but you don’t even go part of the way.”

      She looked shocked that I defended myself rather than letting her take punches at me without any recoil.
      I took my vegan pasta to my room and became lucid while I was eating it. I thought to myself, “This pasta doesn’t taste like much for being dream food”. So I infused it with deliciousness and made it taste yummier. The next bites were a lot better but still not fantastic. I woke up.

      I was on my elementary school playground and it was kind of a gloomy day. There were guys throwing a ball to each other, so I ran out to try to get past a defender, but I couldn’t shake him. The guys started to make fun of me and bully me. They made me feel like I didn’t belong with them even though I was just as athletic as them, if not more so. One of the bullies threw a ball at my face and I became lucid from it. I think he threw it at me again and then punched me, but I made myself impervious to harm and I was unaffected. Two other bullies threw their balls at me simultaneously from opposite sides - I caught them both with my hands in the air. I stole a beer out of the hands of the 1st bully that tried to punch me, tore off the cap, and then drank some of it. Very realistic. I tossed it on the floor expecting it to break but instead it just bounced up and down, spewing beer all over the place.
      I looked at one of the bullies and told him that he was only mean because he was bald since his mom gave him a stupid haircut and so he was taking it out on everybody else. I looked at another bully and told him that he was mean because he was secretly gay. I told him that I knew about him wanting to have sex with the other guys in the locker room. I whispered into his ear that it was okay to be whoever he was, and that I actually preferred him that way. I transformed him so that he was wearing fabulous clothes. His physical body changed as well. I then took control of him and made him act feminine.
      I turned my eyes towards the initial bully that made me feel like I didn’t belong, that had teased me and punched me and threw a ball at my face. I told him that he was the worst of all, because he had no heart. I told him that he had no way of sharing in the pain that he inflicts upon others. I told him that he was already dead inside.
      I summoned a stairway that led up to a portal. I told him that if he truly had any heart, then he would pass through the portal unfazed, but if it was as I said, then he would be teleported to a hellish world that reflected how he was inside.

    3. I Have Super Powers!!! and the Pube Machines

      by , 07-05-2015 at 09:13 AM
      DILD #1:

      I had an earlier dream where I was flying around with Dreamer at night. She was carrying me in her arms, but she was having difficulty flying because I was so heavy. I tried telling myself that I was as light as a feather, didn't work very well.

      DILD #2:

      I had another dream where I was waiting for a plane to take me to perth, but I was in the United states for some reason. I didn't know when the plane was supposed to leave and then I realized I didn't have to leave for another 3 days.

      I slowly realized it was a dream and wandered around the airport for awhile. I watched workers furiously trying to clean airplanes and get the luggage on board. I also stole some food from vending machines and ate it while I calmly explored.

      After awhile I decided that I wanted to do some tasks. I tried to remember some but got very nervous and worried about waking up. I woke up almost immediately, remembered some tasks, then waited to deild. I was shaken awake in the dream (back at the airport) by this chubby African girl. She was quite pretty and she had a really thick accent. I thanked her and wondered if she was one of those traditional dream guides that people keep talking about. I had her follow me around because I figured that she might be helpful.

      I began walking around the halls looking for a painting; I said to myself, "There will be a painting behind me!"

      There was, but then I heard the African girl say in her thick accent, "There's no painting there."

      The painting immediately disappeared. I walked around a corner while saying to myself, "There is a painting around that corner!"

      There was, and I made it fly into my hands with telekinesis. I was staring at it when the girl pulled at my arm. I looked back at her and she had a friend with her now. I looked back at the painting and it was now a map of Europe. I was getting a bit frustrated with this naughty DC that kept messing with me. I looked away and back at the painting again and it looked like a black and white illustration of an assembled jigsaw puzzle. I figured that was good enough so I threw it on the ground and made it grow and stretch until it was big enough for me to dive into. I guess that I should also mention that this entire time the annoying girl dc was pulling at my shirt incessantly. She was QuiTe annoying! But I tried to just ignore her.

      The painting was on the ground and I was ready to dive in! I got in the standard diving stance and then dove in head first, right into a hard, solid floor. I slowly got absorbed into painting as I rested there. The world was black, I figured that I must have been in the black part of the painting so I walked until it got white. I could see more black lines off in the distance. Not the most exciting experience, but I thought it made sense. I jumped out of the painting and decided that I was now in a hospital instead of an airport. The two African girls are still there following me around. I saw this blonde lady receptionist that reminded me of one of the girls from Dr. Who. I beckoned her to follow me too as I walked outside.

      It was dark and wet, and there was snow gently falling all around. I saw an old friend standing out on the curb. I figured he would be a helpful dc. I asked him if he had the mysterious seeds I needed (while also reaching in my pocket to find some just in case he didn't have any). He pulled a handful of assorted seeds from out of his pocket. They looked like an array of various nuts - cashews, almonds, macademias, and pistachios. I chose the only one I didn't recognize and threw it in the dirt. I stood there, staring at the ground with my motley crew of acquired dream characters. We eagerly waited for it to grow.
      Got too excited and woke up.

      DILD #3:

      I was at my parents' house in Colorado. My mom was cooking a vegan feast with green chili and beans. She was telling me that I should do some things for my dad so that he would be more likely to help me out if I needed it. I got really upset and said that it wasn't right that I had to do things like that as an exchange in order to have his love and support. I think I threw a tortilla in my rage. My dad came downstairs and started talking about facts and figures, keeping everything rational and away from emotions, where it was safe. I noticed that I could draw lines on the wall with my mind and I thought for a few seconds that maybe I just had super powers. Then I realized that I was dreaming and I walked outside and started to fly. I was having trouble flying but I was still enjoying it. I woke up after a few minutes of flying around the neighborhood.

