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    Presence and Awareness

    by , 11-14-2015 at 05:42 PM (350 Views)
    Because you were not "present" enough. Generally you need to practice recall and awareness. It seems like if you are thinking about lding enough to have it in your dreams, you are aware enough of lucid dreaming, but you are not aware enough in the dream. When we lucid dream our higher brain functions are shut down, so reasoning is gone. When we realize we are dreaming or talk about dreaming inside a dream, they don't just magically light up. The more recall you have, usually, the more you are present and making realistic decisions. Yeah, I might be fighting a bagel army, but I am the using all of my recent experience and making decisions based on that. When your presence in a dream is low, youbare more of watching rather than making the decisions.

    Examples of dreams with high awareness of lucid dreaming, but not enough presence:
    Park car, walk inside, walk back out car is gone.
    "No biggie, that happens when I am dreaming, I really need to get that paperwork to that ostrich though or he will fire me."
    house starts melting
    "Noe my house is melting. Thanks Obama. Melting my house in my dream! I need to get to that paperwork!"

    Example dreams with high presence, but not enough awareness of dreams:
    Park car, walk inside, walk back out, car is gone.
    What the crap? I just parked my car outside and I turned around and it is gone? Now my house is melting, what is happening to me?"
    House starts melting
    "I think I am going to take a walk."

    Or fake memories can start kicking in
    Park car, walk inside, walk back out, car is gone.
    "I just parked my car outside where did it go? Oh yeah! Wife said she would pick it up."
    House starts melting.
    "I forgot that they scheduled this for today!"

    High both awareness and presence:
    Park car, go inside, come back out, car is gone.
    "Oh! This is a dream! I guess I don't need to worry about that. What were my dream goals?"

    Really high awareness and presence:
    Dream starts, park car, realize I am dreaming, think for goals.

    Really low both:
    Park car, walk inside, walk back out, car is gone but you don't notice. The house is melting and you don't notice. You just keep doing your thang.

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