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    1. 11-30-14 Scorpion horde!!

      by , 12-05-2014 at 07:01 PM
      A family brought two live turkeys to church one morning.

      A little girl showed me a way to age myself immediately. (It was only one way. You couldn't get younger.) The aging process required the use of a very small frog, which the girl and I found hopping around on our living room carpet. I tried to catch it, but it hopped out from between my fingers and his under our couch. When I tried to retrieve it, a regimented line of tiny black scorpions came marching out to challenge me. I withdrew in fear and waited. Finally the frog came out again and I caught it in a box.

      Then the girl and I went to our church and sat next to my friend on a piano bench. A bunch of people were watching us. I told my friend my plan to age myself and how it involved the frog. The girl watched eagerly. I inserted the box which contained the frog into what appeared to be one of those yellow carts that holds mop water. Instantly, two things that looked like a pair of stockings shot out of the cart and hit the wall. My friend said they looked like his mom's underwear. The little girl laughed hysterically.

      Then by some process involving electrical switches I aged myself to be about twenty or twenty-one.

      I dreamed I discovered an easy way to lucid dream. It involved taking a supplement and inducing a coma-like state. I tried it one night and it worked beautifully. Since it was my first "lucid dream" I was guided through a sort of instructional manual on the in's and out's, do'sand don'ts of lucid dreaming. I recall getting insanely excited, but I never ACTUALLY became lucid.

      I lived in a Minecraft world.

      It was very early morning and I was at a friend's house, sweeping off the porch. A man drove by on a tractor, pulling something.

      I was working at a butcher plant. The plant was open-air and was on a dock on the banks of the Mississippi river. We dumped the entrails down holes directly into the water, where they were swept away downstream.