      DILD #4:

      I was watching an 80s movie with Dreamer that had Brendan Fraser with long hair in it. It was about a group of hackers that were rebelling against these humanoid machines that had kidnapped another genius hacker for her brilliant programming skills. The hacker group had somehow managed to make it so that the machines couldn't see them, all except for one special machine that had the sense of smell, he could still smell them when they were near him. Brendan Fraser was running down the street from these special machines that had been built specifically to entice him. They had huge lower bodies that were covered in knotted pubes, it was supposed to attract him because that is what he was supposedly into, but it just looked ridiculous. He eluded them behind a wall when one of the machines saw me watching from a distance and she spat flames at me. I said to her, "Are you serious?" then shot flames back at her. It singed her slightly then I suddenly felt very poweful. I made all of the machine women in the area erupt in flames that were so hot that they turned to ashes.

      I then walked over to a spot on the parking lot pavement and dropped a seed in the earth. A clone of myself separated from my body and walked off but the body that I was watching the dream from stayed to watch the plant grow. A long, vine-like plant grew straight up from the ground until it was about 5 feet tall. It then sprouted these bright red flower buds at the very top. I walked away to look for something inanimate to talk to and I decided that a car would be a good choice. I said to the nearest car, "HEY, how's it goin'?"

      The car suddenly had eyes and a mouth but it appeared to be sleeping. I tried again, "Hello, are you awake?"

      I noticed that I had a text message from some stranger that wanted to help me saying, "Hi, can I help you?"

      I responded, "Who are you?"

      Then a green-haired bully came from out of nowhere and started attacking me. I threw him to the ground to subdue him then the dream ended. I tried to stay still to wait for another dream to begin.
      I had a false awakening with my old friend from a previous dream and I was telling him about the lucid dream I just had and I was showing him the weird text message that interrupted me. Haha, woops.
    4. A lot of short lucids

      by , 02-02-2015 at 08:46 AM
      Saturday Night:

      I became lucid at the end of a nightmare and tried to change what happened by restarting the dream, but I woke up instead.

      Sunday Night:

      DILD #1

      I was in a fancy restaurant with Dreamer. We were lying down on a secret upper platform that was covered in a silky, pink blanket and plush pillows.
      Spoiler for Slightly Sexy Scene:
      She said to me, "We have the best seat in the house."
      I nodded my head in agreement, then she clumsily fell off the side of our platform and onto a table where a nice elderly couple were eating their dinner. I looked down and saw two Dreamers.
      I looked back and forth between them with my mouth agape in shock and excitement. I then did a noseplug RC and air went through. I grabbed the hand of the real Dreamer and we took off flying. I woke up, DEILD'd back in.
      I was still flying with her except we were outside of an epic sized shopping mall. She remarked to me that my dreams were quite short compared to hers. I sadly agreed that they had been very short lately. We landed and I used my super leg muscles to jump super long distances, all over the top of the cementlike shopping centre structure. I was like a human grasshopper.
      Woke up into a false awakening.

      DILD #2

      I had been talking with dreamer for a while about, I don't know what.
      But eventually I remembered that I needed to do an RC after waking up to make sure it was real. I did a nose plug RC and air went through again. I then took her hand and we went flying again and I moved some stuff around with my mind powers for fun before waking up.


      I had been trying to WILD for what felt like ages when I finally got into a dream, I did a closed mouth RC to make sure and air went through. I got really excited then woke up immediately.

      DILD #3

      I had become lucid while talking to Joffrey, he was telling me that he was a master at dream control and I challenged him to show me something. He refused though and then I woke up pretty quickly.

      DILD #4

      I was talking to an old friend from high school when I realized that I was in a dream again. Dreamer was with me. I took her hand and we went flying towards these ancient ruins of an industrial city. Woke up before we got there.

      DILD #5

      I was in another dream with Joffrey. He was the same character except we were in another room that was brightly lit with warm light pouring through a few windows. I remember how pretty it was to see the light illuminating the red wood floor. I was watching some show with Joffrey when I decided that I wanted to change the channel. I tried to change it with telekinesis but it wouldn't work, I became frustrated and realized that I was being ridiculous and I should do some cool dream control stuff for fun and to farm points. I looked at these playing cards that were scattered across the floor and made them all fly up into the air. I made the cards fly in a circular pattern above me before making them fly off in all different directions. I then looked at B-Dog, who was lying on a bed, and tried to make time slow down for him. Wasn't working. I then tried to make time speed up. B-Dog began to lick himself and move very quickly. I returned time to the normal speed and I could hear the ticking of a clock slowing down while I was doing it.

      I then walked over to Joffrey, turned off the TV from his keyboard by pressing the space bar, and then told him to stab me with a pen because I was invincible!! He did it and I laughed at him. I then told him to give me some of the chocolate and raspberries that he was eating. He refused. I tried to make him with mind control, but it didn't work. I got frustrated and then grabbed the chocolate and raspberries and shoved them in my mouth, YUMMMMm. His drone/slave DC walked in and started talking to him. I could feel the dream starting to end so I made fireballs appear in my hands and I juggled them in the air then threw them at the walls.

      Note: Before this night I had tried something different from my usual mantra. Instead of trying to feel as though I was in a dream while repeating words, I instead repeated the phrase, "I am dreaming" about 30 times while trying very hard to remember it. I felt like I was trying to memorize something, I was trying really hard not to forget. I also combined that with Dreamer's awesome daytime method for having super long lucid dreams, but I didn't do it right.

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    5. End of the World.

      by , 08-09-2014 at 04:24 PM
      I was hanging out with my uncle, helping him fix a car. These two people appeared and were supposed to do some kind of maintenance work, I don't remember. I just remember that I looked up and there were tremendous, red clouds that were swirling around each other. After a few seconds they turned dark blue, then red again. I heard a loud rumbling and the earth shook. Water came pouring down from the sky and waves rolled down all the streets and everybody ran into the garage for some reason. Cars were floating around me, I just stood there in disbelief. I was all alone at that point when a neighbor boy ran up to me and yelled something that I could barely hear over the torrent. All I made out was that I could come with him if I wanted to. I asked him what happened. He said that it was a combination of secret, advanced weaponry and inter-country trading. I felt disappointed, then I realized that it was just a dream.

