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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Returning to Dreaming

      by , 05-30-2011 at 10:27 PM
      Just started back up on Lucid Dreaming. Figured I'd post some of my dreams from the past year or so.

      Going down Town (Sometime last December, when I was practicing LDing during winter break)

      This was the first lucid dream I'd had in a while. I was on the top level of a parking garage. For some stupid reason I'd pulled a prank on a cop, and called him names, or something along those lines. He arrested me immediately. I was stunned that he was detaining me simply for pissing him off. I began freaking out immediately, begging him to let me go, but he did not falter. I only received a stone-cold stare.

      I thought luck was on my side at this point. As we were driving down town a Train was derailed, and fell off the tracks and landed directly in front of us. We crashed directly into it. I managed to hop out of the car and run a few yards and the cop caught me. Apparently my luck was double crossing me-- even though we'd crash, we were directly in front of the station, and he dragged me in.

      The inside of the station was, strangely enough, half police station and half gym. I was at the desk, talking to a different officer, pleading to be released. I gave up, but not before a few snide remarks at the officer.

      I was looking around, considering escape, and saw some other people on benches, and a guy running on the track of the gym-side. I became lucid as soon as I saw this girl. She was dressed in some sort of modern indian clothes. Half jeans, half leather with tassles, and a couple feathers. She had a faint smile, and was looking directly at me. I had a distinct feeling that she was there, yet NOT part of the dream's scene at all. (I've assumed that this was my dreamguide)Her presence soothed me, and gave me clarity, and I realized I was dreaming.

      I got too excited to actually speak to her, and instead tried to fly around. Yet, I found that as I flew out of the side of the building, I actually warped back INTO the building from the opposing wall. Just like on Asteroids, the old arcade game. I was trapped, and shortly after woke up...

      After this, I managed to DEILD, and was enveloped by an image of my old church, under construction however. I woke up yet again, but this time it was a False Awakening. I was in a combination of my freshman dorm room and my sophomore dorm room.

      I realized I was dreaming when I looked at my clock. I jumped up and flew through the building yet again, but as I did the dream began deteriorating. I was left in a WILD-like state with incredibly vivid hypnagogia. It was a lot like an acid trip. And I thought I woke up.

      I had another FA, but I missed it this time =/

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