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    Lucid dreaming again

    by , 02-22-2012 at 04:21 AM (476 Views)
    Been dream journaling for a week, recalling/sharing dreams for a bit longer, and the lucids are pouring in. Had a lucid three days in a row, and my current dream goal is to turn into a crow and. Do crow things. The transformation was easy in my first dream, but didn't last long enough. My second dream was exceptionally vivid, but didn't last long enough, and my third dream was long, but I couldn't transform at all (I spent the dream catching and chaining, eventually flowing false awakenings, and asking dream characters for advice). So I'll post a full dream once I have one to my liking (or I'll give up and try a different goal, say, finding a portal to the center of the galaxy?).

    Or maybe I should focus on having more stable dreams first. Hmm.

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