      I told the boy to not worry because it wasn't real, then i started walking over to the garage. I noticed a giant chocolate shake in my hand, I took a drink from it. It tasted like...an imagined taste that I made up when I was a little kid, reading some book about a giant. A combination of sweet flavors and magic. I wanted to make sure it was really a dream and I hadn't just snapped under the madness of what was going on, so I tried to make a glove fly into the air, didn't work, tried to make paper fly into the air. The piece of paper jumped off a table in the garage and someone caught it really quickly. I took another drink of the chocolate shake, yum. Then I decided to manipulate some of this water for fun. There was a stream of it that was falling from the roof. I made that stream fly into the air, forming a spiral pattern, then I froze it like that. I then looked at a DC of a neighbor lady that was with us and tried to make her slow down, didn't work until I got really close to her but even then I could only slow her down for a couple seconds. I put my hands on her boobs and she got really angry in slow motion. I really wanted to make time stop completely, so I asked myself, "how do I do that?" a voice responded, "you just do it". I made time freeze and I laid the neighbor lady and her daughter on their backs so I could do naughty things to them >: D. I thought for a second about what would really happen if I were able to make time stop and then move things around. I came to the conclusion that either the kinetic energy would destroy the universe or there would be no net energy from the action at all. The dream started to end, time went back to normal. I said out loud, "noooooooo, not yet". Then tried to think of something else to do to switch up my dream control skills. I made a miniature, young Jerry Lewis as the Nutty Professor appear on the shoulder of someone that was in front of me. He was in the full costume with a white lab coat, glasses, and a messed up face. The miniature Jerry Lewis just cross his eyes and said, "OYyyyYyyyyyeeeee". Dream ended, woke up.

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    6. another short lucid

      by , 07-29-2014 at 08:21 PM
      Dream 1:
      I thought I was hallucinating when I saw my brother vanish before my eyes, I was told that I was crazy. Should have realized I was dreaming

      Dream 2:
      I was fucking a beautiful DC when she turned into Reggie Watts and I was like, Oh shit, that usually doesn't happen unless I'm dreaming. I left the room and flew a little bit, everything was really dark and I could tell that I was going to wake up soon. I could feel the adrenaline that I always get in the morning. I decided to try some stuff while I was still in the dream so I made a bunch of flower pots and glass cups fly into the air. It all hovered in front of me for a few seconds before I let it fall to the ground and shatter all over the place. Done with that. I walked into the living room and noticed I was chewing on some old gum, it tasted like someone had been chewing on it for a few hours, gross. I saw my mom sitting in a chair. I asked her if she had anything that she wanted me to know and she told me that Jessica (my sister) was in danger and that she was guarding her because she had been hanging out with some bad girls that fancied a little meth. I asked her what she was talking about and the DC started to act crazy, erratic, a little bit scary. I tried to make her slow down, then speed up, then slow down. None of it worked :'( I woke up.
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    7. Strange Dreams

      by , 03-21-2014 at 05:09 PM
      Dream 1:

      I was hanging out with my sister and this guy. The guy started to act crazy. The barrier between his thoughts and actions disappeared, he became unconscious but he still kept acting out whatever his instinctual reactions were. Was terrifying, he was like an animal yet completely unpredictable. He would become conscious/lucid occasionally and he was a really nice guy but that was often short lived as his madness would overtake him quite quickly.

      Dream 2:

      I did a WILD into this dream. Watched the dream successfully form. I was in a car with these two guys, but I was another person. I noticed that there was already a clear storyline going on, so I decided to play along for a bit to see what happened. We arrived at our destination and I found out we were all detectives. Two more detectives approached and gave us each 20,000$. It was dirty money which I gladly pocketed. Lost lucidity around this point. We were going to go to a gambling den to steal some money. They were all supposed to go in first and I was going to be the getaway car. I had to piss so I went inside and ran into Andy Warhol. He asked me some weird question about people being clowns. I told him that he was a clown and so was I. His brain just about exploded and I walked away. I wandered around trying to get to the bathroom but there were so many people blocking the way it was tough. Then I woke up.

      Dream 3:

      I was supposed to meet some girl but it ended up being this creepy guy instead. He wanted to be my pet or something? I don't know I think he also wanted to rape me. It turned out he was actually a space-flea in human form and I started to run away from him. I became lucid and started flying away. He jumped really high and I kept flying higher but I couldn't get into my super flying speed. So he stayed on my tail. Some random DC was running after me too, trying to help. He told me that he found a way to banish the flea and that I had to find his true colors. So I guessed red-blue. I somehow ended up back in a house. I was still afraid that creepy flea DC was chasing me so I phased through the wall and started flying away again. Woke up.
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    8. Another repeating Dream

      by , 02-20-2014 at 09:35 PM
      I was in a bar-restaurant but there were no booths, only communal tables. I was sitting with a couple really good friends and a lot of their friends that I didn't really know at all. This gorgeous girl that looks just like this actress sat down next to me and we started talking. I kind of have a thing for mousy looking girls.
      question bout a girl in my dream-cristin-milioti-how-i-met-your-mother-gi.jpg

      She embodied everything that I love in a partner (kind, compassionate, funny, weird,...). After hanging out with her for awhile she ended up exchanging phone #'s with one of my best friends. In the dream they were meant to be together and it made me very sad. I woke up after that.

      Then the dream started over. This time, instead of exchanging phone numbers they got up to leave together and I stood up too and walked over to talk to my buddy. I calmly said to him, "I just became lucid". Then I tried to make the girl like me instead of him but she just turned into a lifeless puppet zombie that did whatever I asked. All her actions were very crude and vulgar. I didn't like it so I let her be her own character and she went back to my friend. I woke up again.

