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    1. Hospital Stress Dream and Bryan Cranston is a Red Dolphin

      by , 03-16-2017 at 01:19 PM
      Stress dream in a hospital

      I was in the lobby with my mom and we were waiting to be called in for some back problems that I was having, but I had lost my paperwork and I was searching frantically to find it. There were also potentially awkward encounters all over the place that I was constantly dodging - People from my high school and university that I did not particularly want to run into. I was also trying to collect all of these 1$ and 2$ australian coins. They were all over the place! I don’t know what that was about but by the end of the dream I had a hefty collection and I was trying to carry as many of the coins as I could in my hands and shirt while leaving a shiny trail in my wake.

      After what felt like an hour of this madness, my mom got called over by a nurse and the nurse lady got upset at me because I didn’t have the paperwork and she was going to kick me out of the hospital. I started to cry and she felt bad and changed her mind. I was confused about what that dream was about when I woke up, but then I remembered that my mom is going into surgery for her back later today and I think that’s what it was probably related to.

      Bryan Cranston is a Red Dolphin

      I was acting out a movie scene with Jim Carrey and Brad Pitt; Jim Carrey was supposed to be an evil clownlike character, similar to his role as the riddler, and Brad Pitt was a super tough and manly cowboy. We acted out the following scene a few times before I became lucid:

      It was a clear starry night, around midnight, and we were walking along a boardwalk. Brad Pitt slowly walked towards the water and raised his hands at his sides, face up. A cheeseburger tied to a balloon floated up from each hand and then gently landed in front of me and Jim. We picked them up and started eating while negotiating some kind of deal. I think I was supposed to represent good, Jim was evil, and Brad was a neutral arbiter. Anyways, the scene would end with Jim Carrey betraying us and trying to murder us with an impressive arsenal of various obscure and sometimes comical weapons.

      On the final take, Brad gave me two cheeseburgers and Jim only one, then Jim broke character and was showing off all his cool weapons, one of which was an old-school crossbow. I started telling Jim that there was no point in having such a weapon because it would take way too long to load. Brad picked it up, intending to show me just how wrong I was. He loaded it and fired towards the moon. The arrow came down and almost hit someone that was swimming. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Brad had kind of a crazy look in his eyes. He grabbed me by the shirt and threw us both into the water. He changed into Bryan Cranston and started talking to me about breathing underwater.
      I thought to myself, “Breathing underwater is fun in dreams…..Breathing underwater is pretty cool….Breathing underwater is fun...in dreams!

      I tried to change Bryan Cranston into a dolphin and his skin started bubbling and his body turned red, then he grew fins and turned into a sort of bubbly-skinned red dolphin. I jumped on top of him as the Bryan dolphin sped towards the bottom of the ocean.

      We swam by a colossal, ancient, white sea creature and my Bryan dolphin friend swam into their mouth. Pearly white teeth closed behind us and a golden light erupted from the cracks in the creature’s teeth. We swam out of their mouth and suddenly the red Bryan dolphin had turned into a killer whale. I didn’t remember that they were still considered a dolphin until I woke up but I rolled with it because crazy shit was happening and I liked it.

      I rode the orca to Atlantis and saw a friendly looking mermaid. I wanted to ask her questions but as she approached me, her hair puffed out, her teeth turned into fangs, and her eyes turned red. She lunged at me and started furiously gnawing at my arm. After several quick bites I threw her off me. Many more mermaids burst from the sand with puffs of black sand. I Heard a voice that suggested I should come back in another season when they’re less hungry.

      I moved time forward about 6 months and they were all nice and friendly again. I noticed that all of the muscle bound mermen were avoiding the ladies and so I asked them why they weren’t hanging out with any of the women. They told me that the guys all thought the girls were crazy and after asking around a bit I found out that all the mermen were very gay. I wanted to go talk to the mermaid ladies but I was a bit nervous since our last encounter was a bit scary, but I went over to one of them anyways. She looked uncomfortable and I asked her if she was gay like the guys were. She said, “YES! Yes. Gay. That’s it.” But I think that she just thought I wanted to have sex with her and she didn’t want to be bothered by me
      I guess she had already met Fryingman and woblybil.

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    2. vegetable infection

      by , 07-01-2015 at 02:17 AM
      I was hanging out with Dreamer when I noticed that there were strange patches of hairs on my legs. Dreamer was on her phone but I was a bit worried about these patches so I asked her if she would have a look at them for me. Upon closer inspection, the patches looked like cauliflower and broccoli. I tried pulling them out and they we deeply rooted, all the way to the bone. Chunks of flesh and skin came out with the roots of the vegetables. The more I pulled out, the more vegetables there were. I thought to myself, this is getting to be a pretty common dream sign.

