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    Alpha's dream journal


    by , 07-19-2011 at 02:31 PM (560 Views)

    I was in the passenger seat of a massive tank-like vehicle, it looked like a miniature version of the crawler that carried the space shuttle. He was obviously trying to be nice to me, but wasn't doing a very good job at it. Another crawler drove in front of the one I was in, and I could see children waving at us out of the back windows.

    Both of the crawlers stopped somewhere, but the memory is blurry and I don't remember where it was.

    Both of the crawlers were moving again, and they parked on two huge bridges. Each crawler was on a different bridge.

    I can't remember anything after this.


    (I knew I was dreaming, but wasn't fully aware of the dream)

    I was the black creature again, it always happens in lucid dreams. I was in some kind of maze, and I picked up a phone at a dead-end of the maze. I picked it up and called Professor X from X-men. I told him I found a new species, and he started freaking out.

    I teleported to a black van, and opened the back. Professor X was next to me, and he was ignoring the fact that I was a black lizard creature. I turned around and started looking for someone in the forest behind me, but the person I was expecting wasn't there. I opened a hatch in the floor of the van, and there were a lot of first-level digimon. Some of them were actual ones from the TV show, and others were just plain weird. I freaked out and woke up.

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