      Dream started over. The girl was the bartender this time, and I was semi-lucid at the start. I sat down at the bar and talked with her for awhile as she mixed drinks. I wanted to prevent her from even meeting my friend. Ten to fifteen minutes passed and I went to sit down at the table again. She brought us drinks and I looked around for my friend and I couldn't see him. The girl disappeared outside and I heard a gunshot. She had shot herself in the head and there were bits of brain and bone all over the pavement outside. I somehow found out that she had found my friend, dead, in the bathroom. He had killed himself by taking a lot of opiates. A little too Romeo and Juliet for me. I woke up and felt a great emptiness in my chest.
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    9. Somebody got Killed

      by , 12-31-2013 at 07:59 PM
      fragment 1:

      I was in an elementary school-like classroom but it was filled with university students like me and we had all just finished the course. I had gotten the highest grade and then the teacher asked us to do an extra project where we had to 'dispatch a tree onto paper'. Whatever that meant. Everybody started looking for dictionaries to look up the word dispatch so that they got the true meaning of the project. Everybody started drawing a tree on paper and some strange guy, I'm not sure why thinking back on it. It's not like the guy was part of the instructions but everybody drew him anyways. I was really worried it would hurt my grade because I didn't quite understand the instructions then everybody got up and left. The teacher told me that she just made all that up about dispatching a tree, she just wanted me to draw whatever came to my imagination.

      fragment 2:

      I was hanging out with a bunch of people at a party and one girl got murdered in front of everybody. They all decided to cover up the murder and I didn't like that very much, I thought about killing the murderer. We made a plan and had to run from the police. Later on we were gathered around a fire outside and the murderer tried to kill me too, but she acted like she was just playing around by trying to stab me in the face with a knife. Then she murdered again.

      fragment 3:

      I was feeling pretty bad still about that girl that got killed in the previous dream and so I was being all depressed. There were people in another room that were part of the group that saw the murder, so they knew about it too but they were acting fine and having fun. I isolated myself and tried to sleep, wouldn't work. A lot of the dream is missing here. Then we were all in some room hanging out together and I still felt really sad about that girl that got killed. I decided to try to WILD and so I laid down and went through the steps. Suddenly I opened my eyes and the outline of the previous dream was all that remained from it, and the DC's disembodied voices. I could see ancient Egypt outside so I tried to get outside but the other DC's voices pulled me back to the previous dream. The dreams blended into one. Outside one side of this van we were now in was ancient Egypt with these beautiful, naked, dark-skinned goddesses walking around and the other side was some parking lot to a supermarket. I used telekinesis to see if this was a dream, something moved but I thought it might have been the wind. So I tried making some sunglasses fly through the air in circles, it worked. I left the van towards the parking lot and expected to meet a dream guide. There was a woman in front of me holding a clipboard. She was Chinese, young, and very pretty. I asked her what she had to show me and she said she was the manifestation of my depression and guilt. She ran into the supermarket and started eating all kinds of poisons, saying that it would kill a part of me. I didn't like that so I told her to stop and she asked me if I was sure then disappeared. Another dream guide dressed like an up-beat 80's business guy appeared and started talking to me about steps that I now needed to take. There was a whole team of dream guides there now. I remember that I stabilized once and he repeated my mantra before I could, then said, "But it's all bullshit isn't it, you're irritated, you're uncomfortable, and you think you think you're going to wake up". I knew he was right, and so I tried to change it. He let me know that it was okay and that we would talk more later. I woke up, and still heard the main dream guide's disembodied voice asking me why did I think that my stabilization didn't work. I realized that I was only saying the mantra and going through the steps of stabilization without actually feeling it and making it my reality. I think I DEILD'd here. Back in the supermarket again and the dream guides were now a bunch of weird, shoplifting DC's. I looked at some of the food the store had and there were these waffles in plastic wrapping, like they were candy. I ate one of them, it was delicious. Then I helped one of the DC's steal some stuff. There was a cop outside chasing the DC I had just helped so I turned him (the cop) into this one actor and it made him have the biggest, most peaceful smile on his face. He looked up at the sky and said, "Aw shucks, ".

      I followed the shoplifting DC into a zen garden and then woke up.
    10. I lit a man on Fire

      by , 12-29-2013 at 06:59 PM
      fragment 1:

      I was outside and I spontaneously became lucid. Looking up at the sky, I saw a huge planet and I had the split second thought of it crashing into Earth. Oh no, not another one of those dreams. I decided to teleport to Denn, away from this place. Closed my eyes and imagined it, didn't work. So I tried to teleport to the other planet at least, that did work. I'm not sure why that made me feel any safer but it stopped the planet crashing from happening. I started flying around and I noticed the skies were getting dark. Tornadoes formed, but I wasn't afraid of them. I took control of them and made them move out of my way. Then I thought it might be fun to go inside one, so I flew really fast into a big one. Wind was rushing past me at extreme speeds and I kept spinning round and round, was fun! But it woke me up.

      dream 1:

      I was sleeping in my room when I noticed someone opened the door a crack, I got up and went to look and there was nobody there. I went out into the kitchen and I saw a man that looked really unhappy. I ran back to my room and tried to barricade the door, but it didn't work. He opened the door and sprayed me with lighter fluid then threw a match on me and ran away. I thought about chasing him but decided it would be better to turn on the shower and stop the fire. After the fire was out, I ran after him to stop more havoc but he already tried to light a cat on fire and then the kitchen on fire. I got my own lighter fluid and then I came up behind him as he was about to throw a match and sprayed him with the lighter fluid so that he was set on fire. His brother was outside and he kept saying to me that I had betrayed him and it was my fault, I ruined his life. In the dream world, I had apparently made a deal with him and made some kind of merchandise but it had the wrong name on it and nothing would sell. Some of the things I think up are really weird. The police came and handcuffed the guy's brother and me as well. Then someone also put handcuffs on the lead detectives ankles and I thought, ohhh so this is a dream. I rewound time a little bit until the police were no longer there and that guy was no longer burnt to death. I went outside with him and got the full story of why he was so pissed. Then the cops came but only a beautiful lady detective, wearing a short skirt got out of the police cars. After she walked past me, I rewound time a little bit more and then froze it. But I woke up before anything more exciting could happen .