      After awhile there was a huge gaping wound about the size of my forearm that was filled with vegetable soup. I poured the liquid out and there were more vegetables still. I then thought to myself, "Ohhhhh this is a dream sign because this is a dream."

      I took Dreamer in my arms and started to walk outside. The door to get outside was locked, I felt for a key and turned it in the keyhole. The door opened and I walked outside. I began to fly with Dreamer while trying to remember the new tasks. I felt very insecure about my abilities and so I said, "I am calm, I am powerful, I am stable."

      I fell to the ground immediately and couldn't fly anymore. I started to panic and then I woke up soon after.

      Stayed still, waited to deild.

      The next dream started with me being in a car with my dad and Dreamer. My dad was trying to park but he was having trouble with the strange australian parking rules.

      Some pretty lady walked up to the car and asked us to roll down the window. I rolled mine down. She asked us to hand over any vegetables or fruits that we had. I handed her a bag filled with vegetables and started to explain how they came from my body. She looked unphased and threw them in the trash. My phone made a loud noise and woke both Dreamer and me up.

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    3. Purple Smoke in a Crystal Ball

      by , 01-20-2015 at 09:07 AM
      I had a F.A. where I woke up next to Dreamer, I did an epiglottis check to see if I was actually still dreaming and some air got through. I remembered that Dreamer had told me before that if the RC even partially works then it's probably a dream. I made my body roll out of bed with telekinesis just to be sure. I rolled straight through a glass wall, into a factory world. There were giant, white machines everywhere with tubes stretching out in all directions. I flew around while saying excitedly, "I am lucid! I am powerful!" and then I changed it to, "I am lucid, I am calm, I am stable", so that I didn't have to worry about the dream ending. I then thought about what tasks I wanted to do. I remembered the crystal ball task and tried to manifest one in my hands, didn't work. I then saw one laying on the ground so I picked it up and asked what was going to happen in 2015. I saw purple smoke begin to swirl around inside the ball. Unsatisfied, I asked again. Purple smoke began to swirl around again but this time it turned into purple electricity. Arcs of purple light streaked across the interior of the ball. Yellow words began to slowly appear in fancy cursive writing. The words said, "Love over one self" Then a page appeared in the ball afterwards that said, "Wiktionary, By: Hopedoc", followed by the copyright symbol.

      I was pretty satisfied with that so I began to fly around and explore some more while I tried to think of another task to do. I remembered the Freddy's at night one but woke up before I could.
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    4. School, Military, Vampires, and a WILD

      by , 08-04-2014 at 05:57 PM
      School Dream 1:

      I was at my old high school but it was a University. I was attending some kind of writing class with one of my buddies and we were about to take some kind of test/give a presentation I'm not sure which. I wasn't worried about it though. The teacher asked us, "Do any of you know how to RhymE?" nobody raised their hands but me, odd. "GOOd, do any of you know how to RAP?" These two guys in a corner raised their hands. "GOOD, we will now have a RAP BATTLE". How unconventional, I thought. I woke up.

      School Dream 2:

      Back at the same school, I was walking around the classroom when I saw these papers on the ground. They had my name on them so I picked them up. A teacher walked over to me and said, "Oh, those are mine". I handed them over. She said that she and a couple other teachers were going to evaluate how awesome I am, well, not in those words but basically that's what she said. I suddenly felt this strong urge to shit, like I was going to have violent diarrhea. I ran to find a bathroom and I saw the men's bathroom next to the women's bathroom. I thought to myself, "If only this was a dream I could go explore the women's bathroom >: D. I wonder if it's the same as in my dreams". I went into the men's bathroom and there were a dozen guys in there shitting violently, poop was everywhere, was disgusting. There were also no stalls, just toilets that were overflowing and covered in shit. I woke up, didn't really have to poo, just a weird and gross dream.

      Military Dream 1:

      I was at some kind of military convention in a large, domed building. They were preparing us for going to war. We were all given guns and tanks and special, secret technology. Near the end of the convention this lady was making people put on a new eye technology that was supposed to be like google glass but with contact lenses. It hurt when she put it in. She also had a cute Asian assistant that kept flirting with me. I talked with the cute assistant for a couple minutes after the eye technology was installed and I noticed that she had a guilty look on her face. The convention was over and everybody went outside, it was night time, the air was cold and crisp. Street lamps lit up the parking lot with an eerie orange glow. For some reason those lights make me feel uncomfortable. I looked around for a car and noticed that I had no car there. I decided it was time to walk home, wherever that was. These two other guys were walking the same way as me when they started talking about how hungry they were for Blood. It started to snow. One of the guys began devouring the other in the most brutal way, biting his face off and chewing on him while he licked the blood up. The screams were terrible. I started climbing over fences to put as much distance between myself and that bloody scene as I could. The dude that ate the other guy broke into a house and started playing with the owner's dog, he was really happy.

