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    July 6th

    by , 07-07-2011 at 06:44 AM (523 Views)
    The Most Amazing Awesome Dream I've Ever Had (Not Sure of a Date):
    I was in this really cool Red and White suit, like the Crysis nanosuits. It had jets on the arms and feet and I flew everywhere. I was on a team with a bunch of other really cool suited people. We were in this massive dark city, and we had to break into this guys apartment and shoot it up with our laser arms. Then, we had to find some data on this computer.

    Next thing I know I'm in a Gym for a school assembly, not sure why. I think we were supposed to show how much of a cool unit we were to the schoolchildren. One little asian kid said that I was so cool and he wanted my suit. I said "Thanks kid!" and flew off. It was like Crysis + Boba Fett.

    July 5th-6th Night Time Dreams:

    1. Weird Murder

    Alright, so for some reason we were in this weird apartment that was just one big circle of a hallway. It was weird, and dark. Pretty sure it was raining too. Then all I remember from then on was that somehow, two kids died and I was really sad. The kids were on the floor. Then the police came at some point. It was very fragmented.

    2. Odd Job Requirements.

    I was applying for a job. For some reason, however, it was a requirement that I had to undergo some sort of surgery to my...manlier parts. I really didn't want to do it, but I really wanted a job. I remember being on the phone, pacing around my backyard, getting really upset that this was a necessarily thing to do. It was really infuriating, I really didn't feel like getting my rather large friend cut up and what not. I was woken up by the parents after.

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