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    11. Finally got to Denn, yay!

      by , 12-27-2013 at 09:10 PM
      fragment 1:

      I think that my mother, my sister, and I had just gotten back from some swamp. We were at my parents' house and my sister kept acting very sleepy. She kept passing out. I tried to help her get to the kitchen but she passed out on the way there. She wouldn't wake up so I decided to call 911. Instantly, my mother pulled out a gun and said, "Don't you dare call them, put down that phone!" The way she did it was very much like Frank Reynolds in Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but not quite so funny. I called them anyways, there was no way she would shoot me. But she started firing, so I ran behind a wall and told the dispatcher that my mother was trying to murder me. The dispatcher thought that was hilarious, meanwhile I'm freaking out and crying. The dispatcher kept laughing her head off, she said to me, "A very nice try, but I am a trained actor and I can tell that you're indicating". I threw the phone and my sister got up and pulled out a shotgun. I became lucid and made myself invincible. I walked out and ignored their shooting me then made both of their guns fly out of their hands. They both passed out and I went outside.

      I remembered that I wanted to try some teleportation techniques and so I first tried one that I thought of. I flew really high in the sky so the city below was obscured by clouds. I imagined that the world below was Denn and it was working, I could see the city below morphing into another town. When it was done morphing, I could tell that I was flying above Denn but as I almost got there, I woke up, DEILD.

      dream 1, DEILD:

      I was standing on the clouds above the city, Denn looked like a partially materialized town, kind of like how towns look like as they're loading in assassin's creed. I flew down and started to run across the rooftops of the partially materialized town, but then I woke up fully.

      dream 2, WILD:

      I started out in a fully enclosed, stone room and there were what looked like two police DCs in there. Must have been a continuation of my previous nightmare. I ignored them completely though and remembered the next teleportation technique I wanted to try. I closed my eyes for about 7 seconds and imagined being at Denn. I could both see the town and feel myself being there. When I opened my eyes it actually worked, I was a little bit surprised but happy all the same. Denn looked like an Arabic town from back in the day. There was sand on the ground and all of the buildings were made out of sandstone. Most of them had beautiful cloths draped over the top as a roof and cloths for doors. I was in the free market and the blacksmith was standing in front of me. He had a huge barrel of weapons next to him, so I told him that I needed a weapon and he threw a little baby spiked dagger at me. He asked me, "Does this work for you?" I told him no and tossed it on the ground. He then threw me a double-bladed battleaxe and I thought about it for a second and told him no again. Then he pulled a large-bladed scimitar out of the barrel that could fold in on the handle so that I could store it like a pen. I told him, "Now that's what I'm talking about". I reached into my pocket and pulled out some wooden coins, half of them flew through the air towards the blacksmith. I thanked him and decided to head towards the green fairy. Dream ended, DEILD.

      dream 3, DEILD:

      I was back in the free market, wandering around while looking at all the cool stores. I saw a medicine store and thought about going in there, but then the dream ended again, DEILD again.

      dream 4, DEILD:

      I started out on the rooftops and the town looked like it was only partially materialized again, so I ran across the rooftops for a minute to solidify my place in the dream and then I jumped down. After wandering around for a little bit I found some taverns, I almost went in but when I looked at their signs they didn't say The Green Fairy. There were a lot of taverns too, I figured the people in this town must be a bunch of drunks. I asked a DC where I could find the Green Fairy and he pointed around a corner, I thanked him. Sure enough, the Green Fairy was around the corner. It has old-western style swing doors. As I walked inside, I noticed that this building was very tall but it had a white cloth for a roof above the 2nd floor. I asked if there was a table I could sit down at and the bartender told me to go to hell, dream ended. I DEILD'd again.

      dream 5, DEILD:

      Back in the Green Fairy, but this time I was sitting down at the bar, drinking beer with my dream girlfriend. We talked for awhile and joked around, I started to get a little bit lost in the dream but then it ended again. DEILD, last time.

      dream 6, DEILD:

      We were now sitting at a small table by the bar and our pitcher of beer had almost ran out. Bartender walked by and spilled our beer on the floor, I was pretty upset. I had forgotten that I wanted to start a brawl in there though. I drank the rest of the beer in the pitcher and got over it. He offered to move us to a nicer table, I said okay. As we were walking I remembered what I wanted to do, meet Staysharp and battle him in the bar. Dream got blurry, I tried to stabilize, didn't work and I woke up. Tried to DEILD again, wouldn't work, woke up fully. Tried a WBTB WILD, didn't work. I was too excited that I finally got to Denn.

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    12. I need to get to Denn :(!

      by , 12-24-2013 at 07:37 PM
      fragment 1:
      Zombie children were chasing me around, I had just watched sinister 2 so that probably had something to do with it

      fragment 2:
      I was in a mall, the earliest part I can remember I was already lucid. I was walking around the mall and some girl was with her boyfriend up on the 2nd floor, making fun of me. I flew up there and waved my hand across the guy's face jedi-style and said, "walk away, these are not the droids you are looking for". He walked away. I kidnapped the mean girl and flew away. I eventually saw a high-tech store where everybody was working on computers. On the way in the world started to get blurry, so I stabilizled by making an Om noise and felt it reverberate through my dream body and the world around me. I went in with the girl and sat down in the back with Zach Galifianakis, we made jokes for awhile. I wish I could remember what they were because I thought they were hilarious in the dream. The girl eventually said that she wanted to be set free, I laughed at her and then unzipped my pants and said, "okay, but first you have to do something for me". She gave a look of horror and slowly moved her head downwards, but then she transformed into a guy in a business suit and I quickly said, "Wait, just kidding just kidding! you're free to go". That's what I get for abusing dream characters.

      As I was walking out of the store, I saw a gorgeous Japanese lady working at one of the computers. She was wearing semi-transparent pink lingerie. I asked her boss what she was doing and if I could take her. He said that she was working on designing a proton circuit and that it was very important. I asked him if I could take her if I found a genius replacement, he said yes. So I went outside, expecting to find a genius and immediately I saw an old friend from middle school. He was one of the most brilliant people that I have ever met. I walked up to him and waved my hand across his face (jedi-style again) and told him that he was a genius and that he was going to follow me. A mysterious smirk ran across his face and he followed. When we crossed the store's threshold I suddenly woke up in a chair in the same store with killer head pain and my teeth felt awful (My real body's jaw was clenching). The genius was sitting next to me with an evil grin on his face. I pulled upper and lower teeth retainers out of my mouth and then cursed the DC that was still staring at me very evilly. My teeth had turned into the teeth of a little girl, the genius DC started laughing at me. I pulled all my teeth out, made a huge toothless grin at the genius DC and it felt a lot better. Then I grew new, powerful teeth and I realized that I must have made him a little bit too smart for his own good. The dream ended here, DEILD'd back in.