      I kept walking until I got to an outdoor mall. There were beautiful, bright, multicolored lights everywhere and large neon signs. Outdoor food vendors, clothing vendors. It reminded me of Hong Kong for some reason, or maybe the shopping district in the beginning of Final Fantasy 7. I noticed that I was turning into a vampire too, it was the eye technology that the woman installed. I looked around and saw a group of other military people that had been damned as well. I joined them. We talked until I woke up.

      Military Dream 2:

      This dream started in the countryside. There were golden fields off in the distance with a few green trees dispersed randomly. We were waiting for a train to pick us up. I noticed that a lot of my old friends were with me. We were all dressed up in this uniform
      School Filters-1386946338002-2012marine-camo.jpg
      They were all cheerful and jovial; joking, laughing, playing. The train arrived, except it was just a really long minecart. We jumped in and it took off. One of the guys lit up a cigarette, another lit up a joint. Some of the guys acted as though they didn't want to be around it so they moved to the other side of this long minecart. Then they all jumped out and started walking on water, I decided it must be ice. They lit their own cigarettes with the water then started running after the minecart. Only one of them made it back, he had been one of my best friends in childhood. We kicked back and relaxed. The minecart began to go under these tremendous caverns. Their interiors shimmered with turquoise and gold. I decided that I wanted to live in one of them. My friend said that he would live in a neighboring one. I felt like I was in a real world minecraft because of the impossible structures and how colossal and magnificent they were. I woke up soon after we passed the impossible caverns.

      Lucid Dream 1:

      I was getting pretty frustrated at this point because I had been trying really hard to MILD all night long so I decided it was time to go for the sure thing, a WILD. The first thing that came into clear focus was actually the dreamviews homepage. I saw that and then jumped back from the computer and did a little fist pump. Now that I was in the dream I thought to myself, okay now it's time to find a famous dreamer. It was night time but all the lights were on so that was good. The first person that came to my head was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (he was a dreamer, right?). So I started walking around my house, asking random people where martin luther king was. I started to notice that some kind of party was happening since there were at least 30 people walking around. The first guy I saw told me, "He's not here right now". I went in the backyard and accidentally slammed the door on one guy's dog (I didn't hurt it, I just trapped it inside). I told him, "It's okay man, it's just a dream!". I made a can fly in the air just to be sure. But anyways, I asked a group of people that were sitting at a table outside and one of them said, "He was just here 10 minutes ago, he'll be back". Everything turned black, dream ended, DEILD'd. Still in the backyard, so I went to the front yard and Tom green was there smoking a joint with other comedians. I asked them where Mr. King was and they just laughed. I then mentally pled to my dream master, Mr. God, "Please help me on this one Mr. God". I turned around and there was a shadowy figure standing in a bush. Stephen King walked out. I said to him, "Mr. King! I love your books very much" and I gave him a big hug. He just nodded and smiled then acted like he had places to be so he hurried inside to the party. I was content with that, after all he writes his books based on ideas he gets in dreams and he describes his writing process as a wakeful dream state.

      With a big grin on my face I casually walked down to the street, still looking for martin luther king. A bunch of famous black actors started showing up in limos and 50k$++ clothes. I asked them where martin luther king was and they just ignored me. I saw one guy that had his back turned and thought, this might be it! The guy turned around and he was Mike Tyson. I said to him, "You're not martin luther king >: (". A little frustrated, I decided to mess around with the DC's a little. I made time slow down for one lady that was dancing, looked pretty cool actually. Then I made her speed up really fast and left her like that. I saw another lady that had completely ignored me before and I made flames erupt out of my hands and I set her dress on fire. She didn't seem to mind, she just looked at me as though I was some kind of weirdo. A little tired of my search, I just saw down and relaxed while I watched all the beautiful people going into the party. Eventually woke up, half-heartedly tried to DEILD for a couple seconds then got up.
    5. Afternoon Naps Rule

      by , 03-16-2014 at 12:22 AM
      It was very late at night and I was looking for something in my car when I realized how amazing I felt. I suddenly remembered that I was just about to take a nap maybe 10 minutes ago and now I'm outside and it's nearly pitch black, didn't make sense. I tried to make a bush move, didn't work, tried again, a bush flew into the air. Dream immediately started to fade to black so I stabilized and things got a little brighter. I tried to fly high up into the sky but I started to sink after I got about 20 feet in the air. Decided it would be better to take a car. I jumped on top of my car and commanded it to move with my mind. It started racing down the street. I tried to make time slow down and noticed the car moving a lot slower and then I made it move faster but I had no point of reference to know if time was actually slower or if I was simply making the car change speed so I decided to drive to a more populated area. My car tore through trees, bricks, and metal as though they were made of paper as I raced towards town. Woke up.