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    1. 7-19-14 Russians, lollypops, senior citizens and a poke fight.

      by , 07-23-2014 at 04:49 PM
      There was a ship stranded out on a stormy sea at night. The wind blew incredibly hard, and it seemed as if the ship would fall apart. A strange tentacled seaman fell overboard with his pet squid. They began to sink. Suddenly, a bright light shone down on them from above the water. They began to float upwards. They broke the surface of the water and looked up in astonishment. A huge spaceship was floating over the wreck of the ship, beaming them up. The spaceship was owned by these crazy Russian dudes.

      Then I had driven into a small town on a stormy night to pick up something at the grocery store. I picked out what I needed and went up to the cash registers. I saw one staffed by two giggly girls, so I went over there. At the checkout, I decided I wanted a lollypop. I selected one and bought it. The girls told me that buying it made me elligible for a prize if I drew something from a hat. An old hillbilly came up behind me and watched. I drew the winning thing from the hat and won a prize. Then there was a grand prize and I won it too! It was a picture of a tick really really close up. It was framed and everything. It was disgusting.

      Then I was driving the car with grandfather and some other people through a neighborhood. Suddenly he really freaked out because someone was getting out of a parked van next to the road. I put on the brakes and watched. A lady opened a door on the side of the van, and all these really weird and disgusting-looking nursing home inmates walked out and across the road. Man, but they were spritely! They jumped and leaped across the road.

      Then we arrived at our destination. It was like a weird fancy underground place with nice lights, polished woodwork and chandaliers. There were small babbling streams running through it sometimes, and there were fancy bridges over them. We wanted to see an underground church that branched off from there. We got to a huge ornate door that would lead into it. The senior citizens were already there, and out of kindness we told them to go in first. But they insisted WE go in first. It suddenly turned into a fight. To my astonishment, a man I know walked up to me and started to fight me. I poked him.

      Somehow we all got into the church. It was very nice, but sort of modest. There were balconies all around the room, so I went up there and sat down. A bunch of children I didnt know were there.