      Dream 1, DEILD:
      I started in an ancient, Mayan, temple courtyard, walking along with the genius DC from the last dream. The walls were probably 100 feet high and covered in moss and vines,. Tree branches were overhead with light pouring between the cracks. The ground was a combination between moss covered steps and patches of earth/grass. I said to the DC, "Hey! you were in my last dream, weren't you". He nodded. I asked him, "I made you too smart didn't I". He nodded again. I remembered that I wanted go to Denn and immediately I started running towards a wall, the keymaster started chasing after me. He was a short, old man with a ton of keys around his waist. He deftly knocked the lock off a hidden door, opened it, and patted me on the back as a way of saying I was good to go. Dream edges started to get blurry, so I stabilized again. I went through the door and there were several more doors that I had to go through, one of them I had to knock the lock off with telekinesis. Eventually I came to a little maze. On the other side of the maze was the forest outside of Denn. The forest was lush with plantlife, ferns, enormous trees with buttress roots. I transformed myself into the Psyblade character I made, and then I walked down a river expecting it to take me to Denn. Along the river were elementals, some fire, some earth, some water. Thinking back on it, I probably should have befriended one. One of them attacked me with fireballs, I dodged them, jumped on its head then started running away. After running for a minute I saw the rooftops of Denn off in the distance. I came to a small house and looked around. Straight ahead of me was Denn, to the left was a cave, and to the right was a bamboo forest. There was also a Japanese lady running around the house at super speed. Her legs looked like the roadrunner's. I tried to run as fast as her but I couldn't keep up and I forgot to stabilize. Dream ended, woke up.

      Dream 2, WILD:
      I started at my parents' house. My sister, her bf, her bf's friend, and my sister's friend that has a crush on me were all there. My sister's bf's friend started being mean to me, so I slapped him around and locked him in a room with my mind powers. I went out into the living room and my sister was there with her friend, I talked to them for a minute as I was walking around, looking for the keymaster. I almost stepped in dog poo. Dream started to get blurry again, so I stabilized. I figured I would try to do something cool while I was here. I tried to make flames come out of my hands. Initially, nothing, but as I started to visualize the flames better, they erupted out. I started shooting flames at the kitties, chasing them around with it. It was harmless, cold flame though so they couldn't get hurt. Dream got blurry again, I forgot to stabilize and it ended. DEILD'd back in.

      Dream 3, DEILD:
      Back at the house again, only my sister was there now. I walked around looking for the keymaster again, still nothing. I asked my sister what happened to everybody else, she told me that they went skiing. dream ended, fade to black (damnit). DEILD'd back in.

      Dream 4, DEILD:
      Started in my old room, my sister was in there. She showed me a picture of someone on her phone. I told her that was nice, pushed her aside and opened a door, expecting to find Denn. Nope, nothing. I opened another door, same thing. I went to the front door, dream started to get blurry. I tried the stabilization technique that Sivason explained. I got really close and looked at the door handle like I've never seen one before, and it became very detailed and vivid. I walked outside and everything had a bright, glossy hue. I tried to yell for the keymaster to come help me. Nothing came out, weird. So I just imagined the words as I walked around looking for him. After wandering for awhile I felt a surge of adrenaline and woke up, tried to DEILD again, too far awake.

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    13. Another school nightmare and Beach Dream

      by , 12-23-2013 at 08:19 PM
      Dream 1:
      I was back in that same classroom as my previous dreams, I had entered a class late in the semester. I had no idea what was going on and I was late to class, so everybody was taking a test on something that I was supposed to know about. I actually did know a lot of the answers for some reason (it was related to biochemistry and physical chemistry). I only had completed 5/10 pages by the time everybody started to finish their tests. Woke up.

      fragment 1:
      I don't remember the beginning of this dream, I just remember that I was on a beach and my old best friend was there. I became lucid and started talking to him. He wanted me to show him some dream powers, so I turned him into a dolphin. He started swimming in the ocean and he loved it, he was laughing like a maniac, and with such glee. I went off to start an RPG and I expected him to keep up. Was kind of a lame RPG, honestly. I was supposed to find these bottles with secret letters in them along the beach and bring them to some NPCs to continue the plot. I did that and my old dolphin-buddy eventually caught up to me. While the NPCs were acting out some dramatic scene, I noticed my buddy was having more fun, so I thought I would turn myself into a dolphin as well. I started to transform, got the tail and the flippers, but then a mega-dolphin with a huge horn on its head came out of the ocean and scared the shit out of me. Both of us turned full human and ran to the shore. I don't remember part of it here, but we eventually got into this giant building with no roof. There was a low-cloud sky right above us. My friend took off flying into the clouds, I followed him. I noticed a giant hand of Zeus reaching down through the clouds. Reminded me of that Michelangelo painting on the sistine chapel ceiling, so I went over to touch it and suddenly lightning started coming out of the fingertips. Changed my mind pretty quickly. The clouds started to turn stormy, mass amounts of funnel clouds started forming. I knew that I didn't want tornadoes everywhere, that didn't sound like too much fun. So I turned the entire sky into an enormous ceiling, and each funnel cloud turned into a chandelier.

      I went to the 2nd floor of this building and there were a lot of my old, dead relatives hanging out up there with my old best friend. I started hanging out with them too, talking about stuff. Eventually my grandma that died about 20 years ago told me to come over, she looked at all the cuts and scrapes on my hands and wrists and told me that these were signs of the devil. Okay grandma . Then the dream ended, I tried to DEILD, I managed to do it but I don't remember what I did. Had a false awakening, wrote down the dream. Woke up for real, was disappointed that I had to write it all down again.

      Dream 2:
      I was back in that school again. The class had ended and I left out the front door. I lit up a smoke and some professor came up behind me acting all uppity and asked me for my name (smoking is banned on campus). I told him, "Hey man, I don't go to school here". He pointed to my backpack and I just walked away. He threatened to expel me and I just ignored him as he followed me. He was hanging out by all the cars, waiting for me to get in so he could take down my license plate # down no doubt, so I walked right by it. I wandered around the town for awhile until I decided it was time to go check if he was still there. I flirted with a couple girls on the way back. When I got there he was still waiting by the cars, of course. He saw me and started following me, I pulled out my phone to record him. He followed me off campus and then cut me and ran away, what a weirdo. I started walking back to my car and this gay guy started being all mean and discriminatory towards me, so I gave him a big hug filled with love and we walked down the street as buddies. I forgot about the car entirely and went into some restaurant. I sat down at a table and everybody was being racist towards me, I don't know why! I'm a white male, so I am part of the population that is almost never confronted by discrimination. It made me kind of sad to think about how many people experienced that kind of treatment on a daily basis. Then I woke up.
    14. Night of Short Lucids

      by , 12-22-2013 at 09:03 PM
      First Dreams - Very Weird:

      Dream 1:
      I was hanging out at some carnival, it was a very gloomy day. It also had enormous lecture halls beneath the ground in several buildings. After wandering around for awhile and eating some gross carnival food, I went down into one of these lecture halls and sat next to a couple friends from high school. President of the United States (PotUS) came to give a speech about something, except he wasn't Barack Obama, he was some young punk that looked like a young Barack Obama (Maybe 16 years old) and he was extremely cocky. He got up in front of this mostly empty lecture hall that could probably fit about 600-700 people. This guy pulled out a gun and my mom came out of nowhere and jumped in front of the bullet. She got shot and lay there bleeding while the young PotUS just watched with an emotionless look on his face. I wondered, why the hell would she do that? He must really mean a lot to her. Dream fades to black.

      Dream 2:
      I was back at the carnival, it was raining this time. I wandered around again until I eventually found my way down to the lecture hall. I sat in a different place this time, farther in back. Exact same thing happened otherwise.

      Dream 3:
      Back at the carnival, this time there were a couple of cops as well. They gave me a hard time and ignored me when I tried to tell them that someone was going to try and shoot the president. I eventually went down to one of the lecture halls, as though I had no choice in the matter. This time, the PotUS was coming out of the lecture hall right when I got to it, some guy came out of nowhere and tried to shoot him. My mother jumped in front of the bullet again. Same stuff.

      Dream 4:
      After fading to black this time, I became lucid in the darkness. I guess this would be a true DEILD. I tried to create a different scene because I was tired of watching my mother get shot over and over again. Didn't work, I was back at the rainy carnival, this time one of the cops was holding me down and....spanking me? It was a horrible, helpless feeling. I told him that he was a nice guy and that he didn't want to hurt me. Didn't work, so I told him the same thing again while I transformed him into another person that looked like a stereotypical hippie. He let me go and I teleported to another world. I was at a beautiful house on the second floor. I started in a tiny bed that might be appropriate for a little 6 year old. Being that I am 6'3, it was a little too small for me. I was feeling tired all of a sudden and I wanted to take a nap, so I looked around, expecting to see some giant beds to lay in. Two, giant super king-sized beds appeared behind me with small rays of light shining down on them from some skylights. This room reminded me of what my parents' bedroom looked like in the early morning when I was a small child (a recurring place of safety for me in dreams). I moved curtains over the skylights so that I could take a nice nap without light. I then realized that if I took a nap in a dream, I would probably either wake up or go to a different place. I didn't want that so I decided to look around instead. The house was quite an interesting design, I thought. The entire building was in the shape of a '+'. Outside of the room I was in there was a balcony that led to the other wings of the home. I looked over the edge and saw an indoor river, surrounded by plants that led to the front door. Outside of the house, there was a zen garden and an old-school, large, wooden gate that led to a busy street (there were no cars, just people walking). I went down into the garden and noticed the edges of the dream starting to blur. I stabilized. These bugs started attacking me. First it was mosquitoes, then spiders started jumping at me. I didn't like that so I ran away. My heart was pumping super fast and I woke up.

      Dream 5:
      I was at my parents house and there was a giant snake that was slithering around like a lil' creep. The cats tried to kill it but it escaped into hiding. Soon there were baby snakes everywhere. One bit me, ouch, nothing bad happened so I assumed they weren't poisonous. I decided that it was time to catch that sneaky little snake. My sister and I picked up some giant butterfly nets. This snake was extra tricky though, it would take the shape of one of the cats and then there would be three cats and we would have to figure out which one was just the shape-shifting snake. After going through this process of the snake taking cat form, us discovering it, then it running away a couple of times, my sister eventually caught it with a net. During this process a couple random, nameless DC's got brutally torn apart by the snake. It didn't seem like a big deal in the dream but now it seems kind of messed up. I put my net over hers and we welded it shut with torches coming out of our fingers. I woke up.

      I was only semi-lucid during this dream, so I won't count it as lucid. I remember that there was some dream guy that was talking to me. He told me that he could tell me a grand secret of lucid dreaming if I went to this magical pool of water. I went there and my body turned into water. I blended with the water and became the water. Then I woke up. Super short dream.

      Super long fragment:
      I was hanging out at some strange building with my brother and one of my uncles. We all decided to smoke some weed outside, then they went down into a double secret basement that was three floors beneath the surface. I didn't want to go down there so i stayed at ground level. Eventually some weird stuff started happening and the dream turned into a kind of ghost murdering RPG. The house turned into a ranch out in the middle of a post-nuclear testing site in a desert somewhere. There was also a giant group of people with guns and swords now. We hacked and slashed our way through ghosts and possessed people that turned on us. After awhile, I had probably killed these ghosts a hundred times and I got tired of it and most of the group was dead so I ran towards the home and went down into the double secret basement where my uncle and brother were hanging out. My uncle had been possessed and my brother had to kill him. My brother and I got overrun by dozens of ghost-demons and he got pulled behind while I barely escaped. I went up to the top floor of the building and this strange light zoomed by at super speed and drove away all of the ghosts that attacked me. My mom and dad were hanging out up there, reading books as though nothing were wrong. I asked them what that light was, they told me it was their little dog. They said she was possessed by the guardians of the property. I asked them if the guardians protected my brother too, they said that the guardians refused and that he must have done something pretty naughty because they wanted nothing to do with him. I woke up.

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    15. Journey into my unconscious and RPGs

      by , 12-18-2013 at 10:35 PM
      I'm convinced that I didn't go into nREM sleep at all last night. My first dream seemed to last forever and when I woke up, only 30 minutes had passed since I fell asleep. I think that this might have been because I took a deep sleep nap yesterday. Maybe I should do this more often so that I can, ideally, do WILD right as I go to bed and REM lucid dream for 8 hours. I like the sound of that.

      I remembered a lot of dreams last night, and I'm sure there were a lot that I don't remember. I'll try to write them in chronological order.

      fragment 1:
      I was in a giant palace of a house, there were 5 floors. Each floor had a glass balcony that let you look down on the fancy living room below. There was one person on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors. I don't remember who was on the 2nd floor, but I do remember he played an audio tape of some guy dying from a stroke. After it was done playing, an invisible being came and sucked this dark smoke out of him. He fell to the ground, dead. On the 3rd floor, there was a sad man that was moping around. He wore a black T-shirt that had the word VICTIMHOOD written on it in red. Dark smoke was sucked out of him and he died as well. There was a sad girl on the 4th floor, she was cutting her wrists. Death came and sucked the dark smoke out of her, she fell to the floor, dead. On the 5th, there was nobody up there but me. Death came and started sucking the dark smoke out of me. I became lucid, grabbed the neck of this invisible being and sucked my dark smoke back in. I knocked death against the wall with my mind and ran down to the 4th floor. I wanted to resurrect the girl, but I couldn't find her anywhere. I tried to summon her. A small doll of her likeness materialized in front of me. I made the doll grow to human size, and brought it to life as the girl. She had open cuts on her wrists and her throat. I mended them with my mind. There was still a big scar on her throat, but I figured that didn't matter now. I went down to the 3rd floor and I think I gave the sad guy a hug, not quite sure. Went down the 2nd floor and I don't remember what happened. I do remember that as I got down to the bottom floor the dream faded to black and I started to wake up. I didn't want it to end yet, so I made a bright flash of light and created the image of that palace's bottom floor. I then started to dance around as I touched the walls to make it more vivid.

      Back on the bottom floor of the palace, I talked to these nice two people that were sitting on couches next to a fireplace. Then started going back upstairs until I got to the 4th floor. That girl was still there. We had sex while a maid, a butler, and a chef watched and laughed their asses off. I started laughing hysterically as well. Not sure what that was all about. I fixed her throat-scar because it was bothering me. I then saw a scene playing out, it was a real-life enactment of the audio tape that was played by the guy on the 2nd floor. A middle-aged Italian man fell on his face, his right leg wasn't working. He managed to stand up after a little bit of a struggle. I noticed that the right side of his face was dropping. He was having a hemorrhagic type stroke. I didn't like watching that, so I went up to the 5th floor again and there was a couch and a giant film screen. I sat down and watched footage from my childhood. It showed how kind and innocent I had been and then it showed how I had once wished that my dad would die. I was very angry at him. It broke my heart to think about that. I woke up

      fragment 2:

      I was on a beach with a girl and she was flirting with me. She climbed a palm tree and I followed her. We started making out and her brother was there. He didn't like that so much.

      fragment 3:

      I was in a home for poor children without families and I was a lot younger. We were all sitting around a giant table, talking and getting drunk even though we were all ages 10-15. The guy that owned the home gave us this delicious canned food. He made it and sold it. A man that was writing a book arrived in an old, beat up 280z with pea-green paint. I started talking to him, I don't remember what we said, but I feel like it was about dreaming. I gave him a can of the delicious canned food. He left and I woke up.

      Dream 1:

      It was a post-apocalyptic world, I was in a city. There were highrises everywhere and a very bleak, gray surrounding. This dream almost definitely got its inspiration from DayZ. I was running around, looking for supplies when I came across a man with a really nice sniper rifle and full tactical SWAT armor. He didn't kill me on site, despite the fact that he could. He gave me a sniper rifle too and we became buddies. He was camping some small garage that had a really nice gun and some grenades laying on the floor. He put a landmine under them so that if someone tried to take them, boom. A couple of guys came along and killed my buddy. The landmine blew them up. I heard zombies coming, attracted by the noise so I ran like hell.

      I eventually stumbled onto a group of douche bags. Those kind of guys that kill on sight and laugh their asses off about murdering a lone person when it's 5v1. They started firing on me, I turned invisible (it only lasted for 4 seconds). I shot four of them in the head and the 5th guy shot me in the arm. I started running because the gunfight had attracted an army of zombies. These super zombies and zombie dogs started chasing me, but it wasn't fair. They could run faster than me and they could jump higher than me. I woke up before they could catch me.

      Dream 2:

      I was in someone's backyard, gardening for them. There was a small cement path behind their house and a huge, white limo drove down the path and stopped about 10 feet from me. The author from the previous dream got out and started talking to me! We both went into his limo to sit down. We started talking about dreams and the talk got fairly philosophical. I won't include it here, but it was very interesting for me. When we were done talking, I got out of his limo and then I woke up.

      fragment 4:

      I was hanging out with my sister and her buddies. They wanted me to drink but I didn't want to, I almost never drink. I don't like how it makes me feel. They didn't like that, so I left.

      fragment 5:

      I loved this dream, was very similar to Dark Souls. I started in a cave, it was dark but there were candles on the wall. I was wearing full, metallic, knight armor and I was carrying around an enormous sword. After wandering for awhile, I came to a statue. I touched it and it glowed red and started vibrating. The entire cave started to shake and the statue turned into an ancient King. The dude was pissed, he started lunging at me with his rapier. We had an epic battle for awhile but he beat me. It was close though!

      Dream 3:

      This was a false awakening from the last RPG dream. I got on DV to type up the dreams while I still remembered, but something went wrong and it only posted one dream. Then I woke up for real.
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